Billionaire Roomate

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Lana Jonas was very angry with almost everything. She just move to her college and when she get to her hostel, it was more frustrating. Everything was old and rusty. When she decided to go out and buy mob and cleaning detergent, she bumped into a hard chest wjich send her backwards. "Hey mask guy, you cant just go arpund bumping into people, f**king look where you're going." She said angrily. "I cant believe that i have to deal with that rusty room and you too." She added sizing him up and down. She wondered why he was even wearing a mask. Tyler was surprised by her boldness. 'Does it mean that she doesn't know who I am?' He thought. "Do you want to live with me? My room is quite big to contain us both." He told her. Her eyes widened and she smiled brightly. "Yes.....yes....wait, are you a con artist? Kidnapper or a drug dealer even?" She had questioned him. Her removed his mask and her eyes widened. She just insulted the multi billionaire, the only son of late Landon Posey. "Close your mouth will you?" Please support my book, you wont regret it i promise.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

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