Wishful Christmas

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It took me all my energy to stop kissing him. My shorts were uncomfortable as my member tried too hard to get out of these tight pants.


And the voices he was making were no help at all. God, I could spend 24 hours just hearing him moan more and more. I don't want to scare him away by being so creepy. He hasn't seen my face yet, but why isn't he afraid of me?

I asked him why he was here but no answer came from him. Just more gasped and lower moans as he tried to catch his breath. No. I want to hear those voices again.

Forgetting about my member that was poking him. As his legs are still wrapped around my waist. I kissed him again. And damn I wasn't disappointed.

He moaned, this time louder. Maybe because I attacked him without warning.

Moan my name. Come on.

But I couldn't say this out loud. But I wanted so badly to hear my name from his lips. If he won't then maybe I should make him say it.

I sneaked my hand slowly to his stomach. My lips are not leaving his neck. I grabbed his member and he whimpered. His head leaning back giving me more asses to his neck.


Yes. That's what I wanted. His voice went all through my body. My member is getting harder and harder until it hurts so badly.

Taking a deep breath, I let his member go as I slowed down my kissing. His breathing was hard. His eyes still closed. I like what I see. What I made out of him.

I look at him more. Admiring his aroused self. Damn, he is beautiful. And I should stop this before we both do something we would regret later on.

I caressed his body as I let my beating heart come down too. What was he doing to me? He doesn't know me. He will run for his life once I take off this mask.

"You are not afraid of me," I said, touching his face and moving us around.

He wrapped his hand firmly and pulled me closer. He pecked me on my lips and looked straight at me. I held my breath waiting for his reply.

"Why would I? You are perfect" he answered me and kissed me. I kissed back. Deepening the kiss. Our tongues dance together in rhythm as I keep moving us.

This was perfect. It's everything I ever wanted. Someone to accept me with how I look.

But he hasn't seen my face yet.

"No," I answered.

"Please. You can keep the mask on and I will be with you all the time. Please go with me"

Is he serious? Does he know what he is asking of me? I can't go shopping with him. I mean people will react to me. I can't risk that now that I am finally happy that at least one person accepts me.

And he wants me to go out. Hell no.

"Miles look. It's night, almost seven-thirty. No one would ask anything and some will think it's a costume. It's the Christmas season. A Lot of people wear Santa costumes." He said.

"Yes. Santa but not this...this Halloween mask"

I threw him a clean shirt that I chose to match with his khaki denim jeans. Perfect. He looks more handsome.

He looks at them and I know what he would say. Before he opened his mouth I spoke. "They are new so don't worry".

He smiled like that. Seeing him smiling. "I wanted to say they look expensive".

Oh. That didn't cross my mind. Well, I don't even know what he does. That doesn't matter to me. I already like him anyway.

One moment he was a respectable distance away. The next he was so close that I was enveloped by his scent.

He took my chin and tipped it up so he could fit his mouth to mine. Warm—no, hot—and getting hotter with each passing second, his lips moving over mine like velvet.

It was an impressive feeling that I could kiss him and all my senses disappear. For a man who was constantly reminding myself to come to my senses, I seem to take great delight in making them flee again.

His tongue rasped across my lips, and I opened them. He teased the seam of my mouth, licking and then nibbling. This time I don't think I will stop anytime soon.

Alec has away of asking for things and making me do them without knowing it. And right now, I am about to say yes to going out with him.

Despite my hesitation in this, I found myself deepening the kiss and returning the same feeling he was invoking in me, and he sighed in utter bliss.

As soon as his lips parted, my tongue slipped inside, probing and stroking with delicate precision. Each caress incited a deep response, one that I was at a loss to explain. How could kissing make my jeans go tight and other parts of my body tingle and swell until I feel pain?

Alec evoked a restless feeling that makes me want to squirm right out of my skin. And when I raised my hands to slide them up to his arms, he shivered, trembling down to his toes.

I pulled away and looked at him, he was dazed and he stared at me in absolute confusion.

“God Alec, what you do to me,” I whispered. Caressing his lips and cheeks. He blinked rapidly as he attempted to gather himself.

His eyes made me want to kiss him again, and so I did. I fused my lips to him, my heat melting his cold mouth. Ice against fire. In moments, Alec was returning my kiss with lusty, hot, open-mouthed kisses of his own. Lord, but Alec was an artist of kissing and using tongues.

The night was beautiful and a sight to look at. But what caught my attention from everything around me was this man. This man was dragging me while holding my hand so firmly as if I was a child and I could disappear in a cloud with a blink of an eye.

My heart is heavy and I keep repeating why I agree to this at the back of my head. People look in our direction from time to time but Alec makes sure I was his center of attention.

"This is beautiful. Let me get this for my niece" I look at him as he tries a beautifully decorated scarf on his neck. It was indeed pretty and if his niece has the same eyes as him then it will look perfect on her.

Oh, I have to buy a present for them too, but I will do that on my own.

His phone rang the first time and he ignored it. His hand is still holding mine. We pass through big shops and open halls. Christmas trees and music were heard everywhere around us. I took a deep breath. This brings back a lot of memories. Good ones indeed.

"There," he suddenly shouted and I stopped in my tracks to see what he was so eager about.

"Wait Santa? Santa is the one who made you that much excited?" I couldn't contain my laughter and it ripped out of me. Finding Myself laughing so hard as I keep looking at his face pouting. He can be a child sometimes.

"Yes Santa, now let's go before you enter in a naughty list" pulling me and dragging my laughing self.

