Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 15

Ajax’s weakness.

What a rich thought.

I stare into the mirror and squeeze my eyes shut, anger spreading through my body like hot, sticky honey, the kind that’s a pain to clean.

Today is game day. Shocked?

I laugh to myself, the sound is cold and frigid. Let’s rewind just a bit. Let me tell you about the past few days, the progress that has transpired between me and Ajax. Well, it started when I returned to train after my injury, and Leon was running the show. No big deal, right?

Ajax was not present, though I was not alarmed at the time.

I’m sure you are already aware of this. But I’m infected with him, for I have the Ajax virus. Trust me, it’s a thing. You don’t get kissed and touched by someone like him and not be infected for life. I wanted to see him so bad, having this insane hunger for the man, not being able to think of much else but him. I look away from the mirror and fight the sting in my eyes. I knew this mission was going to be hard, but I was not prepared on how this would affect me emotionally. I am really invested in this, and when things go south, it hurts. I can feel the pain, and it takes your breath away.

Ajax has been suspended for a week.

A penalty for our alleged relationship.

What absolute crap. I feel like a part of me is so outraged by this I can’t even think straight. The Fey are so entitled that they treat humans like show animals. On a side note, I am getting so much male attention Leon had brought on more security. Everyone wants to see what human Ajax has allegedly fell for, and if I would, perhaps, be open to other sexual advances. Because I must be really good, right? I have large tits, so that means I’m a whore. The fact that I got to Ajax to fall has the media in a frenzy. But that’s not what is bothering me. The shit storm keeps rolling through, and I can see the black clouds forming and establishing its fuckery.

There are T.V’s everywhere, so I am able to keep track of what is going on in the games and just the general entertainment news. Besides talking about me and Ajax, they are now saying that the claims might have been FALSE. The record stops. Now, why the hell would they start saying that?

Because Ajax is now seen everywhere with Sarya.

I laugh again, my fists clenching. The cameras show them freaking kissing, KISSING! I hope you’re hearing this correctly. Sarya, the skinny bitch, had her lips on my man’s lips. Well, I thought he was mine. Now I’m just embarrassed.

Flix screamed into a pillow for a full two minutes.

That just tells you.

Now (my invisible audience) I know what you’re thinking. Maybe he is trying to throw off the media by faking it with Sarya. But you know what? I don’t give a shit. There. He was kissing her, like really kissing her. Not just a peck, like a knee buckling Ajax, hot-as-hell kiss. His shirt was unbuttoned to mid chest, his hair a little messy, heavy-lidded pale eyes that could make a woman orgasm with one look. Yeah. He freaking looks like sex on stick, a playboy, and I hate it.

That does not feel good. It does not tickle.

Are they having sex?!

I don’t know, and I hate not knowing. It’s killing me, I am ready to go and find him, and chop off his penis. Yup, I’m to that level of crazy. But Flix doubts it, saying that he probably is being forced into it. Again, I don’t care. They are physical, and that’s all that counts in my little black book of vengeance. Sarya looks infatuated with him, not being able to keep her hands from his body, always rubbing some part of him. Like she can’t survive without touching some part of his hard chest, arms, or thighs. I am surprised she didn’t straight stroke his penis in front of everyone.

Red for vendetta.

I am out for blood. I am telling my dedicated (imaginary) listeners.

Ajax does not cross me and get away with it. I am not one to go and cry, eating ice cream while watching a stupid romance movie.

F no.

I get even.

And how am I getting even? Well, I laugh to myself. I look absolutely, positively, completely, utterly, stunningly KILLER. Pierce took extra time on this ensemble. I told him I want to make him cry, I wanted to make him burn for days. Revenge is so much more rewarding than self-pity.

I mean, just look at me.

