Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 23

We have landed and like I thought, Ajax has stayed away all morning. Not surprising, I figured he would. I am tired and in a bad mood. I did not sleep last night, hoping Ajax would sneak into my room and confess is undying love for me... yeah right.

I probably scared him off last night.

“Red,” Flix whispers next to me as I grab my suitcase.

I look at him.

“Pierce says be careful and keep your head up,” He pats me on the back. “And you might like to know that everyone on this plane is hungover.”

That’s when I notice the large ice pack taped to his head and I fight a grin. “Including you? I take it. And does Pierce know something I do not?”

“I asked Pierce if I could use a life-line but apparently this headache is not life threatening,” he snorts. “Are you freaking kidding me? I can feel my heart missing beats.”

“You need a Bloody Mary Flix, hair of the dog.”

The door opens and in walks the Fey making me tense. I look away not wanting to see Ajax, because I know the man will be dead sexy and I can’t handle that right now. Every time I see him it makes it that much harder to keep it together. I must face the reality that this might not work out. Flix said last night that I am even more hated than ever, humans that are fans of the games are dying their hair red and other wacky colors.

In honor of team Thunia.

I think a revolution is happening in the undercurrents of this vane Fey society. The Fey reside in the inner city and the humans in different districts on the out skirts. They’re having mob-like breaches, fire weapons being shot at the elite. It’s going full blown ape-shit.

I guess that’s kind of a win for me.

“Everyone, please exit the plane and we will talk outside.” I hear Ajax’s smooth voice, but I do not look in his direction. He wants to ignore me all morning then I can do the same.

I follow Lila in line and keep my eyes in front of me. I can see Ajax in my peripheral, he has his arms crossed wearing a fitted, crisp white dress shirt. That’s all I will allow myself to take in at this time. I’m sure he is dressed for the tropical weather looking like he should be a drug lord in Miami.

When I am about to pass him, he reaches out and grabs my arm, surprising me. I look at his handsome face as he leans into my neck. He smells like sin, that sexy musk he wears drives me crazy. “Red, just keep your head down and don’t say a word. I think we have more trouble on our hands.” His voice is better than chocolate.

I frown at him, my eyes going round in fear.

Did they find out yet again?!


Aaron from behind leans into us. “Ajax, we have company.”

He looks at Aaron. “I think it’s because of the recent human resistance, my team being the motivation.”

Aaron takes a breath and looks around, then whispers, “Not because of last night, right?”

Ajax gives him a dry look. “No, you’re good.”

I can only assume Aaron is terrified because I am willing to bet that he hooked up with that Fey woman. I want to smile and give him shit, but I am now terrified. I nod to Ajax and look away, not wanting to linger, though I sense his gaze on me.

I step off the plane and I can feel the instant humidity of the tropical weather and the scent of sea air. We are in a large hanger that houses other private planes. Probably the planes of the other teams that have already arrived.

We are met by a line of Fey officers.

I feel my pulse jump.

Ajax and the other Fey with us walk out to greet them and I faintly notice that Ajax’s beige pants make his ass look...very, very nice. He looks so Miami-vice. I look away for a second, not wanting to stare at his ripped muscles under his perfectly tailored shirt. He looks good in white, makes his darker skin look exotic.

I never wanted to be a pair of men’s slacks so bad.

You want to judge, but you have not seen this man, he shouldn’t have the right to look so good. I take a breath and try and ignore my raging hormones, maybe I am having a thyroid problem. Never know until you get tested.

I hear some raised voices and that snaps me out of my Ajax-fantasy-Land. Ajax rubs a hand down his face and Leon is talking to the other Fey with him.

I glance at Aaron. “What going on?”

He slightly looks at me. “I think Ajax was right about it being about the human rebels, they are calling them.”

I swallow. “Yeah, but why is Ajax looking like he wants to murder someone?”

“Not sure, but he does not look happy that’s for sure,” he agrees.

Ajax turns and points to me, motioning for me to come up. I feel a flash of fear streak through my body. My heart is pounding as I stare at the Fey man who is talking to Ajax. He looks mean, tall and intimidating.

“Red, we all have your back,” Aaron says as I start walking.

That’s sweet but I fail to see what Aaron could do.

I glance at Ajax’s pissed expression then to the Fey that is gazing at me like I am a virus. I take a steady breath as I look back to Ajax, my eyes, I am sure, look terrified.

