Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 25

I can see my hands turning blue in anger.

I am not sure what Ajax is trying to accomplish, but I have an educated guess. He’s going to marry Sarya to be the damn hero.

F. That.

He’s needs to stop being selfless.

I sit back in my seat and ignore McFolas’s dirty jokes to the group. I stare at the skinny witch, a smile on her face as she sips her wine. Ajax did something sexual to her, I know that. The woman looks like a cat who found the cream. The cameras were all around them, showing her hanging on his arm like a love-sick whore. Ajax looked slightly pained, his handsome features set very rigidly.

I can feel my anger boil.

How could Ajax go so low? One minute he is hot for me, and the next minute he is frigid cold. I am not sure where Ajax went off too, but I can tell he has had a lot to drink. I grab my wine and take a generous sip, feeling sick. Ajax must be still intimate with her, which is messed up on so many levels. I don’t know how to feel about this.

Jealous rage is not a good look on me.

Ajax thinks to marry Sarya or possibly a random female Fey, then have me as the mistress on the side. What he does not know is I am gone in a month, and, not to mention, being the mistress will not cut it for Fairy Godmother Inc.

This isn’t, Fairy Godmother Inc. (Hooker Addition, where all your harlot dreams come true...)

And the shitty thing about that is, I can’t tell him why I only have a month until the very end of this game. Flix told me that we must reveal the truth about Fairy Godmother Inc. on our last night here. That will just add more craziness to this shit pot. The drama and confusion never diminish. Does F.G.I ever have missions that aren’t impossible?

Just absurdity.

Pierce just says, “Keep on following your heart.”

Follow my heart?!

I am going to beat some Ajax ass then. My heart is dead set on slapping him clean across the face for touching that leech of a woman. I take a breath and glance around; the cameras are on one of the team leaders giving a speech. Perfect. I stand up and say I must use the restroom, quietly making my way away from the cameras and the dining area.

It’s always nerve-racking leaving such a public place.

I can feel my pulse pounding my neck.

The tropical breeze hits me as I dodge around this corner then the next. I peer out towards the sea and see no signs of Ajax. The sun has set so only the eerie moonlight shines over the sandy beach. I take off my heels and run blindly towards the crashing waves, eyes trying to adjust to the darkness. The sounds of the large dinner banquet fade the farther I run out into the sandy terrain.

I scan, breathing hard.

I do not see the white of his clothes. Crap, maybe he was not on the beach then? I run over to a large boulder and check all around it, seeing nothing, hands on my hips.

I suddenly hear voices making me tense.

I whip around to see two figure walking towards me, and I brace myself, ready to do a dive and roll to get out of view. I quickly recognize Ajax’s tall frame and I can also make out Leon. Relief washes over me but then I am bummed, hoping to find Ajax by himself so I could give him a piece of my mind.

They both pause as they see me, their voices quieting.

“Red,” I hear Ajax say.

I swallow and feel a little nervous.

Leon says something to Ajax as they walk up to me. I think the wine I drank is making me immediately think naughty things about Ajax. My eyes quickly scan over him in the moonlight and I hate how he has this magnetism, this natural sexual appeal no matter what situation he is in. It’s freaking annoying. I am always hot and bothered and there is no cure for it, even when I am pissed at him.

Shame on me.

Leon puts his hands on his hips. “Red, if you’re caught out here with us there will be repercussions.”

I nod. “Right, I was just leaving.”

“Stay,” Ajax says with vigor.

Leon looks at him.

Ajax glances at Leon and rubs a hand down his face and exhales. “They are not trained for this. Red and Lila are in trouble.”

Leon exhales.

I frown and look back and forth between them both. “Bad news then?”

Ajax ignores me and says to Leon. “I seen her in the fucking pool with the virtual simulator. She will die.”

“Ajax, we don’t have any other options at this point,” Leon murmurs back. “Our hands are tied.”

“I am right here,” I say quietly, walking up to them. “Tell me.”

Ajax turns towards me and I must suppress a shiver. “Red, I think they want to kill you all off. They are pissed because of the uprising. More fires, more rioting. My team is the cause of this, and they will make us pay along with everyone else.”

Fear creeps into my body making my knees weak. “What are they going to do to us tomorrow.”

