Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 16

“I need to be careful Flix.” I murmur to him, biting my lip. “I don’t want anything to happen to him.”

He looks at me, sitting on the locker room bench, swinging his feet. “I was talking to Pierce, and he says there is a storm brewing. Ajax is now viewed as a rouge leader; his parents are appalled. I don’t think they trust his relationship with Sarya because I think she might be ratting him out, the jealous witch. Though it is hearsay. They are set on having Ajax marry Sarya for the joining of their nations. So, in another words, Ajax is not making friends right now and neither are you. Pierce is very concerned. That’s all he can say to me, which makes me uneasy.”

I stare at him, feeling sick.

He continues, “They have very serious penalties for a human and Fey relationship, especially for the eldest of the royal family. It’s the scandal of the century. Not to mention that he is the leader of the Thunia Royal Team, which has its own repercussions.” Flix says matter-of-factly.

“Are you trying to make me feel better?”

He blinks at me. “No.” Then grins. “But you did bang Ajax last night, you dirty little hooker, you.” He stands up on the bench and pinches my cheeks painfully. “I’m so proud of you,” he says in a baby tone.

“I did,” I agree and fight a grin, slapping his hands away.

I sit next to him on the bench. I left Ajax’s office last night on a body and soul high, never have I had an intense connection with someone like that. It’s true, all I can think about is him, his smell, the way his lips feel, and his hot moans when he’s lost control. Last night was a game changer. It was sexy, wild, passionate, mind blowing and very risky. He didn’t want me to leave, begging to take me to his living quarters and make love to me all night. Every girl’s dream and I had to say no. I shiver, thinking about that, on how much I would have loved to. An erotic fantasy. I even heard him murmur that he wanted to run away with me, not caring about his birthright.

I get that he was very drunk.

But doesn’t the drunk mind say what the sober mind thinks?

Maybe wishful thinking on my part. Last night he didn’t seem to care if we were caught and that makes me very nervous. I left him despite his protests, barely escaping him and the cameras. I wonder what his thoughts were this morning? Regret? Embarrassment? Shock? Or, possibly feeling euphoric?


I glance at Flix. “What does Pierce say will happen to him if he gets caught with me...again?”

“Girl.” He sighs. “Not good. I swear all of my missions are so complicated.”

“What? Tell me,” I breathe, heart jumping.

“Well, we just have to be smart about it. The king and queen no doubt will step in, not wanting more scandal for Thunia, which they are already in jeopardy of losing the crown providence. They are still in control until Ajax’s marries. They will most likely force submission from him, and it won’t be pretty. They have a lot of technology here; I can’t imagine what they could do to him.” Flix looks distant and shivers. “Some mind control crap probably.”

I feel sick. “We cannot get caught.”


I shake my head and hold myself, resisting the urge to rock myself like a baby. “What’s the end game then? How will we ever be together?”

Flix thinks for a second. “Ajax might have the power to lead a revolution.”

“That’s heavy stuff.”


I stand up, wearing a dark bodysuit that molds to my lush curves. “I better get out there before Leon has a freak out.”

Flix snickers and sings, “You have to see Ajax after drunken sex. Can we say, awkward?”

I shoot him a glance. “Do you think Sarya knows?”

He shrugs and hops up. “He was not with her last night, so I bet she might think the worst. I mean, Ajax does not exactly hide his expressions well. I’m sure she can see his obsession with you.”

“Shit,” I hiss and make my way out into the training arena. I really hope Sarya is not out with her team today. They did win the last competition, barely. She might be excited to gloat in front of everyone. When I walk out Aaron nods to me still listening to something Alok is saying to him. I glance at Lila who is currently swinging her sword around, doing spin moves. Cute.

I take a breath.

I start warming up my arms and legs, for some reason I feel like the training today will be hard. I see Leon out on the training floor talking with a few Fey, possibly other team leaders. They all look powerful and forbidding.

I frown.