“Don’t worry Ajax, we will not physically harm her in any way.” The man says, his vivid blue gaze like ice shards. He is tall like Ajax, darker skinned too but with long white hair. I am assuming he must be native to the island. Not bad looking if you like the evil soulless type.

“Rjion, don’t fucking test my patience. It’s not her fault the humans are using her as motivation, she is apart of my team and I will not allow it,” Ajax says in a low voice that makes the Fey frown.

“I don’t not understand why you are not in agreeance. Like I said, we will not physically harm her, us Fey just want to send a message to the rebels. You should be thanking us, Ajax. You will be in power soon and it would be a shame to come into power when there is war,” Rjion says and glances at me, eyes quickly traveling over my body.

I caught it and I think so did Ajax.

Ajax’s jaw is flexed, and his body is taunt, rigid with anger. “I want to win for Thunia and I do not want any of my players subjected to mental abuse. It is just as powerful as physical, and you know it. I will not allow sabotage when we are nearing the end of the games, when this just gets harder,” Ajax threatens, taking a step towards Rjion.

Ajax can look very threatening when he wants to. My heart is pounding, praying an all-out brawl will not happen.

“If you do not comply, she may be subjected to ejection from the game entirely. If she is a threat to our society then the council could have leverage over you. If I were you, I’d would agree. You wouldn’t want anyone thinking you were on their side, would you? I think your father would hate to assume betrayal.”


Ajax hands are tired until he marries.

That thought saddens me to the core. He will have to marry a Fey to change and shift this power struggle. I see Leon whisper something in Ajax’s ear and Ajax closes his eyes.

“Don’t not fucking hurt her Rjion,” Ajax barely says over a whisper.

I feel my eyes sting, fearing what they will do to me. My eyes lock with Ajax’s as they take me away.

Well, isn’t this a perfect way to start out this tropical vacation.


“Flix here as super bug. Just stay calm and don’t say anything stupid, Red. Like, I want to slit your throat or something.”

I sit on a white medical table and try to calm my heartrate. I have been sitting here for at least thirty minutes staring at the white walls.

The door opens and in walks in Rjion in a white medical coat making me immediately tense. I try and calm my pulse as he stands before me. I am mentally bracing myself, preparing for the worst.

“You are pretty famous, you know that?” He asks with a sly smile. The man smells weird, not unpleasant, just weird. Like some off spice and plastic.

I stare at him, trying to gage my situation.

He smiles at me, his gaze lowering to my breasts. I am now regretting wearing this white tank top. “You are a very beautiful woman; I think we all can agree on that. I can see why Ajax would not want you physically harmed. I think he likes to look at you in those skimpy outfits I see you wear on T.V.”

I wish I could scoot back on this table.

He steps closer to me. “I have been tempted to touch myself when watching you on screen. It’s quite fascinating, the level of sexual tension you create. I do believe it also has the power to produce quite a following in the human community. A following that is more like a sickness, a virus. Something that we cannot tolerate, and I sure you know this.” He places his hands on either side of me.

“What a perv! Nasty ass bitch!” I hear Flix yell.

I lean back when he smells my neck. “What are you doing,” I hiss.

“I am just confirming some of my curiosity. How many times has Ajax sampled you? He is always so popular with the females, I’m curious if he had the power to resist you. He sure protects you, and that does not come without cost,” he pauses, “I might make an offer to you. Let me taste you and I might let you walk out of here free of charge,” he murmurs, his breath on my ear.

“No,” I can’t get our fast enough.

He laughs.

The door opens and a woman Fey walks in with what looks like clippers. I frown at her then look at him. “What are you going to do to me?”

He thinks and glances at the woman with a white, tight bun. “Well, not much unfortunately. We were going to do more but I guess Ajax, your knight and shining armor, is charging us with tampering with team Thunia. I will be interested to see where this goes. It really could swing both ways which I find exciting. Theodluin really wants to win, but also hates...you.” He chuckles.

This guy is a weird creature.

“So, what now?”

“Now we shave your head.”

I pale, my heart jumping to life. “No,” I whisper.

He leans into me. “I gave you an out, offer still stands.”

I feel my eyes sting and cramp, my heart pounding in denial. “No.”

He leans up and nods to the woman. “I want it so smooth it shines.”

Tears fall down my face as I watch her turn on the hair-cutter, walking towards me with a dark grin.

