Stolen Heart

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I was the maid, chef, and punching bag in this mansion I once lived happily in with my parents

I made dinner for the guests that would be arriving soon, although we had many maids in the house, I did everything myself

I heard the doorbell ring so I made my way to the door but Ivanka beat me to it, “step away,” she spits out with so much hatred as if the sight of me was embarrassing

As soon as Ivanka opened the door, she plastered a fake smile on her face, “welcome,” she says with an annoying chirpy voice, the second those words left her lips a gorgeous hazel-eyed and brown hair man came in, standing at 6 feet hovering over Ivanka, behind him walked in a short lady with the same features

Ivanka closed the door leading them further in, “Please, come in. It’s really nice to meet you, Charles, and Mrs. Leroy.”

The old lady smiled at Ivanka, however, Charles looked less interested as he looked at his phone

Charles Leroy was known by everyone, he was overly confident for his own good, someone who knows what he wants and would do anything to attain it, he was arrogant, rude, and the problem was he knew he was powerful he knew the control he had on the people around him

Once Ivanka had greeted Charles and his grandmother, she guided them to the living room, the old lady sat on the single sofa while Charles took his place on the love seat, his legs crossed over the other, leaning back like he owned this place

I heard heels clicking on the marble floor, Mila came into view, wearing a low cut cleavage revealing red dress with black heels, her breasts looked like they were about to fall out

She wore a seductive smile on her face, her signature smile, the smile she gave to all the men who she knew were loaded with nothing but money, no matter the age

Instead of greeting the old lady first, she walked to Charles pushing her hair back, “Hello Mr. Leroy,” she said batting her eyelashes

He looked at her with a smirk, checking her out, “meet my grandmother,” he says pointing towards her, Mila looked over to the old lady who stared at her in disgust, but nevertheless formed a smile, “Nice to meet you, darling,” Mila faked her smile turning her attention back to Charles, but to her dismay, he was indulged into his phone once again

I stood there witnessing this whole thing, feeling anxious I walked into the kitchen, only minutes later Franco came in wearing a grey tux with a white shirt the first few buttons were undone, it was perfect for his muscular form

He inhaled the aroma of the food on the counter, “This smells so good,” I smile as he made his way over, “how are you feeling,” he asks, caressing my cheek, I lean into his touch, “I could be better,” a sad smile appears on his lips

“I have to set the table,” I say walking over and picking up the curries, Franco comes up next to me picking a few plates, we both walk to the dining table, “you should go meet the guests, I’ll manage,” I say neatly arranging the dishes, “No we’ll go together,” he says focusing on placing the utensils in their right places

After we finished, we both went to the living room and all eyes fell on us, I got nervous when Ivanka walked over to me, with her fake smile, she put her hands around me

I saw him up close he was very beautiful but had a dark feel to him, he wore a black suit, which fit him like a second skin, his hazel eyes darkened a little as they watched me, he had a mischievous smirk on his sharp-looking face

“This is my step-daughter, but she’s more like my own,” Ivanka says holding onto my arm a little too tight, even though I was in pain I smiled at the old lady, who sat there with a beaming smile on her lips, her eyes soft, loving and caring, which were nothing like the ones I see on a daily

“Yes indeed she’s my own little sister,” Zakhar spoke up sending goosebumps down my spine as I knew the word ‘own’ had a double meaning behind it, he walked over to Charles taking his seat next to him

They both were treating me like they actually cared about me, but I knew it was just for show, their acting was on point and so believable it was truly an Oscar-winning performance

She let me go as I walked over to Franco sitting next to him who now had a frown on his face, I sat opposite of Charles and Mila who was falling on him, I could feel his gaze on me, but I didn’t have much courage to look up, I crossed my leg, making the silk dress fall off from where the slit was

I stare at my leg, noticing the outline of a bruise which I did a poor job in covering up, I tilted a little placing my hands on the spot scared someone will see, I couldn’t risk it

I looked up to see Zakhar throwing me a hard glare, in an instant, Ivanka spoke up, “Let’s eat,” we all get up walking to the dining table, The old lady sat at the head in Ivanka’s seat, while Zakhar, Franco and I sat on one side and Charles, Mila and Ivanka sat on the other

I kept my head down eating the food, “This is very delicious,” the lady comments, before Franco could answer Ivanka quickly took over, “Thank you Mila made it,” she said

Looking over to Mila I felt bad for Charles, she latched onto him like a bug, touching his shoulders, trying to engage in a conversation with him, anyone could tell he could give two shits about her

His gaze never left me though, making me extremely nervous, I held Franco’s hand underneath the table feeling restricted by the man’s gaze

Dinner was soon over and we all went back to the living room

Mila and Charles were sitting together on the same couch, her exposed leg crossed over the other in view for Charles on purpose

I noticed Mila place her hands on her thighs rubbing it a little or his arm, but I could care less I just wanted all of this to be over

Zakhar looked at me, “why don’t you go and get everyone some champagne?” I nodded going to the bar to take out the champagne bottle, pouring everyone some except myself

I walk over to them with the tray, serving the old lady first, grabbing the glass she compliments me, “such a pretty girl,” I smile at the sweet saying, I served Ivanka next, “Serve well, my child,” she says with a warning in her eyes, my heart starts beating out of my chest, I served Franco and Zakhar whos gaze was on my chest the whole time

Finally, it came time to serve Charles and Mila, I leaned down to give Charles his drink, he leaned too, coming close to my face, his features looked even sharper up close, we stare for a couple of seconds though it felt as if a couple of hours passed by

I turned to Mila but before I could her hand came knocking the glass down, spilling it all over my dress

“Oops, I’m such a klutz,” she says batting her fake eyelashes at Charles, looking at the glass I bend down to pick it up when Franco came to my side, “Go get cleaned up,” he says pushing me away from the them

I walk up to my room and closing the door, leaning on it, tears were on the verge of spilling, walking further into the room I changed out from my outfit to the nightdress

Lying on the bed I relaxed my mind thinking about that man

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