Wishful Christmas

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"You are in love with him, aren't you?" I said, looking the dev in the eye. My heart is racing.

"and yet he chooses you over and over again. Knowing and unknowing. How lucky are you"

"what do u mean by that?"

"listen. Alec can be all that that you heard Rachel say. But he is also much more. He is kind. Sweet. Loving. Caring. He puts people first before putting himself. Alec is willingly to sacrifice his happiness just so that someone else can be happy. And above all, Alec is loyal, especially when he is in love.

"I couldn't beat you in his heart the first time. How can I do this time?"

I laughed. I don't know what he was trying to tell me. What he meant by the first time and second time. But -

"Ever since this happened. People ran away from me but he never did. I was pulled to him from the first time he spoke. To the point, he walked with me through the streets and made me smile. But I didn't know he chose me for I was ugly, to begin with."

"can't you see it? That's not why he chose you miles".

" then what? Explain to me" I said. Getting angry at him. He isn't the one who betrayed me, but he is trying to defend his friend with petty excuses.

" he loves you. He has been in love with you for more than seven years".

"you keep saying that but- wait, seven years? Those years I was in college?" How? I don't remember knowing anyone called Alec back then, so how can this be?

"Mr. Miles Reynolds" dev called me and I froze. So he knows me. I looked at him waiting for more explanation. But nothing came out of his mouth.

Seven years? How?

"Take your time, I will take care of him. Think careful Mr. Reynolds. Alec loves you and I promise you, you would never find someone like him". He said and somehow I hated that sentence.

I should be the one taking care of him. Not anyone else.

" and I don't want to" he imitated me and I punched him on the shoulder. Looking back now, dev has been a great friend. To me and Alec

I can't believe it's been more than ten months together.

"I can't believe you were Santa that day," I told him. I remember being shocked when he knew my name. I still don't know-how.

"Alec can be blinded with life but all I saw was Alec at the time. And Alec had a crush on you for so long. So I knew you very well and the moment I saw you, I knew you were the Miles. His first love" he said

Yeah yeah. I still don't get how Alec couldn't recognize me. I mean I took my mask off for him twice. But he still wasn't able to.

"I have a meeting in two minutes, see you later?" I raised my brow hoping he would agree. Alec missed him and I want to take him to him.

"Sure" he answered.

In the middle of my meeting, my phone vibrated. I ignored it once but snapped my eyes after hearing Alec ringtone. I picked it up without realizing it was a video call

The sound of the shower was heard and I looked at the screen. Only for my eyes to widen so big.

There he was, my babe.



Bathing and washing himself seductively.

I was this close to groan out loudly in that meeting room. But I held myself together. Jeez. Just a few minutes for the meeting to be over.

Hold it. Hold it.

Nope, not holding it.

I stood up, the chair falling behind me. "Mr.Godwin will continue with this meeting," I said, my eyes still fixed on the phone.

I walked outside the office so fast. Forgetting everything else.

"Hey Miles" I could hear dev calling but I was already on the stairs running down.

I looked at Alec who was smiling from ear to ear. He is such a devil.

"Don't wear anything, I will be there in five"



thank you for reading this small crazy tale. I hope it was fun in some ways. Let's see each other in another story.

Much love.


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