“Now let’s see your appeal once you’re bald.”

“Fuck you,” I say, and he laughs, the woman joining in as well.


I sit on the beach with my hoodie pulled tightly over me.

My team was horrified when they saw, Lila cried even. Flix and Pierce are beside themselves, shocked that the Fey would go so low. Pierce’s hands are tied, if he gave me my hair back, they could just cut it off again. And, not to mention he can’t intervene with Fate like that.

Bullshit game.

I wipe another tear, frustrated that I let this get to me.

Ajax has been gone, dealing with the charges he is pressing. That part is touching, but it is a little too late. I am bald and I feel mentally destroyed. I am embarrassed, remembering how they laughed when they showed me the mirror. By taking away my hair it’s like they stole a major part of my identity.

I feel less than human now.

It’s strange how impacting such a trivial setback is. I didn’t realize how demoralizing losing my hair would feel. I dig my bare feet into the sand, my shorts covered in it. I sit in silence, hearing the crashing waves.

“Red!” I hear Ajax’s voice behind me. “I have been looking all over for you.”

My whole-body tenses and screams.

More tears stream down my face, I am mortified for him to see me like this. I don’t turn but I hear him behind me. Please just go away. “Ajax, just leave me alone. I am just having some me time. Reflection is a healthy thing before the games start again.” I try and sound normal but even I can hear the pain in my voice.

“Red,” he whispers. “I heard.”

I hold up my wrist band, warning him to watch what he says. I really would hate to get punished yet again.

“Fuck,” I hear him say.

Suddenly I am hauled up and he places a finger over his mouth to shush me. His pale stare roams over my tears stained face and he closes his eyes, jaw flexing. He mouths, “I’m sorry.”

Tears drip down my cheeks and I shrug.

Nothing can be done.

The look he gives me make my chest tighten and squeeze. He holds me up with one strong arm and the other he raises to my face. I tense when he wipes the tears from my cheeks, his eerie gaze searching and seeing too much of me. I feel vulnerable and bared. I don’t like him seeing me like this, Red never lets people see weakness. I am always tough.

I am not used to this.

It’s alien.

More tears come and he shakes his head, NO.

Ajax wipes more of my tears and shakes his head, No, again, frowning. I try and pull away from him, but he holds me firmly to him. “Stop." He mouths, making eye contact with me. Ajax slowly brings his hand up to my hood and pulls it back making me almost panic.

“No,” I mouth, and push against him, more tears or degradation.

He does not listen and bares me, and I can’t look. Pain and shame. I cry now, silently weeping, not being able to look at him in the eye as I turn my head. I wish the ground would swallow me whole. I want to disappear. My heart is pounding with each second that passes that I can feel him looking at me. Judging me.

He grabs my chin and forces me to look at him, but I don’t.

I keep my eyes squeezed shut.

I can’t.

“Red,” I hear him slightly whisper. I feel him wiping more tears from my face, his thumb moving over my skin so softly.

I slowly open my eyes and he is starring down at me with an expression I can’t seem to read or register. My pulse is in my throat, praying I would not see repugnance and pity there.

A slow smile pulls at his mouth making me hold my breath. His gaze moves over me, and his smile widens. He touches his chest and nods to me as he breathes, ”Beautiful."

My eyes widened in confusion.

Time stands still.

He tilts his head and mouths again. “BEAUTIFUL,” he enunciates even more.

I am breathing hard and I push away from him. Ajax can’t do this to me, he can’t be my knight and shining armor and marry someone else. He will destroy me. I am already destroyed, what am I talking about?! This game has taken me and chewed me up and spit me back out.

I am so confused at his display of affection towards me. I pull my hood back up and turn from him and try and run away but he lunges and catches my waist almost mid-leap. I kick and thrash. I need space, my emotions can’t take anymore trauma.

He jerks me around and grabs my arms in our silent battle.

Ajax suddenly raises his hands and slowly kneels on the ground. He is breathing hard as he stares at me, his eyes searing me still.

What am I doing?!

I mouth, ”I am sorry," and cover my eyes, he is only being comforting and I am being a crazy bitch.

It’s then I feel his hands pull mine away from my face and his lips descend on mine. He grabs the back my head and deepens it, intensifying the kiss. I am frozen still, my mind barely registering that Ajax has somehow picked me up in his arms and is carrying me. Our lips still locked and a desperate kiss, our energies meshing together.

