Wishful Christmas

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Dear readers

Dear Readers.

I read somewhere that 'the most intimate thing we can do is allow people we love most see us at our worse. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect'. These words have never left my mind since then, for they are my greatest fear.

How can I be at my weakest when my partner is at his weakest? I cant. I have to be strong for him. For us. My greatest fear is him seeing me breaking down while he has no strength left. I don't know if this is being human or not.

I never wanted to write this, but the man I love forced me to. Saying he wants to read something to entertain him on his sickbed. He earned a punch from me that night.

I never meant for you to read this story. To be quite honest I never meant to post it. But I used this to sort my thoughts out. A way to make a wish differently, a fictional way.

This is a story about change and hopes. About making sense of everything that is going on. About the fear of losing something at the blink of an eye. About the heartache. The kind of heartache you can feel in your bones.

This story is about fear and love, and how they seem to go hand in hand most of the time. Most of all it is about time, treasuring it while we still have it.

Thank you for giving this story a read. And no, it is not a sad one I promise. Quite the opposite.

🌲E. Corley

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