My hair is straight with a slight curl to the ends, it shimmers of golden fire like I had the best brazilin blow-out. Now, this dress is not flashy but bold and entirely sexy. I am wearing a skin-tight leotard with long sleeves and a shameless V-dipping neckline that extended down to my stomach. The shimmering midnight blue is timeless and elegant, a perfect marriage to such a scandalous design. My breasts are showcased in the most erotic way, I am tantalizing. Pierce paired the leotard with a high-waisted skirt that flowed out like a waterfall on a moonlight night, the fabric is luxurious.

Two waist high slits on the skirt allows the eye to see the leotard underwear underneath in the most delicious tease. My gold necklace is the only thing flashy, and it catches the light perfectly as I walk, bringing out the golden hues of my fiery hair.

Flix next to me, snaps his fingers. “She be fierce!”

“I better be,” I whisper.

Flix raises a brow. “Girl, sharpen your claws and forget Sarya. You have to survive this mission to get some revenge.”

“Okay.” I look up and see my little bug friends everywhere, I really hope they are ready to help me tonight. “Get my cloak.”

“Yes, my dark queen,” he says dramatically.

I raise a brow at him. I have spent the past week training with my new sign language, I can now say phrases to them and somewhat communicate. I am ready to show them what I can do, and you guys (still talking to my audience.) It’s a form of therapy.

“Red, you ready?” Lila says from the door. She was also wearing a dark cloak.

This mission will be very interesting, still not sure on the details. We are going to meet with the team and Ajax, to go over the plan. First time any of us will see Ajax. Leon has been running the ship and has been doing a decent job of it.

We both make our way to the training arena.

“Ajax is back,” Lila says.

I take a breath, “I know, it’s really weird, awkward.”

“Camera’s are everywhere. They are watching Ajax, his every move. Just keep your face impassive when around Sarya. The other nations would love nothing more than to take out Ajax. And if that happens, that could be game over for us.” She slightly glances at me.

“I don’t know what to do. He’s now seems like he is in love with Sarya, I’m sure you saw them kissing, making out for the cameras,” I grit out.

“Red, that man is infatuated with you. I don’t know what’s going on with Sarya, but I’d guess it’s a cover.”

We round the last corner and enter the arena where we met the boys. Alok walks over to Lila and whispers something in her ear before they took a seat.

How sweet.

Her relationship is not complicated in the least. Well, as long as Alok does not die in a match which is a very sobering thought. They do not have life-lines like we do.

Leon waits in front of us, long white hair in a ponytail, an indifferent expression. He stands before a virtual screen and takes a deep breath.

Looks like someone is late.

Aaron glances at me. “Red, you look nervous.”

I smile at him. “I wonder why,” I say dryly.

He smirks. “It will blow over, trust me.”

“He’s probably sucking face with Sarya,” I hiss, venom dripping from my voice.

Aaron chuckles. “No, she is getting her team ready. No doubt. Though I will admit, this is a little bizarre.” He looks at me. “It’s not every day a human woman like Red enters the picture, showing the Fey we are not that different.” He winks at me. “Keep fighting the good fight, Red.”

Aaron is a great friend. “Thanks,” I say.

The far door opens and my breathing hitches. Ajax comes walking in like he didn’t give two shits, his swagger relaxed and arrogant. He is wearing a crisp white suit paired with a black and white, pin-striped button-up. I want to groan and curse him to very bad places. His Gothic style still gives me shivers even though I don’t want to feel that right now. Rings and dark metal jewelry, hoops in his ears. And, yes, I can see the blue flickering light in his mouth, the tongue ring.

But Ajax looks a bit... what’s the word I’m looking for?


Sleep deprived.


Now, I don’t understand how someone could look so sexy being this disheveled. Even part of his shirt is untucked, sticking out under his tailored coat, bags under his eyes, slightly pale. Ajax nods at the men and Lila, completely avoiding me.

I feel my cheeks heat.

“Sorry that I am late, and I also want to apologize for my absence this past week,” he murmurs then walks in my direction. One hand casually in his pocket and the other points in my direction, though he never glances at me. “I’m sure you all have heard the allegations and you can be sure there will be no more drama in that department. Let’s forget it and move on, we have a big night.”

