Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 27

My heart is pounding.

Did I hear him right? I can feel my face heating, the look he is giving me tells me that this is no joke. His gaze is unwavering and focused. He just told me he is going to find a way to marry me...

I love it when he orders me around.

Sorry, not sorry.

The door opens and Leon walks in holding papers. He glances up and his blue eyes widen when he takes me in, sitting up in bed. “She’s awake.”

“Leon, we need to move fast, like we talked about,” Ajax stands to full height.

Like they talked about?

He talked about marrying me to Leon?! Leon walks in and takes a breath, still staring at me like I have come back from the dead

Which, technically I have.

Fairy Godmother Inc. style.

He takes a minutes before answering, giving Ajax a pointed look. “I can get a special license, but it’s so risky Ajax. If this goes south, you will be executed for treason. I don’t want to see that happen.”

Ajax looks at him and places his hands on his hips. “She is a Feno. She has Fey blood, could be a loophole. I know it.”

“I am not sure if that counts, it would take legal action to find out this supposed loophole. It might take weeks,” he says and walks up to Ajax.

“Do it,” Ajax commands and glances at me, seeing the desperation in his gaze. My heart squeezes at the level of emotion. Did I miss something in the past week? I had no idea he felt so strongly for me. Well, I had an idea, but not on a level of possibly getting killed over it.

Leon tilts his head at Ajax and a slight grin spreads over his mouth. “Did you even ask for her permission, then? For her hand in holy matrimony that could be a death sentence? Or did you just order it?”

My eyes are wide, looking from one man to the other.

No, he didn’t, he just told me. My heart pounds and I look at Ajax, jaw tense and ridged. He looks down then to me and he exhales. “Not yet, but I will tonight.”

I am speechless, a flash of heat courses through me. I am right here?! He is talking like I am still in a coma.

Leon is smirking and winks at him. “So, should I wait for the license until after tonight?”

I fight a smile as Ajax gives Leon a murderous look. “Do it now.”

I clear my throat gaining Ajax’s attention, feeling like I am in an alternate universe. “I think I have a say in this, don’t I? I am not in a coma, or at least I do not think I am.”

Ajax looks back at Leon. “Go and do it.”

I can hear Leon’s soft laughter as he walks out the door, saluting Ajax. Heartbeats go by as Ajax stands in deep thought. I think I hear a pin drop to my left, or that could have been Flix flying into the window. “Red, I will talk to you tonight.”

“You just told me you are going to marry me and now you’re leaving?!” I say breathlessly, confused.

What is happening.

He suddenly smiles and glances at me, the boyish charm taking my breath clean out of my chest. “Wear red tonight...” he whispers with a heavy-lidded expression that has my pulse hammering.

That’s all he says before he leaves!

I need an inhaler.

An ice bath.

Or a vibrator?!


Maybe a therapist?


Are those two the same?!


Flix is suddenly here and gives me a raised eyebrow as he leans onto the bed, hip out. “Girl, you are blushing more than a priest in a hooker house.”

I stare at him. “Hooker house?”

He shrugs. “Hoe house?”

“Not much better,” I deadpan with a grin.

“Bitch. Ass. House. Of. Hookers.”

“Better.” I told up my hand. “Did you hear what he said about marriage? Too me?! Or am I delusional?”

I feel my pulse to make sure I’m alive.

It’s beating.

“Yeah, and I know Pierce will rub it in everyone’s face too. He placed a bet that the possibility of death would win Ajax over,” He says and nods. “That boy is vagina whipped.”

“He wants to marry me,” I say to myself, feeling a wave of nerves. “And not Sarya.”

Flix shifts his weight. “He wants to do a lot more than that, trust me.” He raises his brows. “That man stares at you like you are water in the middle of the desert.”

I look at him “You are on a roll with these metaphors.”

“I know,” he agrees and starts typing on his computer. “Pierce is looking into the whole loophole with your Feno blood, thing. I think Ajax may have something here, but if he does not, we lose. Ajax will be killed. I mean,” he glances at me, “Pierce does not want you to do it until Fairy Godmother Inc. can confirm. Ajax cannot not die, he is Thunia’s only hope. We can’t leave this world in worse condition that when we came.”

