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By Meli Casillas All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Chapter 1

The dream…

I quickly ran and ran away from death. My death. My heart pounded against my chest so fast that I thought it would burst out of my chest. My breaths came out in fast, short intakes of air. I take a turn and I scream in frustration when I notice that it is a dead end. I look around for something to defend myself with. I find a long stick in the corner. I grab it and brace myself for what has come for me. I knew that I was going to die. I feel a chill run down my back and I know it is here. I close my eyes and take in what may be my last breath. I slowly reopen my eyes and gasp. Death was not what I had expected it to be...

I wake up with a gasp. I am dripping with sweat. I wipe a hand against my forehead and sigh in relief that it was just a dream. I look around my room and it seemed so quiet. So lonely. My parents had died when I was just in my 1st year in college. Ever since then, I worked as a bartender in a nightclub. It paid pretty well considering I brought in half of the customers with just my looks. I had wavy brown hair that fell unto my lower back in small slack curls, green “Bedroom eyes”, small button nose, full lush lips, was at a medium height with curves in all the right places. It was my looks that had the men coming back every night. Every night, I had at the minimum two guys hit on me but they knew it was waste of effort because I wasn’t one of those chicks that was that easy. I sigh and brushed my hair out of my face. I lose myself in thought and think about my nightmare and shiver at the thought. My dreams usually held a meaning or something. In this dream, there was a man. This man was extremely attractive. I wouldn’t mind having his arms around my waist and his lips next to my ear, whispering sweet nothings. But since this man could possibly bring my death. I had to make sure that I avoided him at all costs. But still I could not forget him. He had worn a white shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and six pack that was held underneath his shirt, jeans that hung onto his hips, he had golden skin, hair to match, high cheekbones and deep mesmerizing blue eyes that pulled you in. I quickly shook my head, trying to remove the thoughts out of my head. I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I washed away the nightmare. I changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. I walk to the kitchen and start to cook breakfast. My mom had thought me to cook when I was just twelve years old, probably knowing I would need it later on in life. I wonder if they knew that they were going to die that night. I shrug off the ominous feelings and finish making breakfast. I look at the pan and notice that I had made for two. I sigh and as I sit down to eat, I hear a knock on the door.

I slowly walk to the door and open it to reveal my best friend/co-worker, Katie. I smile “Hey, you’re just in time for breakfast.” She smiles back, showing me two hot chocolates in her hands. I grab one and hold the door open so she can walk in. She does and begins to serve herself some food. “So, what brings you here so early, Kat?” She starts eating and I sit down. I sigh and wait for it. “I-I b-broke up with Bryan again.” I look up and see tears threatening to fall. I sigh and pat her knee. “Sweetie, it’s okay. Just tell me what happened.” She takes in a deep breath and says “Well, we were on the coach, snuggling like always. When he starts kissing me deeply. Well, I was tired and said that I didn’t want to last night. He started getting mad and well I got mad too. He locked me out of the bedroom.” She starts sobbing again and I roll my eyes “Look you can stay here as long as you like and I hate to say this but I TOLD YOU SO.” She stops crying and glares at me ” Oh like you’ve never be with a pushy guy, Melissa” My eyebrows go up and I look at her. She grunts “No, you haven’t. I mean I don’t even think you’ve been with a guy.” I blush “Y-yes, I have.” She smirk “Being in a relationship isn’t what I mean. I mean you’ve never had sex.” I put my head in my hands and grumble “And what if I haven’t. No guy wants me. “Now her eyebrow goes up “Oh girl you and I both know. You could have any guy in the universe with one flutter of your eyelashes.” I roll my eyes “I meant that no one wants me for more than a one- night stand. I want my first time to be with someone who would want me for more than sex.” She shrugs “Yeah, but it’s awesome. Its’ She gets lost in her thought with a dazed look on her. I pinch her and snaps back into reality “Ouch that hurt. Meli. “I roll my eyes. We finish eating and sit on the coach. “So, what was it you wanted to tell me?” She sighs and said ” Well, today we have to get there one hour earlier cuz the club is opening a lil earlier than usual.” I sigh “Why?” She sits up “Because Damien wants it that way.” I roll my eyes.

