Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 3

Where am I...

When I come out of my brain haze, I am standing in a large, beautiful office. I can hear phones ringing and faint voices. I barely register my erratic heart-rate as I gaze around the stunning place of work. Stark white, almost so bright I must squint, with accents of light-blue. Am I dreaming? I must be.

Did I die?

I swallow and raise my hand to my arm, my brain telling my fingers to pinch myself. Do it. My shaking hand pinches my flesh and my brain tells me that there is pain. I pinch harder when I hear voices nearing me.

I don’t move.

I am frozen in some state of denial.

“Crystal, so happy you could join us,” an authoritative female voice booms behind me.

I flinch, slightly moving my gaze towards the sound.

Moments pass as I say nothing.

“Pierce, the child looks scared out of her mind, the poor thing.” The woman says. “Are you sure this is the right choice? We are already behind,” she pauses, “and you know we have plenty of women for this mission, tough women.”

Even in my state of confusion, I know when I’m being insulted.

I turn and face what I would describe as a very intimidating woman. She is my height, chin raised, and very elegant. Older, her graying hair styled in short waves around her shoulders. But she is very beautiful, despite my instant reaction to tell her to go to hell.

I glance to her side to see that man that calls himself Pierce. I take a steady breath, not wanting to cause myself any more stress, it’s bad for my complexion. “Where,” I say carefully and tilt my head, “Am I?”

The woman glances at Pierce then back to me. “Well, my dear girl, you are in my domain now. Were you not informed?” She points to the big sign behind me that says, Fairy Godmother Inc. over a large receptionist’s desk.

I turn and frown as my eyes take in the letters. “Oh my,” I say, now remembering everything that horrible man said to me. “You have got to be joking.”

“No, this is very real.”

I look back to them. “How is this possible, am I on drugs? Is this some underground facility?”

Pierce shrugs. “Impossible is not a scientific term; rather, it’s just that the possibility is very unlikely. But in this case, this is very possible.”

“I want some answers now,” I threaten, feeling like I need to sit down. I look down and realize that I am still in my bathrobe. The color drains from my face. “I need clothing Pierce,” I hiss, feeling mortified. People were walking everywhere, looking at me like I just escaped the asylum.

He laughs and glances at me while we start walking, “As a matter a fact, I can help you with that.” He waves to passing people in white doctor clothing. “I happen to be in charge of the design department, but I will get into that later.”

I look at him. “What?”

Design department?

“Right this way, you will meet the other women.” Pierce offers before I have a chance to tell him I am not meeting other women in my bathrobe. How unseemly. They might know me, well, everyone knows me, unless you live under a rock.

I don’t even have make-up on.

I walk into a large spacious room with college-like seating and a desk at the front. How very sterile and strange. It’s then that I notice five other women, very pretty women. I’m immediately on guard. But when I say pretty, I mean just that. Just pretty. Not gorgeous. They all stare at me, eyeing me up and down, expressions indifferent. Like I am not a threat to them? Do they know who I am?

Well, I am in a bathrobe and a hair turban.

This is rich.

“Ladies,” Pierce says, “Meet the last player Crystal Mcleoir, and please forgive her clothing. We left in a hurry, and she didn’t really have a choice in the matter.”

“No, I didn’t,” I say with a frown. “I can’t be here,” I hiss, feeling a wave of panic hit me. I have a company to run, stocks to watch. I must check my news outlets for any chances of mergers or earning calls. I can’t be here.

“Aren’t you, Big Red? The day trader?” One of the girls asks.

I glare at her. “Of course.”

Who else would I be, genius?

Pierce motions for me to sit down. “Fairy Godmother Inc. operates in a different plane of time. When you return, if you choose to, it will be as no time has passed,” he says, not smiling anymore. “Now, please sit.”

I sit in the nearest chair, not because I am obeying, but because I want everyone to stop staring at me.

“Let’s introduce everyone. It will be smart to know every player, for they will be your competition.” He points to the first girl sitting in a chair. “We will just go down the line, so introduce yourself.”

A black girl raises her hand, tossing her long blond hair to the side. “My name is Angie Williams.”

The girl next to her says, “Delon Knowles.” Her dark eyes and dark hair do not intimidate me in the least. I nod and roll my eyes.

“Lila Matthews.” The next girl says as she eyes me with a smirk. I already do not like her, I have a great sense of character. Her skin being an olive hue and her dark eyes are just that, boring. I think she would look better as a blond, not her chestnut-colored hair. These women are pretty, just not on my level, I note with pleasure.

Not that I am going to play this game, but if I did.

The only blondie raises her hand. “Tany Glanville.” I nod at her and the only description I can think of is ordinary.

Then the last girl seated next to me who looks to be an Asian mix. “Yada Shizu.”

Pierce claps his hands. “Great. I feel a lot better now. It’s time to get into the deeper stuff, some information that is needed.”

