Stolen Heart

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My hair felt as if it’s being torn apart

Tears fill my eyes as my vision became blurry, I kept on begging her to stop but as always, she never listened. My ears ached from her screaming as my heart struggled to beat once more

I look up in pain, locking eyes with the devil, her eyes were red, I was petrified of the anger she had pent up in those big brown eyes of hers

Mila was pulling my hair, dragging me across the house yelling, “you slut because of you my boyfriend broke up with me, 3 years have been wasted because of you. You fucking bitch! You’d fit right into a brothel slut!”

Sorely, she was my step-sister

She held me against the wall by my neck, everything felt restricted, I struggled to breathe

Ivanka came up behind her in a calm voice, “What are you doing, Mila?” she asks, her gaze falling from my weak body to her daughter, Mila looks at her, finally letting me go, watching as I fall to the ground gasping for air, “My boyfriend broke up with me!” she yells, turning back to kick my side, “Because of this slut!”

Tears fell uncontrollably from my eyes

“He moaned Nina’s name when we had sex! When I confronted him about it, he got angry and said Nina was way better than me!”

She pulls my hair again, causing me to stand up. I scream as I felt some strands break apart directly from the roots of my head

She kept yelling, “You will pay for this Nina!” slapping me across the face, “It’s all because of your pathetic face. Wait till everyone sees how ugly you can be,”

She started tearing up the long simple nightgown I had worn to cover my body, revealing the marks they gave me, “Wait till a man sees what’s behind the clothes you wear. He’ll kill you for being so disgusting”

I cried trying to get out from her stronghold she put around my neck once again, “I’m sorry,” I begged her

Though it’s not my fault I had to apologize I haven’t spoken to him once but it was all my fault, I was the cause of every disaster in their lives

“I’m sorry,” I cried out, “please I’m sorry,” she let go pushing me to the floor, my face came in contact with the cold tile on the ground, slowly opening my eyes I see a black heel tapping on the floor

I look up, my anxiety went to its peaks, I was shivering with fear as I thought about the things she’d do to me

Ivanka stood there with her hands on her hips, “Get up!”

I fearfully got up, the minute I did, she slapped me hard across the face for no reason, “this is all your fault. Everything is your fault! Your mother died because of you!” she slapped me again, causing me to hit my back against the clean white wall

“That bastard left everything to you, what about me and my kids,”

This was my mental torture, they made me feel worthless, they’d given me no reason to live

Mila grabbed my neck pressing harder than before, her furious brown eyes just waiting for me to explode in front of her, I begged her to let me go, I couldn’t breathe once more on this dreadful day, slowly I was losing my senses

It was getting harder to breathe, my face felt like it was burning

There is a saying that God sends a hint of light to help guide you through your darkness, my light came in the form of Franco

He came running, pulling Mila away from me, he pushed me behind him, “Stop! Are you out of your mind,”

Although Franco wasn’t a part of the family, he had their respect because of power. He loved me like a sister and I loved him like a brother I never had, I owed my life to him for the number of times he saved me from these devils

Turning around he handed me a napkin to wipe off the blood falling from my nose and lip

As I wiped the blood off my face Mila screams in anger again, “Why do you always save her? She’s not worthy of your sympathy, Franco! Just like she’s not worthy of breathing anymore. I want to kill her!” she tried to attack me again but Franco pushed her back and roared, “Enough! Don’t you dare take another step towards her!”

She stopped in her track, Ivanka rolled her eyes, walking away like these past minutes meant nothing

Wrapping his hand around me, he walked me upstairs to my room. Opening the door I sigh looking around a broken mattress positioned in the corner, sealed up windows and cracked walls was all I had for the past few years of my life

I wasn’t allowed a heater, cooler, or given any protection from rain or snow, a roof over my head was all that they gave but to what cost

Franco did help make this place a little livable, buying me a small chest drawer, bedsheets, and a TV

He helped me slowly lay on my bed, his eyes fearful that he’d hurt me, the minute my body laid flat against the bed, everything hurt, my cheeks felt like they were on fire because of the slaps, my bloody nose, and my body was painfully numb because of Mila’s kicks with her Versace heels

Going to the bathroom he brought back a first aid kit, giving me aspirin simultaneously cleaning up my nose

“I’m sorry I haven’t come earlier, I would’ve been here but Zakhar was blackout drunk, I had no other choice,” I held his hands giving them a small squeeze, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault, I’m used to this,” I say with a small smile

He looked at me, “No one should be used to this, Nina,” he brushed my cheek with his finger, getting up he went into the closet, bringing me a new pair of clothes, handing them to me, he turns to the other side

Taking off my ripped nightgown, I wore the shirt and sweatpants he brought me, “you can turn around now,” I say as he walks over sitting on the bed again

Caressing my hair, he leans down to give a kiss on my forehead and cheek, “Go to sleep, I’ll be here,” he says smiling, but I can see the pain in his blue eyes

I closed my eyes as I felt the duvets raise up to my shoulders around my small frame, “Goodnight,” he whispers caressing my hair, as I fell deeper and deeper into sleep

Going to a place I knew I could let myself free

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