Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 34

Christmas party!!

“Let me take your coat,” Ajax whispers into my neck, which is covered in diamonds. The fluffy white coat slips from my shoulders, and I feel his lips on my skin. “You are radiant.” I am dressed in a sexy silver gown, the dipping V-neck showing off my most famed assets.

I turn and smile up at him, grabbing onto his black-leather suitcoat. “You don’t look so bad yourself,” I whisper and bite my lip, loving the smell of him. He looks sexy in his rocker-vibe suit, his dark jewelry adding to his appeal.

His pale gaze searches my face. “Keep biting your lip like that,” he leans into me with a dark grin, “And I will use this coat room for something else.”

I laugh as another couple beams next to us on the large platform next to the coats. I look and see a stunning woman carrying a little girl with bouncy blond ringlets. The man she is with also has blond curls to match his daughters. They look like twins. A very handsome couple, the woman looks at me and her discolored eyes widen.

“Your Big Red!”

I look to Ajax then back to her. “You know me?”

“Apollo! It’s Red!” She looks at him with intense joy.

The little girl squeals, “Red!”

The man named Apollo smiles at her then looks to Ajax and me. His dark eyes hold an apology in their depths. “This is my wife, Viola. She follows the Fairy Godmother Inc. Entertainment Tonight, news channel.” He sighs and looks at her. “She is very addicted to it.”

I fight a smile. “There is a news channel?”

Viola smiles as she gets a better hold on her daughter. “Oh Yes, the Darling Necklace beams the channel right to you. Before you leave talk to Phill from accounting and he will plug you in.”

I laugh again.


“I can’t believe all that you went through, one of the toughest missions I have watched recently. Actually, I remember last year when Pierce was telling me about your case! So happy it all worked out!” She grins, showing her perfect white teeth.

“Thank you, nice to meet you,” I say and smile at the lovely little girl. “Were you on a mission too?”

Apollo takes his wife’s coat and hangs it up. “Yes, the one before yours.” She looks at Apollo, “When is Laura coming?”

Apollo winks at her. “Any minute, Angel. Let’s go and find a seat before Mort can spot us and ruin everything.”

Viola pales. “Yes, lets hurry. Mort with bubbly drinks is never good.”

After they leave, I look at Ajax. “What?”

“You know, this is the first time we have been alone in a while,” Ajax murmurs.

This past year has been a tough one. Dealing with the Fey and humans, trying to find common ground. “I think we are out of the thick.”

“Leon tells me we have peace treaties in the works,” Ajax agrees.


“I got the word right before we left,” He says, his gaze almost glowing in the low lighting.

“That’s amazing news!” I say and walk up to kiss him.

Ajax pulls back, his chest rising and falling. “Let me have you now,” he rasps.

My pulse quickens. “Now?”

“Yes.” Ajax pulls me to a close door and opens it, another coat room/closet. He slams the door shut and has me against the wall, his lips on my neck and shoulder.

We hear crunching.

Ajax groans in irritation and turns and sees a chubby man eating a bag of popcorn. The man pushes his glasses up on this nose and continues to chew. “Hi, I am Matt from finance and recreation.”

“Out,” Ajax hisses.

The man shrugs and walks out, dropping popcorn.

I place a hand over my mouth to hold in the laughter.

Ajax’s irritated expression turns into a grin as he places his hands on his hips. “Where were we?”

“Here,” I say and pull down the straps of my glittering gown.

“Red,” he breathes. He walks up to me, and he kisses a trail down my neck to my bare breasts. He picks me up, and my legs wrap around his waist, pressed hard against the wall as his lips lick and suck me.

“Now,” I pant.

I feel him unzip his pants with one hand, and in a matter of seconds, he is thrusting inside of me, coving my moans with his hand. We can hear people on the other side of the door, but that doesn’t slow Ajax, he pounds me hard and fast.

I come, and he covers my mouth tighter as he thrusts a few more seconds for his climax. We both are leaning against the wall breathing hard. Ajax’s head is resting on my shoulder, and I feel him kiss me. He smiles and laughs, “You think that Matt guy would have said anything?

