Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 6

Having a bad attitude is an understatement.

But I keep my mouth shut because I am literally terrified, they carted me off immediately as a tiny flying video camera films me, getting right in my face. I flinch and look down, not wanting to show my horrified expression to these people. The camera is a little metal ball that hovers and zooms around with incredible precision. There are multiples of them, getting different angles of this event. I would assume Lila will be scanning her hands soon and experiencing this as well. This process is documented for the public’s entertainment, watching with bated breaths.

Great, I am in another reality T.V show.

Ten billion people are watching me right now, including Ajax, I assume because he’s the team leader. He’s probably wondering why I’m the only human dumb enough to show disrespect with my hair. A form of rebellion is probably not taken lightly, but from what I can see, it’s not illegal. I can see out of our space car as we ride on a high suspended rail, I notice a giant T.V projection that is currently showing me and my bright locks right now. Tons of people below watching like it’s the next big blockbuster reminding me of New York Time Square with their large digital screens. I bet this is airing on every T.V., popcorn ready.

I want to flip off the little cameras floating around me, but I barely restrain myself. Though I do not know why I am restraining myself, I am trying to get myself in dangerous situations so I can use my life-lines.

But I’ll wait.

After a long ride, I’m taken to the training facility where I am put in a giant locker room with these troopers holding both of my arms. They are not rough with me, but they are not gentle either. They toss me in and leave me there alone in this giant room. This locker room is huge, housing hot tubs and a giant spa area. I can see two entrances where woman and men change, everything white and pristine, virtual displays are everywhere. One showing the male body and all the muscles, organs and veins, the same with the female. It’s just on display, in case anyone wants to learn about the human body.

It is extremely, advanced.

I can also smell chlorine and other earthy aromas that are very pleasant, very soothing. I hear voices coming from the men’s changing and showering room.

I am on high alert.

My pulse is hammering as I try to play it cool, acting like I’m just looking around, not nervous at all. “Flix,” I hiss. Where is that little bug?!

"Superbug here.”

I spot the little metallic bug flying to my left. But in a blink of an eye, he materializes in front of me. He looks like a nice young teen, white spiky hair and dark eyes, skinny.

Flix glances down at his white jumpsuit and glances up at me. “This is as fabulous as Pierce will let me be so don’t give me that look.”

I roll my eyes and fight a grin. “What are you?”

He shrugs. “Water boy, janitor, assistant to the sexy as hell Ajax.”

I raise a brow and glance around, there better not be any cameras. “So, what’s this dude look like?” How hot can he be? I am around male models all the time. Hot guys are not ground-breaking, and most of them are gay or more in love with themselves.

Horrible partners.

Flix checks his watch. “You and Lila were the last to ring in for team Thunia. The other members are here, and I believe Lila just arrived outside. If you’re referred to as a Feno, that because you are a Feno. A human with Feyriths’s abilities, which is what the elven race is. It’s believed that way back in the day the Feyriths’s bred with humans before it was frowned upon. So, throughout generations, the Fey powers show up in humans every so often.”

I stare at him. “Weird. So, I have fay talents, and were called Feno’s? My Spirit Valkyrie came from the elves long ago.” I say to myself, “Strange.”

He nods and grabs something off his sleeve. “Yes, which is why these games started, to kill off the Feno’s in a very entertaining way.”

“That horrible.”

But very creative.

“Right?” Flix walks around, gazing at the virtual bodies, starring at the male one. “Though it’s not like that anymore. Now, it’s more of a status thing, but still very dangerous. But Feno’s dying in the games is a normal occurrence, so that’s why Pierce is nervous about you girls using up your life-lines.”

I don’t say anything to that.



“You never said what this dude looks like.” I glance at the men’s locker room. Was he in there? He’s probably making-out with himself in the mirror, if he’s so hot.

Hey, I’m not judging though.

Flix places his hand on his hip. “Girl, you are going to die—”

Three men exit out of the men’s room pounding fists and laughing loudly. All three were fit and muscular, looking like poster boys for the Avengers. I faintly wonder if one was Ajax, all the men are very handsome. They pause when they see me, their eyes going wide as they look me up and down.

“So, you’re the redhead,” the large one booms, his dark beard covering half his face. He was built like a tree, a Viking.

I can feel my face flush. “Nice observation.”

He chuckles, looking back to his boys like I told the funniest joke. “I can see some grit. I’m McFolas.”

A chocolate-skinned man smiles at me, holding out his hand, very dashing. “They weren’t lying, you’re sight for sore eyes, honey. The names Alok.”

“Nice to meet you both.” I feel awkward as they stare at me.

Who wasn’t lying?

The media?

“The best for last,” says the man who resembles Captain America, grinning wide, pushing the other men out of the way. “I am Aaron, nice to meet you, what’s your name?” he leans in close to me.

