Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 14

My mind is consuming me with bad scenarios. I do not care what it takes, I will get to Ajax and I do not give a shit about Sarya. She can kiss my perfect ass. Red plays for keeps, I do not lose, EVER. She can take her skinny ass and shove it. I sigh and look at the clock , gritting my teeth.

Flix is suddenly in front of me making me jump.

“Flix where the hell have you been!?”

I been laying here in the hospital bed all day, going insane. The doctors are not letting me do anything, I could not even look in a mirror incase Ajax happens to show up. I think they are being mean to me on purpose. They hate me.

I forgot to tell you that Ajax and I had a hot make-out session.

A lady never tells.

I roll my eyes, lies. It happened in my dirty little mind, me, myself, and I. I am not proud of it, trust me.

Flix was in a tight white suit looking even more like a skinny little teenager. “Um, I’m sorry,” he holds up his finger, “I was doing my nails. Humans need more upkeep than my kind,” he looks disgusted. “My nails are so thin, I had to threaten Pierce for some damn polish.”

“Flix, focus, I am hooked up to tons of tubs, I cannot see myself. How do I look if Ajax comes by?!” I ask desperately.

“Well, they just finished training, the guys, I mean. So, they could be on their way here now,” he shrugs.

My heart-rate jumps. “How do I look, hospital-sexy?!”

Flix’s mouth twitches as he looks me over. “Girl, what you have going on is not hospital sexy, more like, I-like-to-talk-myself-when-no-one-is-around sexy. And, that’s not sexy, that’s disturbing. You look insane.” He pauses with a frown. “What happened to your hair!?”

I pale, worst fears coming true. “I have naturally curly hair. It’s frizzy, they combed it out Flix, you can’t do that to curly hair! I think they did that on purpose.”

He covers his mouth.

The little twerp is laughing!

I am really panicking now. I know it’s vain, but I don’t have time, I have three months, that’s not enough time to do shit. I need to bring my A-game every time. “I need Pierce!”

He is still laughing and managed a snort. “You look like you went under shock-therapy!”

I will strangle him. Ajax will walk into the very room witnessing me killing Flix with my crazy hair. “Flix, call!”

He wipes a tear. “Keep your panties on.” He looks at me then, “Wait, do you even have underwear on?”

I pause. “No.”

He is laughing harder. “I’ll tell Pierce no worries on the clothes.”

“It’s not that funny.”

“It’s funny.”

I glare at him while he types and blinks on the floor. “Nothing crazy. Just maybe hot curls or straight. Body moisturizer is a must. Then do something with my face, I’m sure I look super ick.”

I hear him laughing again and ignore it. After a few minutes he says, “Okay get up and spin, got it downloaded.”

I freeze. “Can’t he just do it as I lay here?”

“Nope, you have to spin, it’s a must,” he gives me a pointed look.

“Shit, I am hooked up to ten billion cords!” I gasp.

Flix’s mouth is twitching “You better hurry.”

I grit my teeth and hall myself up, pulling cords everywhere. “This is nuts!” I breathe, “Help me spin!”

Flix runs over to me and pulls me, trying to make me spin. “You need to go faster!”

I can feel my skin start to tingle. “I am getting tangled up,” I say, seeing the danger in this.

“Keep spinning!”

“Shit,” I say and loose my footing. Flix tries to steady me but I have too many cords tangled up around my legs.

We both awkwardly crash to the ground, pain in my arm explodes. “Flix, get off of me!”

“What do you think I’m doing, humping your damn leg!?” he yells as he struggles to get off me.

I am breathing hard on the ground and assess the damage. “Okay,” I choke out, “Can you help me up?”

Flix puts his hands on his hips. “Good news it worked. Bad news you look like you’re into some weird, kinky ass shit all tangled up and half naked.”

We hear voices.

I want to scream.

Flix runs over to me and frantically helps me up, we both are cussing and snapping at each other. Our harsh whispering ends when we hear the voices near, they are closer. In the last second, I am laying on my bed, my gown covering the tangled mess.

Flix runs over to the sink like he is doing something medical.


Right then Aaron, McFolas and Ajax walks in. Their presence dominating the room, they look sweaty with muscles bulging, they are in an animated conversation.


Ajax is wearing black body armor that is so tight, is shows his sculpted torso like a friggin’ superhero, impossibly wide shoulders to very trim hips. He is sweaty and damn straight sexy, not even funny, hot. His hair is in a long braid, and I can see his ripped forearms flex as he moves. Oh, and let’s not forget the gun that is strapped to his upper thigh that makes his bulge seem very, very evident.


