Something Special

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Chapter Eight

After taking a shower and blow drying my hair I throw on some sweats. I still had time before having to meet Carolina. Having a sudden craving for a caramel latte and a donut I decided to head down to the café. Getting into Stella she purrs to life. Well it actually sounded more like a cough, but mom always said to use your imagination.

I got a spot down the block, must be a busy day. Walking into the store I moan at the smell of all the delicious goodies just begging to be in my tummy. I order my coffee and donut and take a seat at the table against the far left wall. Taking a bite out of my donut I moan a lot louder then I meant to.

“Kitten I really think you should be saving those sounds for when we’re alone.” His breath touches my neck and my hairs stand at attention. I already know who it is without having to look from that deep husky voice of his. Before I get a chance to respond I hear him let out a breathy chuckle as his footsteps drift away. I do not understand how a man I barely know could get such a reaction out of me.

Finishing up my coffee and donut I text Carolina that I’m on the way. I pull up to her apartment 15 minutes later. Parking my car I head inside to the elevator and press number four just like she said. I barely have a chance to knock on the door before it swings open revealing a very excited, very naked Carolina.

“I can’t find my favorite fucking panties!” She screams at me.

“Uh, did you check your laundry.”

She looks at me like a deer caught in headlights and runs butt-ass-naked to her room. I couldn’t help but to laugh at the site. She happy screams from the room over.

“I knew I liked you for a reason Annabelle!” She runs back into the room still looking all frenzied.

“Jeeze woman is everything okay?”

“Henry is coming tonight and I’m thinking of maybe sorta kinda telling him that, I might sorta kinda maybe have feelings for him. Oh and that I want to maybe sorta kinda bone him. You know only if he’s into it.”

I bust out laughing and end up spitting in her face in the process.

“I’m sorry love but have you not noticed the way he looks at you! I would not be nervous if I were you.”

“Really Annabells you think so?” She asks me eyes full of hope.

“Absolutely, and if you ever call me that again I promise I will cut your tits off.”

“Damn bitch, hostile much?”

“Mmmm, more like shitty ex boyfriend much.”

“Yep not going to open that can of worms and damage this awesome night we are going to have. Let’s get your hair and makeup done so I can see how fucking hot you’re going to look in this dress!”

An hour and a half later of curling hair and winged eyeliner mishaps I’m shimmying on the red dress. The red dress that I would never think of actually purchasing myself. It’s the kind of dress you pick up at the store and people stare and whisper that you’re a whore. Finally managing to pull it past my ass I get it on and zip the back. Which isn’t hard to do alone considering it doesn’t even go all the way up.

I throw on some gorgeous black heels that I may end up begging Carolina if I could keep. Taking a deep breath I walk to the full length mirror and look up at myself. I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my lips. My very full looking lips. I take my time taking in my look for the evening. My eyes are a light Smokey brown with a cat eye that could slice a bitch if she tries me. My cheeks and lips a rosy pink color. Highlight is on FUCKING POINT. The red dress that would give and decent woman nightmares, hugs me in all the right places. It’s satin with a plunging neckline that shows off the girls. It stops mid-thigh. The back is open till it reached the middle of mine. The heels Carolina gave me are my favorite part. They are black suede with a round toe about 4 inches and the ankle strap twists around a few times. My loose curls flowing down my open back help make me look both innocent and sultry at the same time. I look like me but better.

“Open up bitch let me see the finished look!”

Opening up the door Carolina takes one look before screeching.

“Oh-My-God! We are going to be the hottest girls there! Bryson is not going to be able to take his eyes off of you babe.”

Carolina was in a blue sequin dress that stopped mid thigh. It had a scoop neck and an open back. Her hair was straight and her eyes were Smokey black. The red lipstick and grey heels pulled the look together perfectly. I smiled at her comment about Bryson, but I could help to wonder what Roman would think if saw me tonight. I snap out of my little daydream when I hear my new besties voice.

“Let’s go bitch the cab is here!”

Oh what fun hell shall tonight bring us?

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