Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book-2 Ajax's Weakness)

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Chapter 8

I walk into the locker to see Flix sitting on the bench, not facing me. His shoulders are slumped, and he is twisting a piece of plastic in his hands.

I sit by him, startling him and wrap my arms around his small body. “I’m sorry Flix. We will figure out this together.”

I can feel his body relax.

“I can be a real bitch, and for once it’s not an endearment,” I say and squeeze him a little harder.

He looks at me and slightly smiles. “Truce.”

“Truce,” I say and nudge him.

He takes a breath and looks at me. “Okay, I was talking to Pierce and it seems like Ajax is getting a lot of attention from our girls, which is not a shocker.”

I bite my lip. “What do you mean?”

“Well the other teams are here, and Ajax is making the rounds which gives the other girls a lot of access to gain his attention. Not to mention Sarya is now here, which is a love interest in their elite world.” Flix starts typing with his left hand on some invisible keypad, then blinks rapidly like he wears computer contacts.

“I am going to make an educated guess and say you are on virtual computer? Otherwise I am worried,” I say carefully.

He gives me a dry look. “Duh. This is how I talk to Pierce and connect with the other agents and learn about their progress.”

I nod with a grin. “Anyone kiss him yet?”



He laughs and sighs. “It was his girl Sarya when she arrived. Not sure how much he is into her but, the lips did touch, that lucky hooker. And another thing, the cameras are here now. So, watch what you say or do, the wrong people could be watching you. And, the girls must be careful when they flirt, because with a man who looks like Ajax, I bet Sarya will be a witch to deal with. This is going to be a difficult mission.”

“I see, they will have to flirt when the camera is not near,” I say to myself. Sarya kissed him? I wonder what’s it’s like to feel his touch and attention. I bet every girl on Fairy Godmother Inc. is wondering that. Will someone even get close when Sarya is here? Seems unlikely to me.

I can feel Flix smiling. “You dirty hoe.”

I glance at him, “Finally I have my Flix back,” I laugh. “What? What did I do?”

“You’re jealous.”

I make a face.

“Yes, you are, why don’t you admit that Ajax might be worth exploring?” He fans himself, “Could you imagine kissing that stud?! He has the hottest mouth, girl,” he says with a nudge and an eyebrow wiggle. “I was looking at his hands, and he has the prettiest fingers.”

I almost choke on nothing and stare at him. “Flix? A hand fetish?”

“No!” he laughs then thinks, “Well, maybe. But I am just very observant, have you seen his hands though? They are not big and bulky but long and elegant. That man has the longest fingers. Don’t miss my meaning, they are not feminine, but like hands of a musician or artist.”

I am laughing. “I have not looked yet, I have been too terrified. But now that you say that, I definitely will.” I shake my head. “No, you don’t understand, the man does not like me. I am actually the sore thumb on the team. I could be the reason Thunia does not win.”

Flix and I sit there in silence for a moment.

He shrugs. “Right, but you’re hot, and he is a hot-blooded male, human or not. You need to up your game if you’re going to play this, I really feel you could get under his skin. I think you have already done that, now just add a bit if sexual tension,” Flix gives me a pointed stare.

Do I want to try for him?!


I am a little confused, and not wanting to get my heart broke. I can just see the long lists of women he has touched, ruining them forever. And, I will guarantee he has never touched a human, it has only been his race.

“This man does not like humans like that,” I deadpan. “He is just annoyed by me that I can’t do shit on his team.”

“Yea, we need to get you to start meditating. Or you will not last long here, and I’m sorry for that. The talent I knew was a really rare one, so maybe that’s why the instructions are so vague.”

“I have been trying, I can feel the power, but that’s it. Nothing happens, I don’t know how to activate it,” I admit, feeling like I want to at least give it a shot. “Even when I yell, shaaazam!!”

