Something Special

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Chapter Five

Trying my hardest to stretch the kink out of my neck I get up with a groan from the couch.

“Why the hell did I sleep down here when there’s a wonderfully large bed upstairs?”

Walking over to the fridge in search of some food for my ever hungry stomach I whine when I see that its empty. Deciding to go upstairs I take another shower. The hot water eases away the stiffness in my neck. Brushing and blow drying my long dark hair takes longer then I like. After applying a light layer of makeup I throw on some legging and a tank top with my converse and head toward Sally.

Driving into town with a plan on my mind. I’m going to find somewhere that’s hiring. Then I’m going to get some breakfast in this loud tummy of mine. I park infront of the café from yesterday. Its filled with people laughing and talking.

“I hope I can make some friends soon, otherwise this is going to be one lonely journey I’m going on”

I stop inside a quaint little dinner that has a “Now Hiring” sign on their front window. How cliché ‘new girl in town gets job as hostess’. I can see the headlines now. Cue Eye Roll. Well money is money and I am in desperate need of it. As I get out of my car I hear my name being called.

“Annabelle, hey Annabelle!”

“Oh hey Marie, how are you? Thanks so much for lunch yesterday it was insanely delicious!” my mouth starts watering just thinking about that delicious sandwich.

“Not a problem at all dear. What brings you over here today?” Marie responds slightly out of breath from running over to me.

“Actually, I’m looking for a job. I saw the help wanted sign in the diner window and thought I’d try my luck.”

“Oh honey you need a job? I have a wonderful idea. My husband recently came into some money from a family member much like your situation actually and we decided we’d like to start traveling. See the world and all that jazz. Any who, our daughter Carolina will be running the store. She’s the same age as you and I’m more than sure she can do with the extra help. Come on over here now I can introduce you two.”

“Marie you are too kind I couldn’t possibly. I’d feel like I’m taking advantage.”

“Nonsense, I’d rather not have a stranger helping out. Your mother was always a sweetheart. It wouldn’t be right of me not to offer. Now let’s go.”

Walking across the street to the café, I can’t help the feeling that someone is watching me. Looking back over my shoulder I see McDreamy from yesterday. Once again his eyes make me zone out and I stop dead in my tracks. Next thing I know I hear a large horn blaring and I’m being roughly grabbed by my arm. Smashing into a brick wall I shake my head still dazed from mister grey eyes. Looking up I’m yet again stunned. This is getting to quite freaking annoying if you ask me. Looking down at me are those same gorgeous eyes except they look extremely angry.

“Might want to pay more attention when crossing the street princess.”

Then in the blink of an eye he’s gone. My arm is on fire from where he touched me. Not the band kind either. The kind of fire I want to feel all over my body. Staring at the back of him as he gets into the same car from yesterday I can’t help but feel like a complete idiot. I literally almost just died to get a glimpse of this man. I mean totally worth it but I sure as fuck know he most likely thinks I’m some invalid. I couldn’t even muster up a simple “thank you”.

“Annabelle! Honey are you okay? Did he hurt you? What happened?” Marie starts frantically asking me.

“What? Oh yeah sorry. I’m fine.” I say while shaking my head of my idiocy. Like that would help.

“Let get you something to eat, you’ll feel better.”

Walking into the café I get a bunch of confused looks from the customers. Damn I didn’t realize how nosy these people were. Walking around the register and to the back of the store I get a glimpse of a gorgeous blonde. She’s much taller than I am with a body supermodels would be jealous of. Short curly blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. She looked like a taller blonde version of her mother.

“Annabelle, this is my daughter Carolina. Carolina this is Clara’s niece Annabelle. I thought if you two hit it off she can help out around here as she’s looking for a job.”

This is it. I never had someone this pretty be nice to me. There goes that job opportunity.

“Oh my gosh it’s so nice to meet you! It’s about time we got some fresh meat in town. Everyone here is so boring.” she exclaims with an eyeroll.

Well definitely did not expect that. I reply while giggling. “Ah I hope I don’t disappoint. Most of my life has been spent living as a burrito.”

She starts laughing “Oh yes, I can tell we are going to be great friends.”

After a quick tour and explanation of where everything was and how everything works, Carolina and I sit at a booth with muffins and latte’s in hand.

" So I see you’ve had a run in with Roman Fiorelli. Or as us gals like to call him. Mr.Sex on legs. What did he say? It looked like he was whispering in your ear?” She looks at me like she’s trying to see into my soul.

“Uh just to watch where I’m going, almost got hit by a car and all.” I laugh awkwardly.

“Hm interesting.”

We finish our muffins while getting to know more about each other. Apparently she’s always wanted to become a baker and taking over the family business has been a dream of hers for years. We made plans to hang out this weekend. I get to start work on Monday, and I can say this is the first time I’m actually excited to be working somewhere. I do some light grocery shopping and head back home to put my goodies away. I grab a bag of sour cream and onion chips and head to the living room.

Around 7:30 I get a text.

Carolina; Hey girl! Get ready I’m picking you up at 8 we are going to the bar. Mamma needs to find herself a new man.

Me; But I just got into the 3rd season of supernatural :(

Carolina; Dean will be there when we get back. Now get your ass dressed!

Sighing I get up from my comfy burrito and head upstairs to change. Not remotely aware of what tonight has instore for us.

Hmmmm what do you think is going to happen when they get to the bar?

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