Who is that man standing next to Leon? My heart starts to pound when the man turns, holy shit. I feel my skin prickle like hot needles.

Ajax cut his hair.

It’s now some sexy version of a faux-hawk, spiky and slightly messy. Questions rush through my mind, why did he cut his hair?! I look around and I can see Lila starring at him, probably wondering the same thing. She looks at me and raises her brows and mouths, damn.

Damn, damn, hot-diggity-damn is right.

He looks even more dangerous than before, the faux-hawk giving him an air of rebellion. And, maybe this is why he cut his hair?! They both make their way to us and stand before us; I try not to fidget. I can feel my cheeks heat, my thoughts flickering over to what we did last night.

I look up and see cameras filming us.


I tentatively glance at Ajax and he is looking at me, making my adrenaline spike. Just gazing into his pale stare makes me crazy for him. I love the new look, it’s like gothic bad-boy meets GQ cover model. His hard body is covered in black fighting gear, making me think today will be grueling. Can’t wait. I keep my face impassive, neutral. Poker face. I see a hint of a smile on his lips and he actually winks at me before looking at the other teammates. Heat courses through my body, Ajax needs to be careful with the cameras. If they caught that wink, it could be the top story tonight.

I need to have a talk with him.

He needs to be careful, more inconspicuous until we can figure out a plan of action. Like Pierce says, Ajax is now the face of a rebellion, a rebellion for the mistreated humans. It’s heroic, making him even hotter than he already is.


I need an ice bath, people.

“This week’s competition will be extremely hard, dangerous. A lot of combat, a lot of skill needed. From what I hear, this duel will be your first taste of a virtual obstacle.” Ajax says smoothly, eyes intense. “A virtual obstacle looks and feels real; it can kill and mare. I am not sure yet of its nature, but I would assume it will be powerful. For a lack of better words, a monster.”


I hear Aaron curse under his breath. “A survival game?”

Ajax looks at Leon like he is thinking. “Possibly, or an escape game. Either way, very dangerous.”

McFolas grunts. “Ajax, I like the new haircut. I can’t imagine that was taken lightly?” He is grinning at him.

Ajax smiles back, making my pulse palpitate. “You guys can’t have all the fun. Trying to get Leon over here to cut his but he prefers his locks.”

We all chuckle.

Leon slaps Ajax on the shoulder. “Only because I like my head on my shoulders.”

Ajax raises a brow. “We now are the resistance, according to the media.”

Leon sighs. “I do not have a choice in the matter then?”

McFolas chuckles. “We are not so bad Leon.”

Leon crosses his arms. “It’s not you who I’m worried about.”

I frown. I really hope Ajax knows what he is doing, and who he is angering. It sounds like he has stepped into dangerous territory with the Fey.

Leon steps forward, looking at a virtual pad. “Okay, we are combat training today. You will be training against me or Ajax. And against each other in between. We only have two days to prepare, and we need this win.”

A flash of nerves washes over me.

Ajax puts his hands on his hips making his biceps look impossibly huge. “Aaron, let’s show them how it’s supposed to look.”

McFolas chuckles, cracking his neck, pointing at Aaron. “I got winner after you girls are done.”

Aaron laughs and runs up on the floor, fire instantly circulating around his hands. Ajax watches him, his eyes now having a low glow to them making me suck in a breath. I never seen his eyes do that before, though I have never seen him fight before either.

Ajax looks like some mortal combat fighter with his new hair, fists raised, eyes illuminated, a confident smirk on his lips. He just needs a large immortal dragon tattoo. I look way, down girl. If I fan myself, I’ll give myself away, no doubt.

E news: Breaking right freaking now.

Outrage on the arena floor. Red is clearly turned on by Ajax’s sweaty, chiseled body and obscene haircut. The nerve she has. His display of male dominance is making her sweat like a hooker on nickel night. Shame.

