Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 12

I could not sleep all night for mainly two reasons.

One, I touched Ajax’s family jewels.

Two, I could be leaving today.

I feel like the bachelor women when they say in their confessionals before the rose ceremony, I could be going home today... then they stare into the camera with wide-eyes.

I sigh and sit up, stretching. Flix will be popping in at any second telling me to get my ass up. I close my eyes and picture Ajax when I touched him, the man was large and very erect. The look on his face could make my cheeks permanently stain the color red.

I force his image out of my mind for a second. I practiced all night with my hand gestures, learning the complicated hand movements. Pierce sent to me late last night. It’s like sign-language. I need more practice, but I am getting the hang of it. I disagree with Ajax, I did have a great break-through. I learned three hand gestures by heart. 1, Hello, greeting. 2, Danger, I need help. And, 3, protect me, forcefield.

They’re very important and a must to my survival.

Even with Aaron’s help.

Flix is in front of me making me jump. “You scared the shit out of me.” He heart is pounding.

“Hurry, stand up and spin!”

“What? Why?”

Flix leans in close, looking frantic. “Ajax is coming to get you! We need you sleepy-sexy, not frumpy!”

I think I jumped out of bed so fast that I almost crashed into my vanity. “I’m spinning!” I am so nervous I think my pulse will beat itself out of my neck. Am I ready to see Ajax so soon!? After my body tingles I look down and see that I am in a tight tank top without a bra, nipples on display. Looks way hotter than my baggy T I was wearing.

I am also wearing a black thong.

“Pierce expects me to wear this?!”

Flix rolls his eyes and puts a hand on his hip. “That is perfectly normal PJ’s for a woman your age. We don’t have time for you to be a prude. I think he is bringing you up your suit to wear for the games.”

“I’m not a prude, Flix. I grabbed his package last night remember?” I deadpan.

“Right, good point. You a hoe,” he snickers then disappears when rapid knocking on my door happens.

Oh shit.

Should I pretend I am sleeping? Yes. I instantly jump in the bed and pull the blankets over my head, pulse pounding furiously. I almost want to giggle, I’m being so dumb. Lay sexy, Red and sleep pretty. After continuous knocking I can hear the door open.

Of course, he has a master key.

“Who is it?” I try to sound sleepy with a hint of sexy, not sure if I nailed it or not. “I am getting up.” Whoever it is doesn’t say anything. I frown under the blanket. “Hello?” I lower the blanket slowly and barely hold in a gasp. “What are you doing in my room?” I breathe.

Ajax looks insanely sexy.

He leans against the wall wearing a black suitcoat looking like he came off the GQ cover shoot. A tight T-shirt with our teams glowing symbol on it is under his dress coat giving him a sexy-rocker vibe. Leather pants and a messy-ninja-man-bun is too much for me this early in the morning. But it was all his gothic jewelry that pulls his erotic look together. Rings, necklaces and earrings in that dark metal is giving me hot flashes.

Holy daddy.

He is so big that my little room looks miniature. “Did I sleep in?” I ask in a quiet voice, aware of everything about him. He is standing in my room.

Ajax sighs and glances around my room, his pale gaze very vampire-ish, inhuman. Well, I guess he is not human, so that make sense. “Red, I need you up. Yes, I was expecting you and hour ago. Aaron is waiting for you to go over our plan to keep you alive.”

He wants me up? Fine.

“Are you going to watch me get up?” I raise a brow, challenging him.

He tilts his head at me, eyes staying on my face. “No, I am not.” He tosses silver case on my bed. “Get changed and meet me in the arena.”

Before he turns to leave, I throw the sheets off me like I do not care and get up, not looking at him. I am playing with fire here and my pulse is hammering hard. I hear him make a sound as I crawl on my bed to retrieve the silver case. He has full view of my backside, if you know what I’m saying. This thong is tiny.

“Red,” I hear him whisper, almost sounding angry.

I feel heat pool in my stomach as I turn to glance back, standing up with the case to take into the bathroom. He is breathing hard and his face looks like he lost color in his tan features. I swallow and see his gaze flicker to my breasts. “Yes?”

Ajax runs a hand down his face and walks up to me. He leans down to where our faces are eye level, up this close I can see the eerie color of the swirling silver of his irises. “Whatever you’re trying to accomplish it won’t work. I don’t fuck my players Red, or humans for that matter, I am not my brother.”

