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When destiny is the coach, players are doomed since the beginning,

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

" Life is never butterflies and blueberries" blueberries, seriously?! my subconscious mocked however I continued, " but this is how it is and it's a test that we have no other option but to attempt, and everyone chooses to win but the not the best part is that winning demands sacrifices which most of us are not willing to give." I sighed, " Okay so now we are done for today's story and I have even explained to you the moral of the story so please allow me to complete the work your momma has assigned me to do milady, or else she will scold me," I said making a sad and somewhat pouty face which I knew will work for her.

" Okay, Dani! but only because I could never see you hurt " Davina replied kissing my cheek. I stood up from the chair after she had lifted herself from my lap. I went straight towards the desk, picked up the new books, and rushed towards the last bookshelf on the left corner. I hurriedly glanced towards the wall clock which read five minutes to eleven, I only have ten more minutes before Davina's momma will arrive and if the work wouldn't be completed she will surely charge me but I desperately need money.

As soon as I finished placing the books on the bookshelf, Lily arrived, paid me for the day and I left the bookstore with a kiss on Davina's cheek.
Though I don't like Lily much, Davina is the best part of my job here and also I get two pays at the same time; one for babysitting Davina for three hours and the other for looking after her momma's bookshop. This is the extra money I earn which is a big plus especially when I had dozens of bills to pay as well as my younger brother's school fee. However, Candice help matters too since she lives with me and is living for the past two years though she says this is because she doesn't want to live alone in a big city like New York but I know well this is because she wanted to support me financially after mom's death.

I thought about the job of vacant secretary's post which Candice showed me this morning but this requires a lot of dedication and ample time which I am not sure I can give and I still don't know if the pay will be more than combined of my waitress and this job but as Candice says man up and give everything a try so I will surely do that. Okay so the interview is two days from today and I am gonna try that.

While I was thinking of my shitty problems I didn't notice Mark standing in front of my apartment's building and this agitated me further because I don't have the energy to argue with him again.
" Hey Daniii! ", he slurred. Omg not again please, I cant deal with his drunk ass right now.
" Comee Ooon! don't iignore me darliing, just lose yourselfff tonightt withh me and you'll looove it!", he slurred again moving towards me.

I tried passing him, pretending to be unbothered but his hand on my wrist stopped me in my tracks. I pulled my hand from his grip but in no time he slid his hand on my waist and with a sudden tug my chest got pressed onto his to which he groaned. This irritated me further and made me a little worried because I have never seen him this drunk. Though he had tried his luck on me a few times before but had never touched me and I was now scared that I might have hurt his male ego by rejecting him several times but how could I have slept with him!

His right thumb seductively moving on my lower lip brought me back to the world from my thoughts, I tried to jerk him but he was stronger and pushed me towards the right, my back came in contact with the brick wall hurting me in the process. He started giving me open-mouthed sloppy kisses on my neck which put me in shock and I was paralyzed. The horrors of my past which I had boxed up and had thrown somewhere in the darkness of my mind came floating back. I was frozen in the place where I couldn't even remember the self-defense tricks I had learned. My mind was completely numb and that pervert had reached my upper chest with his dirty kisses. I didn't know what was happening to me and soon my eyes started closing on their own accord and could see blotches of darkness taking over my consciousness. The last thing I remembered, before drifting completely in darkness was his lips on mine, and immediately after that my body went limp.

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