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Aiden, new in town has been noticing his strange behaviors the past months. Fitting in is hard enough, now he has to figure out what's wrong wih him. Surely he'll be seen as the new freak if he does not get his act together soon. But how can he? He didn't even know where to start! With Zane, school bad boy and bully on his trail it will be more difficult than expected. Besides, Aiden's arrival impacts the lives of those around him more than he realizes!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- AIDEN

An intense heat could be felt as the atmosphere transformed into something I have never experienced. Loud deafening crys of agony echoed in the air, I later made out the wails to be that of my siblings and devasted parents. I too began to shout in fear and anguish as the hungry fire began to eat away at my flesh.

Loads of concrete began to fall as the fire grew larger and I ducked to take cover but it was much too late. The concrete came crashing down on my ankle. I heard myself scream in pain as I struggled to move my foot but it was of no use. I knew I was trapped. As I tried to move my upper body in a more comfortable position, coughing because of the smoke, I heard the sound of something falling. I casted my gaze upwards hoping it was not what I thought when the ceiling came carshing down and before I knew it I was out cold.


In the morning

The annoying sound of anxious chatter around me and the patter of feet was all I could hear. The ceiling fan span rapidly above my head. I tried to lift my heavy eyelids but at first everything I saw through the narrowed slits were blurry. I closed them for a second then opened them hopefully for better results this second attempt. It was more successful. I squinched my eyes, lessening the blinding light that would enter my sensitive eyes. I looked around the bright white room in confusion, noticing there was only one thing in the room- a bed, the one I was currenly occupying. Suddenly the door was pushed open.

“He’s alive! I can’t believe this!” I heard someone shout, running to stand at my bedside. Still adapting to the overly bright room, I tried to make out who it was.

"There is no way someone could survive all that.” a dull voice retored and I could feel them crowding around me.

Something shiny caught my eye and I watched it with interest. The person removed it from their pocket and was now coming closer to me.

“No-” I struggled but my hands felt like lead. I could not put up a fight as I helplessly watched them inject me with the needle. Immediately the drug began taking effect. I closed my eyes and welcomed the sleep, there was no more fight in me.

I leaped from my bed in fright.

“What was that?” I asked myself trying to remember where I was, trying to figure out what was real. I brought a hand down my sleepy face and groaned. These nightmares never go away!

“It was just a dream.” I assured myself, lazily getting out of bed. “Just a dream.” I said again in hopes of reassuring myself of what is the reality. I could not shake the feeling, it all felt so real. I yawned loudly and slouchily went downstairs where I heard Mom and Dad whispering. I came to a halt and listened, suddenly feeling awake.

“Do you think it’s the right time for Aiden to go back to school?” I heard Mom ask in concern.

“Well, the kid’s been through a lot and...” Dad sighed tiredly then continued.“I- I think he should get back out there.” he finished sounding uncertain.

“Get back out there? I don’t need to explain what happened last time.” Mom was sounding so worried, it was unlike her. What happened? What are they talking about? Nohing happened!

I shut my eyes tightly to block out the sight of the flames. Nothing happended, those are nightmares!

“We can’t let them think he’s going to hide forever.” Dad replied sternly. What are they saying? That’s it I’m going out there.

“Hide from who Dad?” I asked ending the stairs.

“Honey!” Mom said staring at me with wide eyes. I crossed my arms over my chest demanding an answer. What were they hiding?

“You just get ready for school, we’ll discuss this later.” Dad said grasping my shoulders steering my body and hoping to steer my mind from the conversation.

“No.” I said and they stared at me with eyes that appeared to be popping from their sockets. “If it has to do with me and my safety shouldn’t I know?”

“We’ll talk to you when the time is right, okay?” Mom said softly then offered a stern look as she visibly toughened up. “And when we say something you do not tell us ‘no’.”

I looked over at Dad to see his reaction but he was not looking my way, instead he made his way up the stairs. Just like that all was forgotten.

The first day of school for most is exciting but I don’t share that sentiment- at least not in this moment. I jumped in the shower, hurriedly washed the evidence of sleep (nightmare) from my body and got dressed for school. I walked downstairs knapsack swung over my shoulders as I sat around the table. I shot a look over at Mom who was quiet as she prepared the breakfast. She placed the jam on the bread and I quickly reminded,

“Heavy on the jam.” She stared at me strangely, I could not read her expression.

“Look Aiden I’m sorry...” she began but I cut her off, I did not want her to apologize.

“Don’t apologize Mom. I’m sure you’re tired of it too.”

Mom was the apologize-and-everything-will-be-alright type, it was a trait that I did not share.

“Bye Mom.” I pressed a quick kiss to her cheek anod took my sandwhich with me as I walked out of the kitchen. Her sad sigh reached my ears but I did not stick around to hear her complaining. I had a day to start.

I got in my blue Honda Accord and sped off. We moved into this neighbourhood last week Tuesday, it is a lovely neighbourhood with not so lovely neighbours. We are trying to fit in as best as we can. It is January and we want to start a fresh, turn over a new leaf. I drove down the street and made a right own leaving the beautiful neighbourhood and entering the main road.

After a few turns which I memorised when my Dad drove us here, I turned into the school parking lot. I stepped out of the car and put on my knapack. The car made a beep sound as I locked it securely.

I walked towards the entrance of the building ignoring a few curious eyes looking my way. As I entered the hallway the first thing that caught my attention was the lining of lockers- there were so many.

