Stolen Heart

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I was slammed to the wall as Ivanka beat me up again because she hated the way Charles looked at me

Pulling on my hair she dropped me to the floor, “Whore, you tried to steal the spotlight from my daughter, you bitch! After everything you still haven’t learned your lesson!”

Mila took over slapping me across my right cheek, “Charles Leroy is mine, do you fucking get it, MINE! You took my boyfriend away from me. If I hear your name once from his mouth, I will fucking end you,”

This time Franco wasn’t there to protect me

Zakhar entered the room, walking over to me grabbing me by my hair, pulling my head up to see his, “today is your lucky day,” he says letting go, I fall to the ground as he turned to Ivanka, “Mom we got invited to a charity ball held by Stephan Ciro,” he says, looking at Mila, “Leroy will also be there,” I saw Mila grin as she thought about him

“Why do we have to take her,” Mila asks glaring at me, “Because we need the company deal, and Stephan wants to see this bitch tonight,” he says holding the bridge of his nose

Stephan Ciro was my father’s best friend, he was a successful lawyer, he had no one. No wife. No kids. He treated me like his own daughter

He continued, “I don’t want Stephan to suspect anything, so don’t waste your time on her get ready,” he says pinching Mila’s cheek as he walked out

“Bitch this is your last warning, stay the fuck away from him,” she mutters walking away, Ivanka smirks walking out with her

I wore a simple long navy blue dress, which had a deep ‘V’ neck, and a bareback, looking in the mirror I inspected if my body showed any bruises, I had very little make-up on not wanting to overdo it, keeping my hair in a loose bun, I wear my heels walking out the door

Franco looked in awe at me, I smiled at his reaction while I walked up to him, “You look breathless,” he says pulling me into a hug, I chuckle, “thank you,” I mumble against his chest, we walk out to the car, getting in, “are you okay, Nina,” he asks, settling into his seat, “when will this torture end, Franco,” I ask him looking out of the window, he placed his hand on my thigh, “soon I promise,” tears well up in my eyes

“Don’t give your promise to something you can’t change,” I say getting angry, “Nina, look at me,” he says grabbing the side of my face in his palms, “I love you, and I promise you that I will find a way out, I will,” he says wiping the lone tear that escaped my eye

We arrive and walk into the gala, looking at the crowd I clutch onto Franco’s arm, “relax you look stunning,” he says patting my arm, but I couldn’t help but get anxious over all the attention I was getting

As Franco and I walk Zakhar comes up to us, “Franco I need a minute alone with her,” he says I held onto Franco’s arm tighter but I knew it was to no avail, I let go of his arm as he left

Zakhar made his way to me placing his hand on my exposed back, tracing patterns with his fingers, making me squirm uncomfortably, “act like everything in your life is perfect, Stephan is looking,” he muttered next to me, taking my hand forcefully he wrapped it around him, causing pain in my hand but I put on a smile nonetheless as Stephan made his way over to us

Smiling, he wrapped his hands around me, “How are you, my daughter?” he asked caressing my hair, “I’m great Stephan,” I say trying not to flinch with the pressure Zakhar was keeping on my hand

“It’s been years since I’ve seen you. You’ve grown into a perfect young woman,” he says the proudness can be seen in his eyes, this is what I wanted to see instead of disgust, hatred, and lust

I smiled, “Thank you”

Having to fake everything and not tell him felt like a knife was twisting in my heart, but I remained silent

Stephan looked at Zakhar, “come, I want you to meet some people,” he says, Zakhar smiles, pushing me along with him, “No, no let her stay here,” Stephan said making him so stiff next to me, “I don’t think-,”

“Oh come on,” he says, Zakhar reluctantly let’s go, “Be a good girl and DO NOT do something stupid. Understand?” he whispers as I nod quickly and said, “Understood,”

I walked around smiling at the liveliness of this gala, my gaze fell onto Mila who was standing between four middle-aged me, but they weren’t interested in her, rather the dress she was wearing that barely covered any part of her body

I walked past them their heads turn to me, I heard one of the men ask Mila who I was but she refused to answer

