Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 2

I moan.

It sounds painful and very dehydrated, scratchy. I move my numb foot first, then wiggle my fingers, my head buried into a very fluffy pillow of my top-level suite. OMG, I didn’t even take off my heels. I think I passed out in a very awkward position.

I must look like I fell off a building, splat.

“Uhhhhh,” I whine into the crisp white down comforter. I blindly feel for the phone on the nightstand next to the bed, my arm stretching. “Come on,” I groan out as my hand finds the phone buttons that I am randomly pushing. Something crashes to the floor, probably something of glass. Perfect.

I must have pushed the speaker button.

“Good morning, Crystal Macleoir! I hope you are rested and had an enjoyable evening. What can I assist you with on this fine day?”

Why the F does she sound so happy? I’m already getting irritated. “Cut the Marry Poppins crap. Get me an egg-white omelet with salmon and a ton of healthy shit like fruit and avocado. I must have drunk my weight in liquor. I need nourishment. You feel me?”

“....Uhh yes, I feel you.”

“I need an F-ing latte STAT with some painkillers for this bitch-ass headache! Oh, I need to book an appointment in the spa, my skin feels dehydrated. I would also like a massage at some point today. I’ll have my assistant confirm that later.”

“Right away Ms. Macleoir.”

I lay here trying to fumble through my hazy memory. I didn’t even get laid, what a disappointment. The end of the night seems so distant, not having a blackout since my sorority years. I drank way too much, too many lemon-drop shots. I sit up and that seemed to activate my tension headache.

“Shit,” I moan.

I look down and see that I am still in my cocktail dress. Oh, this is a first for me. I never let myself lose control like this, it’s very out of character for me. I peel myself out of bed and manage to take the sparkling red dress off, flinging it to the side with a stumble. I might still be a tad drunk, my vision swimming. I stand here naked, my thoughts disconnected.

It’s freaking freezing.

I make my way into the massive bathroom and walk into the large shower, turning on the hot water. I spin around and catch a glimpse of my reflection. I gasp. I look like a hot mess, my gorgeous hair in knots and my eyes resemble a raccoon. I walk a little closer, seeing the puffiness of my eyes. No wonder I didn’t get laid, I don’t think men like to sleep with dead bodies. I must have passed out hard because I don’t even remember getting back to my room. That’s a scary thought.

Though, my body still looks killer.

I smirk at that.


The hot shower revived me to a certain, manageable degree. I put on a large fluffy bathrobe and wrap my hair in a plush towel.

Much better.

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

Bout time. I am starving, and when I’m starving, I turn into a bitch. Well, I always a bitch, I just don’t try and hide it when I’m hungry. I make my way across this lavish living room, admiring how elegant it looks. I go to open the door only to yelp, tensing every muscle in my body.

It is the man from my weird dream.

He smiles at me, and I just awkwardly stare at him. He looks fresh in his gray suit; white shirt unbuttoned a bit at the neck. His blond hair is beautiful, I vaguely realize. “Can I help you?” I get out, trying to run through my memory. I literally had the oddest dream about this guy. I’m really weirded out right now.

“Oh good, you’re showered. I was hoping I was not too early,” he says casually, leaning against the door like he had zero cares.

How bizarre.

“Excuse me?” I ask. “You’re not making sense, I think you have the wrong room.”

He laughs, shaking his head.

I stare at him, starting to feel nervous.

“You really have no memory of our encounter last night?” he raises a brow, with a pitting expression. “You were a little tipsy last night.”

“Oh shit,” I say and cover my mouth. “That was not a dream?”

He shakes his head. “We need to talk, like now.”

I am immediately terrified. “I sighed something, didn’t I? What did I sign?!”

“Can I come in?”

I am starting to panic, willing my memory to help me. “Did you blackmail me?”

The man motions for the room service cart to enter the room; the smell of food is forgotten. What have I done? Surely, I would not have signed anything that would get me into trouble. Did I sign away millions? How could I be so careless? This is not the actions of Big Red!

The door shuts, and the strange man sits on a plush gray couch, arms stretched wide on the low back like he is having a great time. “I think you should eat first,” he kindly offers.

“Not hungry,” I say and cautiously sit on the opposite couch. “What happened last night.”