Suddenly a hand clamped down on my shoulder and I span around to see who it was. The guy with pitch back hair infront of me was holding a key to my face. I watched him in confusion.

“You’re the new guy?” he asked although he seemed to know the answer.

“Yeah.” I repled. “And I’m a bit lost.”

“Well you’re in luck. This-” he waved the key infront of my face as if I did not see it. “-is the key to your locker No. 337 and welcome to Great Falls High School.” he smiled encouragingly at me and I smiled back taking the key from his hand.

There are some pretty weird kids at this school with hairstyles I have never seen before. I walked down the hallway ignoring the stares.

Finally I exhaled as I found my locker, I felt as if I just escaped the battle field of arrows. I opened the locker’s door and placed my books inside.

The bell suddenly rang and I hurriedly shut the locker turning only to be lost in the swirling crowd. Someone spoke from beside me,

“The Music Room is this way.” I realized it was the same guy who gave me my key so I followed him.

He went into a classroom and I trailed bahind him uncertain. I grabbed a seat at the back.

“Thanks.” I muttered to the guy who took a seat infront of me.

“Don’t mention it.”

“I’m Aiden Meyers.” I told him.

“Louis McLarren.” he replied sitting straighter as a woman walked in to the room.

“Good morning class.” she greeted but no one responded. I watched on in confusion.

Not long after a blonde strutted in. She was hot, actually ‘hot’ did not do her justice.

“Stop right there Miss Forbes.” the teacher ordered and the blonde stopped, removing the hair from her face as she looked in the teacher’s direction.

“Aren’t you supposed to say something?” the teacher asked sternly.

“What?” the blonde girl asked taking off her shades.

“Excuse me?” the teacher replied in stun standing to her feet. By now everyone was watching in anticipation.

“Morning.” the blond said drily.

“Good morning.” the teacher replied but it was resigned. Something tells me this happens very often.

The girl walked to her seat as if that did not happen.

Who was she?

“I need you to each choose an instrument and learn how to play it. Next class we will explore more on ewach instrument.” the teacher said standing to her feet as she made her way over to the intstruments. Everyone got up and searched for an instrument. I chose the guitar slowly plucking it’s chords.

“Excellent choice Meyers.” the teacher said and suddenly she was edging closer gazing at the instrument intently. Her eyes shot up to meet mine. ” Or may I say... Aiden. Aren’t you a handsome one.” she continued nearing my face. I did not know what to say. She looked to be in her early twenties, piercing grey eyes and red daring lips lifting in a smirk. She licked her lips and I gulped uneasily.

Was she flirting with me?

“Hmn.” I cleaned my throat creating some distance between us with wide eyes. Let this end!

And like a miracle the bell rang and I slipped past her, ignoring her amused look. I grabbed my knapack.

“Aiden I expect a great delivery.” she shouted after me.

“I think she likes you.” Louis innocently said as he walked beside me, but I knew it was more than that. Two girls called his name and he turned to smile at them.

Thankfully that was over- for now. The next class was History, boring if you ask me, but we were heading there anyway.

I opened the door and entered the empty classroom. I sat in a seat next to the window enjoying the view. I was startled from my sightseeing when a stampede of students came rushing into the classroom.

The teacher stormed in behind them with so many books, some fell to the floor, a few even fell on his toes on their way there. He yelped in pain as everyone laughed loudly.

I stood up and helped him take up the books, as he looked at me curiously asking,

“Are you new?”

“Yes sir.” I replied putting the books on his desk.

“There is hope for us yet.” I heard him murmur but refrained from asking any questions. I went to my seat only to find someone already sitting in it.

“Take this.” the lean guy said shoving my bag at me. I sighed softly clutching the bag tightly. I looked around in search of a seat, the only one available was beside the blond girl from earlier. I quietly sat beside her. She kept on stealing glances my way then pretended she was not looking at me.

I could see the reason for the teacher’s comment earlier, no one cared if he was in the room. They were without a care in the world, doing all manner of evil. The terrified man had to scramble out of the room ducking for cover as they threw all kinds of debris at him.

“The bell will ring any minute.” I mumbled to myself turning in Louis’ direction to see him talking to the two girls from the hallway.

“This is my seat asswipe!” a guy said shoving my books off the desk.

“I didn’t see anyone here.” I responded staring up at him in confusion.

“He’s new Zane.” the blond girl said in an unbothered tone while looking at her nails.

“Do I look like I give a shit?” he asked her loudly.“I want him to scram!”

“Give the guy a break asshole!” a new voice retorted and I looked to see who it was. A dark skinned girl stood to her feet bravely glowering at Zane. She must be friends with Louis, I saw them talking intimately not too long ago.

“You’ve got a big mouth, don’t tempt me to shut it for you.” Zane warned.

“Oh I would love to see you do that. Mr Hot Shot let me tell you something, not everyone’s afraid of you. I know a coward when I see one, if I were you I would quit acting tough!” she replied loudly.

Zane’s expression was ruthless he looked like he wanted to rip her apart there and then.

But he turned to me instead,

“This is my seat.” he told me as two guys came to stand beside him. They threw the books out of my bag, I could hear the blood thump in my ears as my temper flared. I watched them empty my knapsack like someone emptying a garbage bin. I did not want to fight but they were asking for it. I closed my eyes trying to control my anger.

Didn’t I tell you I hate first days?


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