I bite my lip. “Can Fairy Godmother Inc. create the loophole if there’s not one?”

“Pierce just told me that they are looking into it, seeing if he can get clearance for that. That might take a few days to accomplish. If they can, that would be a game changer.”

“Big league.”

Flix looks up at me with a wide grin. “So, we need a red dress, from what I hear.”

I shiver, remembering the look in his pale gaze.

“Make me hot, hot, hot, hot.”

“I can’t, but ill ask Pierce,” he says and snickers.

I roll my eyes, envisioning what Pierce will make me. I want to knock his socks off, or pants off, and underware. “How am I going to see him tonight? With the cameras everywhere? I am just glad I do not have to wear a wrist band.”

Flix looks at me. “I would leave that up to Ajax, I think he is planning something. I never thought him to be the romantic sort, but I’m impressed. I would definitely thank your tits for that.”

I glance down. “Thanks tits, but how? And you really think he is planning something romantic?”

“Girl, he told you to wear red.”

I feel a flash of excitement. “Did you tell Pierce?”

“Yes, I am waiting on his reply,” he says as he types. “I bet someone comes for you when it gets dark. So, we need you to be ready by that time.”

“Do you think he is planning a...date?” I can’t wipe the silly grin from my face.

“A date? That boy has something naughty planned, not sure if you would call it a date. I saw the look on his face, you lucky bitch,” he says all snooty like. “I bet he will smell so good tonight; you have to tell me, or I will die.”

I bet he will smell divine and look like sin incarnate. I can feel the heat in my lower regions imagining him in all his male splendor. The mint of his breath and his hot lips...but his eerie gaze is what has me experiencing hot flashes. So predatory.

Seconds go by as I am lost in thought.

What is Ajax up too? The fact that he is putting thought into this makes my heart swell, because men rarely do things like this. Or, at least the men I once knew.

“Oh girl! I just saw the dress Pierce is going to make you. Damn! Ajax is going to have a hard on all night long with this number,” he sings. “We will have it in the bag after this one. You will not be a virgin after tonight.”

I frown. “I am not a virgin.”

He laughs. “I know.”

I feel my face heat at Ajax’s expression when he sees me. “Can I see it?”

“Nope, not till it’s done.”

I shiver.

I can’t wait.


I take a steady breath as I wait on my medical bed. The scar on my side is faintly white, healing insanely fast. I am very thankful that the last doctor that has seen me already left because I could not explain how I look right now.

I feel like a queen, royalty.

A seductress.

My gown glitters like a thousand rubies in the low lighting, the material is made from the finest silk I have ever beheld. I’m sure Ajax thought I would grab a dress from their stock room. He will not be prepared for what Pierce conjured.

My skin is perfumed with tropical flowers and moisturized with the purest of scented oils that enhance my golden glow. The thin silk straps of my gown molds into a sexy sweetheart neckline, the dipping neckline is hot and seductive.

I shiver as I trail my hand over the stunning fabric. Two scandalous slits are on either side of my thighs, showcasing my bare hips almost up to my waist. When standing still the ruby silk swirls around me like glittering jewels but with the slightest movement, the slits bare my legs in an erotic display. My heels look like glass, a Pierce original design, apparently. My hair is in long waves of shinning fire, matching the hues of my gown.

It’s a showstopper.

My make up is stunning with a smoke-eye and ruby lips to match my gown. Ajax will be too stunned to ask how I was able to manage this. Or, at least, I hope. I am wearing a long white medical jacket to shield my splendor, Flix stole the jacket earlier today.

Flix opens the door and comes in. “Someone is coming, some dude in a black cloak.”

My heart starts to pound.

I hear a tap on the door, and I get up, walking to the door as nerves take flight. Taking a breath, I open to see a man I have never seen before. A tall, silver haired Fey stares back at me. “Can I help you?”

Please ignore my flawless make up and gorgeous hair.

“Follow me and put this on,” he orders and hands me a long black cloak. I nod and take the cloak and quickly cover myself with it.

“Keep your head down and slay close,” he orders again.

