Something Special

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Chapter Six

Running up to my room I burst into my closet and headed for the messy hangers. Do I go for a girly look, or more laid back tomboy apparel? I settle on black stretchy jeans and an off the shoulder white blouse. Chucking on my black steve madden booties and heading to the bathroom to straighten up my hair. I run the flat iron through it and apply some lip gloss and mascara too lazy for other makeup. As I’m finishing up my phone starts to ring.

“Hey new bestie! I’m outside in the cab, let’s go!” Carolina’s singsong voice echoes through the phone. Chuckling to myself I locked the door and headed to the cab.

“Are you ready to meet some of the town? My friend Bryson is going to join us. He works at the gym across from the bar we are going to. I think you’re going to like him, he’s really funny.”

“Sounds like fun. So you’re looking for a new man you said?” I began to question my new friend.

“You can say that, I had this fling going on with this guy Josh from the next town over. I mean he was fun and fucking outragous in bed. It just didn’t really click for us anywhere else you know what I mean?”

I just shake my head at her. I’ve had boyfriends in the past and I’m no prude but, I’ve never done anything casual like that before. It’s just not my style. We pull up outside a bar called “The Cave”. Original, I know. Hopping out of the car and patting down my hair I turn to a very eager looking Carolina who locks our arms together and drags us through the doors. Inside it’s dark and strangely smells strongly of pineapples. Which honestly reminds me of a beach and not a “cave” theme. There’s booths towards the back and a pool table in the middle. To the right is a long bar crowded with people waiting for their next drinks. Just as we start heading towards the bar I hear someone yell out Carolina’s name.

“Carolina! Wait up”

I turn around and I’m met with a toned chest. Fuck I’m tired of being so short. Looking up I’m met with a dazzling smile and a pair of striking blue eyes.

“Hey you must be Annabelle, I’m Bryson.” he says sticking his hand out for me to shake.

“H-hey” I stutter grabbing his hand.

“Nice to meet you princess, what can I get for you girls to drink? First rounds on me.”

“I’ll have a jack and coke, what about you Annabelle?”

“Uh, I’ll take a long island iced tea.”

“Coming right up, you wanna grab a booth or play a round of pool?”

“Let’s play some pool! I see Henry over by the table.”

I follow Carolina over to the pool tables. Where she introduces me to Henry. A tall man with caramel skin and honey colored eyes. He looks at Carolina like he’s never seen a woman before. She seems completely oblivious to his infatuation as she scans the bar for her next victim. Um scratch that I meant boyfriend or should I call him a boy toy? I’m honestly not quite sure what she’s actually looking for. Bryson hands us our drinks and they start up a game of pool. Carolina lovingly decided it would be her and Henry again Bryson and myself. Is now a good time to mention that I’ve never played pool before? Henry Breaks and the smack talking begins.

“You’re going down Bryson!”

“In your dreams Henry, Me and Annabelle are taking home the trophy tonight right princess?”

“Uh yeah right sure.”

“She doesn’t sound too confident there my brother.” Henry laughs

Bryson comes over behind me as I take the pool stick. He grabs my hips and pushes so I’m slightly bent in front of him. Carolina smirks as my cheeks turn redder than a can of coke.

“So you just want to line it up like this and pull back like so, then gently push it out.” Bryson’s breath is fanning my neck and I have no idea what words are actually leaving his mouth. All I can think about is his body pressed against mine. I mean don’t get me wrong he is one fine specimen of man. It’s just when Roman grabbed my arm today that left me more hot and bothered then this. Wait why am I comparing Bryson and Roman? Roman who I’ll probably never have any contact with ever again.

Speak of the devil. Just as I’m lining up to take a shot the bar turns dead silent. I see Carolina looking past me uneasily. I turn my head slowly scared of what I’ll see from the look on her face. There in all his glory in dark jeans boots and a white tee is the God himself. Im too busy drooling over his body to acknowledge the fact that he’s staring in our direction. Hm I wonder if he wants to play pool. Wait a minute, why does he look so pissed? Also why the hell is he looking at me like that? Well not me as much as my waist. He walks over to us slowly. The bar picked its noise back up and everyone went back to their own business. Bryson stood straight and crossed his arms next to me. His body locked solid.

I have no idea what’s going on so I look back down to the pool table. Maybe he came over to talk to Bryson? They are eyeing each other pretty intently. I hear his footsteps stop next to me. I feel warm fingers lift my chin up. A fire igniting under my skin letting me know who those fingers belong to. Those gorgeous grey eyes staring intently into mine.

“Nice to see you again kitten.” His deep voice purrs as he leans in to whisper in my ear the way his breath hits my neck has me turning into a puddle at his feet. He sends me his signature wink and saunters off to a booth towards the back of the bar. Leaving me once again dazed and confused.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT” Carolina’s voice bursts my little bubble.

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