Falling For Nazir

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Falling in love is not rational, it's pure madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity. "Are you stalking me ?" He assessed my face with his calculative eyes, waiting for my answer. "Yeah , I meant no. It's...it's...just..." I stammered. "A stupid coincidence huh ?" The corner of his lips lifted a little. "Yes" I retorted in a shaky voice. With small steps, he walked towards me. While I move backwards until my back is pressing hard against the brick wall. He was invading my personal space,making my knees so week. His intense gaze on me feels like a laser beam, burning, branding, and marking everywhere it touches my skin. He stops only when his face is just a few inches away from mine. This close, he looks even more breathtakingly beautiful. His skin is flawless. Every feature is sharp like it's carved from the granite. The tips of his thick brown eyelashes glint in the sun. His eyes are bright, vivid blue, like deep ocean in early Spring. There's fierce possessiveness in the way he looks at me and I can't tear my eyes away even if my life depends on it. The sound of our heavy breathing is all I can hear. "Next time come up with a better excuse, Miss. Amelia Rayan"he mumbled against my ear before he walked past me. It took me a minute to calm down my racing heartbeat.

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