Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 24

I am losing my fucking head.

This is woman is going to be my downfall. Who am I kidding? I have already crossed the line beyond repair. I let the redheaded siren leave first, seeing her saunter off, soaking wet and poisonous, fucking lethal. I clench my jaw to tap down my boiling frustration with myself. I am never careless, nor this damn infatuated. I turn and tighten my fist wanting something to punch, I take a desperate breath, and slowly exhale. Count to ten, get a hold of yourself, you weak bastard.

I want her.

I smile rudely, thinking I am getting a taste of my own medicine.

I am my own worst enemy.

She’s might be playing you...


In the past I have always found women irrational and irritating, wanting more from me than I willing to give. I need sex like the air that I breathe, but I don’t need any more than that. I have been called the worst names, heartless, selfish, insensitive, asshole and the list goes on. But I don’t want more, which is the reason why Sarya is about to scratch my damn eyes out from no marriage proposal in six years.

I am in foreign waters here.

I have been bitten by a colorful viper.

There is no escape from the confusion that I feel in my soul, the moral torment. I thirst. I hunger for a human woman that has the power to bring me to my knees with the simple bat of her vivid green eyes. Eyes of a feline, the green literally haunts me in my sleep. I can’t escape her no matter how hard I try. I can feel the blood rushing through my body so fast that I get disoriented, not being able to catch my breath. Numb. She disarms me, from day one that I set my eyes on her round ass and luscious body. I glance back to where she is walking back. I can’t think about that or I will get hard again, which has been my biggest issue. I can’t not look at Red and not feel an unholy surge of lust.

I laugh and barely refrain from tearing out my own hair.

How did this happen or get to this point?

Trust me, the irony does not escape me. I watch her walk away just after I just committed the biggest crime against my own. Against the Crown Providence of Thunia, my nation. A crime that I keep repeating because I cannot control my cock around her.


I slowly turn, not in the mood for more bullshit today. I already almost lost my shit when I heard what they did to Red. Seeing the pain in her eyes almost broke me. I see Leon running up to me giving me anxiety. I have been fighting for Red from behind the scenes, something she will never know.

I am the reason they only fucked with her hair.

They were going to do so much more but I literally had to threaten my father. My father does not know the level of my desire for this woman, for if he had, he’d kill her himself. I am putting Red in a very dangerous place. I had to pretend it was for the Thunia team, for my father wants to win more than anything.

I use that to my advantage.

I must stop this obsession, or I will end up getting her killed.


I look at him, wondering what world of hurt I am in for. “Leon?”

He is frowning at me. “Red has long hair? What the fuck. The Fey are pissed.”

I am very aware of that, and what else is new?

“Yes, I think it’s her power. They’re just going to have to drop their obsession with her damn red hair,” I deadpan, I need to tell myself that.

Leon’s eyes widen. “They will not like that.”

“Sure as shit.”

He laughs and looks at the crashing waves. “How did you get your father’s protection of Red? He just made the announcement that they are not to touch her until the games are over.”

“Did he now?” I say with a grin. I think about my father’s unhealthy competitiveness. “It was easy to convince the man with a damaged pride. Losing two years in a row for Thunia is embarrassing for him. I merely told him that Red will not preform when they are fucking with her.”

Which is true.

“Theodluin does not like to lose,” Leon agrees.

“No, that old bastard doesn’t,” I get out and start walking towards the stadium. “Games start tomorrow I heard.”

“Yes, correct.”

“I want everyone ready and briefed. I will go and make sure we are not missing anything. Ill be damned if I let Sarya win one on me again. And, speaking of her, where the hell is she?” I ask to make sure I am no where near that area.

Sarya tried to suck me off last time I saw her, and I don’t feel like telling her to fuck off again. She does not have ownership over me. I thought I loved her, but I am now seeing the deception and it pisses me off to no end. If I must marry the woman, it will strictly be for any reason other than desire.

Thinking about marriage to her will put me in a dark mood so I must force other thoughts into my head. We must win tomorrow, and I need to keep Red alive.

“What’s going on tonight?” I look back at Leon.

“A large dinner to start the games tomorrow,” he says and sighs.

I grit my teeth, of course.

Must put on a show for the dammed media. I was hoping to stay away from Red until it was absolutely necessary. I do not trust myself anymore, I do stupid things when I am near her.

I must prepare myself for another shit show.


I can feel the tension tonight, the fucking stares from everyone.

I gaze around this place infested with the elite. This outdoor restaurant used to be my favorite place to take Sarya back in the day, but now I just want to be anywhere but here. The cameras, the large screens making me want to hurt someone. I dread every one of these pre-game dinners.

I sip on my drink and let the warmth numb me as much as possible.

Tomorrow’s games will be tough, and it puts me on edge.

The tropical air makes me feel smothered and edgy, wanting leave immediately. Or it could be the people around me that suck the life out of me? The competitor’s tables are color coded by the teams and I can see that my team has not arrived yet. Good. I take another generous drink and try to act normal. I must sit next to the prick Raibyn and Sarya. Fuck me.

I tense as I feel feminine hands circle around my waist, and refrain from acting out in violence. I must pretend to be in love with her to keep Red in a safe place. I can already feel my anger boil but I tap it down with another drink.

“Ajax, I miss you,” she whispers in her seductive voice that used to get me hard. Now all I want to do is to tell her to shut the fuck up. I turn my head and see her ice blue gaze heavy lidded with lust. I know that look well.

My gaze flickers over her white flowy dress, her small nipples visible through the sheer fabric. Her pale skin almost looking unhealthy rather than beautiful. I almost want to rudely laugh, knowing she wore it for me. I see her now, for what she really is. For so long I was just seeing the sweet act she portrayed in front of me, not knowing what a parasite she is.