Damien was the owner of Midnight Daze, an awesome nightclub. He was also Kat’s cousin. “Does Damien know not to let Bryan in tonight?” She looks away for a minute and mumbles” No?” I sigh “Give me your phone.” She slowly hands over her phone with little resistance. I dial Damien. A sleepy deep voice answers “Hello, it’s the Day man.” I giggle “You have to stop answering like that, Day.” He doesn’t answer for a moment when he said ” Mel, what are you doing calling me on Kat’s phone. Don’t tell me Bryan broke up with her again.” I snort “You guessed right, Dayday. Make sure your guys don’t let him in at all tonight.” I hear he open the door to something and begin to shout orders. “Ok it’s done. You coming in tonight right. I need guys to come in tonight if I want girls as well. So, you better wear that black miniskirt and that blue tank top of yours. Ok?” I giggle “Oh, so I’m a piece of advertisement? Some boss I have.” Damien chuckles “Well, you are my best girl. You sure you won’t go out with me?” I roll my eyes ” Oh, hell no. No one goes out with THE DAY MAN. Unless it’s sleeping with him.” I hear him to start to argue “I am not having this conservation on the phone. Bye. See you at 8pm.” I hang up and see Kat smirking ” He gives you the have sex with me talk every time you call him.” I shrug “Why does he think for a moment that I would.” She smiles “I don’t know because my cousin is hot and he knows it? And well you’re hot too so I would think that he thinks it’s possible.” I roll my eyes.” Well, he very knows my rule.” Katie snorts” That rule is going to end up making you regret it.” I shake my head “Never.” We turn on the TV and start to watch American Idol’s last episodes. “Simon is so unfair. That guy was so talented.” I roll my eyes “You just like his ass.” She smiles “Who wouldn’t.” Again, I roll my eyes. “So, your cousin wants me to wear the sexy and I know it clothes” She frowns” But I was going to wear that look.” I stare at her for a moment and say ” Well, since you’re a barely break up. You can straighten your hair. Put on a Long sleeve with V-neck, a denim skirt, and some Toms. Also, put as minimum makeup to go for that innocent sexy woman.” She thinks about it for a moment and smiles “I think I can make that work.” I nod. She starts flipping through the channels as I start to draw the sexy death carrier from last night. I have always been good at drawing people. I am very good at details. As I finished, I hear Katie whistle “Damn, that’s one hot guy. Where did you see him?” I look up with a serious look on my face. “I just drew this to let you know. If you see this guy coming anywhere near me, tell me so I can avoid him.” She sighs “Why would you avoid a guy like that” I shrug “Just do this favor for me.” She slowly nods. We check the time and start to change. I put on the outfit that Damien suggested and I had to admit that it did look very well. “Damn girl. It’s going to be hard to keep the guys away from you.” I rolled my eyes “And you’re the one that should be talking.” She looked stunning. We got into the car and drove to the club. We knock on the back door and Damien opens the door. He waggles his eyebrows “Hey, sexy Mademoiselles.” I roll my eyes. Damien lets Kat inside but stops me from entering. “I need you to go through the front entrance.” I roll my eyes once again. “Hurry and strut that lil sexy ass of yours to the front and tell Alan to let ya in.” I nod and walk to the front. Alan was a tall, over buff, bald man with an earring hanging from the top of his ear. “Hey, Alan. How’s it going?” I feel the hungry gazes of the young men standing in line. I send them a quick wink as Alan whistles ” Melissa, why you here so early you know the club doesn’t open until 8pm.” I smile and lean up on my tippy toes and whisper in his ear “Damien told me to come in through the front to attract attention. So, please I need to get in.” I hear him chuckle as I pull away. “Fine, Fine. You’ve convinced me.” He opens the door but before I go in, I tell the young men with a wink. “I’ll wait for you boys inside.” I hear them whistle and yell “It’s a promise.” I giggle and meet Damien inside. “You certainty got them going.” I smile “It’s my specialty.” Damien’s eyes raked my body and I could see that he was getting a physical reaction. “Day, really?” He follows my gaze to the bulge in his pants. He shrugs “Can you blame me?” I nod “Yes, I can.” He smirks “So as I was saying on the phone.” I hold up a finger and say “My answer is the same as always. Not going to happen in a million years.” He groans “Man, blue ball much?” I smirk “A lil.” I strut over the bar and jump over bar and say to Kat “You ready to get hit on?” She smiles, a man eating smile ” Hell yeah.” We start polishing some cups and start unstocking the drinks.

