Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 11

When I want something, I play dirttttay.

And I want Ajax.

There, I said it.

It’s good to get that off my chest. I have been trying to hide it for so long, believing that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. Which apparently was my problem, a sobering thought. I can see Ajax is being honored, sitting next to the King and Queen’s table of Thunia. They sit on an elevated platform, all the Fey are. Of course, they cannot be seen on our level. Mega eye-roll. There are so many high-ranking elven people sitting at the front of the hall it’s hard to see Ajax through the throng. But he looks untouchable, an air of dominance mixed with laid back ease. He looks like the black sheep of the family, so many silver-haired people, Ajax sticks out like a sore thumb.

I am staring but I don’t care. I do see his mother, also possessing the dark coloring as her son. She is stunning, an elegance and grace about her and I faintly wonder what she is like. She certainly raised Ajax to be a confident leader without the power trip. Or maybe that was just Ajax, the contradiction to their race.

My claws itch to come out as I see Sarya walk behind Ajax’s chair, hand feathering the back of his neck. Her long nails grazing the open part of his shirt disappearing inside as she leans down, whispering something in his ear, I think I see her nip him with her teeth. Oh buddy that woman wants him bad, probably feeling exactly what I’m experiencing, except for the fact that I will play the game better. I try to tap down my anger as I watch.

Ajax smiles and grabs her hands from disappearing deeper into his shirt, halting her, then whispering something back to her.

She laughs and stands up, blushing.

I look away and grab my wine glass, downing the substance. I count to ten, then to twenty and take a large breath. How is it possible to want a man so bad it makes you dizzy with obsession? And it does not help when I know Sarya has a history with Ajax. She most likely has already had sex with him at some point, which makes me see RED.

Fatal attraction here I come.

He did say he wanted to talk to me after dinner which calms me down to a certain degree. I can feel the wine pool in my belly spreading warmth through-out my body. A thought just occurred to me, If I use all my life-lines tomorrow I will never see Ajax again.

Fear courses through me at the thought.

I can’t die in this world, I need to train harder. I didn’t get to my level of success on Earth for being lazy, hell no. I have to get my hot ass up and take it. I will steal it if I must, I’ll play dirty, I don’t care, as long as I get Ajax in the end.

I want him and I will have him.

Or I will kill him. (kidding)

I realize that I am obsessing, and maybe I need to calm down on the wine intake, it makes me a little frisky. I lean back in my chair and notice a lot of male Feys staring at me, leering at me, making me a little nervous. I don’t trust them, they look down right shady with their heavy-lidded expressions as they stare at my breasts.

“Ignore them Red. The Fey regard us as their property,” Aaron whispers in my ear. “Ajax will protect you, and all of us. No one Fucks with Ajax, trust me. I’m sure they are pissed about it to. Ajax’s brother who used to be in charge let rape happen, auctioning of the human woman. Lexis was her name and she had to be hospitalized, it was horrible, I knew her.”

I look at him with horror. “His brother allowed that?”

He nods and takes a sip of his wine. “Oh yea, most the of Fey are like that, it’s quite common. That’s why I love Ajax so much is because he is one of few who is actually good person. Ajax will be a great leader though, a strong heart.” He laughs, “I am so glad that you did not have his brother as our leader, one look at you and the rest would have been history.” He glances at me. “I’m surprised you are surprised, Red. Everyone knows how the Fey work. Have you been living under a rock or what?”

“Something like that,” I murmur.


“Guys, I think it’s our turn,” Lila says gaining everyone’s attention.

“Let’s go gang,” McFolas says and stands up. “Time to be introduced, we are first.”

I force smile, feeling like I need to be bold or go home. If I look scared, then they will use that against me and I want to stay alive. I take off my arm cover, tossing it to the side and follow my team to the stage, hips swaying, like a boss. I know how to look the part, trust me, been doing it my whole life. Some announcer stands at the podium and is saying each of our names as we line up. With Aaron dying his hair, we are clearly viewed at the black sheep team, the rebellious team. Which will put X’s on our backs. The only reason this is tolerated is because Ajax does not seem to care.

My heart is beating so fast, only hearing muffled sounds.

It is very intimidating being up here so high in front of the elite. I see Ajax stand up from his seat, hands casually in his pockets and everyone claps, and murmurs good things about him. Though, I do get a sense of jealously, I doubt he is much liked. What a stud, though. He stares up at us, and nods, his pale gaze landing on me. He wears a black necklace and small hooped earrings, rings on his fingers. He looks like a dark gothic lord. Some hot flashes are happing right now, let me tell you this. I look away to regain my thoughts then glance back to him. Did he just wink at me? My heart is hammering now. It happened so fast that it could have been the light. The cameras are everywhere filming us as if we are really are on a movie set. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, don’t panic now Big Red.

I look up and suck in a breath when I see transparent bugs fluttering towards me.

Could they sense my distress?

They fly right up to me this time and I raise my hand to touch a blue one, not being able to help it. It’s like I’m drawn to them too. Light blue sparks fire off as I touch the spirit creature and my hand turns a deep sapphire making me gasp. I hold my hand up high and I can see everyone else gaping at it too. I can hear murmurs and I look to the crowd.

Ajax’s eyes widen.

The announcer says something about me finally showing Feno talents, that I was not just something to look at. I am too much in awe to be offended, I have awoken something special. We are led off the stage and Aaron immediately hugs me, saying he is so relieved. I hug him back and sniff, my nerves betraying me

I swallow.

