Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 21

Here we go again.

Our bags are packed, and we are about to be airborne on a fancy private jet. And let me say this, this jet is something from the futuristic movies back home, the level of luxury and technology is breathtaking. Virtual technology is everywhere, and the floors look like shinny white marble fit for the royal palace.

We can hear a woman’s beautiful voice over the intercom telling us about random things, and some podium sits the middle of our plane cabin. Flix is currently acting like a flight attendant, walking around and making sure everyone has drinks and snacks with a swing to his little hips.

We are going to a tropical destination for the next few weeks, the games are taking place in the ocean and in the vast jungles.

This terrifies me and thrills me at the same time, seeing this planet’s beaches will be an experience. I take a breath and tap down my nerves. There are now three teams with only four players due to the last fire game. No deaths, but the injuries were severe enough to cancel out players. I can only imagine what it felt like to fall of the fiery cliff-side. And, lucky for Sarya, she still has five players thanks to me.

My bravery act hit the media by storm, never having that happen during these highly competitive games. And I will admit, in hindsight, that was very dangerous. Stupid even, I don’t know what came over me, wanting to save the witch that was trying to kill me. But I suppose it’s not her fault entirely, the woman is probably following orders from Princess Bitchy Bones.

These Fey are so confused by compassion that they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that I risked my life for someone who tried to kill me. And, someone who is not on my team.

Well, if nothing else, the seed of empathy is planted.


It took me a day to recuperate, healing from my burns, scraps, emotional damage, and now a fear of the damn dark. I will just try and push the memory of that fire demon from my mind.

Aaron and everyone else has ear pieces in probably listening to the news or music. I take a deep breath and recline in my plush seating, watching the news on the back of an empty seat. It’s all coverage of the games, and my short black hair is all over the media. Damn, I do look hot. It’s almost like I am not watching myself but someone else. A Movie Star, or a Super Hero.

It’s a very strange feeling.

They are now showing Ajax when he was watching the last game from their box seats. He stands with his arms crossed as Sarya, the witch, stands next to him. She keeps looking at him, but he is glued to what’s happening during our fire game. He looks untouchable, powerful and God-like.

He looks intense and pissed.

Then they flash to him getting into a heated argument with Sarya which I can take a wild guess that it was because that woman on her team was trying to kill me. My stomach tightens, the knowledge that he yelled at Sarya for that made my insides warm and mushy. He was not just mad but super pissed, then he actually punched the wall next to her. I suck in a breath as I watch. The other Team leaders had to pull him away.


The anchors are back on, they’re wide-eyed and laughing, saying this competition is heating up. They also are saying that Ajax and Sarya just had a couple’s fight and that they will be fine, no one should worry about everyone’s favorite couple. I scoff, yeah right. Ajax looked like he was two seconds from laying her out. It’s a down right war.

I can’t wipe the smile off my face, having a deep satisfaction of seeing Sarya’s hurt and enraged expression.

Even after mind control, she still can’t seem to conquer Ajax.

Because that’s my job.

I can hear the airplane’s smooth engine starting up and I take a deep breath. The doors at the front of our cabin open and in walks in Ajax and four other male Fey and three women. I shiver and tense, turning down the volume on the news. They stop at the podium and Leon starts talking about what island we are going to and what to expect. Our next game isn’t till four days. We have a small break.

That’s great news.

I don’t really hear anything else, though. All I see is this majestic creature, this dark fallen angel. He is in a sharp black blazer again pulling off the sexy-rocker-vibe like I have never seen before on anyone one else. I take another breath, noticing that he has longer black roots now and just the tips are light. His hair must grow fast, I am assuming, for the Fey are so alien to me. His hair is a lot longer on top but still short at the bottom and sides.

I squeeze my thighs together.

Calm down girl, he has not even looked at you yet.

I swear even though he has not glanced my way, I feel very aware of him. My body is buzzing, heart pounding in my chest. I will put money on the fact that he knows every detail about me right now even though he has not looked at me once. Ajax is the type to know every element around him without having to visually look at it.

That makes me shiver.

So predatory.

I glance at the other fey men, who are all handsome in their very Elven way. But, when Ajax was being created, God accidentally dropped the can of male perfection into his essence. I look behind them and see Flix trying to get my attention.