Eight O’ clock comes soon and people come rushing in. The men immediately come to bar, watching the women as they dance, trying to attract attention. I smirk. Kat and I go round and round. Pouring drinks here and there. I roll my eyes as I see Kat hand out her number to a blonde guy. As times passes by, less orders come in and finally we get a break. I don’t see Kat, which means that she’s probably making out with the blonde in a corner. I sigh as I lean my elbows on the table and look up to meet blue eyes. I gasp. It’s the guy from my dreams. He’s standing in the middle of the dance floor, women around him, totally unaware of him. He stares right at me, deep into my soul. I feel my heart pound faster and faster and I swear it was going to stop at mid-beat. I gulp in fear. Was I going to die here in a bar, at a young age? Death smirks as if he had heard my thoughts. He slowly took several steps forward, never taking his eyes off of me. I felt myself take various steps back and bumped into the drink bar. He stops at the table and says “Hi, I’m Carter.” He has a British accent. Damn this bloke. I gulp and whisper “I know what you are and I know why you’re here.” One eyebrow goes up “Oh, do you?” I slowly nod. He rubs his chin. “Hmm, that’s a first.” I shiver from the fear. “What did I do to deserve this?′ He shrug and nodded his head toward the back entrance. He walks out the door. Should I follow him or should I run. Next you know I’m out the door and running home. I’m halfway there when I see him from the corner of my eye. My heart is beating so fast that I felt like it would burst. I turn and curse when I notice that it’s a dead end. Damn it. Just like in my dream. I see a stick in the corner and grab it. I’m prepared. I’m not going down without a fight. I close my eyes and when I open them again, Carter is standing a few feet away from me. I gulp “Heh, so I see you’ve found me.” The corner of his mouth slightly lifts. “Hmm, interesting. Not all humans laugh at the sight of me. I mean I am Death.” I slowly shrug “Well, all humans aren’t the same.” He nods “True. Let me ask you this, Human. Why is it that you know who I am and are not surprised that I’m here?” I sigh “I had a dream about you. I knew this was going to happen tonight.” He’s silent for a couple of minutes. Then, he says “This is very interesting. I have never encounter a human who has dreamt of me.” Suddenly, he snaps his fingers and I feel a sharp pain in my heart. I collapse and fall to my knees. ’But still. I shall not allow this to interfere with my job.” The pain keeps increasing and increasing. Was I really going to die this why? I start to fade in and out. “Hmm, you sure are taking a while to die. Are you going to die any time soon? I have things to do you know.” But I don’t to die. I’m not ready. I think of all the things I have still not done and the people that I have yet not met. I could not go down this way, I would not go down this way.

Suddenly, the pain in my heart disappears and I gasp for a necessary breath. I look up to see Carter falter. “W-what the? T-that’s not possible.” My body starts to regain strength and I slowly stand on wobbly legs. “I’m not ready to die. It’s not my time.” Carter smirks “You can’t decide that. But it seems you did have a hand in this. Hmmm, I need to have a word with Gabriel.” This time, I falter. “G-Gabriel? You don’t mean” I point up. Carter crosses his arms and nods. “Yup.” He flashes next to me, surprising the hell out of me. “W-what? H-how you get over here so fast?” He shrugs “I’m Death. Anyway, I’m taking you to your apartment. There, I can contact Gabriel and figure out why on earth you didn’t die.” I stuttered “Why are you coming with me to my apartment? Do it somewhere else or something. I mean, I didn’t die so leave me alone.” He shakes his head “No can do. Since you didn’t die, you didn’t disappear off my list, you don’t disappear off my list, and other people can’t die until you die or somehow healed by an angel. So, let’s get going. “I roll my eyes and he starts leading me to my apartment.” Wait, how do you know where I live? Carter sighs “I’m death. My list provides all facts I need to know about you.” I shivered. Even if he was Death, that was extremely creepy. We climb up the stairs and he passes through the door. My eyes widened ” What the hell?!” Suddenly only his head sticks out. “Are you coming or do I have to drag your ass in here.” I gulp and walk in. Carter paces back and forth, yelling “GABRIEL! NEED HELP LIKE NOW! ASAP!”

As soon as I close the door, a guy with dark hair and green eyes and a body that would turn on any girl appears. “(Sigh) this better be good, Carter. I’ve got things to do.” Carter points at me. “She won’t die.” Gabriel freezes and suddenly notices me in the room. “What do you mean she won’t die?” Carter pinches his forehead “I mean I usually snap my fingers and they immediately die but she didn’t and she also felt pain that never happens” Gabriel looked me up and down and walked around me. “Hmm, that really is strange. I can’t see her aura.” I squirm under the hot gazes of them and say “Could you not stare at me like that. It’s making me nervous.” and not to mention a bit turned on. Carter’s eyes narrowed. “Well, we have to feature out why you didn’t die. So, suck it up.” I glared at him “Well, excuse me for getting annoyed that two angels are in my living room and are trying to figure out why the fuck I didn’t die!” Gabriel and Carter’s eyes widen slightly in surprise. Gabriel smirked “A human that isn’t afraid of an angel. Hmm interesting... Why human is that?” I put my hands on my hips and sighed” I’m not afraid. The reason being that I had a vision of this moment for three nights already.” Gabriel’s eyes widened and he rakes a hand through his hair ” I don’t know and that’s rare for me for not to know something, considering I’m God’s right hand. Hmm, interesting...”

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