I can barely breathe.

I saw something flash in his mouth, a silver ball with a small blue light. I almost want to groan, the man has a tongue ring, are you kidding me?! Ajax is killing me softly, I can’t handle his level of hotness, I just need to go home. He tilts his head and sticks out his tongue, eyes watching me. His tongue is long and sexy, and it makes my knees almost give out. Oh, and he smells like clean soap and something very male, ladies. I’m dying right now. If this does not work out, I am going to be a nun.

A smile pulls at the corner of his mouth, producing a dimple. “It’s my mic, so I can talk to you guys whenever I want while you are in the field. Never seen one?”

I nod.

I feel very light-headed.

How can one man possess so much sexual energy and not act on it?

I clear my throat and force myself to talk. “I have seen them before, but they are used for much...different things.”

That produces a breathy laugh from him that makes goosebumps litter my skin. “You’re surprising me Red, and that is saying a lot. I was not aware or prepared for how bold you are.” He stands up to full height. “I am your leader Red, so I will ask you to stop trying to use your body to break me.”

I grin up at him. “Does that mean you want me to? You know I will do the opposite.”

Amusement sparkles in his gaze. “Clever.”

I laugh as he stares down at me. I turn around, offering my back to him, “Do you mind helping me remove my shirt. I can’t quite do it myself.”

I don’t hear him say anything, but then I feel him touch my black thong. I suck in a breath, not thinking he’d touch me, making me freeze. I hear his breathing as he pulls the thong from my ass and hooks a finger around the thin material that goes between my cheeks. Dangerous waters right now, I’m holding my breath. His finger trails down towards my lady bits, shocking me to the core. I was not expecting this.

I arch for him, and I can hear him hiss, I’m positive he can see me down there, he is pulling my underwear out far enough. Really though, if he touches me, I am done, gone with the wind.

He needs to put his hands on me.


His hand is now fully under me, but he has not touched me yet, pulling the panty out far. Though I’m sure, he can feel that my underwear is not dry. I’m waiting to see if he will actually touch me. I am about to explode. I moan in frustration and try to rock my hips, looking back at him.

His eyes lock with mine, and I nearly moan again.

Ajax is breathing hard like he is trying to hold back, jaw flexing. That’s when I feel his hand cup me hard, and he moans loud, and it’s the sexiest thing I have ever heard. I can feel the cold metal of his rings on me, and it’s beyond erotic. He closes his eyes, and his muscles flex as his long fingers move through my folds. I hear him make a sound again as he torments me, dipping into me deeply.

A loud knock pounds on the door.

Too late, I am having an orgasm, and Ajax moves so fast to cover my mouth that I think he defies the laws of physics.

“Red!” I can hear Aaron’s voice through the door. “Hurry and meet us in the arena! Ajax is looking for you. I hope you’re up!”

I am breathing so frantic. My body is pressed firmly into Ajax’s, I can feel the hardness of his muscles flexing under his clothing as he holds me.

His mouth is on my neck as he whispers harshly, tongue on my skin. “Tell him okay,” he rasps and nips at my ear. “Now.” I can feel the steel ball as he sucks.

I take a calming breath and fight a moan. “Yes, okay, Aaron, almost ready!” my voice cracks a bit.

“Alright, Red,” Aaron yells back. “See you soon!”

Ajax flips me around and pins me to the wall, the look in his eyes are borderline Crazyville. “Red,” he breaths. “Get your clothes on and meet us down in the arena.”

I nod. “What about—”


I frown at him, wanting to knee him in the balls. “You just had your hand down my panties, and now you want to be coy?”

“Coy?” he chokes out.

I raise a brow, still on a body high.

“You have no idea what you are talking about Red. If you are smart you will never pull a stunt like you just did now, forget this ever happened,” he warns.

I raise my chin.

He groans and stands up. “Get dressed, for fuck’s sake, put on some clothes.” He turns to walk towards the door. “From now on, you get to wear a trash bag.” He ranks a hand through his hair in frustration.

Then he was gone, slamming the door.

I smile and whisper. “Don’t worry, Ajax. My personal designer can make a paper bag look sexy.”

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