Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 22

Ajax is breathing hard with a smile on his face as he watches McFolas dance, his large body having some surprising rhythm for how drunk he seems to be. To my left Aaron looks like he is hitting on that Fey woman he thought was cute. If anyone knew what was going on, on this flight, there would be Hell to pay. A part of me is so shocked that Leon is participating, for I assumed he hated humans too, especially me. Maybe not.

What happens on the plane, stays on the plane.

I shiver, hugging myself.

I am having this feeling of unease, like when the high of the drug hits you and you’re feeling unstoppable. But when the inevitable crash hits, reality sucker punches you in the face, crushing every bone. I am in love with Ajax, but the problem is, does he love me...again? He remembers a lot, but is it enough?

Or have I just turned into a sexual thing this time?

Will he still marry Sarya? It’s doubtful, but as soon as I think I know something in this crazy ass game, I am proven wrong. I take a breath. I am being such a girl right now, but I only have a month and a half. And, sometimes liquor makes me emotional and a tad bit self-conscious. But that’s not long time to do the impossible. I must get Ajax to love me again and go against his kind to be with me. I could very well walk out of this F.G.I. game very broken. Shattered.

How could I function on Earth again if this does not work out?

I couldn’t.

I’d join the nunnery and sell my business.


I almost jump, so lost in my thoughts. I glance up to see Ajax’s pale gaze on me and my whole body reacts with sensation. Say something. “Are you having fun?!” I ask over the music, trying to sound normal.

He tilts his head at me, studying me. “I think I might have nightmares of McFolas dancing, but other than that, sure.” He nods his head to the left, wanting me to follow him. I swear his mood changes so quickly it’s hard to read him.

I swallow and follow him to the front part of the plane, the restricted section from the low-life humans. I enter into yet another luxurious lounge and the music is muted once the door is closed. I hug myself, feeling a little naked, exposed. The silence of this room is making me feel awkward and nervous.

He looks back at me. “Drink?”

I think for a second and sit on the long black sofa, glancing around the beautiful room. “I think I am good, thanks.”

Ajax does not say anything as he walks over to the small bar at the opposite end of the room and pours himself one. He turns and raises his glass to me, then takes a generous sip. “Red, why the long face?”

I shift unnervingly. “I think I am just overwhelmed.”


I nod. When he stares at me like that it makes me want to jump out of my skin, the silver depths so intense, they see too much. A curious expression crosses over his features. “You didn’t seem so nervous when my head was in between your legs, Red.”

I prayed my face is not glowing red. “About that.”

He raises his brows. “About that? You’re wanting to talk then?”

I bite my lip.

Ajax’s eyes travel over me, pausing at my breasts, then back up to me. “Usually when a woman wears something so revealing, she’s not wanting to talk.” Ajax starts to unbutton his black dress shirt while watching me. “Though I can see a million questions playing in your head right now.” He tosses his shirt aside and I must bite my tongue to stop the moan from escaping my lips.

I feel hot flashes over-taking me, dehydration is now a concern.

His black pants are suctioned to his muscular thighs and bulge, making his trim waist and hips so mouthwatering. This man is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at him, the corded muscles flex and protrude as he moves. He has multiple tattoos littering across his tanned skin giving him a dark angel appeal. He walks over to a far cabinet and grabs out a white T-shirt and pulls it over his head. He then reaches for a blanket that is folded neatly in a bin.

I wanted to protest but my voice has left me, my thoughts discombobulated.

Ajax turns towards me and tosses a blanket at me. “Cover yourself, Red. Or I will not be able to focus.”

I swallow as I drape the dark blanket over me, hugging it. “Do you trust me now? That you once...loved me?” I ask bluntly, not wanting to beat around the bush any longer. I am like bottled up nerves.

He exhales, hands on his hips. “Loved you? Fucked you yes, but love is hard for me to wrap my head around. I don’t know how you would remember that, and I don’t.”

Right, good point. “I think it was a malfunction on the mind control, it didn’t work on me.”

He raises a brow. “That would be a first.”

“Lucky me, then,” I say, knowing it sounds very unlikely.