I smile at the men, face reddening. “Wow, you guys came in to see me?” I say, hoping they don’t get to close.

Aaron put his hands on his hips and shakes his head. “So sorry Red. You were behind me then you weren’t. Good thing for that helmet, you hit hard.”

McFolas nods. “Feno’s can take more hits than humans, but dang, we still hurt, and bleed like everyone else.”

They all murmur and agree.

“Yea, I am feeling much better,” I say to them. Except when I just fell on my arm only moments ago, like a moron. Ajax has not said anything, just stares at me with those eerie eyes of his. I clear my throat. “Were you guys training?”

They all started talking at once, trying to say who kicked whose ass.

Ajax gives McFolas a look. “You’d keep up better if you actually ate food that gave you energy.”

Aaron laughs at that. “So true.”

McFolas looks offended, patting his round stomach. “I already asked for their new energy bars they were handing out in the in food court earlier. I eat just fine, assholes.”

Aaron frowns and glances at Ajax. “I wanted to try those, I am starving.”

A silver haired woman comes in, as if on cue, with a tray of long brown bars. McFolas claps his hands. “I ordered them before we came up!”

Aaron looks at me. “Want one?”

I bite my lip, they don’t look enticing. “No thanks.”

Ajax takes one and smells it, leaning against the wall. “What the hell is this?”

McFolas shrugs, unwrapping it. “Everything the body needs to regenerate after a fight, it’s new.”

They all take a large bite and start chewing.

Aaron’s face turns horrified and spits it out in his hand. “Fuck!”

McFolas makes a choking sound. “Is that fish?!” he chokes more. “I swallowed it.”

Ajax closes his eyes for a second and calmly walks over to the trash, spiting it out. I am laughing in my hand watching this. I look at Ajax and ask, “That bad?”

They all are choking.

Ajax’s eyes sparkle as he slowly walks up to me. “Can I barrow this?”

I look at my large water glass and nod, smiling, giggling. “Yes, please do.”

Ajax takes it and hands it to McFolas, who takes take it gladly with a large drink, face red. Then Ajax gives it to Aaron, who thanks him greatly. After they drank Ajax takes the rest, spitting the water out in the sink.

Cute, Ajax let them drink first.

Be still my heart.

Ajax turns towards the men with a half-smile, saying something that only they heard, I could not make it out. Aaron and McFolas starts laughing hard at what Ajax just said. I frown and glance to Flix who is smiling at them, shaking his head.

Aaron slaps Ajax on the back as they try and sober.

“Flix,” I hiss.

He comes over to me.

“What’s funny?”

“I have really good hearing,” he says. “Ajax just said something about it tasting like, you know what.”


Then I thought about it and my eyes widen, cheeks heating. “Vagina?!”

Flix laughs in his hand, shaking. “Yes, but a very bad bad bad one.”

“A whore’s,” I deadpan.

Flix’s laughter gains their attention and he quickly leaves my side at once. Walking out the door holding a tray with nothing one it. I now wonder if all men experience that at one point in their life?! Maybe Ajax is a little wilder than I thought, hanging out with groupies, whores and such. I shiver.

“Red, glad you’re feeling better! Got to go get some real food though,” Aaron yells and leaves with McFolas, still coughing.

I take a breath and watch Ajax rinsing his mouth with something, probably mouthwash. Good, get that dirty whore taste out of your mouth, boy.

He spits it out and walks over to me. “How’s the arm?”

I feel on edge with it just being him. He’s too close, I can smell him, and it is making me itch to tare his sweaty clothes off. “I’m fine.” We have not talked about our sexy incident, so I feel like I’m acting awkward.

He frowns at the monitors. “You’re are losing pressure on some of your medicine.”

The color drains from my face, I forgot that I am tangled up under this. Ajax grabs a cord and follows it and I stop his hand when he gets to my gown.

“Stop,” I say and squeeze my eyes shut then look at him.

He tilts his head at me. “Red, are you hiding cords?”

“Yes, because I am tangled up. I tried to get up before you got here and when I heard you guys in the hallway, I panicked and fell.” It was almost all true, just left some Fairy Godmother details out.

“You fell?”

I feel my face heat.

He braces his hands on the rail of the bed, staring at me, then looking up at the monitor. He is frowning at it then walks over to the virtual screen. “Red, we have to get you untangled.”

“I know.”

He looks at me. “Now.”