“Well, I just watched them pour a substance into the water which was not apart of the game plan we all received.” He pointed out into the sea. “You see that ship?”

I nod. I can see a distant ship sitting in the water far off the coast.

“Not many now this but that holds tons of substance called carbon alloy. It makes the sharks act aggressive, like mating season.” He says to me, his pale stare searching my face.

“Shit,” I say, feeling panicked with nerves.

He is still staring at me in that unsettling way. “Leon. I have to train her now.”

Leon does not say anything.

Only the crashing waves are heard.

“I have to train her then Lila. If I don’t, they will die.” Ajax’s jaw flexes and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wait, no!” I gasp. “You want to train right now?!”

Leon walks up to Ajax. “Are you sure?”

“I have no choice. They will be sent out for slaughter if I don’t and you know it,” he says in a low voice, throwing his shirt to the side.

“This could be viewed as cheating if you’re caught,” Leon warns.

Ajax smiles coldly. “They cheated by putting that shit in the water without warning us. We are just lucky I saw them do it. The other team leaders would be pissed if they knew. Or, we could be the only team in the dark about this. Either way, this must be done,” he hisses. “You get Lila and cover for me.”

Leon nods, turning to head back to the banquet.

“Red, keep your life-lines handy,” Flix says. “But I think Ajax is very capable. I might even jump in the water if Ajax will come save me. Mouth to mouth revival?! Bitch yes.”

I ignore Flix and shake my head. “Ajax, I don’t want to.”

I have ONE fear.

The deep sea and SHARKS.

Okay, two fears.

He puts his hands in his hips, his body looking powerful in the moonlight. “Red, I know you don’t. But trust me, you will need my help for tomorrow. You do not want to be thrown in this without my guidance.”

I can feel my eyes sting with fear, my body shaking. “Ajax, I don’t want to,” I say desperately. I am terrified of the monstrous black see. I almost want to throw up I am so scared.

Ajax walks up to me and tugs my dipping neckline, his knuckles feathering over my cleavage. “Are you wearing a bra?” he whispers the question, his gaze glittering down at me.

I feel my face flame and my heart is hammering for a different reason. It only takes a split second for him to ignite me on fire. It’s almost embarrassing. My girls are almost spilling out of my V neckline and NO I am not. Was not planning on going swimming with the F-ing sharks tonight.

I feel his finger brush over my now erect nipple, and he tilts his head. “Well, then. You will have to leave your dress on,” he breathes and turns away, body rigid. “Follow me, we don’t have a lot of time to do this.”

I give myself a shake and quiet my craving for him.

“You won’t let me die? Or get my leg bitten off?” I must ask, dumb question.

He looks back and a grin spreads over his sensual lips. “I think you know the answer to that. Walk in front of me.”

I nod and get in front of him, walking towards the crashing waves with a sick feeling. I look back and see him watching me, or my body, his eyes glowing.

“You ready? You seem too tense Red.”

“No, I am not,” I say, feeling like I might pass out. How many sharks will be out there? Angry and pissed off.

The waves hit my thighs and I gasp from the chill of the water. I feel him press his body to my backside and I freeze. His strong arm snakes around my waist and I can feel hips lips on my neck.

Was I mad at him earlier?

Can’t remember.

Are we in shark infested waters?

Not certain.

“You need to relax and listen to everything I tell you. Do you know how to dive into the waves?” he asks as I feel his lips on my skin making me shiver.

I almost moan despite the waves hitting me. “I...think I can manage.”

I feel him smile against my skin. “There, you are much more relaxed. You need to be loose, so you do not get hurt by the whitecaps,” He murmurs into my ear. His hand coming up to cup the weight of my breast, molding it through the damp fabric. My knees almost give out as he massages me, his large hard squeezing me just right.


He’s good. I am extremely relaxed now, wishing I was anywhere but here. I’m the dark with black waters smashing around my legs but I feel safe with him. I feel his rushed breath on my neck as he holds me. “Before I get carried away, I better tell you what to do. Once we break the waves, I will find you and we will swim out far enough to be in dangerous waters. In my experience, the only way to successively ward off these animals is vibration. Some try to spear, stab, or even to shock them. The small vibration waves kill their teeth, almost like sticking sensitive teeth into glacier ice water, but much worse. They can’t seem to handle it.”

“You’re kidding?!”

