Stolen Heart

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All day my mind wandered about Charles Leroy, the man who wanted to marry me because of a slap, that sounded absolutely comical

Looking at myself in the mirror one last time I put a scarf around my neck and a jacket, and walk out of my room, silently so no one could hear me

Getting in a cab I reach the Leroy corporations, walking up the stairs my mind was racing with thoughts, “Miss do you have an appointment,” the guard asked, blocking the view of the entrance, “No, I need to meet Charles Leroy,” he smirked at me, “Darling everyone comes here to meet Mr. Leroy, I’m afraid I can’t let you in if you don’t have an appointment,”

I got tensed with his hard stare on me, “B-but he knows me,” I stutter out, rolling his eyes he asked for my name, “N-Nina Bianchi,”

He looked at me in disbelief as I creased my brows, “You’re Nina Bianchi?” he asks dubiously, I nodded my head still confused on why he was surprised, “please step right in, Ms. Bianchi,” he moved out of the way as I walked over to the receptionist, who seemed very bored, “May I help you?” she asked, making me even more anxious, “I’m Nina Bianchi, I want to meet Mr. Leroy,” I say, fidgeting with my hands

“You’re- I mean please continue Ms. Bianchi,” she nervously said leading the way, she smiled when we reached the elevators, “press the 50th floor, he’ll be waiting for you,” she said bowing her head as she walked away

Walking into the elevator I pressed the 50th button and looked through the transparent elevator seeing the beautiful view of New York City, it looked beautiful

I turned my gaze to the black screen showing the numbers which were going up one ever so slowly




As the number neared 50, my heart started beating ferociously



I heard the bell ding, the glass door opened as I stepped out, it was a beautiful office although it almost blinded me with how white everything was the furniture, the antiques, the only things that made the place lively were the pictures on the wall

As I looked around, there was no one present, a conference room was on my right, the assistant desk was empty, there were pillars strategically placed everywhere

A mirror was seen which I could see my reflection in, I looked at it and tore my gaze away when the door in the mirror wall opened, the handsome devil in disguise stepped out, flashing me a gorgeous smile, “I’ve been waiting for you,”

I shook off the urge to roll my eyes at his absurdity, I didn’t want to make any more complications, he pointed to me and curled his index finger ordering me to come into his office, as I stepped in I noticed how big and organized it was

I was astonished at the view, but I couldn’t lose focus on what I wanted to discuss with him, “like what you see baby?” he asks pulling me out of my trance, “my name is Nina,” he chuckled, “I know that baby, but I have to give you a nickname. What kind of husband would I be if I don’t give you a nickname? Which do you prefer, baby, princess, darling, sweetheart…” he went on and on, “None,” I say stopping him mid-word, “I’d prefer if you’d call me by my name,”

He smiled, shaking his head, “you know that can’t happen. Now, you’ve come here for a reason, say what you have to because I have other important and useful things to pay attention to,” I furrowed my brows


“Why, what?”

“Why do you want to marry me? Is it all because of a slap?” he shrugged walking closer, “maybe,” I sighed, “I’m sorry truly I’m very sorry, but please don’t force me into marriage because I slapped you,”

His expressions changed as he adjusted his suit walking closer to me until my back hit the wall, “Why do you think so low of me, darling?” his hands came up to my side as he leaned even closer, his breathing became uneven as he looked at me

“Do you know why I want to marry you?” he says in a soft lusty voice, I looked at him scared and full of regret, “when I first saw you, Nina, I knew that I need to make you mine forever...,”

He wet his lips as his gaze was fixated on mine, “...and I get what I want,” he bends down even further whispering in my ear, “You’re mine. Understand?” I quickly whispered in a low and weak voice, “Understood,”

Leaning back a little he rubbed the tip of his nose against mine, intimidating me, he lightly pecked my cheek as I squirmed, I closed my eyes, not wanting to get lost looking at his face, “You,” he kissed below my jawline, “Are,” his hands came up touching my cheek sending electric shivers down my body, his lips grazed my own, “Mine,” he says kissing the side of my lips

He held my chin a little too tight making me yelp in pain, opening my eyes I gulp down my parched throat, deadly scared of him

He leaned back fully, giving me a full-blown pearly smile, however, it wasn’t genuine, it was taunting

“There are rules, if you follow them, you’ll live a happy and peaceful life, with me of course. If you don’t, I’ll make your life a living hell. The choice is purely up to you,"

“W-what rules?” I stuttered, “have patience, love. Everything will be said, in a matter of time,”

He nuzzled his nose in my neck one last time, “Go make yourself pretty for the wedding, baby,” he says opening the door and pushing me out, without looking I stumbled on the carpet falling down, I looked back to see him smirk and close the door

I stood up, making my way back home

The doorbell rang as I mopped the floor, opening it up I see a bouquet of roses, creasing the brows I look at the man holding a box in his hands

“Are you Nina Bianchi?” he asks as I nod my head, “these are for you,” he holds out the box for me, “thank you,” I say as he smiles, “have a great day miss,” he says walking away, I place the box down and bring the bouquet in, turning around I crash right into Zakhar

“Who the fuck were you talking to,” I looked at him with feared eyes, “the man came to d-drop these off,” I say pointing to the boxes when he suddenly slapped me across the face, pulling me to face him again, “don’t ever talk back to me, bitch,” he says, letting go of my chin

Walking to the box and bouquet he picks it up carrying it further into the house, “Mila you have a gift from Charles,” he says, calling her down, she rushes down the stairs, taking the box from him

Greedily opening it up, she takes out a velvet box, revealing a diamond necklace, placing it on her neck, she asks Zakhar to help secure it in the back, “You look beautiful, sister,” he says kissing her cheek, she smiles brightly

Lowering my eyes I walk to my room, sinking down onto the floor, what have I done to live a life like this, what have I done.

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