I roll my eyes, feeling so out of place. This can’t be real, can it? These women are sure acting like it’s real. I have a very uneasy feeling that I am going down the rabbit hole, whether I like it or not.

Pierce waves his hand, and suddenly the area behind him is not there anymore.

I scream with the other women, my hand on my mouth.

It’s the solar system.

What the ever-loving hell!

“Calm down, it’s an illusion now pay attention. The world you will be going to is the Crown Province of Thunia. Remember that, please, I hate to repeat myself. I will make this a simple as possible. Long ago an elite race of Elven people took over the land from the mere human race. This is going to be a very difficult mission, I cannot stress this enough, so I need everyone sharp. The Elven race are the elite, viewing themselves as superior, naturally. They have technology beyond most worlds, very futuristic. Flying cars and ships, that sort of thing. Quite impressive.” He pauses as he walks around the desk. “Who here has seen the hunger games?”

I swallow, my erratic heart-rate pounding in my neck. I am holding onto my chair, not wanting to slip off and fall to my death, floating away into the black abyss of the solar system. That’s how real it looks. I take a breath and glance at the girls. We all look at each other, not liking where this is going. I hear a few girls murmurs something about loving that movie.

“Well, this is very similar to that movie, is why I bring it up,” he says and sits on the desk.

I snort.

Was he serious?!

I feel like I keep asking that question and the answer is always the same.

Pierce seems to ignore my glaring. “Now, remember you all have three life-lines.” He points to all of us. “This is important. If you are about to die you may use them by saying, life-line activate. Simple. On the forth, you will be ejected from the game entirely, too much of a liability. These are not my rules ladies.”

Yada the girl next to me raises her hand. “This is going to be as dangerous as the movie?” She looks scared.

Pierce makes a face as he thinks. “There’re differences from the movie to this place, major differences. The people are not suffering like in the movie, the people in this world have a great thriving life. But they all live for the games, almost like the Superbowl times...a hundred. There are six nations that compete against each other in these games, almost like the Olympics. It’s very important, their sole pride and joy. It’s also televised for the whole world to join in on the fun.” He pauses as that woman enters the room, nodding for Pierce to keep talking.

“Keep talking, please,” she says.

“Ladies, this is her Fairy Godmother.” Pierce does a slight bow in her direction, and she nods to everyone. Her white dress is so white it hurts my eyes. Though, that could be because I am hungover as hell.

“These missions are dangerous, and you can die, which is the kicker. That’s is why life-lines are so important. But at that same aspect, we can’t have everyone using life-lines and getting kicked out of the mission before a love match can be made if that makes sense. We are intervening because if we do not, it might turn out as dire as the actual Hunger Games. That would tip the scales. Time to nip it in the bud.”

I don’t even know what to think. My mind is having a hard time processing this rationally. If this is real, then I am screwed. Currently, I am feeling very small and vulnerable, I can say nothing at all, nothing, and I stare. All I can do is listen and try not to freak out. This is becoming more real as the seconds pass.

The fairy Godmother looks at all of us. “You all will place your hands into the Bowl of Destiny, to see what role you will be playing in the next three months. After that, you will be placed with our very own F.G.A.s- Fairy Godmother Agents. They will travel with you, being your personal tool for anything you may need. Perfect shape-shifters.”

The door opens and delicate looking people come in wearing all back, like if they were on the mini SWAT team.

“Meet the agents. You will be paired up with one after we figure out each of your roles.” She Laughs and glances at Pierce. “We almost forgot the most important information, the man in question.”

Pierce rolls his eyes. “I was getting to that part.”

She puts on some cat-eye black glasses and reads off a paper. “Okay, the King and Queen of Thunia are the dominant rulers; currently the biggest nation, understand? Theodluin and Myrrh Leocaryn. Their son is the man to snare. Ajax Leocaryn, the eldest son of Thunia.”

Pierce nods. “There are six nations like I said. Thunia, Ebrad, Brae Shye, Broyrus, Claoye, and lastly Sescesh. Your agent will help you out with details of each and other important information.”

The Godmother adds, “We want to ensnare Ajax, period. It will be difficult because they do not mingle outside of their race, viewing humans beneath them. But they have not dealt with Fairy Godmother Inc before,” she smiles and glances at Pierce.

“We are good ladies, you are in great hands.”

My eyes are wide in disbelief, shit.

“The Bowl of Destiny!” The Godmother claps.

I gasp as a large bird-bath bowl appears behind the desk like just appeared out of thin air. It sparkles and shimmers as if enchanted. I am very nervous; my palms are sweating. This is really happening

I think for a second.

If I use all my life-lines, then I am ejected from the game.

I get to go back to my life.

I’m brilliant!

I raise my hand with newfound glee, “I’ll go first!”

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