“No, I am not, it works better than anything I have seen thus far. I just need to teach you how to do it in the water,” he says and grabs me tight as a wave hits us hard.

I squeeze my eyes shut and nod, wanting to cry from fear. “Let’s get this over with!”

We run together and I drive into the wave, the feel of the violent waters colliding with me is painful. I break the surface with a gasp and see the black waters all around me. This is crazy! I feel Ajax’s hand tug me violently to him.

“Red! Straddle me!” he yells as he pulls us deeper into the moon-glittering ocean.

My whole body is pounding with adrenaline.

“How can you tell where the sharks are in the night?!” I say in a panic, wrapping my legs around his waist, holding onto his shoulders. Dark waters lapping around us as Ajax pulls us out further.

This is nut balls!

“Okay I can feel them circling us Red.” He says, his eyes glowing bright. “They are curious and can feel my power, but they will come in soon. Call your power now, you need to do this before you get into the water tomorrow.” His arms are wrapped around me tightly.

I do my hand signs and see spirit fish appear in the water, glowing blue under the blackness. “Can you see that?!”

I can see the amusement in his eyes, even in the dark. “No.”

I forgot, only I can. I touch it and feel a blue ghost-like fog surround me, filling me with electric power. I hold up my glowing blue hand out of the water.

“You’re glowing like one of those evil sirens, singing sailors to their deaths,” he says as his shinning eyes taken me in.

Is every world plagued by them then?

He takes a moment as he treads, looking down into the water. “Tell your power to send out vibrations fast. We have but seconds.”

“I’ll try,” I gasp as a small wave hits us, seeing dorsal fins in the distance.

“Have it circulate you!” he yells, “Once you tell them then we are going under! For 5 mins then we will repeat!”

Ajax jerks me down into the black depths and my glowing body illuminates the sea around us. I feel weightless and terrified. I don’t see anything as we trend water, the blackness eerie. I look to my left as see giant jaws open wide at us. I scream, air bubbles flying out of my mouth. But my scream produces massive vibrations making the sea monster jerk to the left as if burned. I feel Ajax hug me tighter, showing me the thumbs up.

Holy shit!

My heart is pounding so furiously.

This training went on for another thirty mins before he brought me to the shore, still in one piece. I collapse onto the sand, coughing and sucking wind. Ajax was guiding me through it all, and it terrifies me to do it by myself tomorrow.

Ajax is on top of me, breathing hard too, wiping the hair out of my face. “Can you do that tomorrow? Tell me you can.”

“I have to,” I breathe, feeling dizzy. “What were they, eighteen-foot sharks?”

He tilts his head. “Give or take.”

Ajax was right, if he didn’t not show me how to handle them, I would be toast tomorrow. Human bait. I feel his lips on mine, “I see Leon and Lila, I have to go.”


He pauses and looks down at me with a heavy expression. “I know. We will talk later.”

I frown. “You know?”

He knows why I am upset?

Standing he looks down at me, water dripping off his muscled torso. “I am not a moron, Red. That talk is for another time and another place.” His eyes flicker over my body. “Fix your shirt before the others see you.”

I look down to see my girls all but hanging out. The crashing waves did a number on my thin dress. I cover myself and look up to see Ajax wink at me before turning to walk towards Leon and Lila.


I fall back down onto the sand.

I might sleep here tonight.


Ajax’s POV

I fix my cuffs and straighten my tie as I walk.

I enter the massive watch tower with my gaze leveled straight in front of me. 360 degrees of windows and large T.V screens so we don’t miss a thing. Eyes are on me like they fucking should be. I am beyond pissed but I hide it well.

I always hide it well.

“Ajax!” I hear Sarya say from across the room but I act like I do not hear her.

Leon meets me with his girlfriend Tia, in his black suit with our glowing blue team lights. “Leon, the boys know what to do then? You told them to help the women?”

“Yes, they do.”

I turn and glance at the monitors, waiting for the teams to emerge on the platform below. They will be taken up by plane and have to parachute down into the infested waters. From there they will have to make it to shore and be the first to cross the finish line. I was not aware of the parachuting part either which is why I’m pissed. My team is being set up; they accidentally did not give us the full report. It was an honest mistake by the committee.


I could raise hell over it but I am confident.