He is standing where only I can see him. There is a lounge area behind the large virtual screen, and he is doing the invisible blow job trick with his tongue and fist. He raises his eye brows to me and nods towards Ajax.

My eyes widen and I have to fight my giggle bubbling up my throat.

I must take a deep breath to ward off the laughter that threatens me. Flix is going to get me into trouble, or I will just look like a weirdo seemingly laughing at nothing. Exceedingly rude when Leon is talking about our destination. I glance back to Ajax and he is staring at me with an interested expression making me almost jump. Those eyes are so animalistic.


I told you he was already tuned into me. I bite my lip and stare back at him, wondering wildly if I’m blushing or not. I am always so nervous around him that I can never tell anymore, I must just stay at a permeant shade of awkwardness.

Though, I do look cute today in my, make him pant, white pants. Pun intended. Thanks to Peirce, it makes my ass look almost fake it’s so good. These jeans lift the butt, a curvier girl’s best friend. And my white T is stretched tightly over my famous girls making my skin look golden-goddess tan.

I’ll take that cute word back, I look F-ing killer.

Like always.


Ajax’s pale eyes flicker over me then back up as our gaze’s clash. My skin melts into hot moving lava and I squeeze my legs together tighter. He raises a brow, eyes glancing at my thighs before looking elsewhere, an expression that I cannot read. He’s got poker face I guess, and I just gave myself away.

My cheeks stain red.

He is way too observant. Embarrassment radiates off me, my hands squeezing my arm rests. I clench my jaw and look at the women Fey for a distraction, they’re pretty, but a little severe. Long silver hair and dressed in all white pencil dresses. The cuter one locks eyes with me, and I can see a hint of curiosity, which is shocking. I was expecting cool rage.

Leon waves his hands over the virtual display and shows us our route. We will land tomorrow around lunch time; we will spend the night here. I look around, not minding that. This plane is stunning, I bet the bunks here could rival a five-star hotel.

Ajax nods to everyone. “The lounge behind us is free to use for you guys. There are refreshments and entertainment. You all will have a separate bunk that will be given out later. Until then, enjoy yourselves, you deserve it.”

We all stare at him as he turns to leave with the other Fey.

We deserve it?

Damn straight we do.

That makes me smile. Ajax has always been different than the other entitled Fey, making him even sexier to me. He just has an, I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude. Even after mind control, it seems like everyday he is getting back to where he was, his personality being very hard to crack, I am sure. Ajax is a powerful force; you’re not just going to tweak with him and expect it to have lasting effects.

They leave and I just sit here, all hot and bothered. It’s kinda sad, actually. I swear I can even smell his cologne, that sexy musk that drives me crazy.

Oh my, I have turned into a groupie.

I lean my head back and curse.


I look over to Aaron, watching him take his headphones out. “Who are those Fey women?”

I stare at him and smile. “Why?”

He shurgs. “I just have not seen them before.”

“I have no idea, maybe they are here to watch us,” I say and think about it. “Must be here for our team.”

“You don’t think they are here as booty calls for them?” He glances at me with a pointed look.

My eyes widen. “You think? For who, Ajax?”

Aaron chuckles. “Maybe, but you and I both know Ajax wants only one human woman.” He winks at me.

I blush and look at his wrist band in fear.

“They don’t work on the plane,” he says, reading my thoughts.

A flash of relief washes over me. “Thank Goodness. You don’t know that; he just is curious about me.”

“Bullshit.” He smiles again. “I am a guy, trust me, I know what I am talking about.”

I roll my eyes. “Look where that got us? In deep shit.”

“Well,” he looks towards the door. “I might give the rest of us hope.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, one of those Fey women was hot as shit. Wouldn’t mind dipping into that.” He looks at me and raises his brows.

I chuckle and stare at him. “Aaron, just be careful.” I lean into the aisle, closer to him “I know this girl named Sarya if you’re into that sort.”

He nearly chokes. “I prefer my balls connected to me, thanks.”

We both laugh.

“Ajax must have balls of Thunia steal being with someone like her for so long, she’s a man eater in not a good way,” he whispers and shivers.

That comment makes me feel weird. I don’t like to think about Ajax being with another woman for a long amount of time. “I don’t think he likes her.”

“She’s hot. But the woman is sour ass apple.”

“You think she is hot?” I say with annoyance. I am about to slap Aaron, them are fighting words.