I follow him through hallways and hallways and finally making it outside to a black space-car, I will call them. I sit in the dark car with my heart in my throat, I really hope this man is not kidnapping me.

He says nothing to me as we drive for what seems like forever.

My stomach almost feels sick with nerves and the car stops at some warehouse looking building. Alarms ring in my head, this is not the romantic vision that I had. I can hear the crashing waves for we are right next to the beach on a raised cliff. I nervously glance at the creepy building and wonder if I will have to use another lifeline.

“Follow me.”

I swallow, not really wanting to but I do anyway.

The building dark and abandoned. I shiver as I follow the Fey up flights of stairs and stairs until we come to a metal door.

“We are here, just walk through there,” he says and turns to leave.

He just leaves me in this dark stairwell.


I take a calming breath and tell myself everything will be fine. A man with a ski mask will not be on the other side of this door practicing amateur surgery procedures. I open the door tentatively and it makes a pained sound, the metal moans from years of rust.

I suck in a breath.

It’s the rooftop of the warehouse that is decorated like a designer had just left. Sparkling lights and candles illuminate the calm night. Rich fabrics are draped here and there giving it a chic harem, Arabian nights feel. I can hear the loud crashing of the waves below and now I understand why this place was chosen. Exceptionally romantic.

It’s stunning.

A glittering table is set for two in the center, and my heart wants to explode.

This took a lot of planning.

I smell the scent of seasoned food mixed with tropical flowers. I feel my eyes sting, not expecting any of this. I can’t believe Ajax would go through the trouble to put something like this together.

A door opens on the opposite end of the rooftop and in walks Ajax. I suck in another breath at the sight of him and shiver. His broad frame is in back finery fit for the royal ball, except his dress shirt is unbuttoned to mid chest to show his tattooed skin. With his dark gothic jewelry and sexy shaggy hair, the man looks like Lord of the Underworld. Ajax’s raven hair has grown to almost chin length and it’s devastating on him.

He sees me and his eyes widen, hands casually in his pockets. “Red,” he murmurs my name in his sexy accent.

I swallow. “This is beautiful, Ajax,” I whisper back, feeling my emotions all over the place.

He tilts his head. “Take off the cloak.”

I shiver again, his gaze so unnerving. A thrill shoots down my spine as I remove the cloak and white medical coat.

The slight breeze catches the ruby fabric showing my shapely legs and hips. Ajax’s slight smile disappears and his mouth drops. I can see his pale stare roam over my body and my adrenaline kicks in. He makes eye contact with me and it nearly steals my breath, I have never seen so much desire in one expression.

And that is saying a lot of Ajax.

I can see faint glow in his gaze that looks so unnatural that I can’t help the shiver that slithers up my spine. He slowly walks up to me all the while devouring me. He stops in front of me and the tension is so thick I almost pass out from it.

“I am not sure if you’re real or just a figment in my twisted mind,” he softly says, eyes still roaming over my body.

“I am real.”

“Then I better not touch.” He looks at me, his chest rising and falling. “I don’t trust myself, yet.” He turns and reaches for two wine glasses and hands me one. I take it and watch him pop open a fizzy clear champagne. A hint of a smile plays on his lips, pouring me some. “Where did you get such a dress?” he reaches out and touches my hair just slightly. “Your hair looks like silk.”

About that.

“My secret,” Is all I can come up with, an honestly, I must tell Ajax who I really am soon. That thought alone terrifies me.

If this all works out in the end it will be a damn miracle.

He tilts his head. “Your secret? Then have your secrets Red, as long as you only look like this for me,” he murmurs as his gaze lowers to my breasts then lower to my legs. “Please, I must know if you wear undergarments?” his voice is low and husky, sending goosebumps all over my body. His gaze locks with mine and I can see the unholy light of raw desire, lust, this carnal appetite that almost scares me.

Pierce might have poured too much oil on the fire tonight.

My heart beats so hard.

“I wear none,” I say then feel my face heat to ten thousand degrees. You can’t wear undergarments with this, the slits won’t allow it, in my defense.

He expels a breath and turns to walk towards the edge of the building, listening to the crash of the waves. He rakes a hand through his hair like he is losing his mind.

