Stolen Heart

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His hands caressed my back going lower and lower, I didn't know what to do. Looking around I tried to spot Franco, but he was nowhere to be found. Not even a minute has passed when he spoke up again, "Nina," his silky voice rolls onto my neck, "would you like to be mine for the night?" my eyes widened as he continued, "I have a room in this hotel," his other hand played with the straps of my dress, "...which there is a bed, where you'd look lovely naked on," he whispers placing a kiss on my shoulders I tried to push him away, but he was way stronger than me, tears sprang to my eyes Finally freeing myself, I turned around and slapped him hard across his face, all eyes were on us. His angry eyes locked contact with mine, "Do you know who the fuck I am?" He yells bringing more attention to us, walking closer he looks down at me "I will ruin you, Nina Bianchi,"

Samira Kalank
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A life without freedom is the life of Nina Bianchi.

After the death of her mother, her father replaced her role in Nina’s life rather quickly. Little does she know her dignity and innocence would be stripped away from her. Although her life has been claimed by others, she still hoped to get married to someone who will take her away from these everyday tortures.

A man of every woman’s dreams Charles Leroy happens to lay eyes on her, for all the wrong reasons, he promised to continue torturing her for the rest of her life

What will happen when he finds out about her past?

This story is 18+ read at your own risk

(It contains rape and abuse)

~ Samira Kalank

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