Oh am naughty, you just haven't seen it yet.

We stopped as they were two kids in front of us and one who was talking to Santa on his lap. No, I will not do this.

"You are not going anywhere" he pulled me back and held me from behind. Okay, I should be misbehaving more if I will be getting hugs and kisses all the time.

The people around us looked at us as if we were sinning in front of everyone. And the fun part was Alec didn't give a shit about them as he tightened the grip on me.

"I could stay like this all day Mr. Miles" he whispered in my ear. I shivered a little and chuckled. Yes, I know he could do that. He was a confident kind of a guy and it shows in him.

I undid his hands on my belly and turned around to look at him. His eyes were uncertain of what I might say or do next. "No, we are not going to kiss here, and I won't run away" I assured him and he smiled from ear to ear.

I love that. Keep smiling.

"Next," the elf said as he looked at us.

Alec grabbed my hand again and pulled me with him. We can't all sit on that poor man's lap he will go limp. But Santa just laughed and patted both of his laps.

Hesitantly I went to sit on his left while Alec sat on his right. At the back, of my head, I kept repeating how this was awkward and stupid at the same time. I am used to playing Santa and making the kids happy during Christmas. But not, never I thought one day I would be the one sitting on Santa's lap like a 12-year-old.

"What do you wish for Christmas, my boys?" Santa asked. And by his voice, he sounds old enough to be my grandfather.

Alec looked at me and smiled, then leaned and whispered something to Santas. I wanted to hear it so badly and cursed why he didn't say it out loud. Everyone said it aloud. All the kids have passed so why was he keeping a secret.

A few seconds later and Santa was laughing his lungs out. Jealousy crept through my heart to my body and like a wizard, Santa felt it and looked at me. He smiled, showing off his perfect teeth.

I chuckled. I was acting like a kid for the past two days more than I ever did in all years of my life.

Stupid stupid me.

"Do you want to know what he wished for?" Santa asked and my ears raised like that of a donkey.

"Hey, that was supposed to be a wish. If you say it out loud then it won't come true" Alec said and we both laughed.

"Your turn" Santa said.

What should I wish for? And for a second, everything I wanted or thought I ever wanted disappear. Shit, how did he do it? Make everything seem okay and normal? Make my heart feel full to the point of not wanting anything anymore?

My eyes turned to Alec and he raised his brow. Shit. We are making the old man's legs go limp. So I leaned to his ear and whispered to him what I needed. "I want to fulfill my promise I made to Alec'' I said and smiled. Above all things, only Alec came to mind At that time.

Santa laughed then smiled. He patted my back.

"You are one good man, Mr. Reynolds," he said, but lower enough for only to hear. I smiled and tensed the moment I heard that.

He knows me. How? Who is he?

My heartbeat increased and I looked at his eyes. He kept smiling as the photographer took our picture. For a second I raised my hand to touch his face, then every memory came to me. The memories of people wanting to take off my back without my permission. I stopped in my trucks and smiled.

Alec took my hand again and we stepped off the stage where Santa was. I turned back to look at him and he wanted me. Who is he?

"What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? Am sorry if I pushed you so much, I just want-" I stopped Alec’s sentences by taking his hand on mine this time, pulling him close enough that I could smell his scent all over me.

His eyes widened in shock and more surprised but he smirked nevertheless. And I love that.

"Thank you, for coming with me," he whispered.

"No, thank you for taking me out. It's been a long time" and it was. I forgot how to sincerely have fun and be outside other people. But here I was, in the city. Holding a handsome man in my hands. Who doesn't fear me at all but smiled widely from ear to ear?

This? This is my Christmas gift.

His phone rang again and I could see in his eyes, he wanted to let it ring. I chuckled and took out his phone, showing him the screen that it was his sister calling.

"Fine, I will take it," he said and received the phone. Unwrapping himself from my hold and stepping a few feets away from me.

I smiled looking at him. A few days ago, I was fighting with my brother and couldn't wait to have this surgery. But now? Now I think I can stay a few more weeks like this. With him. By my side.

Not wanting him to go so far away from me, I stepped closer to him. Not to eavesdrop but enough to feel his presence.

"He doesn't talk much and you will torture him, so he stays with me"

That sentence brought a tinglish feeling to my heart. He was talking about me. That was for sure. I tried to listen again but he was silent for a minute.

"Fine fine, I will bring him with me,'' he spoke again and turned to look at me. Our eyes met and I waved at him. Pretending I heard nothing at all. Shit, I was learning some bad habits.

Something else caught my attention and my heart jumped. Nick. With that girl beside him. I turned to look at Alec and he was walking toward me, putting his phone back in his pocket. When my eyes went back to the spot where I saw Nick, they weren't there anymore.

I took a deep breath and wanted to get the hell out of that place as soon as possible. The last thing I want is all the happiness that I have right now to disappear just like that.

"Here," he said, putting something on my wrist. My heart raced as I looked at the leather bracelet being placed on my wrist. My eyes raised to look at him and his face was glowing and smiling.

"Keep this and always think of me," he said. I always think of him, can't he see that? After everything that happened between us in this short time, who would dare forget a guy like him?.

"You have a way of manipulating my heart," I said smiling at him. This time I didn't think twice pulling him in my eyes and kissing him right there, amid people passing.

And like always, he melted in my arms and returned the kiss.

"Alec...is that you?"

Fuck I removed my lips from Alec slowly as the feeling of irritation and fear started building up. Alec tensed in my arms and I knew, whoever this was, Alec didn't like that they had seen him.

Not now, please don't now.


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