Flix laughs then gets up and nods towards the door. “Well, you have to get fitted for your uniform for the first game in three days, this fitting is a big deal, a lot goes into the suit. Ajax is very hands on that he is present for the fittings, wanting to make sure his team gets the best advantage from what I hear. He really wants to win.”

I look at him. “Fittings?”

We are walking, and Flix grins at me.


“Ajax will see you in your underwear that Pierce will adjust to your benefit. Give me some girl.” He holds his first to pound.

I barely pound him back as my face heats and my heart jumps to life. I can’t even imagine Ajax looking at me in my underwear. I just got really, really, really nervous.


I am wearing a robe and standing in a long line.

I am the last one.

I can see Lila a few people up and I also caught a glimpse of Delon and Angie. All the teams are getting fitted today, and when it’s your turn, you go to your color on the door. Thunia’s color is cobalt blue. I glance at the purple door that said Sescesh and frown. Delon is on Sarya’s team, and I wonder what’s she is like.


Weird name.

I wonder if she is hanging out with Ajax, getting more of those kisses. I have not seen the woman, but to entice Ajax she must be beautiful. And, Ajax gives me the vibe of a playboy, women just swarm around him everywhere he goes.

“Ok Pierce needs to fix you underwear,” Flix says next to me. “They gave you an unflattering size. Lila size fits her little muscular body great, but you got a bogus pair.”

I frown at him. Under my robe, I am wearing nude boy undies that are a bit baggy, and a nude, thin bra. But I’m still hot because you can tell I have a killer body, my golden skin is lush, and my D breasts are still glorious globes. My hair is braided down my back, like requested by all females. But my braid is loose and whimsical, thanks to Pierce. Fairy Godmother Inc. are on point, every detail addressed.

“You need to spin.”

“Right now?”

“Yes,” he says impatiently.

I spin, hoping no one notices that Red is just randomly spinning in a damn circle at the end of the line, like I have lost my mind. My body feels hot and tingly and I can immediately feel the fabric shift. I stop and can feel the tight fabric. “What. Did. He. Do. to. My. Breasts?”

“It’s a complex deign to raise the girls and push them together without any evidence. Fairy Godmother Inc. are very innovative, their designs some of the best I have seen.”

“Flix,” I say and open my robe. “I can’t walk in there like this.”

“Sure you can, let me see.” Flix looks and his eyes widen. “Holy shit,” he whispers. “Your tits look amazing, girl, Ajax is going to walk into a damn wall.”

“No, he won’t, I’m sure he has seen many breasts in his day. Look , when you raise large, natural breasts, they jiggle and sway,” I hiss. I look back down to my breasts and wonder how they were able to do this. I can feel the underwear hugging my taut ass perfectly.

Pierce plays hardball.

Pun intended.

Flix is giggling into his hand. “You look like you should be walking into a VS or a Playboy shoot, not here.” He continues, “You know what though, most of the women that I have seen weirdly enough have smaller breasts. I have not seen a Fey woman with breasts over a B cup, most are A’s. Maybe it’s not in their genetics. The men are very tall and muscular, and the women are tall and skinny. Like the runway model type. You’re actually not tall to their standards.”


I even think about the other Fairy Godmother girls, and I did see any with my size of breasts. Holy crap this could, like, shock them. “Flix I can’t walk in there like this then.”

“Oh yes you can, where is that confident diva inside you?” Flix frowns at me, crossing his arms.

“She,” I say, and realize I am next. “Is dying.”

“Bring her back to life then.”

It’s my turn and I have never felt more self-conscious in my life. I look back with a grin that could not help, “And to think, I had breast reduction surgery.”

Flix laughs with wide eyes. “Dead.”

I hug my white robe tight as I walk into the door, seeing Aaron just leaving.

“What’s up, Red!”

I smile at him and see fabric everywhere, small weapons, belts, guns, measuring instruments. Virtual outlines of clothing, super-suits. The place looks like a mess. There is a small platform in the middle of the room, and I assume I am to stand on it. I glance over to my left and see Ajax learning over a book, reading something, a tape measure over his shoulders. My mouth waters.