“Dude, she dates Ajax, of course she is hot. I am as straight as they come, but my boy Ajax is good-looking guy. He only likes the cream of the crop, and the bastard always gets what he wants.” He smiles at me.

I stare at him.

“That is a compliment Red, to you.”

I blush a bit. “Thanks Aaron. According to the Fey I am at the bottom of the barrow.”

He gives me a look. “Red, trust me on this. Men deep down don’t give a shit who you are if you’re hot.”

I laugh at that. “So vain of you guys, shame, shame.”

He shrugs, exhaling. “We are barbaric creatures, us men. We are defenseless against tits, asses, legs, and a smoken’ face. Our minds go to mush, and sometimes we forget how to communicate. All of the blood leaves our brains to travel to other more important parts.”

I shake my head and grin at him. “Thanks for that insight, it all makes sense now.”

He laughs. “No problem Red.”


Most of the day was uneventful. I did not see the Feys again, meaning Ajax. It is very disheartening. It’s now dark on the plane, cool blue lights put off a faint glow around the interior. It almost reminds me of a party limo, with extremely luxurious designs and a futuristic feel.

I make my way to my small cabin we were assigned to earlier. It’s small but very deluxe, with a nice fluffy white bed and blue glowing lights. I plot down on the bed. “Flix.”

He is suddenly in front of me.

“Where is Ajax? Having an orgy with the Fey women?” I ask, my face in the blankets.

“Girl, he is with the other Fey men talking about missions and strategies. All very boring,” he says and plops down on the bed. “I’m bored.”

I lift my head and glance at him. “You’re bored?”

“Yeah,” he sniffs, and kicks his feet.

I smile. “Can you get me some sexy but presentable nightwear?”

“Sure,” he sighs and starts typing. “Pierce says hi.”

I smile at him, poor little Flix. I stand up and start to spin and feel the familiar tingles and heat. I suck in a breath, I am now in white booty shorts, though it’s not underwear. Just short, shorts. Then a black, crop tank-top with no bra. My skin his moisturized and perfectly golden, my legs are sculpted and sexy. Though, this might be worthless seeing how I am currently in my room for bed. Ajax might have no intentions in seeing me.

But just in case, this will work.

“Thanks, Flix.”

A knock on the door makes us stiffen.

Flix does not disappear, seeing how he is a part of the staff, it’s okay. I look at Flix with wide eyes. I mouth to him, “Ajax?”

He shrugs, motioning for me to open the door.

I take a breath when I hear another knock. I open the door and my eyes widen. “Aaron?”

“Red,” he says.

My heart starts to pound, did something happen? “What’s wrong?!”

Aaron laughs, sounding... tipsy?

“Come party with us Red, we have to have everyone!”

McFolas peeps his head in too, wearing a bandanna, holding a sloshing drink. “Red you little fire cracker! Where’s your little bug things?” then, ”Shhhh,” he smiles at me. “Come on! The lame Fey are sleepin’.”

I somehow doubt that.

And, McFolas looks shit-faced.

“Will we get in trouble?” I ask, looking at Aaron and red-faced McFolas, like I’m their freaking mom.

Flix pushes passed me. “Uh! Finally!” He also pushes past them. “Come with Flix boys! Let me show you how to make a real drink.”

What in the world?!

I am left standing here alone like a moron.

I don’t see how this is going to end well, they look pretty toast. And, where did they find the alcohol?! I was in the lounge a lot and did not see any. I stand there and shrug, heart beating.

What the hell? We are so going to be busted.

I stand there and think.

Shit. If you can’t fight them, join them.

I bring my half-naked ass out and walk towards the lounge and main plane cabin. I look around and can’t help but notice that with the blue lights and low lighting it kind of resembles a Vegas club. I can hear laughter and glasses clinking making me smile despite myself. I walk around the corner and my eyes widen, Flix is standing on the table shaking a large mixer, hooting and hollering.

“Flix,” I hiss, looking around like we are going to get caught. Of course, Flix would be the instigator of this madness.

Flix looks at me and shakes his head. “Look everyone! We have a wet blanket over herrrrr!”

Everyone boos me. Really?! Lila is sitting on the table with Alok in the middle of her legs, looking drunk as well. Did I just walk into the damn drunk twilight zone?

Aaron walks up to me and gives me a drink. “Drink this Red! This Flix kid makes some stiff drinks! To Team Thunia!”