“Well, you signed a very binding contract.”

“Fuck.” I am breathing hard.

“You may call me Pierce, by the way,” he winks. “We will get to be quite good friends.”

“You took advantage of me. I need to call my lawyer,” I stammer, millions of bad scenarios running through my head.

Pierce leans forward. “I do not think that will do you much good, I’m afraid. And yes, I did take advantage of you. I did not have a choice. You’ll forgive me later, they always do.”

“You bastard. What did I sign?”

He chuckles at me. “You will not believe me when I tell you, which is to be expected. I have to show you in person.”

“Try me, asshole,” I am seething with anger.

He shrugs. “Very well.” He takes a breath then looks at me. “You signed the official binding contract with Fairy Godmother Inc. That’s a very big deal, by the way.”

“What the hell is that? A joke?” Am I in the twilight zone here? Do I have moron written on my damn forehead? I’m about to call security. Fairy Godmother what?! Great, I sighed a crazy man’s contract to his fantasy land.

It’s almost laughable.

I am almost relieved.

Pierce’s blue eyes study me intently. “You must compete against other women to try and win the heart of the prince, ruler, or man in charge. Fairy Godmother Inc. keeps the universe in balance with true love’s kiss. We send women out on missions to change the hearts of men, keeping the universe in balance one love-match at a time,” he smiles and leans back. “I am very serious, and this is no joke. And we are very good at what we do, you are in good hands.”

I just stare at him.

I don’t know what to think.

This guy can’t be serious.

“You signed the contract confirming your involvement in the next mission. This is the first time I was able to pick a player. I needed to find someone with a strong personality, a very high opinion of themselves, and extremely arrogant. Someone who will not back down and has an ego that will lead them to do things that normal people would not normally do.”

“Did you just insult me?”

His gaze moves to my hair that is currently up in a towel. “Your hair color and eyeshade might just be what the doctor ordered. You have a very rare shade of lime-green eyes and hair that is not common. This is what I need. You are my secret weapon. I had to get you at any cost, we need you at Fairy Godmother Inc,” he continues, “Though, I am not guaranteeing your success, I just think you are weird enough to make an impact. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.”

I swallow. “Is this a reality show? Like the bachelor? Women competing for one guy type thing?”

“No.” He tilts his head to the side. “This is not a show but very much your reality. This adventure is a lot more complex than a dramatic T.V show. I am going to need you to come with me so I can prove everything to you there. All questions and details of the mission will be answered, fear not. Time is of the essence, and the other girls are already packed and waiting patiently for the last player. I believe we are ready as soon as you are. ”

“You are really serious.”

He’s crazy.

“I am.”

I shake my head. “I do not have time for this, I run a multi-million-dollar business. This thing sounds cute, but I am the wrong person for this.”

I need to get this guy out of my room.

“You signed the contract, you are obligated to come with me,” he warns.

“The hell I am! I am not going anywhere with you! Get out of my room, I have shit to do, and I don’t have time for this,” I stand, feeling my anger boiling. This guy is a complete nut job. I am not taking part in his weird-ass game.

He stands with me, making me tense. “This is not up for debate; this contract is very binding. Would you like to read it?”

“Read it?!” I yell. “Send it to my lawyer. You, sir, kindly see you’re way out of my room before I call security.” Pierce pulls out his phone, making alarms ring in my head. “Who are you calling?”

He’s calling his mob friends!

“Hi, Zora. I am going to need to be extracted with the final player. Yes, I am aware of that, thank you. Oh, and this will be a code B12,” he says and looks at me. “Yes. You might want to do it fast.” he hangs up the phone and smiles at me.

This is not good.

“Code B12?” I yell, backing up to get my phone. “You are out of your freaking mind!”

He sighs, and he casually stands with his hand in his pockets.

“You ready?”

My heart is drumming against my chest. “Ready for what?! You stay away! No, I am not ready, you crazy person!”

I need to call 911.

“Take one full breath, because this tends to hurt if you’re not relaxed.” He says, calmly watching me freak out with an amused expression. This guy is insane!

Whoa. I stop mid dial, my thoughts feeling confused. I feel weird, tingly. The last thing I remember is Pierce saying,

“Welcome, to Fairy Godmother Inc...”

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