Everyone nods, Aaron’s gaze flickers to mine then back to Ajax.

I want to stand up and slap him across the face, but I don’t. I fight the sting in my eyes as I watch him, mentally stabbing him in the heart. Be brave Red.

On the screen behind him we see a large ballroom, with tons of people, waiters, performers, V.I.P for the Fey, and random party-goers. “This is the fun game for tonight, the rules,” he sounds sarcastic. “The goal is simple, find the antidote and get the hell out.”

Leon steps up. “You all will drink poison prior to entering the grand ball. The goal is to find the correct drink before your time runs out.”

There are scared murmurs.


Alok says, “What does this drink look like? And how much time do we have?”

Ajax still has not glanced in my direction, pissing me off. “This game can go very quick. It’s the only red substance being served at the party. You have roughly an hour to mingle and to find the hidden drinks. Be careful, they are one drink short, so someone is dying tonight. I would suggest you all work as a team, no mistakes. You will each pick a part to play, you will be entertaining the Fey, as they watch you all try and find the antidote frantically. Most of you can be servers, unless one of you is musically inclined which I doubt. Or you can just be a participant of the ball. But a musically inclined person will be on the stage which would give them great views.”

Hold the phone...

I can sing and play the piano. Thank you, Fairy Godmother Inc! I clear my throat. “I can sing and play the piano.”

Ajax pauses, jaw flexing.

McFolas claps. “Alright Red!”

He still does not look at me, the prick. “Red, you can be on stage then, if you can really sing. Actually, it does not matter, we just need your eyes up there.”

“I can sing,” I snap back.

He nods to himself, still averting his gaze. “Once you all have drank the antidote, you must be the first to reach the fountain in the gardens. You all will find a drink, help each other. Everyone will survive, all of you are crossing the finish line tonight. Whoever finds the drink first sprint to the gardens, the rest of you help each other.”

Evil version of musical chairs.

Last one to find the drink dies.

“Damn right we will,” Aaron says.

“Let’s go then.”

We all get up and Ajax let’s everyone pass him. I can’t let this immature opportunity pass me, so I shoulder check him hard as I pass. He says and does nothing, but boy that is the biggest fuck you ever.

Ajax heard me loud and clear.

The ballroom is massive and intimidating, low lighting, very mysterious. I recognize some faces from other teams and a wave of nerves flashes over me. Someone will die tonight? That didn’t sit well with me. I’d rather use a life-line and save someone’s life. Cameras are everywhere, large screens filming the action. All team leaders are a part of the party, everyone is invited.

My heart-rate is elevated, and my thoughts are frantic.

“Red, get to your spot please,” Ajax softly orders in my ear-piece.

Go to hell, I want to say.

“I’m glad you have the balls to talk to me, good for you.” Yes, I am being a bitch, but I don’t care.

He says nothing to that.


I glance to my left and I can see him leaned against the wall casually, drink in hand in all his dark glory. He looks almost drunk with his messy bun and disordered clothing. Strands of hair hang in his face enhancing is sexual pull, a sensual elegance follows him everywhere. He finally is watching me from what I can tell, and he slightly raises his glass to me. I shiver, feeling the adrenaline coursing through me. Keep watching boy. I walk up to the stage and climb the stairs, dropping my cloak and tossing it to the side.

Cameras eat your heart out.

My gown flows around me exposing my legs beautifully. I feel exhilarated, powerful in a way. It helps that I am now good at my Feno talent, not being helpless.

“Red, we are going to have a talk about your choice of gown," Ajax says in a very low and soft voice, sending gooseflesh down my skin.

I say nothing to that and fight a smile.

I sit at the piano, trying to calm my breathing. Okay focus. I do quick hand movements to call to my little bug friends, then I pushhhh it out. A call for help. “Please,” I say, praying it works.

There’re so many people here.

I can see many players and team leaders in the throng.