Ajax is wearing a stark white shirt that sucks to his lithe body, showcasing his bulging biceps and tan skin. I feel like I need to leave, my nerves making my knees shake. His black pants could be leather, but I am not sure, all I know is that he has the swagger and edge of a Rockstar. I love his long black hair, it gives him such a tribal look, untamed, wild, exotic. The braid is intertwined down his back, and I can actually see the slight point of his ears.

He has a male assistant that looks to be in his teens, large glasses, nerdy, short.

The nerdy boy sees me and just stares, mouth dropping.

I take a breath and roll my eyes. Let get this bitch over with, ready or not, here I come. I let the robe fall from my shoulders and I toss it to the side.

Honestly, I have worn swimsuits way sluttier than this.

I just don’t know why I feel so exposed right now, so out of my element, uncertain. The boy’s eyes widen to a point where I thought they would explode. Perfect, I am scarring the poor thing. They’re just tits kid, get over it.

“Martin, give me that ruler,” Ajax says, lost in what he is reading.

Martin doesn’t nod, just still starring at my, you guessed it, breasts.

Very Awkward.

He backs up and does not realize a waist-height trash can is behind him. He falls backwards and over it making a loud crashing sound, trash everywhere, very embarrassing.

Ajax jumps back, frowning. “What the hell just happened, are you okay bud?”

I clear my throat, my cheeks heating.

Ajax looks at me and his frown disappears as his pale gaze travels over my body very slowly, pausing at the swell of my golden globes. Our eyes clash and the silver seems to glow almost, sending a shiver down my spine. He has such predatory eyes that I might risk putting back on my robe. I feel naked.

I swear if my nipples harden, I’m screwed, there is not much padding.

He turns towards Martin, but not before I caught a slight smile on his lips. First one I have ever seen on him this close...and I think I saw a delicious dimple.

“Martin,” Ajax helps him up and fix his glasses. “Focus for me man. Do you remember that Breastplate I had you working on? Go get it.”

My cheeks redden even more, Ajax was working on a breastplate for me? Martin runs off, knocking a mug off the counter in the process, shattering to the ground.

Ajax shakes his head and curses, rubbing a hand down his face. He puts his hands on his trim hips and slowly turns towards me, face indifferent.

I take a breath, my breasts rising with each intake. “Should I put back on the robe then?”

Ajax does not respond but walks up to me, making me tense. He is so big, so larger than life. I have to crane my neck up to look at him. His eyes make my knees weak, and I am trying not to breathe so hard because it just draws more attention to my girls.

Ajax stares down at me, and I faintly note that he smells so good, like he is wearing cologne. “I am going to measure you because I don’t think my assistant can handle it,” he says without expression and grabs the measuring tape from around his neck.

I nod, I think.

I just can’t believe he is this close to me and is going to touch me. I get that it is all business, but my body does not care, apparently. This is like foreplay to me.

The tape in his hand lights up like it will automatically read me. I almost moan like a weirdo when I feel his hand grab low on my hip, his long fingers applying pressure as he moves me a little to my left. He seems like he does not care when I am about to orgasm from one simple touch. I look away as I feel him wrap the measure around my waist, jerking me a little closer to him.

We are so close, and I try so hard to even out my breathing.

Don’t move a muscle.

Blue light shines off the measuring tape like its reading my whole body. Ajax tilts his head to get my attention. I look at him, and his expression seems slightly amused.

“There, that wasn’t too painful,” he says, his voice with that accent is nothing short of dead sexy.

I don’t say anything.

“Relax,” he whispers, then tuns right when Martin comes in with a piece of metal.

That’s my breastplate?

Ajax’s thanks him and leans down to whisper something in his ear. He nods and runs off to possibly get more things. But I think Ajax is keeping him busy, so he is not entranced by my large bosom.