Ignoring them I walked further in holding my gaze on the beautiful dance floor, looking up I see a couple dance with love in their eyes, I wish I had someone to gaze into their gorgeous eyes as we swayed holding each other tight

Lost in my thought I crashed into someone’s chest before I could fall, two muscular arms wrapped around mine, I look up to see Charles Leroy, my eyes were fixated on his hazel ones, every sound became foreign to my ears as I got lost once again this time staring at his handsome face

I saw his lips turn into a smile, coming back to reality I move back, unwrapping his hands around me, “sorry,” I say anxiously as Mila was throwing daggers at me before he could say something Mila interrupted, “aren’t you clumsy,” she says standing in front me blocking my view of Charles

“I’m Mila Bianchi, but we met last night,” Charles held her hand and kissed the back of it, “Charles Leroy, we did meet,” not wanting to stand there, I was about to turn when he said my name, “Nina, right?” I looked at Mila then him and nodded, he surprised both of us when he held out his hand in front of me, “care for a dance,” Mila was clenching her hands, I was about to say ‘no’ when he took my hand into his, wrapping his other hand around my waist, guiding me to the dance floor

He smiled, lightly pulling me closer to his chest, a little too close for my liking, his hands caressed my back going lower and lower, I didn’t know what to do. I tried to spot Franco, but he was nowhere to be found, “Nina,” his silky voice rolls onto my neck, “would you like to be mine for the night?” my eyes widened as he continued, “I have a room in this hotel,” his other hand played with the straps of my dress, “...which there is a bed, where you’d look lovely naked on,” he whispers placing a kiss on my shoulders

I tried to push him away, but he was way stronger than me, tears sprang to my eyes

Finally freeing myself, I turned around and slapped him hard across his face, all eyes were on us. His angry eyes locked contact with mine, “Do you know who the fuck I am?” he yells bringing more attention to us, walking closer he looks down at me, “I will ruin you, Nina Bianchi,”

I ran from him, Franco followed me, grabbing onto my arm, “what happened? Why did you slap him?” tears rolled down my face as I wrapped my hands around him, “h-he as-ked me t-o sle-ep wi-th h-im,” I say stifling

Before he could wrap his hand around me I was grabbed from him, “Zakhar let her go, she did nothing wrong,” he looked at Franco with angry eyes, “nothing wrong,” he says, “nothing wrong,” he repeats louder, “she slapped Charles Leroy in front of everyone,” he grits out, “He asked to sleep with her,” Franco says trying to justify my actions, Zakhar eyes darkened, “you slut,” he rasps out in my ear, pulling me along with him, “Zakhar,” Franco yells, but to no use, throwing me into an empty room he locked the door, undoing the first few buttons of his shirt,

“Please,” I begged, “please don’t do this, I beg you,” I say falling onto my knees, he bent down grabbing my chin

“Shh, don’t cry,” he said wiping my face, “don’t ever think you’ll be more than a bitch laying underneath my feet Nina, I own you, your body, your mind, everything, I fucking own you, I will do whatever the fuck I want, no one will change that, no matter where you go or who you go with I will always be there,” he kissed me, “Understand,” he said placing sloppy kisses from my cheek to my neck, “Understood,” I said shaking in his hold

He got up and opened the door leaving me curled up into a ball, “Nina,” I heard Franco’s voice, “Nina, did he do anything,” he asks lifting my face, inspecting my hands, “no,” I answer in a soft whisper, “let's go,” I shake my head, “I don’t want to go home, I will get beat by Mila and Ivanka,” he pulls me to his chest, “we’re not going there,” slowly lifting me to my feet, we leave the gala

Sitting in the car, Zakhar’s and Charles words circulated in my mind

“I own you, your body, your mind”

"I will always be there"

“I will ruin you, Nina Bianchi”

“I ruined everything right, this is all my fault,” I say tears streaming down my face, “no you didn’t ruin anything, you did well by hitting him, that bastard deserved it,” he says encouraging me, a small smile appears on my face as I look out of the window, not knowing the worst is yet to come

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