Stolen Heart

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I open my eyes to shut them quickly as the sun blinded them, placing my hand to block the sun, I got up stretching. Looking to my side I see Franco sleeping on the couch, walking over to him I shook his shoulder, “five more minutes,” he groans, “wake up we need to get home,” I say shaking him again

Waking up with sleepy eyes he stretches, sitting upright on the couch, yawning, “let’s get breakfast and then I’ll take you home,” he says leaning back into the couch

“Franco I don’t want to get beaten up, he looks at me holding my hand, “Nina they won’t beat you up for breakfast, plus I need some coffee badly,” he says making me give him a small smile, standing up I go to the bathroom to freshen up, we went home after getting breakfast

The minute we enter the maid walks up to Franco and me, “take her away they are very angry,”

Franco looks at me than her, “are all of...” she nodded her head, “take her away,” she warned again but to no use, as Ivanka came up holding my neck squeezing it tightly “you bitch,” she screamed in my face as Franco tried to loosen her grip around my throat, Zakhar came forcefully taking Franco away from Ivanka and me, he stood to the side struggling in his hold

She clenched my hair tightly with her other hand, making me yelp in pain, “you slapped Charles Leroy in front of everyone! You brought shame to this family!”

She slapped me some more, banging my head to the wall, I felt extremely sick as I curled to the wall, I was picked up by the hair once more, “now listen to me carefully, you slut! Charles Leroy called and wanted to talk. You will apologize to him and you will do whatever he says. Understand?!” She screams pulling my hair harder, “Understood,” she threw me to the ground, I saw her walk away with Mila close behind her, Zakhar smirked letting Franco go, he came up to my side holding me to him, “It’s okay,” he says trying to make the situation better

He picked me up, helping me stand on my own two feet, we slowly walked to my room and he gently set me down on the bed, kneeling in front of me, “are you okay?” I put a fake smile on my lips, lying through my teeth, “I’m okay, Franco, I’m used to this,” even though I knew he didn’t believe it, he didn’t push on it, I let out a sigh, “can you go? I need to change,” I say as he nodded leaving the room

I went and locked the door so no one could enter

Especially Zakhar

Walking to the side of my bed, I pull out the blade I hide in the drawer, taking it out I inspected it

Wish ending my life would be easier but the truth is, I'm scared, I'm scared to hurt myself even though their tortures continue to scar my body and mind

I looked at it putting the blade back into the drawer

Going to my broken full-length mirror, I took off my hoodie and sweats letting them fall onto the ground, I looked at my body, the marks they gave me were covered with layers and layers of makeup, and in some spots, it was fading

I unclasped my bra and pushed my underwear down. Taking a small face towel I soaked it up with makeup remover, rubbing it on my body, the makeup slowly disappearing from my body, revealing the gruesome marks that were permanently printed underneath

I had only cleaned my stomach and chest, staring at myself naked in the mirror, there was no place on my body that was not bruised

Ivanka’s whips. Milas punches and cuts. Zakhar’s marks

My front and back was filled with them, when Zakhar first touched me he gave me marks that would never go away no matter how much I scrubbed my body

His idea in pleasuring himself was the reason for my torture

Ever since then it was a constant reminder of how my life could never get any better than this

I fell to the floor, pulling my legs together, “when will this torture end?” I cried for some time. Taking a deep breath I get back up taking my makeup bag out, reapplying it to my entire body, finishing I wear a sundress that came above my knees

The doorbell suddenly rang, I applied some eyeshadow to my eyes to cover my blackeye, walking out of my room I rushed down the stairs so I don’t get beat up for being late, “It’s great to see you again Charles,” Ivanka said shaking his hand, I saw Mila smile flirtatiously as he made his way into the living room, Mila made space next to her on the love seat but frowned when he sat opposite of her in the single sofa chair

Mila kept looking at him as he looked at me giving me a beautiful smile, turning his gaze over to Ivanka, “I’ll get right to the point. I want your daughter’s hand in marriage,” he says

Mila’s smile grew bigger as she looked at Ivanka with wide eyes, “Oh my, of course, we would accept this arrangement, Mila also has no problem” Ivanka says with a huge smile on her face, Mila sat there happily and seductively smiling at him, even though she had money, she was still a gold-digger, age never mattered to her as long as they spent their money on her

Charles smiled, “I’m not talking about Mila,” he says making all our eyebrows crease, “I’m talking about Nina, I want to marry Nina. Your other daughter,” my eyes widened at his claim

Why does he want to marry me?

Franco spoke up, “we are not giving her hand to you,” but Ivanka glared at him, “what’s in it for us?” Ivanka asks as I stood there astonished at the fact that he wanted to marry me, Charles smiled once again, “partnership between Leroy enterprises and Bianchi incorporations,” he says adding a little pun of his own, “till death do us apart,”

Zakhar protested, “She's too young to get married” Charles smile got brighter, “You're right but I am the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, who could provide a luxurious life to Nina and her family,” he says, without a second thought, “you have a deal with us, Nina is all yours,” Ivanka says, “Nina serve him some fruits,” she says as calm as can be like she didn’t just sell me off to some stranger

Grabbing the plate off the table, I was about to make my way over to him but he surprised me by getting up and walking to me, looking down at me he bent to my level whispering, “you slapped me for asking you to be in my bed. Let’s see how many times you’ll slap me when you’ll be in it forever,” he pulled a grape from the stem, “my beautiful soon to be wife,” he winked while walking away, my legs were about to give up as Franco came up to my side

“They sold me off,” I say to myself, Franco grabbed the tray, placing it on the table

Mila walked up to me making a shiver run down my spine, she looked at me in disgust, “why does Charles want her?! Fucking I’m pretty, better than this slut,” she screamed, Ivanka came up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders, “relax, Mila,”

"He will use her and throw her to the streets where she belongs, then he will be all yours,” she says caressing Mila’s cheeks

Zakhar walked closer to me, “Now listen to me carefully, bitch. You are going to get married in a week. You will not tell Charles about anything. About the bruises, the way you lived. Nothing. You will cover your bruises every day, not letting anyone know. Understand?”

“Understood,” I quickly said

"I'll admit I will miss your fuckable body but don't ever think I won't come, remember there is no escaping me, not now, not ever," he says in a low whisper near my ear

All three of them left, Franco looked at me, “say something,” I looked at him, “what should I say? I’m sold to a man who wants me to be his wife because I slapped him for wanting my body,” my voice broke down, Franco tried to hold me but I moved away, “I want to be alone,” I say

Running out of the room crying my heart out

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