A lot of eyes are on me, thanks to this dress Pierce made. My gaze then flickers over to where Ajax is, and I see Sarya whispering something in his ear, hands clinging to his muscled shoulders. She is in a silver open back gown, not shocking for her. I frown, it almost seems like she is trying to distract him from me. Not going to work. She is moving his chin to look at her, as she nips his lips.

I’m seeing red, yet again.

The bitch looks like she just came off the runway, hair in a high bun, skin is pale ivory with a shimmer. She is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I think Ajax likes something more sensual, something with a little more curve and color. Sex appeal.

He has too or he would not like me.

I suddenly see the bugs, a hand-full coming towards me quickly. I glance down and see my hands that are now sapphire. “Yes,” I breathe. I am doing more quick hand moments, asking them to help me. I then ask them to find a red substance, a liquid. I send it out. I have no idea if they understood that.

Quick as a flash of light, they are flying through the crowd.

I laugh.

If this works, I am kissing Flix.

“Red! Sing, it’s started. You can’t just sit up there and look pretty.”

I roll my eyes. I very knowledgeable with music, being a brilliant piano player since I was little. I lower my lips to the silver microphone and hum the first notes, playing keys to match the sensual tones of my new voice. I sound like I could do the soundtrack for 007. I have listened to their music in this world and it’s not far off from our own, which is a plus. A lot of fast paced beats.

The musicians behind me join in, their improv talents are very impressive.

I sing a song about this game, our survival. The words just flow from my lips then I pause as the music takes over, scanning the crowd for my bugs. I see a bug hoovering over a glass in the far corner of the room and I gasp, it worked. Insanity.

I lean back and grab my mic to speak into it, “Ajax tell them I see a glass in the far-left corner, green and silver, blends in with the wall.” I say, then lean up and start singing again. I see Aaron force his way through the throng of people to get to the cup, Ajax must have told him. Aaron reaches it a second faster than another player, almost getting onto an altercation. Aaron’s hand flickering with fire.

My heart is beating fast as I watch.

Alok has found a glass.

Lila has found a glass, thank goodness.

After long minutes my song is over and I dash off the stage, needing to find one myself. I look at the large screen and I gasp, not realizing everyone has found a glass so fast.

Another loud beep.

McFolas has found a glass.

I am the last one on our team.

“Red, they are all looking for you. You need to find a glass fast, I cannot help you!" he sounds frantic.

A wave of dizziness washes over me, the poison becoming stronger. I feel nauseous and lightheaded.


I use my hand signals and send out another help alert. I feel eyes on me everywhere, people brushing up against me and touching my arm, saying crude things.

“Red?! Talk to me damnit! I can’t come to you!”

I can’t focus with him yelling at me. I rip my ear piece out and throw it, trying to focus on my power. I see a yellow flickering butterfly flying over a Fey’s drink, he is sitting in some throne-like chair over everyone. I don’t know who he is, but I bet that’s the antidote.


The last drink has been found, loud gasps are everywhere.

That’s not true.

It’s a lie.

I push people out of my way as I sprint towards that man. I bet Ajax is having a heart attack right now, and my team.

But I have tunnel vision, must get to that man.

I finally get to him and he gives me a slow smile. He has long silver hair and a very pale face, he is handsome. His nose is a little too pointy, but he is still attractive. I stand next to him and even from here I can see the red substance.

“Sir,” I say out of breath, “May I have a drink?”

He laughs. “This is mine, I think not.”

I narrow my eyes at him. I deal with these guys all the time back home, nothing a little sexual pull wont fix. I eye him, giving him my best, come-get-me-eyes. I can see the cameras all around me filming this. His mouth drops open slightly, almost transfixed as I straddle him. He groans as I position myself better on him, feeling his arousal swell.

I hear more gasps.

I touch the yellow butterfly who found the drink and instantly I have ghost-like wings of golden-yellow on my back, for everyone to see. The Fey’s eyes grow wide, gaze devouring me. I slowly lean into him, the glowing wings alighting his face the closer I lean in. My mouth barely touches his as I pull the cup from his weak grasp.

Quickly I pull back and down the substance, jumping off his lap like a performer.

