Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 19

I am doing good guys.

I have improved so much with my abilities that I am feeling confident for the first time. Or, confident I will not have to use all three of my life-lines in one setting. The heat training was brutal, but doable. I have never had a problem with heat, adapting to it very quickly. My spirit friends do not seem to mind the heat either, thankfully.

But this is very different.

This is messed up even. I take a shaky breath, gazing down at myself. I did not expect to be doing this next competition in a ballgown. Apparently, the Fey like to roleplay, thinking it’s not hard enough in full bodysuits that are decked out with fire resistant armor.

We will be at a mock party when at some point shit will hit the fan. They put me in the biggest and heaviest dress they could find. The bastards, I know they did it on purpose. This white and cream hooped gown in the suffering heat will be two steps from hell. Pierce altered the dress to fit me to a T, making my breast-line lower and the waist tighter. Though, I must wonder what the point of that is. I don’t feel the need to look fabulous in Hell, but it’s whatever. I look stunning anyway. My edgy black hair is styled, and Pierce gave me some smoky eyes with nude lips. All players have access to their onsite salon, so no one will question how marvelous I look.

Now, I have to talk to you guys (imaginary audience) about my new plan.


I always have a plan. Back on Earth I did not become successful because I ran and hid when it became tough. I never play things safe, ever. I was a professional stock trader, being able to tell in a split second whether to short-sale or buy the stock outright. It could be the difference of thousands of dollars by one small mistake. I do very well in high risk circumstances, that’s what my brain thrives one, like a drug.

I never made mistakes back then and I won’t now.

I am too damn smart for that.

If something is not working one way, I will try the other way without missing a beat. So, confessing my love to Ajax is NOT working, people. Ya’ll feel me? It’s having opposite effects, so I need to change my game ASAP before I get burned beyond repair.

He is pushing me back, which is understandable considering what memory trauma he had to endure. I do not blame him for that, obviously.

So, instead of pulling as he is pushing, I will just simply push with him. There will be no more resistance.

I will show you guys what I mean if I ever get the chance.

“Red,” I hear Flix hiss by the water cups.

I am the first one to the arena, shockingly, I am usually late. But I am way early, not wanting to sit in my room twiddling with my thumbs as my nerves eat me alive. I am trying to get mentally prepared. Even though I think I am ready, I know this will be very tough.

I glance at Flix.

“You ready?” he says with a hip out.

I take a breath. “Does a bear shit in the woods, Flix?”

He scrunches up his face.

I laugh.

Flix looks over my shoulder and slow smile spreads over his cute features. “Red, get your tits ready, Ajax is in eye-sight. I repeat, I am getting a visual on the Alpha-male.” He throws up his hands in the air then does the moonwalk all the way back into the dressing room, disappearing within.

I fight a grin, that was actually pretty good.

I hear his voice and a flash of nerves washes over me. Yesterday we did not leave on good terms, he even put up more walls than before. I have seen him on T.V with Sarya, the cunning witch taking advantage of his mind control. Sick and wrong. That aside, I am going to do what Red does best.


“Red,” I hear his voice.

I smile then hide it. On game days we do not have to wear our monitors thank goodness, cuz it’s about to get real. I school my features and turn towards him.

This would be a lot easier if Ajax would stop looking like a sex incarnate. For F sake. His black suit has a sheen to it and his glowing team shirt underneath is tight with a V neck. The suit is tailored perfectly to his sculpted body and I can smell the familiar scent of his cologne. His hair is messy and spiky, looking even longer than before, giving the white locks a wild appearance.

“You have got to be kidding me,” he hisses and looks at me up and down, his tan jaw flexing.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” I say sarcastically, doing a twirl.

He exhales, stopping right in front of me, hand on his hips. The gunmetal necklace that he wears catches the light as he shifts. “This is what you have to wear? I was told it was not going to be this fucking big.”

I shrug.

He closes his eyes and curses. “Red you and Lila are going to have a very tough time in this get-up. I don’t even know what to say but you will have to be on point.”

“Say nothing then, I will survive. This is what us humans do best, compete for our lives,” I sound like I don’t care even though my pulse is hammering.

He glances at me, his eerie stare moving over my face.

Eat your heart out boy.

Ajax walks up to me, eyes lowering to my body, his gaze smoldering even though he tries to hide it. I see it. His hand touches my waist then moves down to my skirts. “This material is thick and heavy. You’re going to pass out from the heat in this.” His hand lifts some of the sparkling material. “They’re wanting to take some lives with this competition.”

Time to start pushing ladies.

I slap his hand from me, and his eyes widen. Here comes the three words that will drive any man crazy. “Don’t—touch—me,” I say in a low but strong voice. “I will handle it, thanks for your concern.”

I turn to walk away.

Oh, my heart is pounding hard against my chest. I don’t know where I am going, maybe to the snack lounge or the laundry room. Shit, I don’t know, I just walk.

“Red,” I hear him say behind me. He sounds pissed, rightfully so, and bravo to me. This confirms that he is responding to my tactics.

I want him pissed.

Because I am a Black Widow setting a snare. “Stop following me Ajax,” I say without turning to look at him, I just keep up my pace.

