Stolen Heart

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A typical husband picks his wife in his arms and takes her through the doorstep for a good long happy marriage, but mine didn’t

He left me on the road and told me to step in alone

I look around this huge house, scared to take another step not knowing what was to come. Gathering up some courage I rang the doorbell

I stood there at the door waiting for someone to open it. A good minute later his grandmother opened the door and came out, “Where’s Charles?” she immediately asks, making me nervously gulp, “he said to tell you that he’ll be late, he had some important”

She sighed and mumbled to herself, “What am I going to do with that boy? Has to work on his wedding night?” I just shrugged my shoulders. She once again smiled at me with sympathy in her eyes, “Come in darling, it’s freezing out there!” she exclaimed pulling me in

Once I stepped into the mansion I was hit with warm air, which helped relax my tense body, his grandmother showed me around and made small talk with me

It felt so nice to have someone talk to you in such a sweet tone and respect

“Why don’t you go change. I know how weddings are, you’re probably starving,” she says, leading me to the stairs, “You know watching you and Charles made me remember when I married Charles grandfather,” she suddenly says giggling

If only she knew

She walked me to Charles room and I turned to smile at her, she caressed my hair and left me to enter his bedroom

I opened the door and was met with a black room, the walls, curtains, bedsheets, everything was black, like his heart

Strolling my suitcase inside, I place it on the bed opening it up to see so many lace sets, these were all Mila’s, sighing grab a pair, and walk into the bathroom, freshening up, I place on the set, wearing a robe on top of it, I look at myself, touching the bruises on my neck, taking some makeup I cover it all before tying the robe tightly across me

Signing I walk downstairs to see his grandmother sitting on the couch sipping the coffee in the mug, “Ah there you are dear,” she says excitedly, as I make my way to her, leading me to the dining area she helps serve me, “are you eating as well,” I ask, she smiles shaking her head, “no I already ate,” she says, placing a lot of food on the plate

“Oh I don’t eat that much,” I protest, but she places it in front of me, “don’t worry, eat as much as you can, no rush in that,” she says, taking a seat next to me, we chat quietly as I eat

“Charles is a dynamic young boy, he will seem arrogant and rude, but he’s pure at heart, you’ll grow to love him,” she says, making me choke, “oh, here drink some water,” she murmurs handing me a glass, “are you okay,” she asks, I nod my head, continuing to eat my food

She tells me more about Charles when I felt tired, noticing this she told me to get some rest, currently, I was moving left to right, finding it hard to fall asleep, looking at the time it was one, I sat up when the door suddenly opened to Charles, walking in with his sleeves rolled up he looked at me and smirked

Turning around he locked the door as I gripped the seats nervously, coming over to the bed, he took his shoes off as he sat down next to me, making the bed dip a little

He brought his fingers up to the strings that tied my robe together, he pulled on them gently making them come loose, my breathing started to become erratic, his fingers grazed lightly over my stomach, "why are you scared?" he asks moving his hands up to my face, pushing a loose hair behind my ear

"you weren't like this when you slapped me in front of everyone," he says again, making me look at him with wide eyes, " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have slapped you, I'm extremely sorry," I whisper out, scared of his next move

Leaning down to my face he brushed his lips to mine all of a sudden, catching me off guard, "apology accepted,"

I wanted to sigh in relief but I knew this was just the starting, "you know how I told you that there will be rules and consequences," he asks, I nod my head slightly making him smile wider, "Good, there are six simple rules," he whispers, moving his lips over my cheek to my ear, "you will obey them at all times, if you don't you'll get punished, and that is a promise I won't break," he says, biting on my earlobe

"Rule number one," he says moving his head to the crook of my neck, "you will do as I say," he says kissing my neck

"Rule number two, you will not resist any of my desires," he mumbles out, placing his hand on the side of my cheek

"Rule number three, you will not sleep on the same bed as me, you'll sleep on the floor, underneath me," he says moving his head down to kiss my collar bone

"Rule number four, you will be with me every day and every hour, you'll be working as my personal assistant," he breaths out biting down on my neck, causing me to hiss

"Rule number five, you will not tell anyone about this marriage, for all others know, we are strangers," he says, kissing the place he just bit down on

Moving further down he kisses his way down to the valley between my breasts, making me let out a whimper, "Rule number six, you will not talk or look at other men, if you do, there will be serious consequences. Understand?"

"Understood," I whisper back, "Good now get the fuck off," he says grabbing my hand and throwing me off the bed, I land on the carpeted floor, I saw him peaceful roll onto the bed, stretching

Stifling in a cry I tie the robe back on, laying on the ground, looking out into the balcony I slowly close my eyes as silent tears freely flowed from them

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