The crowd goes wild.

I jump down from the elevated seating, leaving the man very dazed and embarrassed. Aaron runs up to me and grabs my hand, making the journey to the finish-line with me.

We did it!

Though our team did not take first, but a solid second.

I hug everyone and frown. “Where’s Ajax?”

Aaron frowns. “I think I saw him go to his study after you drank the Antidote. Ajax’s pissed, Red. I would not seek him out,” he warns. “He’s not himself today.”


“When you took off your ear piece, he nearly lost his shit,” he says.

I think on that.

I am never good at following orders.

I am nervous.

After a long talk with Flix, he thinks I should go and check on Ajax, even if I am pissed at him. It’s late but I don’t care, I stayed with the team for a couple drinks then left.

If I find him with Sarya shit will hit the fan.

My heart beats hard as I knock on his office door, almost second guessing myself. What if he is not even here? I knock again and the door opens, making me jump back. I swallow, telling myself to keep my anger in check.

I walk into a dimly lit room and I freeze.

Ajax is sprawled on a large leather couch, shirt fully unbuttoned, hair down, and a bottle of amber liquor in one hand, cup in the other.

“Red,” he says in an amused, slurred voice. “It’s against the rules you being here.”

Oh boy.

I can see his large golden pecks littered with black tattoos, his air-brushed abs looking like granite. I squeeze my legs together, heat swelling in my belly. He looks so hot that I almost moan in annoyance. The man looks like some Rockstar in his penthouse after a performance, drunk and sexy as hell. The only thing he is missing is tons of naked women doing lines on his chiseled chest.

He sits up, his long hair falling forward. “Red, what can I do for you?” His pale stare traveling over my body, slowly moving over my breasts. He takes a drink of his glass he is holding, still fixed on my girls. I feel a wave goosebumps litter my skin as he looks back up to me. “Unless you came to sit on my face, then I should suggest you leave.”

My eyes widened.

He chuckles and stands up, swaying a bit as he walks to his mini-bar. He grabs another crystal glass and pours two drinks, glancing up at me with those panty-dropping eyes. “Have a drink with me Red,” he murmurs.

I take a steady breath. “I’ll pass.”

I must remember that he has been making out with Sarya on a regular basis. I am not about to be treated like a whore. Especially after that comment.

He walks up to me with a sexy grin. “I was kidding Red, calm down. Have a taste with me,” he murmurs, handing me the glass.

I take it, eyeing him warily.

“Cheers,” he whispers.

He smells so good.

Of some cologne he always wears.

I raise a brow and eye his office, taking a sip. The warm liquor coating my throat, pooling in my stomach. “No camera’s in here?”

He glances around and downs the whole shot. “Too bad they are not.”

“Why?” I frown.

He suddenly throws his glass across the room, it shatters on the far wall making me jump. My heart is pounding as I look at him, backing up just a hair. “You’re really drunk Ajax.”

He looks back at me. “Did you wear that dress to torment me Red?”

I raise my chin. “Yes.”

Ajax tilts his head at me. “Brutal woman.” His eyes flicker to my breasts. “Nice job on getting that last drink, you could have died. You took off your fucking ear-piece, I was trying to tell you where the last drink was.” The dark glitter in his eyes is unnatural. “You could have fucking died tonight,” he rasps.

I swallow. “I didn’t.”

“Because you gave Belon a fucking hard on, straddling him like a whore,” he says darkly. “I almost walked up there and ripped his damn throat out.”

The slap across his face was loud and hard, echoing across the walls, he didn’t move but I could see his bare chest rise and fall.

“You’re a prick,” I hiss and turn to leave.

He grabs my arm and yanks me back, taking my drink and tossing it over his shoulder shattering it. “Red, you’re not leaving.”

“let go,” I threaten.

“Not until you straddle me like you did for that loser,” he says and yanks me to the couch with him, pulling me on top of him. His hands forcefully holding my bare thighs around him bringing me so close to him.