I can’t keep my eyes off Ajax even though I try to ignore him, the man moves so fluidly, I can see his taut muscles shift and flex under his bright white T. He turns towards me with long white, tape strips and the big metal piece.

He sets the metal plate down by my feet the stands up, his silver gaze locking with mine. Every time this happens I feel lightheaded, scared, nervous, I don’t know what to do.

And I certainly do not know what to do with my hands.

“This is why I am doing this and not my assistant,” he says as his eyes flicker. “Just relax.” He takes the white tape and places it at my shoulder, pressing it into my skin. “This is how the metal knows what to do.” begins pressing the tape, following the line down towards my breasts.

My heart is wildly beating, but I look away, willing my chest to stop rising so fast. Will he touch my breast? I feel my nipples harden, making me want to curse. I certain the man could careless, hardly the first human he has turned on.

He gets to the tops of my cleavage, and he pauses with the tape. “Would you prefer Martin did this?” his voice is low, but still indifferent.

I can’t look at him as I shake my head no. “It’s fine, just do what you have to do,” I get out.

He presses the tape to the top of my breast, sending fire through my body. Never in a million years would I think Ajax would even get close enough to even touch them. I don’t care if this is not sexual on his part, but damn. His fingers guide the tape down over me and then presses harder when he gets to my protruding nipple. Heart explodes in my stomach. His thumb moving over it as if to make the tape stick. That’s all he is doing, that all. Breathe. My nipple just happens to be in his path, don’t pant like a cat in heat. You can’t get turned on at the doctor’s office when the male nurse checks for lumps in your breasts by massaging it.

He is my team leader.

My cheeks flare to fire, but I still can’t meet his eyes.

I take a slow deep breath and try to remain neutral like him. I feel him push once more on my nipple then continue down to the underside of my breast. He finally cuts off the tape at the ribcage.

I take another slow breath and glance at him.

His silver gaze is hot, on fire even though his expression is neutral. I can tell this is affecting him, or I need to go to therapy because I can’t read people anymore.

“Excuse my excessive...pressing,” he says, his voice sounds a bit strained as he wipes a hand down his face. “It will not read it perfectly it’s not flat.”

Can I die of embarrassment?

I think I nod at him, my knees wanting to buckle.

I hear him quickly get the next tape and starts it on my other shoulder. I brace myself as he begins smoothing the tape down my collarbone. Damn my body, I feel like my nipples could cut glass right now, cutting through my thin bra. I hear him take a breath as he starts to smooth the tape down my large breast. Don’t moan, please. Enough embarrassment for today. He reaches my nipple and again begins to caress it.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I feel like I can’t breathe. I look at him when his thumb presses and rubs my nipple, and I am about to do something I should not.

He needs to stop.

“Are you sure this is helping the situation?” I pant.

His pale eyes sear me as his thumb caresses me. “Helping, look here,” his voice is low, sexy.

I look at his finger on my nipple, and it’s severely erotic, watching him rub me. Liquid fire runs through me.

“The tape is now suctioned to your nipple,” he offers with a dark flicker in his pale stare. His thumb didn’t stop moving even though the tape looks stuck. He drags his thumb hard over my nipple this time, making a hiss escape my lips. Now his thumb moving in a circle around me and I want to pant and moan.

Something very dangerous, shocking even is happening now.

He exhales and closes his eyes and continues with the tape, like he is forcing himself, bringing himself back to reality. He cuts the tape off at the ribcage and grabs the metal plate, seeming to move overly fast.

I scream as the metal suctions to my body, forming a perfect fit to my girls. I am now wearing a soft metal-like armor that gleams, a second skin.

I look at Ajax, who looks to be breathing hard but looking the other way.

“That will protect you,” he says so low I almost don’t hear him. “I have to leave, I will send someone to take my place,” is all he said before he is gone.

I place a hand over my mouth.

Flix will not believe that Ajax just made it to second base.

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