He looks at me in the eye and I realize he looks like a ken doll with his hair smoothed back. “When did this happen?”

Me and Aaron have become fast friends, almost bonding like family. “Today.”

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Not yet, but I think I have an idea,” I admit.

McFolas pats me on the back. “Welcome Feno,” He chuckles. “I thought I was going to have to carry you through every competition.”

I look at him and smile. “Thank goodness.”

Aaron give me another hug just as I look up and clash with Ajax’s pale stare. We both freeze, knowing how this looks. Me and Aaron are only friends, but Ajax does not know this, which may work to my benefit.

I’m plotting already.

Ajax nods to Aaron and glances at me. “Red, a word please.”

I nod, butterflies taking flight in my stomach. My gaze flickers over him, being backstage I can see him better. Man, he looks good in his slacks, they are tight, molding to his muscular thighs. My cheeks heat as I turn to walk. “Where are we going?” I glance at him.

He is watching my ass I realize then his gaze raises to mine. “Follow me,” he murmurs.

I take a shaky breath and nod.

Can we say, hot flashes?!

Ajax was just checking me out and he didn’t seem to care that I saw. I look at him as we walk down a long hallway. The smell of his cologne is driving me silently wild. “Why did you want me to wear red?” I fight a grin, wanting to put him on the spot.

He does not look at me. “I like the controversy.”

That’s it?!

I bite my lip. “Controversy?”

He looks down at me. “Yes, I like seeing my kind pitching fits over it, I am sick of them actually.”

His kind.

I notice he is being very professional right now. “I see.”

“Do you now?” he looks at me, not knowing what mood he is in. He is so close to me that I find it hard not to be awkward. My senses are on overdrive, my mind is having trouble processing that I am alone with him. “This is my office.” He opens a large door by his thumb print. “After you.”

I swallow and walk past him, my body touching his in the process. I will reflect later on how sad it is that I am getting turned on by a mere brush of his body. I walk into a large office which is what I expected, clean, intimidating, devoid of color.

I can hear my heels clicking on the marble floor, trying not to freak out.

Keep cool Red.

I glance at him and catch him taking off his suit-coat and tossing it to the side, then proceeded to roll up his white sleeves to his elbows exposing his muscled forearms. Does he know how hot that is? I almost laugh, I sure he does.

“Red,” he says. “Sit.” He motions to the chair in front of this desk.

I raise a brow then walk over, my scarlet skirts sparkling in the low light. My heart is pounding but I keep it cool, sitting in the chair and crossing my legs, exposing my leg.

I look hot but he is making every effort to not look at me.

He walks behind his desk and activates his virtual computer with his thumb print. “Tell me what progress you had since,” he looks up at me, “we last saw each other.”

I wait as I lock eyes with him. “I do not know how to use it in battle but I have made progress.”


I take a breath.

He looks down and a piece of hair falls forward out of his braid. “Red. You will stay with Aaron tomorrow, you are not ready to go on the field. I have no choice but to put you in.” He looks at me, intensity in his silver gaze.

“I’ll survive,” I whisper.

Will I!?

I am getting an uneasy feeling.

He tilts his head at me. “We will meet tomorrow morning and go over how you will shadow Aaron, seeing how you both are comfortable with each other.”

I raise a brow but don’t say anything.

He looks at me, “Okay?”

“Okay,” I say, feeling the tension floating around us.

He sits in his chair and stares at me, a sexy elegance emits off him. “I thought you had more of a breakthrough, but I was wrong. We will just touch base tomorrow morning, no more liquor tonight please.” He waves me off. “You may return to the party.”

My eyes widen.

Whatever I thought was going to happen didn’t, making me feel a little self-conscious. I am practically naked night now, more turned on than I have ever been. I am angry, fury pounding through my veins. I stand up forcefully, knowing he is deliberately being cold. “You’re a liar,” I hiss and turn to walk out.

He looks up from his papers. “Excuse me?”

I turn around, I can see his chest rise and fall. “I think you wanted me to wear red for different reasons than you said,” I say, feeling bold.

He chuckles and leans forward.

I all but gasp. “You’re laughing?”

He shrugs. “You are a beautiful human woman. I apologize if you were led to believe other fantasies.”

“Fantasies!? You asshole,” I get out, I can feel myself shake with anger.

Did I misread everything?!

He stands up, looking upset. “I’m sorry,” he says, in a pitting way.

I am so pissed and full of hurt I can barely see. I walk up to him, saunter over to his tall, arrogant frame. “You go be with your stick-thin girl-toy. I am surprised you all can tell the difference between one another.” Our faces are so close I can feel the heat coming off him. “I still think you’re full of shit Ajax. You want me bad but you’re too much of a coward to act on it.”

He stares down at me, his chest still rising sand falling fast. “Is that what you think?” he barely says, his pale eyes flickering.

I smirk at him, and inch closer. “I don’t think Ajax, I know.” My hand slowly trails down to the front of his pants and barely graze over his hard erection. He looks shocked that I am so bold, but does not stop me. He squeezes his eyes shut when my hand touches him through his slacks, moving down his long length.

I feel my skin heat and set on fire, but I pull back.

I can see his jaw clenched as he grips the desk. I think I have done my work here tonight. I turn to leave and then wink at him before I do. “Get some looser pants next dinner.”

He stares at me, and the expression is a look of revenge, he is not done with me.

I fight a giggle as I leave.

Bring it on Ajax, Mama’s ready.

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