I am breathing hard and I’m terrified. I don’t know what he is capable of when he is drunk. “Ajax, you’re scarring me.”

He leans up to me, hands on my ass. “Did you like when you were on his hard cock? I want you to know I don’t like sharing.”

I flinch and glare at him. “Did you like making out with Sarya every chance you get?!” I hiss back, breathing hard.

“I did that to get back to you, Red, and you damn well know it,” he admits and tilts his head, hands squeezing me. “I want you so fucking bad I can’t see straight,” he murmurs as his eyes lowers to my breasts. “You are so sexy I can’t even look at you without doing something stupid.”

My pulse is hammering as I listen to him. His bare chest is inches from me, I can feel the heat of his body and his intensity. It’s intoxicating, more than any drink. I have never had a man stare at me with such open desire, the tension is heavy and electric.

“You want me Red, say it,” Ajax groans as he starts to roll his hips under me.

I gasp, feeling his erection.

“You will regret this,” I breathe, feeling him become more aggressive with his hips. I suck in a breath, feeling like I am burning up.

“I don’t care,” he groans. “I want it too bad,” he groans as he leans up, mouth hovering over my breasts.

“Ajax, maybe we shouldn’t,” I pant, hoping I am not taking advantage over him. He might be very angry in the morning.

“Then you should have worn a different dress,” he breaths into my skin, his hot mouth closing over my nipple through my gown. I moan as he sucks hard, then moves to my cleavage, lapping my sensitive skin.

This is so much so fast.

I can barely breathe!

“I want to suck on these all night,” he moans into me. His hands come up and pulls the fabric wide, making my breasts spill out in front of him. I suck in a breath, watching him. My breasts rise and fall with each harsh breath.

He closes his eyes and curses, jaw clenching. Seconds tick by as he stares at me, predatory vibes coming off him. “They are glorious, and I’m in trouble.” He opens his eyes, and I see something intense and raw, making me shiver. He looks up at me, making my heart stop, “From here on out, you are mine Red. All of you,” he groans out in a low, sexy voice. He reaches down between my legs making me gasp, cupping me harshly. “This is mine, do you understand Red?”

I am almost hyperventilating. “Yes,” I get out, needing an ice bath or something, was not prepared for this.

“Fuck,” he says as he feels me, rubs me. “You’re so damn wet.”

“Ajax. Now!”

I want him now.

Ajax sits up a bit, “Not yet, I have been waiting for this since the moment I first saw you,” he says. His mouth is on my breasts, sucking, licking, groaning into me. I am panting, seeing rainbows. He squeezes my breasts, moaning into them, saying words I don’t understand.

I am going to orgasm if he does not hurry, I would like to do it with him. “Now,” I moan. I feel him lift and undue his pants, freeing himself. It’s happening, there is not going back. If he is mad at me tomorrow then so be it.

He is large and ready.

I swallow, seeing that part of him makes my face heat. Ajax grabs himself, looking at me. “You ready?”

In my lust filled haze, I can’t believe I am doing this. With one hand he leans up, grabbing my panties and with one violent tug, they rip. I am exposed, and ready, nervous. I moan when I feel his scorching hot head pressing against my entrance, rubbing me.

No going back.

Oh mercy.

“Hang on, Red.” He thrusts up so hard I yelp in blissful pain. Ajax leans up and kisses my neck, thrusting further, getting into position to rock my world. He is fully inside me and I moan, loving the feel of him stretching me, my body flexing around him. This is surreal, my skin is on fire, my vision swarming with colors. I faintly notice that my body has changed colors. I grab his dark hair and pull him to me, “Ajax,” I whisper, panting. He is kissing me everywhere as he thrusts into me, over and over, gaining speed, not slowing. His arm holds me in place as he pumps, creating a friction that I could not handle. I hear him moan, sucking on my breasts. Over and over he sends me into oblivion, my brain unable to process so many sensations.

I scream.

Heart pounding in my ears.

Time stood still.

I hear him whisper into my neck, “You’re mine Red, let me hear you scream…”

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