I roll my eyes and glance back, face indifferent. They are fighting, moving so fast that my mouth drops open slightly. How the hell am I supposed to compete with that? Ajax pulls out a knife and throws it so quickly that it pierces Aaron’s thigh. He curses loud in pain, pulling it out with a trail of blood.

Ajax whistles, face intense. “That could have been a major artery, Aaron.” He sounds pissed and throws another at him even harder, Aaron barely evading it, diving out of the way.

They’re brutal with each other.

Aaron finally gets a hit on Ajax, burning part of his shirt exposing some of his trim abs. Perfect, thanks a lot Aaron. I’m trying to focus here and not be a cat in heat, for once. Ajax claps his hands and I feel the force of the shock wave, making me stumble back. Holy...crap. It’s like I’m watching real-life super heroes. Poor Aaron flew back into the wall, spitting up blood, coughing.

I am shocked on how rough they are being, like, they are actually fighting to hurt.

Men can be psychotic.

Too much testosterone in here.

This went on for a while before Ajax had glowing a knife at Aaron’s neck. Both men breathing hard and exhausted, beat to shit. Ajax helps Aaron up, talking with him about fighting techniques. Medics run over to help with Aaron’s battered body, Ajax waves them off when they try to help him. Ajax turns and points at me.


“Red, up here now. Leon, take on Alok with McFolas.” Ajax orders, wiping his face with a white towel.

Leon nods, testing out his sword.

I do not want to. The cameras are everywhere, and Ajax and I need space. We need to talk about what happened last night, firstly. But fighting together, especially in front of the cameras. I frown at him, silently asking him what the hell he is thinking. And to make matters worse I see Sarya close by, talking to another team leader. She will see us.

“Red, now.”

I shiver.

He is sweaty, muscles bulging, sexy as hell eyes. I curse then walk up to him, taking a shaky breath. “What are we doing then?”

He leans down to where we are both level, making me tense, my face indifferent. He smells wild and very male. My female hormones are trying to get my attention, but I am ignoring them. Ajax needs to back up and quit being so familiar with me. I glance at the cameras then back to him, nervous.

“I want you to show me what you can do,” he says and tilts his head, still breathing hard from his match.

I close my eyes and nod. “Only if you want to get your ass kicked in front of the cameras.” I look at him, keeping my poker face in place.

His laugh is breathy and sexy. “I can’t wait.”

I shiver and try to remain indifferent. “Back up. I need to focus.”

He chuckles again and backs up, crossing his arms while watching me. I take a breath and start my hand-language. I am calling for help, battle signs.

I feel my body hum and tingle as I open my eyes to see my hair floating. Ajax still watches me with that penetrating stare. I see different types of glowing bugs but what caught my attention was a falcon, a large bird of prey. It’s the first time I have seen anything that big. My heart is pounding as if flies towards me.

“What do you see Red?”

“I’ll show you in a second,” I breathe. The bird flies right into me making me gasp, my whole body engulfed in a ghost-like form of the bird.

I have transparent red wings and the head of the bird, my whole body surging with this bird’s spirit. I feel an insane urge to scream, so I do, and the sound is ear-splitting. It’s the screech of the falcon and the shock wave it produced made Ajax fly backwards fifty feet into a large rack of guns.

I think we now have the attention of the arena and cameras.

The bird flaps its wings lifting me from the ground, making me gasp.

Holy shit!

Ajax gets up from the ruble, eyes glowing, a bloodied arm.

Oh no.

“Not, bad. Try and dodge this,” he says and pulls out a large machine gun, aiming it right at me.

“Ajax!” I scream but the bird takes over me and shields me with its large wing. Ajax open fires, seeming not bothered that he could actually kill me. Insanity. A part of me is in complete awe of this power I have, and the other is appalled that Ajax is shooting at me with a freaking machine gun!

The bird screeches again sending another deadly shock wave that Ajax promptly dodges this time, then sends one back to us in one swift move. I am shocked on how powerful it is, knocking us to the ground as intense pain explodes in my chest. I lost my breath, seeing literal stars.