He stares at me, eyes roaming over my face. “I know I have been with you before Red, there are certain things about you that grate at my mind, my memory. But I know myself, and I am willing to bet you were just a hot human to have fun with. I am not sure if you’re wanting more from me and trying to come up with this love-fantasy to potentially make it come true. It would not be the first time a woman has tried to compromise me.”

Breathe Red.

It’s not his fault.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Remember that and not punch him in his perfect face. “I don’t blame you for thinking that, Ajax. But what if I’m right? On some chance that I am not making this up to trap you.”

Ajax sits down on the coffee table in front of me and leans forward. I can smell him and feel his heat. “Red, I don’t think it will matter. It might be better that I do not know, because outside of our sexual chemistry, there is nothing. I have told you this before.”

I stare at him, a feeling of hopelessness washing over me. “So that’s it then?”

He looks down and I can see the rigid set of his shoulders. “I still want you Red, you know that.”

I almost laugh, anger starting to boil. “I’m not sure if I should be highly offended by that.”

He looks at me and I shiver, seeing something deep in his gaze making my skin prickle in warning. He can look so inhuman sometimes it makes me nervous on who I am actually dealing with.

I level him with a gaze of my own. “I am not going to be your toy until the games are over. Then once the games are over you toss me aside like a used whore.” I was not meaning to be this harsh with him, but I just don’t have the time to play around anymore. The clock is ticking, and I need to let him know that I am serious.

He smiles at me but it’s now cold. “Red, are you telling me that you want nothing to do with me?”

I swallow. “If I am to be treated like a whore, then yes.”

I feel like I can’t breathe.

He laughs and looks away. “So, you don’t want me to touch you right now? Just so we are clear.” His gaze is very borderline unstable when he looks back at me. “I don’t like when I am told what I can and can’t have.”

“You can have Sarya, the woman you actually believe you love,” I say sarcastically.

He says something under his breath.

“You don’t need me, I am just a human, after all.” I am playing this game very carefully. Why buy the cow when the milk is free? I need Ajax to buy the cow.

I just called myself a cow.

Ajax runs a hand down his face, jaw flexing. “You walk around in a shirt that barely conceals your tits from me, and shorts that let me see everything. Now you’re saying you don’t want me to touch you because of your morals?”

I throw off the blanket and lean in between his spread knees. “What I wear is my prerogative Ajax.”

He tilts his head. I can see his temper rising as he tries to keep it in check. “You’re playing your cards, Red, before you know what I have.”

I take a breath. “What do you think gambling is then?”

“Too fucking risky,” he hisses back, clearly losing his cool.

“Well, then, that’s a risk I am willing to take Ajax,” I get out even though my heart is pounding out of my chest. “Have a good night.”

I stand and so does he, his chest rising and falling. Taking a breath, I push passed him and he grabs my wrist, preventing me from leaving.

“Red, after tonight I will be monitored and so will you,” he says, his gaze flickering over my face. “This is my only chance to,” he pauses as he scans over me, “be with you.”

I yank my wrist out. “Well, how flattering.”

“Red, you’re not leaving.”

I swallow and back up as he follows me. He looks so hot when he is pissed, and it is making my knees weak. “What you going to do, Ajax? Force yourself on me?”

Yes please.


Stay focused.

He does not smile at that; I think his patience has worn out. “If you enjoy it Red, I am not forcing anything. You will like it, I’ll bet my life on it.”

“Not true.”


His laugh is sexy. He backs me up to the wall coming within inches of me. “Give me one good reason why I should not rip your shirt off.”

I shiver, face heating. “Because I am just a sexual thing to you, or am I?”

“I think of your body about ninety percent of the day Red, I am not going to lie to you,” he says as his hands grab my waist, pulling my crop shirt up. “Do you want me to tell you that I think your brave? Selfless even? You risk your life for another so their must be some noble qualities about you. You have survived thus far so you must have grit, a rare quality. I do admire this.”

I can feel my body tingle and crackle as he pulls my shirt higher and exposes the under sides of my breasts. I should stop him, but damn if I’m weak. The way he is looking at me penetrates my barriers. He looks down and brushes his fingers over them.

“Then why can’t I be more to you?” I moan as his knuckles brush over my nipple.