I bet he does, the little twerp.

I fight a smile.

Aaron is in his boxers shorts and a button-up shirt with a bandanna around his head. Oh. My. Gosh. They have lost their damn minds. They all are wearing bandannas, must be something I missed.

Flix hands me two shots. “Red! Red! Red! Red!”

Everyone joins in, the chanting getting louder.

Shit, I better take them before they alert the Fey with their ridiculous antics. I take a breath and down the two stiff shots like a pro. Please, I have done enough partying in Vegas to be seasoned at this. It’s how I originally signed the Fairy Godmother Inc. contract, how moving. I feel the heat travel into my belly, and I wonder what Flix made me. Not bad, not bad.

I laugh as I watch Flix dancing on the table and he turns, touching something on the wall.


“Flix!” I gasp.

“Red needs another SHOT!!!!”

I pale, heart pounding.

“Red, Red, Red, RED, RED!”

I take the shot to shut them up, looking at the door like a paranoid drug user. I am trying to shush everyone but to no avail, dancing starts to break out with the intoxicating beat of the music. I raise my hands then let them fall, this is not working.

A smile tugs at my mouth. I start to feel the warmth of the drinks start to take me over and I get a feeling of throwing caution to the wind.

“There you go Red!” Aaron sings next to me. “You look hot, damn!”

I cover my mouth to fight a laugh. “You look ridiculous!” I point to his outfit, getting sucked into their energy.

He raises his drink and looks at Alok. “Alok! We need another bandanna!”

They bring me over to the group as they tie a blue bandanna around my forehead, laughing loudly. Did the music just get louder?

“To the best, the best T-team ever!” McFolas shouts.

We all take another shot.

I am in way too deep now. I feel the beat of the music and feel my body let loose, the blue lights reflecting off the white walls like a black light.

The large double doors open aggressively, and everyone stops in their tracks.

I can feel my heart pounding.


Ajax walks in with the other Fey, intense expressions. It looks like the mafia just walked into the Italian restaurant and shit just got real. Ajax’s hair is wild and spiked, the black sleeves of his fitted dress coat are cuffed up to his elbows with his back shirt unbuttoned.

Damn him.

They stop in front of us and no one says anything. Flix is in the corner with his hands over his mouth. What did he think would happen?! I slightly glance at Ajax as his gaze locks with me, and I can see a hint of something flickering in their depths.

I feel my skin tingles and prickles.

He makes my knees weak, even when he is pissed.

Ajax walks up to me in front of everyone and I think I might pass out my heart is beating so loud. He exhales as his gaze takes me in and I think I see something flicker brighter in their silver depths. I can’t believe he is openly checking me out in front of everyone. He takes my drink from out of my trembling hand and brings it to his nose to smell. I shiver.

He throws the drink against the wall making everyone jump.

That’s not good.

“Ajax,” I whisper in a plea, my body trembling in panic.

He eyes me with a tilt of his head then turns to Leon behind him. “It’s seems the humans think they know how to make a decent drink.”

I frown.

Leon walks up to the counter and picks up a bandanna as if to inspect it. “It sure looks like they tried and failed miserably.”

Ajax slowly backs up to the counter next to Leon, looking back at him. “Should we show them how it’s done then?”

I am watching in compete shock.


Leon then ties the bandanna around his forehead and nods. “I’ll get the good stuff in back.”

I hear Aaron screaming behind me followed by the rest of the guys and the whole room erupts. I cover my mouth as I watch the men surround Ajax, taking him to tie a bandanna around his forehead. They are hooting and hollering, the music blaring now.

I can’t believe it.

Was not expecting that.

The Feys are mixing with the humans to party. This is ground breaking stuff here, it’s not just Ajax and Leon, all of them are coming in to join in. In the next instant I feel Ajax grab me and pull me into the lounge area and around the corner to where there is more counter space.

He lifts me up and sets me on the counter so fast I am almost dizzy. I am breathing so hard I might pass out from it, my body humming with Ajax’s nearness. Oh my...I can smell him, feel his heat as he stands in between my legs.

He grabs my thighs and yanks me close to his groin. I can feel him there; we are so close now. Ajax leans into my neck and whispers, “Red, number one. Why the fuck are you wearing this in front of all the men to see every line of your body?”

I don’t know what to say, my mind fragmenting. I try to get my thoughts together and say, “It’s m-my nightwear and you’re not my boss Ajax.”