I’ll kill him.

I gasp for air as I now lay in the ground, my spirit bird gone.

Gone with the freaking wind.

Ajax is suddenly by my side, picking me up. “Red, you only have about twenty minutes with each animal. You need to have a backup plan before your time runs out.”

I choke, blinding pain. “You a-ass,” I clip out.

He glances up as medics come rushing over to me. “Red, you will be fine. I’d never hurt you—that bad,” he whispers with a wink.

“You shot a gun at me,” I rasp.

“No,” he continues, “I shot at your bird friend, or did you not realize?” Amusement dances in his eyes.

I hiss in pain as the medic assess my body. “You could not have known what would happen if you shot at me.”

“Red.” He gives me a dry look. “Do you honestly think I would have done that if I didn’t know?”

“How would you know then?”

“I have been studying your power, it’s my job to know everything about my players. We have had a few Fey in our past with similar talents as yours, though your abilities are very rare.” He gazes down at me, his silver irises penetrating me.

He was studying me?

The medics help me up and tell me to go to the locker room. I nod, not wanting to make any more eye contact with Ajax, too many cameras. When I glance up, I tense, Sarya is stranding right next to me. I have not seen her this close before and she is intimidating, taller than I thought. Her icy stare pours into me then glances behind me to Ajax.

“That was quite the performance. This little human is not worthless after-all,” she says with a fake smile and a laugh. “Ajax, you might have a chance to compete with my team,” she teases in a sexy voice.

What. A. Bitch.

I could wipe that smile off her face real fast if I told her what I did last night.


I win.

Before I can say something, they drug me off. I can hear her syrupy murmurs to Ajax, but I resist to look back, I will not give the cameras the satisfaction of zooming in on my rage face. I will summon the whole damn animal kingdom if I must, Sarya’s team is going down.


After a full day of training I am finally done, my body aches. I am ready for a hot shower and a very soft bed. Ajax left after our fight, leaving with Sarya to only God knows where. We need to have a talk about what happened last night, my mind still reeling from it.

I stand up and walk over to the showers turning one on to warm up. I am scared for the next competition, the fear almost making me sick. I peel off my clothes and hiss in pain, already feeling stiff. I walk my naked body to the towel rack and grab one, wrapping it around me.

I wait for a few minutes then step into the shower, hanging up my towel. The steam making me sigh in delight. The hot water rushes over my body and I am in heaven. I grab for body wash and lather it all over my body, smelling the floral scent.

I hear a door shut making me tense.

My heart starts to pound as I listen, not moving a muscle. If it was Flix he would have already said something like, I can’t wash off my inner hoe.

I slowly peek out, grabbing my towel.

I gasp.

A man with long white hair is sitting on the bench and realization hits me. It’s the man from the party that I straddled. “What are you doing in here!?” I shriek, wrapping the towel tightly around me.

He stands, taking off his coat making me gasp, knowing that look he has in his eye.


“What are you doing?” I look around, trying to see my escape options.

“I want payment,” he finally says. His dark eyes roam over my wet body and he licks his lips making a groaning sound.

I cringe, my heart rate climbing.

I immediately start my hand-language to call for help but he pounces on me, slamming me into the shower wall.

He grabs both of my wrists, holding them, hurting me. “You will not call for your friends, not until I am done with you. I saved your fucking life with my drink you sole, embarrassed me in front of everyone! Now I want payment,” he hisses into my neck, mouth sucking the water from my skin.

He is very strong, my thrashing only making him push me harder into the wall. I scream loud and he slaps me across my face. White hot pain prickles my skin as I feel him grab my naked breast, moaning loudly as he bends down to take me in his mouth.

Boron’s face being smashed into the wall next to me made me scream in shock it happened so fast. He is violently pulled from me and is thrown into the wall with a loud crack.


His eyes are glowing with rage as he gazes at Boron, cracking his neck. “Get the fuck up and fight me you piece of shit.” His low voice booms.