“Our races to not mix Red, you know this,” he says, his breathing escalated.

“Change it.”

He looks at me but does not say anything at first. “Impossible.”

“Anything is possible Ajax.”

If only he knew how I got here.

“I am about to say anything you want Red, if you’ll just let me touch you,” he rasps, his finger flicking over my nipple. “I am not opposed to begging.”

I wanted to point out that he is already touching me. I squeeze my legs together, about to lose control. “Ajax, you’ll crush me if I’m tossed away like trash.”

“Let me touch you Red.”

“You’re not listening,” I breathe.

“What?” he faintly asks, his gaze on my half-exposed breasts. He licks his lips and looks at me, his eyes flickering. “You’re killing me.”

I take a shaky breath, not sure what to do.

He is unarming me fast.

Ajax lowers to his knees and looks up at me, large hands circling my thighs, squeezing. “Red,” he says, “I am not letting you run away because you think you want more.” He cups my ass and takes a breath. “I don’t care what happens, I just want you.”

“Ajax,” I plead.

“Stop thinking, damnit!” He stands up and picks me up and presses me to the wall, my legs around his waist. “Move your hips.”

I gasp, my adrenaline activated.

He is grinding into me, his hot lips on my neck. “Red, I want to hear you.” Ajax presses hard into me making me moan. “Louder,” he demands.

He takes his hand and grabs me through my shorts, cupping me down there. I hiss a loud moan that he captures in his mouth, his tongue plunging into my mouth like he wants to drink my soul up, my essence.

I barely take a breath when he plunges his tongue back into my mouth.

Ajax tenses and lifts his head. “Fuck, not now.”

The door latch is being opened.

Ajax drops me and almost punches the wall next to me making me flinch.


It’s Leon.

Ajax is saying things under his breath. “Leon,” he says with a murderous glance. “What can I do for you?”

Leon walks in and glances at me, making me nervous. “Not sure how it happened, but Aaron got his wrist band off and McFolas smashed it. Not a huge deal but I did see a tracking device in it. They will know once it’s uploaded who is standing by who, in a sense.”

Ajax and Leon stare at each other.

“Fuck,” Ajax hisses.

Leon glances at me and sighs. “Just be glad you did not spend the night with her. I think you will be fine Ajax; I am just glad we caught it. Looks like you were, in a way, being set up.”

My eyes widen.

They wanted to catch Ajax with me.

“You Fey are a bunch of shady ass people,” I say before I can think better of it.

They both look at me and I blush.

Leon looks amused. “Red, you don’t even know the half of it.”

“Then why don’t you rise against them? Thunia could be the first nation for equality, a better way of life for everyone. You wouldn’t need all of this tracking devices and cruelty.” There, I said it. I look at them both and can see something pass between them.

Ajax crosses his arms. “I would have to be king first, before anything of that nature to become reality.”

I take a breath. “Then become king.”

“I have to marry.”

I look at Leon as he studies me. “Let me guess, Sarya?”

Leon shakes his head. “No but marrying Sarya would give Ajax power over two nations. It could change everything for the better. I think they know this and that’s why they are coming after Ajax, to throw him out of power.”

I am nowhere in the picture.

I am the mistress.

I don’t think that will fly with Fairy Godmother Inc. “I see,” I whisper.

Ajax is studying me, hand over his mouth. “Harsh reality.”

“Well, then, it looks like I have been here for too long. I would hate for them to come after Ajax yet again because of me,” I say and turn to leave and I see Leon put a hand on Ajax, stopping him from coming after me. I feel my eyes cramp, but I keep it together, Ajax is backed up against the wall. I understand. He must marry a Fey to gain power, and I am a disgrace.

A Feno.

I need to talk to Pierce.

I just don’t see how this is not going to end in blood and tears. Breathing hard, I make my way to my room. I feel like Fate is handing me a shitty hand, not providing me an escape. I need an escape, I am in way too deep now. I need a life-vest, I need someone to show me the F-ing right path to take! I feel warm tears stream down my face.

I cant wait till we land and they find out I was standing next to Ajax for quite some time. I hope it’s Corren. I like another opportunity to scratch her eyes out.

Not every story has a happy ending.

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