Wishful Christmas

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He said looks are everything in this world.

More than money. More than fame. He said looks would take you everywhere and nowhere. If you have good looks, then life would be easier for you, everyone would welcome you in their home because you look good and handsome. Even when you have nothing to offer.

And he was right. As I sit here on this plane, everyone is giving me side glances. And some stare at me shamelessly without blinking.

And not because I have a good looks-no. It is far from that. It's the opposite.

I wish he never said that because now I can't help feeling self-conscious. Maybe if I didn't look like that before, I could be content with how I look now.

But we know damn well I couldn't blame him. He was on top of the world. He could say anything and people would agree. I would agree.

Because he... was... me.

I said these words, and now they are hunting me in bright daylight. Here as I listen a boy asks his mother about me.

“Mom look at his face”

“Shh son, you can’t say that to people”

Voices and whispers between a child and who was supposed to be his father were heard beside me. I didn’t open my eyes to look at them but rather lifted my mask nicely and lowered the cap to hide more of my face.

“How did he get in here? Did he steal a ticket from someone” a woman voice said and there was a deadbeat silence.

“Yes madam”

“Can you check his ticket please” the same voice spoke again and I stayed silent, listening.

“Am sorry madam I can’t do that” a soft voice replied very calmly. Shaking my head slowly, I minded my business.

“Well he seems off and I am pretty sure he stole the ticket. I mean he can't afford first-class, especially at this airway. Look at him..he is probably a thief.” she spoke loudly enough this time getting the attention of the rest of the passengers.

A heavy knot stuck on my throat as I listened to what was going on around me. My breathing lowered as my blood boiled inside my veins. I waited for what was going to happen next. Praying to god that no one touches me or asks me anything.

“Jane, that's not so good. Stop this before it reaches far” a man's voice spoke and I remember it correctly. He was the same man who silent his son.

“Honey doesn’t be so modest, people these days are nothing but thieves. Ask him...ask him to take off his mask and that cap of his and you will see what I am saying. Oh my god..” she gasped and I assumed with her dramatic attitude, she must have closed her mouth with her hand.

I smirked at my observation and stayed calm.

“..maybe he is a terrorist” she whispered but loudly that everyone heard it. That wasn't even a whisper, she spoke it for everyone to hear.

I closed my eyes and bite my lip. She cant be fucking serious. I had a long day and I won't sit here and be turned into a terrorist.

Everyone gasped and there were whispers around me. I stayed calm even though my heart raced so fast. Waiting for anyone...anyone brave enough to dare touch me and I turn this whole plane upside down in a minute.

“ am sorry madam but please settle down. You can't judge a person like that. He had a ticket and has all rights to be on this plane as any one of you. So please I would ask for your cooperation and calmness”

I smiled at what the air hostess said. Her calm voice got through to some while some raised their voices at her. So typical.

“Sir, please take off your mask” someone spoke beside me and for the first time, I opened my eyes.

Smirking I turned to him looking at his trouser and shoe. My cap hiding my eyes. He was wearing boots with black jeans. Huge but not that fit. He just eats too much maybe.

“I can’t believe after all these years, people are still bullies and racist.”

There was a deadbeat silence after someone said that sentence. The person standing next to my seat moved his legs and I assumed he was looking around.

“This is different. We are not bullying him. We just want to know who he is and why he is hiding” the woman from earlier spoke again. With her high attitude.

“Oh, I see. So you just want to pry to his business. Funny, when people think they are all mighty and above everything that they can order around others like their maid.”

That person had a kind voice. He was scolding others but still sounded calm and gentle. Like a teacher who is used to his stubborn students.

I smirked again and lowered my head. Especially after seeing how defeated the woman was when she sighed.

“I told you to shut up. But you had to open your mouth. Can't we go and spend Christmas with the family in peace, please. Is that so much to ask?”

I raised my eyes and looked at the seats beside me. There I locked eyes with the boy who started all that. He smiled and waved at me, his little fingers pale and white. I smiled back, dimly.

