Something Special

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Chapter Seven

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“Your guess is as good as mine?” I reply even though it was more of a question.

Bryson spent the rest of the night sending glares towards Roman and the men he was sitting with. Roman didn’t seem phased. Every time we locked eyes he’d smirk and wink at me. Not too long after our encounter We ended up leaving. Bryson and Henry went there way, while Carolina came back to my house to stay the night. She wanted all the juicy “deets” of why Roman came up to me. Needless to say she was less than thrilled when I had no clue as to why.

Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to make breakfast for us. While I was throwing bacon into the oven I decided to facetime my mom.

“Good morning sweetheart, how’s the house? She sang into the phone.

“Missing you pumpkin” Dad yelled in the background.

“It’s gorgeous mom, how come we never visited? The tree house is still intact. You guys need to come visit soon and see for yourselves. By the way I got a job at Alice’s.” I barely took a breath to get my sentence out.

“That’s a good idea, maybe we can come up next weekend. We used to visit until grams passed. Aunt Clara took it the hardest, they were twins. She just wasn’t herself after that. Every time we went she would break down. I thought I was helping her by staying away. I see now it wasn’t the right choice. It would be good to come there and sit by the treehouse and talk to her. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t with you in your heart.”

“Anyway sweetheart, let me go we were heading out to breakfast with Don and Hannah”

“Alright mom, have fun. Love you” hanging up the phone I turn back to the stove to finish up breakfast.

“Omg what is that heavenly smell?” Carolina Yelled while running down the stairs. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen her mouth began to water at the feast before her. I made a nice spread of French toast, bacon, eggs and fresh orange juice.

“You are officially my best friend” She said while piling the food onto her plate.

“Did you have fun last night? There’s this club outside of town we can try tonight if your up for it?” She asked me

As much as I wanted to say no, I knew the reason I wanted to come here in the first place was to break out of my burrito. So instead I agreed. She just laughed at the pained smile I gave her.

“Maybe lover boy will show up again” She winked at me

“Who Roman?”

“I KNEW YOU HAD A THING FOR HIM” she yelled at me while laughing.

“I was actually talking about Bryson, you two seemed to be getting cozy last night.”

“He was just showing me how to play pool.” My cheeks turning redder my the second. Could Bryson be a loverboy? I mean he is handsome with his sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Don’t get me started on his body. Still though he wasn’t Roman in the looks department. Hey why am I comparing him to Roman. I don’t even know him. Hell I don’t even know Bryson.

“Speaking of Bryson, he just texted me asking for your number. Is it okay if I give it to him?”

“Uh yeah sure why not”

Not even 2 minutes later my phone dings.

Bryson: Hey I heard you were going to come to the club with us tonight. Looking forward to it ;)

Me: Yeah sounded like fun, is Henry coming also?

“So what are we going to wear tonight? We should totally raid my closet. I have this red dress that’s too short on me but would fit you perfectly! This is so exciting, I can feel it tonight is the night I meet my man!” Carolina said as if proclaiming it out loud will actually make it happen.

“I love red, and what about Henry? You two seem to get along well.” I questioned her.

Instead of answering she just stared dreamily into space. I think she has it bad for him but doesn’t want to admit it.

“Henry and I, well let’s just say I offered and he refused.” She said sadly

There was definitely more to this story then she was letting on. I let it go, if she wanted to tell me she would. Shortly after breakfast she headed home to run some errands. After cleaning up the kitchen I popped open my laptop. After being with Carolina I couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious about my body. So I looked up the closest gym, which just so happens to be intown next to the bar we went to last night. I completely forgot I saw it there. I think Bryson works there too. I should of just texted him for the address, oh well.

Running upstairs I throw on some leggings, a purple sports bra and a white loose tank top. I slip on some sneakers while throwing my hair into a messy bun. Grabbing my wallet and keys I head towards Sally. Time to kick some cardio ass.

The drive was relatively short. I got a spot right out front. Right behind a Range Rover. I honestly don’t know what people see in those cars. I personally think they are hideous. Walking inside I see there are lots of guys. Lots and lots of shirtless guys. There’s a girl here and there but they are mostly just watching the six packs. I walk right up to the sign-in desk.

“Hey welcome to barbells Annabelle! Hey princess I didn’t know you were coming.” Bryson greets me. His smile doesn’t reach his eyes though.

“Sorry I didn’t text back. I’m still waiting for Henry to answer if he’s coming tonight.”

“I hope he is, him and Carolina would be so perfect together. Did you see those two last night? You could cut the tension with a knife!” Once I say this Bryson’s smile grows. This time it reaches his eyes.

“I couldn’t agree more princess. So did you come all this way just to see me?” His cocky smirk growing.

“Actually, I wanted to get into better shape. So I thought why not join the gym?”

“Well you’re in luck I happen to be a personal trainer and I don’t charge my friends. Let’s go” He says while grabbing my hand.

“Won’t you get in trouble for doing this for free, Won’t your boss be mad?

He starts to laugh “Princess I am the boss”

At this my face turns red. Well how the hell was I supposed to know. It’s not like he was wearing a shirt that said it. He gives me a tour of the gym and asks what I want to work on the most. I tell him I want to lose a few pounds and tone up. He creates a work out regime for me. So I will call this my home away from home for 5 days a week. Honestly I’ll be surprised if I even come back for my second appointment.

We spent the next hour doing some cardio. Bryson used every chance he got to touch some part of me. I think maybe Carolina was right about him being into me. Why else would he want to touch me when I’m all sweaty.

“You did great today princess, same time Monday?”

“Actually I start my job Monday, Do you have anything after 6?” I am hopeful. Even if I am sore today it really did make my body feel great.

“Sure be here for 8, we can grab some dinner after?” He asks, sounding just as hopeful.

“Sounds great.”

He smiles large and walks me to my car. Telling me he’ll see me tonight. As I drive away I can’t help but feel guilty as a certain man starts to invade all my thoughts. Let’s just say it isn’t Bryson.

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