He sets me down and I realize we are by a giant bolder and inches from the sea. He has not taken his eyes from me, like he is scared I will bolt again. In one swift movement he pulls his shirt from over his head and tosses it next to the rock. I see ripped muscles flex as he watches me devour him with my eyes. His silver choker necklace catches the light and looks sinful against his tanned skin.


He motions for me to do the same and my eyes widened. I shake my head no like he is crazy. I couldn’t possibly be the sexy siren right now. I am bald! “We get caught!” I mouth and point towards the large stadium in the far distance.

He points to the crashing waves and mouths, ”Safe.”

There is a small pool behind the massive rock, and I shake my head, fighting a grin. “No,” I mouth back.

Ajax shrugs and starts unbuttoning his beige pants with a sexy, heavy-lidded expression. My heart is pounding as I watch him step out of them revealing his tight, black brief-like underwear.

I feel my face ignite.

This man is a God.

His large package is perfectly on display and seemingly to increase in size as I watch. I feel light-headed. How could this creature want someone like me? In my state? I give him a desperate look and point to my hair.

Ajax rolls his eyes and points to his erection and mouths, ”I don’t CARE."

My eyes widen on how much bigger he is now, and I can feel my face flush. I look at him and he is putting his hands together like he is praying, making me breathless.

“Hurry,” he mouths, ”Please.”

He reaches for his waist and my eyes widen in shock. Would he just take them off right in front of me? Yes, he would. He pulls them off with a cocky grin, daring me to look.

I feel like I have tunnel vision and I can’t help but look.

Oh ladies.

You know it’s magnificent.

Just a slight dusting of hair around a perfect golden erection that has me doubting if it will fit. I feel instant heat, lava exploding through my body. He claps his hands getting my attention, I think my mouth is hanging open, drooling. He better not say, my eyes are up here!

Ajax mouths, ”Hurry!" He jumps in the pool and surfaces right off the rocky beach side, smoothing his hair back like some GQ model. Mercy. He waits for me with a searing gaze, a smile playing on his lips.

After seeing him naked, I am sold.

No woman can say no to that.

In one movement I take off my hoodie and tank top, feeling exposed once again. I take a breath and unhook my black bra, letting if fall to the sand. I feel the breeze on me and take another breath. I open my eyes and see his gaze wide and wild. I shiver from it. It almost makes my knees buckle seeing this level of desire in their depths. In two swift movements he swims to the edge of the pool and jumps out.

I gasp.

Ajax’s dripping body is crushed to me, skin on skin. His mouth is on mine and his hand is ripping off my shorts, shocking me with his impatience. His hand is cupping the weight of my breast then with the other hand he is ripping my thong in half. He drags me toward the water and pushes me in.

I don’t have time to me pissed about that when I surface.

Ajax has me up against the rock with his fingers immediately plunging into my core, coving my mouth with his to stifle my cries. He is a sexual force. His lips are everywhere, my nipples, neck, mouth, forehead, shoulder, everywhere.

He is on fire.

And so am I.

I feel his large erection at my entrance, and I spread for him, wrapping my legs around him. We both are doing our best to stay quiet, which is hard. I can feel the delicious heat of him pressing into me, the water sloshing around us. His mouth is sucking on my neck as he starts to thrust deeply, gripping my ass for better control and force. He is very tall, so he is able to stand on the bottom, letting him plunge up rapidly, and intensely.

Sensation suddenly engulfs me, and I scratch his back and hiss, fighting hard to keep my orgasm in check. I close my eyes and feel intense energy all around me, my body humming and prickling with erotic awareness and pleasure.

“Red,” I hear Ajax’s moan.

He is pounding harder than I thought he could muster in the water, and he tenses, pulling out of me quickly. The muscles layering his body are tense and flex as he exhales loudly into my neck, sucking the water droplets.

After a few moments, Ajax looks at me, and his eyes go instantly wide, mouth dropping open.

I frown at him and mouth, ”What’s wrong?"

He lifts his dripping hand out of the water to touch my floating, fire-colored locks. I gasp and cover my mouth with my blue hand.

Our eyes clash, and I can’t fight the slow grin of shock.



Not impossible.

Ajax smiles and closes his eyes, then pins me with his heated stare. He mouths, “Fucking beautiful.”

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