My eyes landed on his father who captured my ears. They are few people like him in this world. He bowed to me as a sign of apology and I nodded my head at him. His wife turned his head fast not to look at me any longer and I laughed.

My thoughts returned to the voice that spoke for me. I listened again and waited for him to say more. But nothing came again. Cursing and laughing at myself inside I sighed.

Why do I want him to speak again? He hasn't even seen me. He would react the same way all these other people did.

“I apologize for the inconveniences and this disturbance Mr. Reynolds.”

My heart jumped when I heard my name being said loudly. I warned them before. Opening my eyes I saw the captain's uniform. Oh, it's Mathew I nodded my head at him not wanting to say anything.

“Where the fuck are you,” I shouted my patience running out. Not that I have any left in me. I have been standing here, outside the airport for about twenty minutes now waiting for that stupid head who happens to be my brother.

Taking a deep breath and fixing my mask, I held the phone closer to my ear.

I couldn't miss the looks I got from everyone who passed by me. I hated it. This part the most. I hate how they are looking at me like I am nothing to be compared to.

“Will be there in five, am sorry traffic is bad,” he said at the end of the line and I almost shouted at him.

Deep breathe.


Someone bumped into me and my phone flew and landed on the ground. I closed my eyes as I watched it jump a few times before landing on the huge stone separating the small road between cars and those who walked on foot.

The person who knocked me over didn't stop. He ran to the corner of the building. I turned my eye to my phone and cursed. Today was going so bad for and -

``There he is… right there, the thief he stole from me” someone shouted behind me.

Oh, so that boy was a thief. No wonder he knows how to run. I removed the thoughts and went to pick up my phone, only for someone to grab my hand midway. Harshly I yanked his hand off me, blood racing inside my veins.

Did he think I was the thief? Oh. I got an answer right away as the girl kept screaming he is the one, he stole from me. The thief... grabbed him.

I stared helplessly at the girl then back to the guy who grabbed me. He wore the security uniform. Unsure of what to do in this situation again. Minutes ago I had been told I stole the plane tickets and now... What if I stole her handbag?

I scowled my face at the guy who wanted to grab my hand again and he didn't dare touch me. I didn't want all this, this was all Christopher’s idea for me to come to LA to spend Christmas with him.

“ Sir please come with me,” the guard said, touching his gun that was placed on his waistband.

I glanced at him then back at the girl who raised her head and looked at me with defiance.

One of these days I might kill someone.

I stood there and pointed at my phone, asking the guard whether I can pick it up or he will want to. He raised his brow and I raised mine. He just couldn't see it under my cap and masks. So I pointed again.

He got the hint and picked the phone for me. He then pointed to the direction where he wanted me to go.

“I told you he was a thief, see he stole that woman handbag”

I remembered the voice of the woman on the plane. I stopped in my steps and the woman gasped in fear. I didn't have to talk to anyone to erupt fear in their bodies. I just had to stand still and say nothing at all.

“Sir, would you kindly follow me?” the guard said again. I could sense fear in his tone. I shook my head and followed him. He didn't dare to touch me again.

“Name?” another security guard asked.

We were at a building inside the airport which looked more like a searching area. I guess this is where they take people who have drugs and other crimes.

I looked at the old man with a bald head and said nothing. I return my eyes to my hands. I wouldn't want all these people to know my name. Within minutes I would be on every gossip and social media platform.

“Sir...if you won't cooperate I will have to throw you in jail” he spoke again and my heart ached.

For what reason exactly would he throw me in jail? Because I look like a thief? Or because some girl just dared to say I was one?

“Officer Tosh, remove his cap and mask” the bald man ordered and I flinched.

I raised my eyes and gave him a dead fierce glare that I am pretty sure frightened him out of his boots.

“ The moment you touch me, I will make sure you and your whole family, together with this whole airline, regrets it for the rest of their lives,” I sensed the guard who brought me, Tosh, tensed midway from taking off my cap.