I shiver, pulling my towel tighter around me, never seeing real rage on Ajax. It’s scary and thrilling at the same time.

Blood is smeared around his nose and he laughs at Ajax. “You will pay for this Ajax, I will make sure you will go down with her. You know I will report this.”

“You are in violation being here. My players are off limits to you and you damn well know it,” he says walking towards him.

“She wanted it,” he laughs. “Who are they going to believe? Me or the human-lover Ajax?!”

That was is it, Ajax picked him up and drug him out of the locker room to most likely to beat some ass. I am still shaking, so thankful Ajax did not leave for the day like I had thought. I was going to use a life-line. The shower still soaks me, and I use more body wash to cleanse the skin that Boron touched.

I can hear shouting and I squeeze my eyes shut.

Such a mess.

I stand in the shower in a shocked trance then gasp when I see Ajax suddenly in front of me. “Ajax,” I breathe, holding the towel to me.

He is fully clothed, water hitting him, but he does not seem to care. “Red,” he says. “Are you okay?” He is breathing hard, eyes still slightly glowing.

I nod.

“That prick will not touch you again,” he says, eyes flickering over me.

I shiver, not saying anything. I can’t, Ajax wet in the hot shower is making my knees weak. “He will tell lies about me?”

“Yes,” he agrees and turns to leave. “I have to go and calm the storm that is sure to come from his fabrications.”

“Ajax,” I say, making him pause then he turns towards me. “Thank you.”

He does not say anything, eyes intense. I bite my lip then reach to grab his hand, pulling him to me. Ajax expels a breath and locks both arms on either side of me, hot water pounding into him. “Red, I can’t be in here with you like this,” he whispers and closes his eyes. “What happened last night was foolish of me.”

“Just or a second,” I plead, my adrenaline racing.

He does not move so I let the towel fall down my body, feeling a bit defiant. He opens his eyes and groans, chest rising and falling. “Fuck Red,” he rasps. He grabs my face and his lips crush to mine, the steamy water drenching our bodies.

He is kissing me furiously, devouring my mouth then suddenly he leans backs, breathing hard as pulls off his shirt with one yank. I gasp at his ripped torso, corded muscles flexing, water drops rushing down his golden skin. The heavy-lidded look he gives me makes me almost moan, his eyes devouring me from head to toe. Then he attacks me, lifting me up and pushing me against the hot, steamy wall. Wet skin on skin, the contact is powerful and sensual. Our mouths combat, his hands greedily touch me everywhere. Steam and hot water prevent me from seeing, just feeling him, his mouth and caresses.

We are frantic.

I think I pull his hair and he grabs and slaps my ass as he kisses me heatedly. I feel him lift me higher as he adjusts himself, freeing himself. He moans my name, his hot mouth scorching down my wet skin. There is so much steam I can barely tell anything, but the feel of his hard, naked body pressed to mine. He is so big he makes me feel so tiny, like he could break me in half if he wanted.

I feel the heat of his erection pressed into me and I scratch his back and hiss as he starts to slowly thrust into me, over and over, holding my hands up high. He claims my mouth a he pounds faster, never experiencing anything remotely like this before, only seeing this in movies. I feel my body humming with intense sensation, my fingertips prickle and tingle. I do not know where he begins and I end, our bodies molded together in the most erotic way. My head falls to the side as his mouth scorches a trail down my dripping neck.

He gains tempo even more and I scream, my hands in his wet hair as I come. He tenses and hugs me to him tight, kissing my face and hair. He locks his mouth to mine and we kiss, lips dancing together, letting the water pour over us. Something in my chest tightens as he just holds me, our lips not frantic anymore but just so passionate.


Then we hear voices.

Both of our bodies tense and fear seeps into every bone in my body. “Ajax,” I whisper.

He closes his eyes and kisses my forehead, cursing. “This might not look innocent.”

No not innocent.

We are so screwed.

Pun intended.

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