His eyes widen at that and his jaw flexes.

Ajax then leans back to look at me again, spreading my thighs even more, his chest taking a deep breath. His hands grip my thighs hard, moving higher to my ass. I think I moan but the sound is lost to the loud music. The pale depths of his gaze are lit on fire as they move over my spread legs, then to my center. I know my shorts are so short that I am sure he can see more than just my...ehem...thighs.

He looks up at me and I see them glowing deeply now.

I am correct, Ajax saw what he wants.

When a man looks at a woman like that, it’s game over. Checkmate. There is no way out except through him. We both are breathing hard and I know Ajax is two seconds from losing it. The music and dark lighting are making it hard not to get lost in the seduction. He takes a breath. “Two, what do you taste like Red? I am pretty certain I knew that once.”

I can’t speak as he leans his head down in between my thighs, pulling my shorts hard to the side. The first contact with his hot lips on my flesh almost makes me reach my climax right then and there. The stimulating feeling sends a shock through me, my insides on fire. We are out in the open here! Anyone could just walk around the corner and see Ajax’s head between my thighs.

It’s thrilling and so erotic.

I can hear and feel him sucking, groaning into me as his tongue devours me like liquid sugar. I hear voices and see shadows as his tongue dips into me deep, thrusting back and forth. His hand on my thigh is grabbing me tighter, pulling me closer. I can feel his energy and hunger double as seconds pass.

I scream from the carnal sensation; he has ruined me for life. “Ajax!” I hiss a whisper in warning as my hands are deep within his wild spikes of his hair.

I feel him laugh against me as he slowly raises his head and licks his lips. “Red, I need a glass of wine with that,” he says into my ear in that sexy accent of his.

I flush, my girl parts are screaming in frustration.

He steps back from me right as Leon and another Fey walk around the corner with glasses in hand. That was so close, one more second and we would have been in a very awkward situation.

“Ajax!” Leon hands him a drink and pats him on the back, looking buzzed himself. A Fey woman hangs on him with a large smile.

Ajax takes it and downs it in one gulp. He looks at me and winks, then his eerie gaze goes to my crotch as he licks his lips. I can’t do this; this man is going to give me a stroke from all the palpitations he’s giving me. “Red, Lets go.” Ajax says with a dark smile.

If I can use my damn legs again.

I am ushered into the main room where everyone is gathered, and I can feel his hand on my ass. I turn to see him smiling at me his eyes moving over me.

“Let me see you dance Red.”

Without a bra on?!

I will be all over the place.

“Let me see you dance,” I laugh, yeah right.

He tilts his head at me. “What’s funny? You think I have no rhythm?”

I laugh again, covering my mouth.

His pale eyes widen as he says something under his breath, clearly, he does not like this. He leans down to my ear and licks it before he whispers. “I thought you said I fucked you? You should know I have rhythm, Red.”

I blanch at him, my face heating to a thousand degrees.

He turns around and downs another drink that was sitting on the table then claps to Leon. “Leon.” He points at him, eyes intense.

Leon hoots in the air and pulls the Fey woman with him into the clearing, visibly all feeling the music. Now everyone is clapping their hands and stomping their feet to a very intricate and addictive rhythm. I watch with my mouth hanging open. It must be a dance they all know very well.

I see Ajax practically tear off his black dress coat, almost pulling off his button down with it. Holy molly I need some ice. Him and Leon are now doing this sexy version of clapping and stopping mixed with very intricate foot movements. They almost look like street dancers, the dance looking very complex.

Everyone is hooting and hollering especially when McFolas joins them followed by Alok and Aaron.

I just watch in awe.

Ajax is not just a good dancer, but an extremely talented one.

Holy shit.

Everyone yells when Ajax spins and drops himself to the floor in some break-dancer movement. When he gets up, he is laughing and high fives/handshakes to Leon and Aaron. In that moment I am so in love with this man I can’t function. He is sweaty, fully of infectious energy, and so extremely sexy I can’t even describe it. It won’t do him justice.

His smile and laughter with his dimple.

This is the first time I have ever seen any of them like this and it melts my heart. I will never forget this night. He turns towards me and winks, that dark grin staining every piece of my soul.

My life just became so complicated.

I will win him or die trying.

Now, if I just can just cox him back to my bedroom.

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