Was that the wrong thing to say?


I can see him smile and he turns to look at me. “Give me a second Red, I was apparently not prepared for you tonight. I need to talk to you, and I can’t seem to think of anything else but spreading your legs and putting you on the dinner table.”

My heart is still beating out of control and now I must clench my legs together. Does he not know how insanely hot he is? Seeing a man of his caliber losing control like this is erotic on so many levels.

I grin and saunter around the rooftop, seeing all the work he’s put into this. “Ajax, this is so beautiful.”

He turns and leans on the rail, his sexy locks blowing with the slight breeze. “I am glad you think so.”

“You did all of this for me?”

His expression does not change. “I definitely didn’t do it for me.”

I smile at that and our gazes clash.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispers. My breathing hitches, hearing such raw emotion in his voice. He takes another breath and pushes off the rail. “Please sit,” he says and motions to the table, like he is trying to distract himself. “I am going to make you my favorite dishes. I will be right back.”

He’s going to make me food.

No. Freaking. Way.

Be still my heart.

I sit and the door suddenly opens, and he is pushing some silver mobile kitchen. He wheels it right in front of me and turns on the blue flame under a gleaming metal pan. My eyes widen, he is going to cook right in front of me?! I don’t think Gordan has anything on Ajax right now.

A man that can cook.

This is so sexy, I can’t even.

I cant.

He uncorks the wine and pours it into the pan with flames rising high in a talented display of culinary arts. He is adding multiple things that start to smell downright mouthwatering. He looks at me and slightly smiles. “Hungry?”

I take a breath. “Yes.”

He throws in some red meat and the sound fills the night air. After a couple seconds he cuts a piece and walks up to me. “Open.”

My heart beats fast as I open. Ajax puts the meat in my mouth and yes, I suck his finger making him slightly groan. The meat tastes like the finest cooked beef I have ever experienced. He walks back over to the pan and smiles. “I will cook you food every night if that’s how you look when you eat.”

I laugh, face heating. “It’s delicious.”

He looks up at me and winks. “I am going to spoil you tonight Red.”

After a while of watching him cook masterfully, Ajax finishes and sits down in front of me, serving me mouthwatering dishes.

Wine is poured and I take a generous sip.

Why do I feel so nervous?

“This is so romantic Ajax,” I whisper, tentatively looking up at him.

He leans forward. “I find myself wanting to do anything for you.”

I almost can’t eat, the way he is looking at me is going to make me cry. “You already have.”

He tilts his head and sips his wine. “Not quite Red. Try the sauce.”

I do and I moan in delight, everything is so delicious I almost have to pinch myself. “I can’t believe you can cook this good.”


I smile at him, loving everything about this man. “I don’t think there is anything you can’t do Ajax.”

His smile makes my chest tighten. “You may be right on that,” his eyes travel over my cleavage. “I am going to show you what I am most skilled at later.”

My heart jumps at his meaning.

I am going to die of a heart attack.

We finish eating and he grabs my hand when I start to hear lovely music being played. Ajax seemed to think of everything. He brings me in close and starts to dance with me, slowly swaying with the soft piano music. I will have to tell Flix Ajax smells divine, like an Armani musk that drives my senses wild.

My hands smooth around his neck and I can feel his hands brush the bare skin of my hips. I shiver when I can now feel his hard erection against my stomach. I close my eyes when I feel his lips on my neck, his hand now gripping and smoothing over my bare ass.

Holy molly the temperature just spiked.

“Red, please marry me,” he whispers, breaking the silence as his hands mold me harder to him. “I want you with every part of my soul. I am so crazy for you that I can’t think straight half the time. You have disarmed me, it would seem, twice. Even when my mind didn’t remember, my soul did. I will be damned if I let you get away from me twice.”

I feel a tear stream down my cheek, my body shaking.

He grabs my chin and lifts it, making me look at him. “Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

“I am so in love with you it’s probably not healthy, Red. I have never loved anything in my life except you, and I want you with a fierceness that I am willing to die for,” he says with powerful seriousness.

I am crying now.

I am going to hyperventilate.

