Stolen Heart

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Darkness is all I see on a day that I should be jumping with joy, looking at myself in the mirror I straightened my gorgeous wedding dress, I don’t deserve this expensive dress, but Franco insisted

Throughout the week Charles’s grandmother sent gifts after gifts all of which were distributed between Mila and Ivanka, each day when gifts arrived like greedy animals they took everything, not once showing me the jewelry that was sent

Mila took every opportunity to torture me, she hated that I was marrying Charles the most powerful and sexiest man alive according to various magazines

A knock disrupted my thoughts, “come in,” I say smiling as the door opens, “Franco,” I call out, turning around to hug him, he wrapped his hands around me tightly, “I’m sorry Nina, I’m sorry,” I felt teardrops on my shoulders, looking up I see his eyes filled with useless tears, “don’t cry, don’t waste these precious tears on me,” I say wiping them away with my thumb

“Can you wait a little longer?” he asks, “How much longer Franco I’m getting married,” I say in pain, holding my face in his hands, “a little more, we’ll go far away from all of this,” he says pulling me into a hug once again

Kissing my forehead, he held my hand, “I love you, Nina, promise me you’ll take care of yourself,” I nod my head, “I promise,”

Charles planned to keep the wedding very small only close acquaintances, Zakhar held my hand in a tight grip as we walked down the aisle, “Remember Nina, don’t say a word about anything, don’t talk to him unless he speaks to you first, and don’t deny him anything, especially that body of yours. Understand?”

“Understood,” I say in a small whisper, fake smiling at the 20 people who looked up at me

Zakhar handed me over to Charles who also took my hand in a tight grip, I was sure it was going to leave a bruise, but nevertheless, I smiled like I was told to do

After our fake vows and I do’s, we exchanged rings, he held my hand pressing the ring down hard on my finger, I wanted to flinch but I stayed strong, for the sake of myself

Although the ring was around my finger, it felt as if a rope was strapped around my neck

Taking out his ring I looked at it for a brief second, it was a plain silver ring, with my name carved on the inside, I smiled slightly seeing that, taking his hand in mine I easily pushed the ring on his finger

The priest standing on our side spoke up, “You may now kiss the bride,”

Charles smiled but it wasn’t genuine, bending down he kissed my lips lacking the love or happiness, instead, he kissed me with pain and disgust, he bit my lip a little, leaning back he gave a quick peck whispering, “ Tonight you are mine, and for the rest of your sad and pathetic life,” he says, making tears well my eyes, but I held them back

We arrived at a hotel for our reception which was secured with guards since he didn’t want anyone to see me, am I that disgusting to him

Once we entered he urged me to take my veil off, the dress was completely backless, watching the very few eyes and Charles gazing at my back, made me feel extremely uncomfortable

For all the people we met he’d put his palm pressed up against my back stroking my bareback with his fingers ever so slightly, even when we danced he took the opportunity to touch me all over, he held my arms in a hard grip as I hissed in pain

“Smile baby, you still haven’t felt the pain I will be causing you tonight,” he says in a taunting voice near my ear, kissing my cheek he places his face against my head, acting like we were some sort of couple in love, but it was way, way far from that

As soon as the song ended, Charles held my wrist pulling me out of that place, throwing me against the car, taking out his phone he calls someone, “Hey babe, I’m coming to see you, be ready,” he says looking back at me, walking closer he pins me to the car, “Make up a good excuse to my grandmother, I swear if she finds out I will make your life a living hell,” he says looking at me, “Understand?” he leans in closer

“Understood,” I say as he smiles leaning back, “Why the fuck are you still here? Go,” he demands his smile long gone, I nervously pass him getting into the car

Once the door closes, the driver starts the car, I relax into my seat, looking out of the window, tears voluntarily slipping down my face

I once dreamed that one day I’d marry the man who would love me love my flaws, end the torture I’ve experienced all my life, who would treat me with respect, dignity, and love

But my fate wasn’t written like that, I was cursed to never be loved by anyone

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