“He stole from me and you're all going to sit here and watch him threaten us? I want my handbag back, my boyfriend is waiting for me.” the girl whined and I couldn’t help but get irritated by her voice.

She got closer to me and before I knew it, she took off my cap. My body reacted involuntarily as I grabbed her hand and yanked it upward taking my cap back in my head.

She screamed in pain and agony and I bent it even more. No reasoning with these people anymore. I am done watching them humiliate me for my looks.

The bold man tasered me with his electronic gun, making me go limb. I Went straight down shaking and vibrating.

“He hurt me so badly,” the girl shouted.

I could hear her voice from the floor and more of what the bald man was saying. That I might be a terrorist. That a man doesn’t hit women. Then should I have watched her do anything to me even when it’s uncomfortable?

Christopher walked into the building with one of the guards and the moment he saw me down, he ran after me cursing under his breath.

“I will sue this airline and every one of you. DO YOU HEAR ME” he shouted as he picked me up.

My body hurt but not so much as my heart. I didn’t want to come here in the first place. I was okay staying at my house, where nobody would see me or judge me. Why did I come here? Why did I listen to Christopher in the first place?

He muttered apologies from time to time as he adjusted me on the chair properly. I glared at the bald guard and he glared back at me.

After getting myself together and now no longer shaking from the shock. I breathed. Standing up rapidly and startled everyone, even my brother.

“Did you check the CCTV before assuming I was the thief?” I asked. My blood is boiling inside.

I didn’t get an answer for about two minutes and I got more furious. This airline had nothing but brought me humiliation all through my journey. I can’t take this any longer.

“I asked to have the whole first class for myself and I was told it is the holiday season and people travel, that I should be considerate and I was. But people weren’t considerate with me.” I turned my gaze to face the girl.

Her mouth was open. I don’t know if it was what I said that made her that surprised but I didn’t care.

“I have been called a terrorist and a thief within two hours”

“You what?” Christopher asked. His anger bubbling in his eyes. He was indeed my brother. I had the smallest patient but he had none. Not that I know of anyway.

He ruffled his hair and sighed. Turning to the girl. Pointing a finger at her and she flinched. “ You, prepare yourself in court,” he said. “ And you tell your boss that THE REYNOLDS, are suing this airline, ”

I watched as the bald man's mouth opened. His eyes widened. He wasn't the only one but the girl and the two officers inside that office. Smirking I started my steps to walk out of the building.

Few steps to the door, the door opened in a Speedlight and entered a guy. The anger in my blood lessened. My skin tingled as I tried to register what was happening to my body.

My breath hatched when our skin brushed against each other. I held my breath as I glanced at his hand touching my hand lightly and later bowed to me and murmured an apology for pumping into me.

My mind foggy and I found myself raising my eyes to see more of him and right then it ached. He lowered his head and took the girl in his embrace, soothing her as she snuggled closer to his neck and whined something under her breath.

She was in the wrong and yet she got embraced and loved. I got angry or maybe I just felt jealous, that-that would never happen to me- not the way I look at the moment anyway.

Christopher tapped my shoulder, it's when I realized I was staring for so long. I nodded and retreat my eyes down, ready to go on our way-only to stop the moment the guy spoke.

“Hey it's okay, am here now. I will always protect you” he said. His voice is kind and heartwarming.

That voice, I knew that voice. He was the one who defended me on the plane. But- now he was defending someone else, someone who wronged me.

No, she didn't wrong me. She was right, I was scary.

Hurt squeezed my chest. Humiliation tightened my cheeks as I looked at him and everyone in that room. I saw sympathy in Christopher's eyes, it sent another sharp pain in my heart.

It still hurts and I didn’t know why. For the first time since this happened, I feel like my heart is being ripped apart at the words the man said.

I gasped and the world went a little watery as tears welled in my eyes.

“I need that surgery, NOW Chris,"


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