He comes up to me and lowers the rail so fast that it makes me jump. He grabs my legs and swings me around to where I faced him.

“Ajax,” I take a shaky breath. “I am naked under here, careful.”

Now I am being a prude?

On purpose, people, I’m playing the game still.

He stares at me, I think I see a hint of amusement, but I can never be sure with him. He then lifts my gown up to my thighs making me tense. He stares at the twisted tubes around my body, then glances up at me. “How in the fuck did you do this? It looks like you rolled on the ground with it.”

I close my eyes.


He starts undoing the tubes. “The problem Red, is that you need all of this medicine. If you cut one off, you are getting too much of another. You can get sick, even die,” he says in a low voice.

I pale.

Oh shit.

He frees my legs and works up higher to my thigh where a cord disappears. He pauses and his pale stare pours into me making my insides flip. “How do you want to do this?”

I stare at him.

My move?

“Help me stand up, maybe I can do it if you hold my robe, shielding me.” I say then give him an innocent look that used to make men drool back at home.

Ajax watches me with an expression that makes my skin tingle. He thinks about that for a second then nods, a curious look on his handsome face. I slowly let the fabric fall away but I stop before exposing myself.

“Turn around.”

I try not to smile.

He raises a brow then turns his head. “Red, there is not much on you that I have not seen already. I have a very good memory when I want to remember something.” My cheeks heat, his voice is so low and sexy I almost didn’t hear what he said.

I can see his jaw flex as he looks away.

Did he just say he wanted to remember what my girl parts looked like? Because I know that morning he saw, and he must be referring to that. My pulse is hammering after understanding what he just said. The waters are hot again, and I have no life-vest. I jumped without one on purpose.

“You wanted to remember what? My body?” I ask as I remove tubes from around my waist. I stepped out of the mess, freeing myself.

“Are you finished? If not hurry.” He is looking at the monitors and after a few seconds, “Looks like we have normal levels again,” he says, his voice a little rough.

I grab the robe as he looks back at me, eyes hooded. I can barely breathe, I can feel the energy, the heat from his body. I hold the cloth to me like a blanket, heart pounding, skin prickling with awareness. I am practically naked in front of him yet again.

When we are alone it’s like instant tension, both of our wills straining.

He grabs me by the waist and lifts me on the bed, making me suck in a breath, lifts me like I weigh nothing. He braces both of his muscled arms on either side of me, bring him close. So close.

“What was the question, again, Red?” he asks, the heat of his gaze making me almost tremble. I swallow and look away, breathing hard.


He is almost to much for me to handle, my brain turning to mush. I clear my throat, “Never mind, it’s nothing.”

“Coward,” he whispers.

I shoot him a look. “You are the one who told me to stop trying to,” I search for words, “tempt you.”

He leans closer. “Red, I realize that, but this is not that, this is training.”

Ajax’s sexy lips are so damn close, this is torture. “Training?”

“Oh yeah,” he says as goosebumps litter my skin, I almost moan. He is so hot up close, he smells so male that my female parts are screaming. He glances down at my body then back up with hint of a smile. “What are you feeling right now? Are you wet?”

I gasp, my cheeks heating, threatening to ignite my face on fire. “I don’t know what you are trying to do.”

I am just going to die right here.

He tilts his head, looking down at me. “Answer me.”

I stare at him.


“I feel hot,” I breathe.

He licks his lips, his pale gaze pinning me. “Where?”

“Everywhere,” I whisper.

He clicks his tongue. “Not good enough Red. Where?” he demands.

I close my eyes. “You want me to say it?”

“Yes,” he rasps.


He grins at me and it’s scorching hot. “You missed training today because of your injury. The next competition you cannot just have Aaron carry you. You will have to compete next time. I don’t want you to die, understand?”

“No,” I say with a frown. “How does this apply?”

I am confused on what is happening here, my brain misfiring.

“I’ll tell you why in a second,” he says, “But first tell me what you’re feeling and be honest.”

I grip the robe and look up at him. “I want you to kiss me.”


He glances away for a second then back to me. “What else?”

“I want you to touch me,” I say, shivering as his gaze seems to flicker from deep within, never seeing that before.

He takes a big breath, arm flexing. “When you’re turned on, you seem to activate or exercise your power. Your hair is floating, Red, and your hands and arms are blue.”

I gasp, not even realizing it, too distracted. Holy Molly. I look up and see tiny flying, colorful bugs fluttering about. I look at him and wonder if he is just training me, or if he is as hot as I am.