I almost groan. “Red.”

Aaron’s eyes widen. “Red? Fascinating, nice to meet you, welcome to team Thunia.”

“And I am Lila,” says her voice from behind me.

I want to roll my eyes.

Then men shake her hand, saying they now have the best-looking team this year. I smile, their infectious energy is hard to ignore. Lila looks cute, ill give her that, but she could have used a nose job. It’s a little on the big side.

Her body is on point though, if a little short.

Too short.

I shrug. Not that I care, she is no threat to me because I don’t care.

McFolas claps his hands, his dark eye winking at me. “Alright female Feno’s, I was told to tell you guys to suit up and to meet out in the arena. Ajax wants a word with his new badass team. Can’t wait to see what you guys are capable of!”

Aaron is chewing on a bar. “I am so glad Ajax took over this year. His brother’s a dick, can’t stand the prick. I know that’s why Thunia lost two years in a row,” he says as they leave out the main door to the arena.

The women’s shower room is so spa-like that I admire it. We get changed into a tight-black catsuit that was hanging in our lockers with our name on it. We look hot in these, a zipper running down the center for easy access. Just kidding. But the material is so comfortable yet supportive, saying Thunia on the back in white.

An unwanted thought crosses my mind.

I look like Wonder Woman, for real.

I shake my head and walk out with Lila, having to listen to how hot the guys are on our team. They’re handsome, but nothing I have not been around every day at home. Not enough for marriage, I snort at that.

My hair is in a high Cuban bun, thanks to Pierce, and my golden skin is looking fabulous. But Flix had said the outfits are so tight that Pierce didn’t need to adjust them. The arena looks like the Olympic stadium but three times bigger. I didn’t realize this place is so damn big, it’s petrifying. There is a massive pool that is shaped in a zig-zag outline, a huge floor with tons of weights and weapons. Every inch of this beast has some sort of training machine.

I am so nervous.

I have no idea how to use my Valkyrie ability.

Life-lines here I come.

“So Big Red, what sort of talent do you possess?” Aaron comes up to me, tossing flames to one hand then the other.


“I-I am a Valkyrie,” I stammer. “Spirit.”

He frowns, his brown eyes looking me up and down. “What’s that?”

Great question. Flix didn’t know much about it, I’ll be sure to thank him for that. “I am not sure.”

His eyes widen. “Oh, shit Red, you have never used it before this?”

I feel anger, everyone looking at me. I honestly could give two shits about the Fays and their f-ed up game. “No, I have not, it was not my choice to come here and cater to a spoiled-rotten race! Who gets their kicks at watching us fight each other like wild animals! I never met this Ajax before, and I am sure as shit he probably has a small penis!”

I am breathing hard as I notice Aaron’s smirk turn pale, glancing over my shoulder.

No way.

“Right behind me, right? “I whisper as dread sinks into every bone in my body.

Aaron didn’t say anything and nods to whoever stood behind me, backing up. I slowly turn, feeling every muscle in my body protest.

My mouth drops slightly open.

The rushing in my ears cannot drone out the male specimen before me. Lila told me earlier that the fays normally have white-blond hair and it’s rare to see one that possesses the black coloring.

This man is Ajax, I just know. He stares at with pale silver eyes, eerie, abnormal, hypnotic, dangerous. But his skin is tanned with long black hair, an intense look on his god-like face. This man is insanely hot, and I am eating my words. He crosses his muscled arms over his sleek body, a body that is shirtless and wet.

Oh, mercy.

His hair and upper torso are dripping with sparkling water droplets and I realize he is wearing wetsuit pants. He was swimming, I almost laugh, trying to not fall to the ground.

Ajax glances at the rest of us on the team then back to me, pale eyes stealing my words. He is tall, probably 6′8 or somewhere around there. He is not bulky, but sleek and ripped, like if you turned a Rockstar into a superhero. He oozed sex appeal.

“Red? Is it?” he says, his low accent making my feet tingle. He walks up to me like a black panther going in for the kill, eyeing my hair then my face.

His wetsuit even resembles leather pants making sway a little bit. Not sure if I have ever seen a man look so animalistic.

I take steps back, alarms ringing. “I was just angry,” I murmur. My eyes catch a water droplet that slithers down his chiseled abs, then continues down to his low, narrow waist. I quickly take in his power thighs and a very impressive bulge.

Yea, this man does not have a small penis.

I look back up to him and I know he knows my thoughts. My cheeks stain the color of my hair, I am sure, and I look way.

He leans down to get eye level with me, making me look at him, the silver iris’s seeming to swirl. “Don’t get on my bad side Red,” he whispers, “You won’t like it, get back in line before I change my mind on letting your mealiness comments go.”

I nod, turning to get in line, feeling mortified.

I catch Flix mouth to me.

I told you so.

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