I lean my head back and giggle. “He had popcorn, hell no.”

“Can we repeat that before we leave? Without, Matt, that is,” he murmurs into me. “You smell so good. Like flowers,” he whispers and kisses me more.

I laugh.“Yes, please,” I say and smile. “You need to go and fetch me my lipstick. I think one look at me and everyone will know what went down in here.”

Ajax puts me down and fixes my dress and winks at me.

When we finally walk out of the coat room, Fairy Godmother Inc. headquarters blows my mind. It’s stunning. This year on the invitation they said the theme is ice and swirly gumdrops. We can hear the loud Big Band playing in the main hall.

“This place is like a fantasy,” Ajax says as a group of slutty elves passes, the girls giggle as they see Ajax.

I roll my eyes.

I am used to it; after a year, I have come to terms that Ajax just can help that he attracts every female with hormones.

“There are so many people here,” I say in awe, holding onto Ajax’s arm. The main hall is lit up with purple and blue glowing lights; a massive ice sculpture glistens in the middle of the hall in the form of a Christmas tree. “Beautiful.”

I am bumped in the shoulder by a short blond agent running past me, carrying a drink.

My eyes widen as I see that girl I met in the coatroom run after her. “Get back here, Mort! That is whiskey, not apple juice. My baby does not drink whiskey!”

“Geez,” I hide a smile and scan the room full of people. “I need a drink.”


I whip around and see Flix in a purple suit and shades, his hair styled in a pink mohawk. “Flix!” he runs up to me and gives me a tight hug, then fist pounds Ajax.

“How are you guys!”

“We are great!” I say. “Love the suit,” I wink at him.

“Thanks girl, after the mission I got promoted, so I can afford more divine things. Bitches be jealous, ” he says and takes a large drink from his pink fizzy flute glass. “Try this.”

Ajax whispers in my ear, “Will go get us some drinks.”

“Okay,” I say and grin at him.

“Damn, that boy is hot, hot, hot,” Flix hands me his drink.

“Oh, I am aware.” I sip his drink. “We had a little coatroom action if you know what I mean.”

Flix laughs loud and shakes his head. “You can take the hoe out of Earth, but you cant the hoe...out of the hoe,” he says then frowns.

“That made no sense,” I deadpan.

“Red!” I turn to see Pierce decked out in a flashy silver suit and a Christmas tree hat, that is tilting to the left. “I have been waiting for you. Tell me hows it’s been for you guys. No baby yet?”

I blush. “No, we are waiting until everything calms down a bit.”

Pierce grins. “Right.”

“So, how is the company doing?” I ask and down Flix’s drink. I ignore his death stare and his OMG whisper.

Pierce Laughs. “Flix, go get us some drinks, this night has only begun.”

Flix thinks for a second, then he smiles. “Fine.”

Pierce looks at me. “Preparing for another mission.”

I raise my brows. “Do tell.”

He leans in and is very serious. “Well, this world is cutthroat and wild, a little primitive in some places. Steampunk, they were the first to harness the power of steam engines and mechanics with magic,” He says and looks around, “The place is fascinating, old-world elegance with fantasy.”

My eyes widen. “Wow.” I nod at Ajax as he hands me a drink. “Who’s the bachelor in question?”

Pierce sighs. “His name is Louis Herbert Bagstock the Third. He is a decent guy with a lot of money, is in charge of the largest ground cities. He is searching for a wife. His brother is in charge of the Sky colonies, structures in the sky powered by steam engines and dark matter. We need to mend their relationship to keep the peace.” He sips his drink. “His brother will be the tough one.”

Ajax raises a brow. “Nothing Fairy Godmother Inc. can’t handle, I’m sure.”

Pierce stares off into the distance. “As long as his brother plays nice and I can find Louis a soulmate, then we are good.”

“What’s the brother’s name?”

“Julius, I think,” Pierce frowns.

I smile. “Can’t wait to see how this goes.” I grab Ajax’s arm. “When does it start?”

Pierce smiles. “The process has already begun...”

“Oh buddy, I hope these girls have grit, she’s is going to need it.”

We all cheer, and join everyone on the dance floor.

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