I walk into the empty lounge and turn towards him. “I just need some time along to get mentally ready.” I take a very shaky breath as he stares at me with waves of anger coming off him.

He puts his hands on his hips. “I am not sure you are aware, but you do not show me any disrespect. I am assessing your situation and I decide what you should do to stay alive.”

I fake yawn. “I know, sorry. I just don’t want you touching me is all.”

He looks so shocked by that he is at a loss for words.

I tilt my head at him, a cat’s grin on my glistening lips. “First time you heard that one?”

Ajax crosses his arms, hand over his mouth as he gazes at me. “I was not coming at you in a sexual manner Red.”

I glance at him like I feel pity for him. “Oh, well, your eyes say a different thing Ajax. I’m used to it though, do not worry or feel bad. I just would not like to have all of my hair cut off because of you again.”

He expels a breath and looks away, his jaw set tensely. “Red, you are something else,” he murmurs almost to himself.

“Thank you.” I say sweetly. “Now if you would excuse me, I’m sure you are needed elsewhere.” This is actually very hard for me to do. My poker face is showing signs of cracking, but I need to push with him, or he will never fall into my trap.

He turns to walk away then stops, facing me again with an expression that is hard to read. He walks up to me and I try and remain calm. “What are you doing?”

Ajax sits on the table right next to me, cornering me. It like a lion with the mouse’s tail in its paw, playing with it. My skirts are pressed up against his wide splayed thighs as he tilts his head at me. “You confuse me Red. Are you telling me that everything you told me yesterday was just a lie in that moment? You seemed very worked up over it, if I can remind you.”

I got him curious now.

“I was not lying,” I say carefully.

“Really?” he asks in a smooth voice that make me fight a shiver. “Because in my experience, women do not act like this when they are allegedly in love.”

I step closer to him, wanting to dangle some red meat in front of him. Pun intended. Pun intended, people. My globes are eye level with him now and I can see something shift in him, something very raw and predatory.

Ajax sometimes can look slightly chilling, like a lot of the Fey. No one was worse than Coren, that creepy witch, but Ajax is more erotic than scary. His eyes look unnatural, and some of his expressions can look very inhuman. I repress a shiver.

More animalistic than human.

I need to focus.


“Right, I was just thinking,” I get out, tapping down the intoxicating smell of him.

I am going to lose the snare if I am not careful.

“I can see that. Tell me what you were thinking, I am curious what goes on through your mind,” he says, his eyes searching my face.

His head is really close to my girls. What was the question? Oh, right. “I loved you Ajax, but that was then. In hindsight, you’re right. I think you and Sarya might be a better fit, she is tall and super skinny. Just beautiful, stunning actually.” I try not break my indifferent expression. “Look at me?”

His gaze narrows.

“I’m very curvy, don’t you agree? Too curvy for the Fey’s desires,” I say, looking down at my glorious cleavage. “I think I will find a Feno, because they can appreciate my type.”

Ajax stares at me, studying me. “Red,” he whispers, “Tell me, since we had this supposed relationship. What did I do to you sexually? I would never claim to love someone if I was not intimate first.”

That caught me off guard.

I feel my cheeks burn, that took a sharp left-handed turn.

“I want to know, to see if you’re full of lies,” he pauses as his gaze flickers over me. “I want to know what I did to you, so I will know if you’re lying. Because, Red, I know what I would do to you,” he murmurs, a dark grin pulling at the corner of his lips. “Tell me what I did to you first.”


Ajax is trying to turn the tables on me.

Not happening.

“Forgive me if I do not remember,” I say, a low blow.

I must keep pushing, he is messing up my game here.

It’s too soon to give in.

I feel him grab my silky skirt, pulling me towards him and I let him. “Hmmm, Red. That does not sound like me. If I did, in fact, touch you, then you would definitely remember it.”

I need to calm my breathing seeing how my breasts are practically at his face now. I am in between his legs and I feel lightheaded. I look towards the door, wondering if we will get caught yet again. “Don’t flatter yourself Ajax.”

That made him laugh, the sound flushing my cheeks. “I am not flattering myself Red, I am merely calling your bluff. I think you are lying, and I am just having a little fun with you. I like seeing you squirm,” his voice is dark and hypnotic. Must be a Fey thing, screw is sexy-ass voice.

I get the feeling we both are trying to ensnare one another, the battle of wills. “You kissed me. There, happy?” I try to look bored and push away from him.

He yanks me back. “No so fast.” I am now closer, feeling the heat of his body. This took a very sexual turn in a hurry. But how could it not? Ajax is a walking sex idol; he emits this magnetism that paralyses helpless women. “How did I kiss you?”

“I am done with this Ajax,” I say, feeling so turned on I can’t see straight. It’s time to abandon ship before I ruin my web.

“Was it hard or soft? Aggressive? What did I say you tasted like?” he breathes, not letting go of my skirts. He tilts his head at me. “I did I make you say my name?”

I feel like I can’t catch my breath. “It was a nice kiss Ajax, leave it alone before we get caught.”