Leon admitted enough to me, to connect the dots on my mind control.

Sarya is dead to me.

“Sarya,” I say, and I force out, “You look lovely.”

She bites her lip and pouts. “But do I make you hot, Ajax?”

Fuck no.


“Does big daddy like what he sees,” she whispers as her hand grazes over my cock. I try not to flinch. A part of my thinks she is testing me, trying to see if the mind control worked. The nation of Sescesh would like nothing more than to see me burn. They do not want me in control of their nation if the mind control has not worked.

Because I could flip everything on them if I marry Sarya.

“Is your team ready for tomorrow?” I ask, trying to turn the conversation away from anything but sexual.

She places a hand on her trim hip and sighs. “Ajax, I don’t want you to feel bad if my team wins again,” she looks at me with her saucer eyes, “If we marry, we are one anyway.”

I almost spit out my fucking drink.

We will not lose tomorrow.

“That’s cute Sarya,” I hiss as Sarya frowns at me. I walk towards the Team Leader table leaving her gawking.

“Ajax,” she says from behind me. “I am not saying that you will lose,” she harshly whispers, the venom is slowly creeping to the surface.

I smile as I sit at the table, wishing for a gun to put myself out of my misery.

I glance over and see Raibyn sit next to me, talking to Nym very animatedly. He is always loud and fucking irritating when he is drunk. I look around, wishing I was sitting next to Leon. Sarya sits next to me and I can feel her gaze boring into me and it makes me want to get up and leave. I grit my teeth as I take another desperate drink.

“Ajax you look sexy tonight,” she is back to using her slutty voice.

I glance at her. “You’re not winning tomorrow,” I whisper, barely keeping my rage in check.

I can see something flash in her frigid gaze. “Can we not talk about the games, love?” She purrs and smooths her hand up my bare forearm.

Love? She is definitely testing me, the bitch.

I can feel my jaw tick as the camera’s fly around us, showing her hand on my bicep. I now know what a caged wild animal feels like. I glance at her and see her eyes moving over me keenly, gaze flicking with lust.

This torture is never going to end.

A breeze comes through and I am thankful, wanting something to remove the smell of Sarya’s strong perfume. It’s giving me a damn headache. I hear murmurs all around me and I frown for a split second before it dawns on me. I exhale for the inevitable and glance over to where my team will be sitting, and I feel like I am hit in the gut.

I am not breathing, trying to keep my expression neutral.

Son of a bitch.

Red is walking with Aaron and I am having a hard time trying to hide my jaw drop. She could wear a paper bag and look damn sexy. But she looks confident, smug even. The woman knows she’s smoking, and flaunts it like she is a royal queen. I see Sarya turn and look too, and I have to refrain from cursing.

Red, damn her.

Why the fuck is she trying to kill me?

She is wearing this short beach dress that shows her shapely golden legs that I had wrapped around my waist not to long ago. I take another drink, not wanting to comment on her tits, I don’t even want to go there. I am already sitting on the edge here. Her fire long tresses enthrall me, not believing that just earlier today she was bald. I am sure she has the attention of everyone here, the little vixen.

I need to find a way to get her alone.

Or I’ll die a slow, painful death tonight of a ragging boner.

I glance back to Red and our gazes clash. I feel a shock straight down to my groin almost making me groan. Red’s gaze travels over me for the briefest of minutes but I know what she is thinking, the slight bite of her luscious lip. I can see her rushed breaths even from here, she wants me bad. My mouth waters to taste her, to dominate her. I want to pull her long fire hair as I pound her—

Sarya whips around and our gazes collide like two opposing forces.

The tension is thick.

I hold my breath for a moment to calm my beating heart. I can see the jealously and rage emitting off her like a thick smog of hatred. She looks down and forces a smile. “Where were we love?”

She is pissed.

I see her hand travel under the table, and I know she will grab my hard boner. She wants to see if I’m turned on by Red. If she feels how stiff I am, she will know it’s from looking at Red. Sarya is one for drama, she will report to my father and he might pull the protection away from Red out of fury.


I think fast and lean up, grabbing her wrist before she can touch me. Her eyes widen with rage from the denial, but I quickly reach down and pull up her long skirts, hating myself. I jerk her towards me making her gasp.

She looks confused until I touch her wet core, and plunge into her.

Sarya gasps from the shock, not slapping my hand away. That’s laughable, this is exactly what she wants. Her eyes flutter with a soft moan, spreading her legs wide under the table. I start to finger her forcefully, feeling her heat. I close my eyes for a second as revulsion consumes me. The faster I can get her off the sooner I can be done with this. If Red only knew what I am willing to do for her. I look at Sarya’s lustful expression with cool furry, controlled anger.

I can’t even look in Red’s direction in fear she will see what I am doing.

She won’t understand.

My anger boils as Sarya rocks against my fingers, in total bliss. Luckily, I am good at this and she is coming into my hand, it didn’t take much. She has been wanting me to touch her since the games have started, and all I had to do is barely glide over the bitch.

I remove my hand and wipe it off on a napkin, then tossing it away rather ruthlessly.

She looks heavy lidded and satisfied, not noticing.

I stand up, needing to get some damn air and some water. I grab a glass from the waiter and dump the contents over my hand, wiping it on my white pants.

I will burn these.

I might go down to the beach and get shit-faced. I can’t bear to sit next to Sarya anymore. I am coming to think that I need saving more than Red does.

I need a doctor.

And he said Red’s tits are the only cure. I laugh and wonder how much I already had to drink. Definitely not enough to wipe Sarya from my memory.

I might sleep on the beach tonight.

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