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Chapter 10

“It means she is a fighter.” I felt her small hand grip mine just a little. I looked up at her beautiful eyes looking back at mine. A small smile formed on her lips and I closed my eyes and my face fell into her stomach. The tears just started to fall.

“Hey.” I heard her say in a cracked soft sound. I looked back up at her. She moved her hand onto my face. I touched her hand and held it closer to my face. I move closer to her face and kissed her softly.

“I love you,” I said and she started to cough some. The doctor came back to her side and started to do their exams. She kept her eyes on mine. I knew she had questions, but all I cared about was that she was alive and I would get to give her the world.

One month later...

“I’m so happy to be getting out of here.”

“I know you are baby.” I was packing up all her stuff and I could have killed Willy for all the flowers and balloons, that Juliet decided to keep each and every one. I walked over to her and took a seat next to her. “I have a question for you.” She nodded her head at me. I want you to live with me.” Her eyes got big.


“I never want to be away from you. I love you and I plan on knocking you up as much as I can. Please come and live with me. The new building is much bigger and we have the two-story top floor all to ourselves. Come and make it our home.” I watched as her eyes swelled up with tears.

“I have to get my things from my place.”

“All ready done.”

“ you’re pretty confident.” I winked at her.

“So is that a yes?” She but her lips and smiled at me.

“Yes.” This last month Juliet proved herself beyond a reasonable doubt. She took the news about what had happened to her very well. She and I had a long talk about what she was doing that night and how much we meant to each other. She and her sister reconnected and her sister decided to go home and get a divorce and live her life her own way. I will be helping her to get on her feet. I want Juliet to have her sister in her life. The only thing Juliet took from the accident was that she couldn’t remember much from that night. I felt it was better that way.

Moving Juliet in was the best decision I had ever made. She is the light to my darkness and I can only sleep when she is in my arms. Tonight I want to make her my wife. I set up our home with candles and soft music. I made dinner and waited for her to get home from work. I had red roses all over the house. She walked in and stop to take a look around. “What are you doing?” She said with a smile on her face.

“Taking care of my woman. Come sit with me, beautiful.”

Juliet’s POV,

Agreeing to move in with Nolan was the best decision I had ever made. I loved him so much it hurt at times, but after Willy and my sister told me how he was while I was in my coma. Made me love him even more. He has been nothing but a king to me. Treats me like a queen every day. These past six months of living together have been amazing. I have only been back to work for a month now but I’m still only part-time. I have turned this place into our home. Nolan says I don’t have to work, but I wanted to. I was happy to learn that the company I was working for wanted me back. It brought tears to my eyes to learn that Nolan named this building after me. I had some big news for Nolan tonight and I walk into the place looking like a romantic playground.

I stopped and took my coat off and set it on the couch. Nolan was dressed up in a suit and looked more delicious every time I saw him. I eyed him wondering what he was up to tonight. “Everything smells amazing,” I said as I took a seat in front of him. He dished me up a plate of food and we made small talk about my day. Once he was finished he walked over to me and held his hands out. I took them and he took me into the living room.

“Dance with me.” I placed my arms around him as he turned up the music. Nolan is a wonderful dancer. “I want you to know that you are everything to me. I never want to spend a day with you. I will give you the world and more if you agree to be my wife.” Nolan stopped dancing and went to his knees in front of me. My eyes teared up and he opens a small black box to reveal the biggest ring I had ever seen. I couldn’t speak as I just nodded my head. He smiled and placed the ring on my finger. He then stood up and lifted me off the ground. “I don’t k ow what I did to deserve you, but I’m so glad I do.”

“Nolan I have something to tell you.” He stopped and looked me in my eyes.

“What is it, baby?” He asked as he sat me back down. Still in his arms. I looked him in the eyes.

“I’m pregnant.” Nolan’s eyes got huge and he dropped to his knees again. This time he buried his face into my stomach.

“Hello, my love. Mommy and daddy are going to love you forever.” I started to giggle.

“So your not upset?”

“How could I be? The woman I love is going to marry me and has just made me a daddy.” I smiled and knew there was no way I could love this man more. Nolan came back up to my face and lifted me off the ground bridal style. He carried me into our bedroom and gently laid me on the bed. He stood back and started to remove his suit. Not that I minded one bit.

“Why are you doing?”

“I’m going to show you just how happy you have made me.” My man had a strong sexual habit that I loved. If he could, he would make love to me every night. I smiled back at him as I started to remove my dress. Nolan started at my feet. I had removed all my clothes, except for my heels. He loved it when I kept them on. His lips made their way up my legs until he found my wet swollen lips where he dived his tongue. I came alive every-time he touched me. His fingers dug into my flesh. My hands gripped the blanket around me as his mouth did wonderful things. He sat me up and I started to kiss his chest until I found him rock hard in my hands. I licked the top of him and placed my mouth around him. His moans and fingers in my hair pushed me forward to bring him pleasure.

Nolan exploded all down the back of my throat and I knew this night was far from over. He took a hold of me and flipped me over until I was on all fours and my chest was pushed into the bed. I felt his fingers do some exploring until he pushed himself deep inside of me. I moaned out and he started to move faster. I felt my orgasm push me over the edge. We ended our night in the shower together. I knew I was going to be happy for the rest of my life. I couldn’t wait to be a mom and see just how amazing my man was going to be. Nolan was my tempted secret that I almost turned my back on because of morals. I’m so happy that I didn’t listen to my head and just followed my heart. Nothing in this world prepared me for the choices that I had made. There were some regrets but nothing that would ever make me change anything that had happened. Nolan was my future and I was the happiest woman alive.

The end...

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