He stares at me and that’s when I notice a blue flicking light in his mouth. Heat swims in my stomach, and I take a breath. I didn’t need anymore sexual pull than was already present, the ring is straight erotic on him. I feel my skin flush and tingle like I am being stung.

He is watching me like a lion watches a wounded deer. We both are now breathing hard; the sexual tension is blinding white. He sticks his tongue out, picking up on my fascination with it.

“You like this?” he barely shows me the ring in between his white teeth.

“No,” I pant. Shit. Make it stop before I rip off my clothes beg him to take me. I glance at him and he is regarding me with a tinge of fascination.

“Red, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a woman’s eyes dilate that fast,” he all but groans. I cannot say anything, not trusting myself. My pulse is hamming in my neck and I feel like I am ready to have a freaking heart attack.

Or a ground breaking orgasm.

He stands up and spins me around to where I am on the table. I gasp, not prepared for him to pounce like that. I guess my pushing worked a little too much. I am not sure how he did that so fast with my massive skirts, but he did.

We both stare at each other, breathing hard. “Don’t kiss me Ajax,” I plead. “I don’t want it.”

He reaches up and touches my neck where my pulse is hammering, giving me away. “Red, I can see better than you, smell better than you, and I am very observant. You’re about to fucking orgasim and I have not even touched you,” he says, eyes dark and intense, chest rising and falling.

Heart beats.

I gasp as his lips collide with mine and I try to fight it, a sexual thrill shooting down my spine. I can feel his power pouring into me. I turn my head and push at his chest, but he gabs my wrists with one of his and holds me still.

Oh daddy.

This pushing created dangerous fire.

“Red, damnit. I want to taste you,” he murmurs and grabs my chin holding my head in place. “Open.” His lips are on mine, his tongue ring rubbing at the seam of my pursed lips. “Fucking open,” he rasps. “I need it, Red. I want it.”

That did it.

I open and his tongue thrusts into my mouth and I moan, my stomach clenching. I can hear him almost growl into my mouth and he devours, consumes me. His hands hold my face as he is kissing me like he invented the carnal action. He is licking, sucking, and biting my lips with such dark finesse that I might need a therapy after this.

He lifts his head and stares down at me, panting.

“Ajax, you need to stop this. You’re in love, remember?” I try to stop him because I’m scared if I give him too much he won’t come back.

“And so are you, remember?”

“Not anymore,” I get out.

That might hurt.

Ajax stares down at me, his gaze moving over my lips. “You’re taunting me.”

He’s smart. I lean close to him and whisper in his ear, “Maybe and maybe not, you said yourself I am not to be trusted.”

I can almost feel his dark grin. I am trying to make him mad but it’s not working, he sees right through me. “You are correct on that, Red. But,” he pauses as he looks at me, hands on either side of me. “Your body doesn’t lie, and that’s the one I listen too.”

I take a breath, not knowing how to sidestep that. “So, what now Ajax?” I ask, my body humming and vibrating with his energy.

“You tell me,” he says, standing up to his full height, fixing the cuff on his suit coat. He stares down at me and tilts his head.

Damn he looks sinful in a suit.

I look to the door and bite my lip. “Nothing Ajax, we will get caught, again.”

He turns and glances towards the door with a slight smirk. “I guess I can let you go, but I want more answers.” Ajax pulls me up, but his hand wraps around my neck, then slowly he lets it trail down to my cleavage. I tense and suck in a breath as his fingers feather over my high mounds. My skin is on fire again and my stomach tightness.

He looks at me and I can see a low flicker in his gaze. “Stay in here until you skin changes back to normal.”

I gasp and look down; my arms are purple. “Crap, I forgot about that.”

His hands still feather over my breasts, his fingers slightly dipping under my top, ever so slightly. “What was that you said about finding a Feno?”

I can’t seem to catch my breath. “Yes, I-I will find a Feno.”

His finger dipped deeper and hit my nipple making me pant. “Ajax,” I moan.

I hear him make a sound as he leans down to lock his hot lips in my almost exposed breast. He groans into my skin. “I want it Red, but I can’t.” I feel him pull the tight fabric back even further and expose my nipple. His mouth closes over it and sucks, his tongue ring flicking over it. Heat erupts inside my body and I almost cry when he raises his head.

He closes his eyes and swipes a hand down his face. “What am I doing,” he whispers.

I fix myself and take a shaky breath, staring up at him. He is having a very real inner battle right now. “Let it happen.”

He looks at me, pain in his features. “I can’t Red, I’m to be engaged.”

My eyes widen. “Engaged? Already?”

“I don’t know what we had, but this is just a fantasy.” He says and ranks a hand through his hair.

See what I mean?

Give him too much and he freaks out.

Time to push, again.

I stand up and push past him, and he lets me. “Ajax, don’t ever touch me again, then. If you think it’s better this way, then I will find another. I will respect your wishes.” I look back at him, and his pale gaze sears me hot and cold. That is not a happy look.

And we are back ladies and gentlemen of my mind.

I can almost feel his frustration and anger at my words.

Now time to not die in this next competition in this massive ballgown. Being dead will definitely spoil the romance.

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