“Does that mean you are not going to kiss me? If this is just training?” I ask, fearing the answer.

Right then we hear the door being opened and Ajax steps back, rubbing a hand down his face. I lay back, covering myself with my robe, heart pounding.


A nurse comes in looking down at her virtual pad. She squints at the monitor, “Well, that’s weird, we were getting odd readings a little while ago, must be a glitch.” She looks at me and jumps. “Oh, I forgot how weird you Feno’s are. Your hair is floating.”

I glance at Ajax and he is like an agitated panther, his pale gaze looking hooded and carnal. His chest is rising and falling, then he starts to pace, taking another breath.

He looks at the nurse. “Leave,” he says.

She is startled. “But—”

“Now,” he says in his low voice.

Oh my...

She swallows. “I’ll be back later,” she gets out, then walks to the door. Ajax follows her and when she leaves, he locks the door.

He puts his hands on the door as if he is in a silent battle. I sit up, bracing myself, the tension is so thick it’s almost suffocating me.

Ajax pushes off the door then walks towards me, I inhale as he is now in front of me. He yanks me up and his hot mouth crushes to mine and I see stars.


His lips move over mine, hard and frantic, sexy. He groans as he thrusts his tongue into my mouth almost gaging me. He tastes of minty sin. Over and over our lips move, he is dominating me, forcing me to kiss him back. I do eagerly, and moan loud when his arm wraps behind my naked back, yanking me closer. He bites my lip and continues to thrust his tongue in my mouth.

“Ajax,” I breathe as he breaks away to my jaw, he is almost hurting me as he sucks so hard, but I like I, love it. With his other hand he yanks my thigh up to him to where I am straddling him. Legs wrapped around his hips, he starts to move, grinding into me.

He lifts back, breathing hard and stares at me. “Red, what do you want?”

I can barely talk, just pant.

His hand is under my robe now and finding my upper thigh. He rasps, “Where do you want me to touch you?”

“There,” I cry as hips grind into me. I can feel how hard he is, and I am dizzy with lust, passion, desire...

Whatever you want to call it, I want it now.

“Spread your legs then,” he orders. Hips lips are on mine again as his hand touches me there and begins to work me like an instrument, with precision and accuracy. I gasp as his mouth trials down my throat, fingers deep within me, pumping hard and fast. Ajax is whispering heated words into my skin and it’s so erotic, because it’s in a different freaking language. How his fingers are moving inside of me I have never felt before, the man is extremely talented. He needs to except an award, be recognized for his talents and give a speech.

“So wet,” he almost moans.

Yup, that’s all I can take. I orgasm, not being able to help it, he is so good at this, never slowing. I grab onto his muscled arms as I pant, begging for mercy. I might have screamed because he did not stop, his eyes now watching me with wicked delight.

Ajax suddenly pulls back, his eyes gaping at my half-covered breasts then to my body. I look down too and tense, my hand covering my mouth. My chest is purple, and my legs are maroon and blue.

I look like a rainbow.

Ajax is breathing hard, his pale gaze wide as his eyes trace over my skin. “Red,” he whispers and locks eyes with me. “You look like a Goddess, something enchanted, not real. You’re so fucking beautiful I am losing my head over you,” he admits, eyes still traveling over me.

My chest tightens at his words, seeing a different side of him, almost vulnerable. But it is short-lived as we both tense when we hear more voices.

“Fuck,” he says, and closes his eyes. “I should not have told that women to leave.”

“Why?” I pull away from him and quickly put on my robe.

He helps me then brings his fingers to his lips, “Because of this,” he sucks his fingers, the ones that were deep inside of me. “Sweet honey,” he groans out.

I am hot all over again, my cheeks on fire.

“Because you were moaning while I was deep inside you, something that might have been heard. I am not sure if you are aware, but team leaders cannot fuck their players. Is against the rules because any Fey cannot have sexual contact of any kind with a human. It’s banned.”

Fear grips me hard. “They can’t prove anything. We didn’t have sex.”

“Not yet,” he whispers with a dark look. “I guarantee this will not go away, too many people hate you and me. They Fey brake the rules all the time, but for someone like me?” He shakes his head.

We hear a knock on the door.

He steps back from me. “We have got to be smart, Red. I can’t do the same thing my brother did, Thunia needs this win. And trust me, it’s not your fault, it’s mine.”

“What are you saying?”

“I don’t know.” He walks to the door to open it.

“Ajax,” I say.

He looks at me and whispers, “You seem to be my only weakness."

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