Stolen Heart

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I couldn’t move nor could I cry, I felt skin slapping mine as tears rolled down my eyes, I tried to scream but nothing came out

What was happening?

The cold breeze hit my bare skin as I moved up and down

But how?

My head slightly tapped the headboard above, the sound of skin slapping and the springs of the mattress was all I could hear. The smell of sweat filled my nostrils

I felt a pinch between my legs

The pain is unbearable, how can I make it stop

Why was my body moving up and down? I tried to move but something was holding me down, the room was too dark but I could make out a silhouette above me

It was a man. But who?

He came closer to my face but I still couldn’t see him. I felt warm breath on my ear that made me feel disgusted, like a spider crawling up my body

“I love fucking your sweet body,” my eyes shot wide, I knew that voice all too well


I felt both my legs up in the air, apart from each other as he laid in between, causing the pain down there, the sounds of panting and groaning filled my ears

What’s going on?!

He grabbed my neck as he pounded into me, a knot was forming in my stomach, the pain between my thighs increased as he went deeper

Tears rolled down my eyes when I locked my gaze on his face a smile on his lips as he roughly bent down claiming my lips, biting on them

He moved faster, releasing my lips, I screamed in fear, but he never stopped. I begged him over and over again, “Please stop. Please!” but to no use, he kept thrusting again and again and again and again

Lowering himself to my ear he growled, “release,” I shook my head, trying to push him off, holding my hands down in a painful grip, he said louder, “release,” I shook my head again, he trusted harder, making the whole bed creek

I cried for help but no one listened

The cold silver chain around his neck came in contact with my skin as he sucked my neck, clenching the hair on top of my head, leaning up his face was red, pulling my hair harder he muttered with a dangerous voice, “fucking release,”

I clenched around him as he groaned in so much pleasure, I felt something warm inside me. I hated it, I cried because I hated it

“That wasn’t so fucking hard, was it,” he says letting go of my hair getting up he goes into the bathroom to clean up, coming back into the room he bends down to my level, "sweet dreams," he says, giving a painful kiss on my lips, satisfied he left the room

I screamed feeling the pain he put me through, slowly moving in a fetal position, I shiver as tears run down my face freely

Nobody heard me. Nobody cared

I looked down between my legs seeing a huge patch of wetness. My wetness, I touched it, it came out of me, I did this

He raped me again like he always does

I held myself screaming out loud, I cried, “WHY?! WHY ME?!"

I felt my body shaking, not in fear, but like someone was trying to wake me up

“Nina! Wake up!”


I woke up seeing Franco sitting on my bed, my tiny wrists in his big hands, he pulled me up and hugged me, I tried to breathe but I couldn’t, I was shivering uncontrollably

“C-can’t brea..” He held my face, “It was just a nightmare, it’s not real,” he says rubbing my back, he continued saying short sentences to help me understand, “It was a nightmare. Nothing more, I’m here, I’m with you,”

I've suffered from panic attacks for quite some time now but I’ve never been to the hospital since Ivanka wouldn’t allow it so Franco was the only one who helped me get through it

I finally relaxed, gaining control over my breathing again, I held onto him and broke down crying, he held me tight as I tried to stop the warm tears streaming down my face

We laid down together as he took me in my arms, comforting me, whispering in my ear, “nobody’s gonna hurt you, you’re safe,”

As my eyes fluttered I wished what he said came true

I woke up early in the morning to find Franco gone, a note was placed on my side table, and a glass of water

A smile formed on my lips as I read the note. Drinking the water, I slowly got up, my stomach ached, going into the bathroom I strip out of my clothes, seeing new bruises appear on my already bruised body

Taking a warm shower I wrapped a towel around me, walking out into my room to see Zakhar waiting for me on my bed

His eyes landed on me, his gaze ran up and down my body as I clenched the white towel around me as if my life depended on it

Getting off my bed he walked to me with his brown eyes filled with lust, I turned around to escape into the bathroom but in two long strides he grabbed and slammed me against the door, pinning my hands to the side

“Not so fast,” he says, leaning into me, sniffing the scent of my body wash like a psychopath

I could feel his hardness grow against my stomach as he pressed into me even more

“We’re having guests for dinner, very important ones,” he says, placing kisses on my shoulder, “You’ll attend the dinner and be quiet at all times like a good girl. You won’t speak until you’re spoken too. You won’t look at anyone,” he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, “Understand?”


The rapist in my nightmares was none other than my step-brother

I felt him smile against my neck sucking on the skin there, he moved back a little his hot breath fanning my ear, “If I didn’t have things to do, I would’ve taken you right on this wall, I have to go but soon…” he whispers grazing my ear with his teeth, “...soon I’ll take you when your screams will be heard by no one,”

I was shivering as he leaned back lightly pecking my lips and walked out

Suddenly having the urge to puke I rushed into the bathroom emptying all the contents into the toilet

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