He wipes my face with his thumb. “I want to be selfish. I don’t give a fuck what my people say is right. I want you, Red. I want to possess you every night, to hear you scream my name over and over,” he pauses and looks down, our foreheads touching. “I want to see your stomach round with my Feno child. I want everything.”

I sniff, not being able to talk. I feel like I have always known him, not just for three months but something deeper.

He now lowers to one knee making my breathing hitch. He is looking up at me like I am his sun and moon. Ajax smiles and reaches into his suit coat and pulls out a glittering black box. I place a hand over my mouth, feeling like this is a dream, not reality

He has a ring.

My whole body is trembling.

He opens it to show a band of glittering rubies and a hint of some yellow exotic gems, the clarity rivaling the purest of diamonds. It probably is for all I know. It’s completely stunning, looking like fire, a river of lava.

“Ajax,” I breathe, tears streaming down my face.

“I pray you say yes, because I can’t handle a no,” he whispers.

“Are you sure?”


I laugh, feeling like I am floating. “Yes!”

He slides the ring on my trembling finger, a perfect fit. How he knew that, I will probably never know. So magical, this night. Its glittering brilliance stealing my breath as I stare at it. He stands and his lips are on mine in a desperate kiss, his tongue sweeping into my mouth as he pushes me up against a broken stone wall. He tastes of wine and sin.


I feel his hands on my bare ass again as he molds me to his large groin. “Red,” he breaths, “I am going to fuck you so good and thoroughly tonight that you’ll beg for mercy,” he whispers into my neck. “I want you to take every inch of me.”

Heat flashes over my body. “Yes, please,” I pant, igniting on fire.

Ajax smiles into my neck. “That’s a good girl.” He licks my neck now and his hands slowly massage my ass. “Now, this dress on you is the single most sexiest thing I have ever seen. I am going to have you keep this dress for future use.”

I moan as I feel his hands grabs my thighs and pulling them apart.

“How wet are you?”

“Very,” I get out. “Touch me please.”

He makes a sound as he cups me down here, groaning as he starts his slow, torturous massage. “Fuck Red,” he moans. His mouth is on mine in a furious kiss as his fingers dip inside of me over and over, gaining speed and power. He can use his fingers so well it shocks me, how he swirls and dips into me with such finesse. I rock against him and he smiles, clearly loving it. Heat pools all over my body as I feel like I have been set on fire. I am almost there, his hand working magic on me like always. He knows precisely how to touch me to drive me crazy.

Ajax suddenly stops and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder like a cave man. I gasp as he walks over to the far end of the rooftop and pulls back a long velvet curtain to reveal a large bed with silks and velvets draped over it.

Before I can marvel of how much thought went into this night, he throws me on the soft bed. He is standing over me, taking off his coat and unbuttoning his shirt. “Spread your legs, let me see.”

I flush.


I swallow and spread my legs and hear him say something under his breath. He is breathing hard now as he discards his shirt. Ajax in his glory, I shiver, loving his masculine power.

“Take you tits out.”

I bite my lip and lower each strap, letting my girls out for full display. I shiver when his silver gaze starts to glow. I think that is a good sign, a really good sign.

Ajax removes the rest of his clothes making me feel dizzy and hot. I feel like I entered a dream state, seeing my rainbow body completely open to him.

His mouth devours me between the legs first, his swirling tongue groaning into me, bringing me to burning heights as I climax around him, my body spasming. I grab onto his head as he licks and sucks me to a point where I can no longer talk. He whispers into me that I taste like honey, swirling his tongue deep inside of me, his hands desperately gripping my legs as if I would disappear.

Ajax sits up with a wicked glow to his eyes and grabs my thighs, pulling me to him, entering me hard and fast. My eyes seem to roll back into my head at the sensation of him. I love it. I love how he can fill me up and pound me so hard for so long. His rhythm, I am convinced, is unmatched by any other man. He kisses me and worships me as he thrusts over and over, telling me that I am his future...wife.

I hope he still feels the same when I tell him who I really am.

And imposter.

That thought scares the hell out of me because I have just tasted what Heaven is like tonight, and I can’t lose it.

I just can’t.

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