No matter, I trained the girls last night and that should shock them. They all are expecting my team to suffer greatly today. Not happening. Red and Lila are probably more equipped that everyone out there.

Not many Fey know about the vibrations.

“Ajax,” I hear then stiffen.

I stand tall and impassive as I look at Sarya in her black body suit. “Sarya?”

“I am so sorry about what happened!” she says and glances at Leon’s indifferent expression. Tia beside him rolls her eyes, which I caught. “What are you going to do? They wont last two minutes out there. It will be bloody and horrid. Will you take a penalty then?”

Taking a penalty will lose the team thirty points which will be impossible to catch back up. I bet she was hoping I’d take the charge, the bitch.

I raise a brow and smile at her. “I was going to say the same thing about your team, funny.”

She frowns. “My team is prepared.”

I don’t say another word as the teams emerge. “Excuse me Sarya, I have a team to coach.”

Sarya clamps her mouth shut and turns to walk away, saying something under her breath. I exhale and see my team on the platform below in their wet-suits getting parachutes on.

I take one look at Red and curse, rubbing a hand down my face. I turn on my transmitter in my mouth and tap Red’s feed. “Red, what the fuck. Can zip your wet suit up any higher?” I feel straight shot to my groin and it’s almost painful. I see the guy helping her into her straps being very touchy.

The women are in black, long sleeve wet-suits with swimsuit bottoms. Nothing out of the ordinary but on red it looks X rated. Her shapely golden legs are making my mouth water.

“Ajax I can’t believe that’s the only thing you’re worried about. The zipper does not go any higher so you can F-off.”

I smile. “You remember what I taught you? Nothing better touch those legs but me,” I whisper into my mic, making sure no one hears.

I can hear her breathy laugh, but she does not say anything.


I am going to have to sit down.

“Aaron and the guys are ready, they are going to form a circle around the girls until the coast is clear to start swimming,” Leon says beside me.

“I sure hope this goes to plan or I will take a penalty.” I look at him and nod. I will dive in the ocean after her if I have too. I feel a wave of uneasiness and take another breath.

I hate this job.

There they go, the aircraft takes off and I feel sick. “Do you think we did enough?”

“We did all what we could have in the time,” he offers.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I watch them jump out of the plane and my whole-body tenses. My heart is in my throat as I see her falling. I see a couple of opposing teammates approaching her in the sky, trying to knock her. “What the fuck!”

“Cheap move,” Leon hisses.

“Red, you better start glowing!” I say into my mic.

She pulls her string with the others on the team making me breathe easier. Before they all jump into the water Red takes on a blue glowing hue.

Thank goodness.

“Vibrations everyone, start now!” I say to my team.

They are all submerged, and I am gripping the window handles in front of me in a death grip. Surface Red.

Fucking surface.

My team surfaces and I expel a breath. I smile when I see my team going under the water while the other players try and ward off the attacks with weapons.

I see flickers of light under the surface and I bet it’s Red kicking ass. I can see her vitals on our monitor, and everything looks good. My whole team is doing good, working together. They are on the move now swimming to the beach in a mad dash. I look around and see many casualties, blood staining the water.

I curse at this brutality.

This didn’t need to happen.

My team stops then goes under water to fend off more attacks, making me nervous. I see the purple team heading for mine, being careless about their swimming. That’s a good way to get shredded. I turn and glance at Sarya and she looks away from me. She does not give a shit about her players.

She was clearly watching me.

I am getting a lot of stares seeing how my team is doing the best when they should have been destroyed. Not happening, EVER.

“They’re going to Red, Ajax,” Leon says.

I curse. “Aaron. Sayra’s teams is coming for Red,” I hiss into my mic.

Aaron’s surfaces. “O-on, -it, FUCK!”

Red comes up right in time to receive a knife to the shoulder drawing blood. “Fuck!” I say and turn towards Sarya and yell across the room. “You fucking play dirty so can I!” I turn and tap into McFolas. “McFolas, grab that bitch as use her as bait to get away.”

“On it.”

And they do. McFolas has the woman by the hair and launches her into space all by herself. I can hear the room erupt around me. Without the protection of the group she is done for. I hear Sarya yelling at me and I smile, loving her pain.

“Leon, let’s go,” I say and practically run out of the room.

I need to be the first person Red sees when she crosses that finish line.

Me and only me.

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