Wishful Christmas

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This man in front of me right now is everything but ugly. I mean seriously have you seen those muscles? And the way he lays back like he doesn't have any worries at all.

For the past two days, I never expected I would meet a guy like this. The way Rachel was talking about him was like some kind of insect not to be touched.

He is wearing a perfectly tailored suit with a double buttoned coat that fits him perfectly. And from the angle right here, he is taller than me just a little bit.

A designer watch is hanging perfectly on his wrist as he sips that wine. Even though he is under that mask? I can still feel how those lips are perfectly designed just for his mouth.

Shit. Lower your horny thoughts Alec.

He hasn't spoken a word to now and somehow that scares the hell out of me. But he doesn't bring out the scary aura of a serial killer or thief.

I came prepared any way, the 911 call is just a button away if things don't go my way. One can never be too careful in this world especially not in LA.

I wanted to come and apologize for everything my girlfriend did at the airport, even the fact that she isn't here with me. Oh god, I hope he doesn't ask about her.

"Am not going to apologize, I did nothing wrong and the guy is disgusting. He looks like he came out of a dumpster. That Reynold bullshit was just said out of the wimp and I am pretty sure he doesn't even know them"

This is what Rachel said when I asked her to come with me. I remember clenching my fist and trying to breathe. Times like these make me wonder why I am even dating her in this place.

"Alec," I said and he stopped midway. He was pouring me a glass of my drink when I tried to say something again.

He stayed like that for a second and did not answer a thing. He poured me a glass and leaned back to his chair. He looked aside at the city and I am pretty sure under that mask he would be smiling because his face went up a little.

Or I might be imagining things. I mean the man hadn't said a word to this point. Am not even sure Miles was his real name.

I remember my heart exploding when I called that Christopher guy. But I was glad he was kind enough to hear me out and speak to me.

And now here we are, with this stranger in front of me, trying to apologize for someone who doesn't even care that she did something wrong in the first place.

"Miles," he said. " but you already know that Mr. Alec"

I stopped breathing for a whole minute. If that's possible, and when I came back to my senses. I almost choked out of my lungs.

He took me off guard with this and as matter of fact, I knew he could speak but I didn't know he could sound like that. Not bad or monsterly no. It's far from that.

His voice sounds collected and strong. Deep or maybe it's just that we are so close and this place is so quiet. But he has a deep voice that isn't bad to listen to, but sexy that I need to hear him speak another word.

Make him speak again. Come one do it

I felt my heart was about to come out of my chest as I tried to breathe again. Shit. I couldn't get air enough as I started choking again.

I made it worse as I raised my drink and drank the wine but my hand got dragged away from my lips so fast that some of the wine poured on my clothes.


I had no time for things because everything was happening so fast.

" you can't drink when you are choking. Seriously" he said with his deep voice sounding frustrated.

Oh. He is so caring.

Focus Alec focus.

Miles held my head from the back as his hand soothes my head to my neck and the other one rubbed on my throat up and down slowly.

I have seen this before. My mother did this to me every time I choked on food. To make it go down smoothly. And now… this man was doing that to me.

A hand came to my face and I blinked. He hesitated for a moment then I felt his fingers rub on the corner of my eyes. Wait- I didn't know I was crying.

I don't know if I am crying because of coughing too much because of what he is doing to me.

"Close the air from your lungs for a second and don't breathe," he said. More like an order.

Does he know he is the reason I didn't breathe at all?

I did what he said anyway and took a deep breath after some seconds. The pain in my chest was fading away but...Miles' hand never left the back of my body not even a second.

I raised my head and we met. If it wasn't for that mask then we would have been staring at each other lips right now.

His face was close to me and for a moment my mind took over me anyway. I wanted to pull him down and kiss him. Mask or not.

Shit. What is wrong with me?

"Alec…" he called. His voice lower and husky

Shit. When did i- how did i- oh god.

My senses came back to me when I realized what I was about to do. My left hand was almost touching his face and I raised my head to meet his lips.

Oh god. I cant breathe again

This man has been able to make me stop breathing many times than anything in the world has ever done. And it is our first meeting.

My eyes didn't leave him as my heart didn't stop beating so fast. The place became quieter and I could hear my heartbeat exploding in my chest.

Oh my god, his eyes.


His eyes are forest green. They are deep but not scary. Beautiful to look at and...pain? Why?

I found myself raising my hand again and this time he didn't stop me. He let me touch him.

The moment my finger touched his skin, the right side didn't have a mask. Electricity flew all over my fingers to my body. Shocking my skin to my heart.

He groaned and breathed.

I loved the sound he made and deep down, I had an ache to hear more.

Those green eyes slowly glittered with... lust? Oh god, I am seeing things again ain't I? His eyes fit perfectly with his hair. They were blonde in color.

You have a girlfriend Alec get it together.

I bit my lip and breathed slowly. Not wanting to scare Miles by breathing hard on him.

He tilted his head and seized his hand on my back.

Oh. Don't stop.

I almost whined like a baby when he stopped caressing my back. The loss of contact makes me want more.

Please don't stop... please

"We are in public Mr. Alec and this is not why we are here" he chuckled at the end

It took me seconds to realize what I did again. Oh god, I spoke my thoughts out loud. Shit. This man is making me do stupid things.

"Am so sorry '' I muttered and I am sure he was smirking if not smiling under that mask.

It's more of a tattoo. The mask fits him so well like he is in those masked parties, just the difference is, this one is more...handsome. I think he had it made for him alone.

It covers most of his face, from the left side and leaving a little bit of skin at his right side-eye to the cheekbone. The mask is black, bringing his green eyes to life. Together with his shining blondish hair, he is out of this world.

I watch him as he goes back to sit on his chair. The moment his eyes looked at me again, I looked down.

Get it together Alec.

I counted to five and raised my head. Ready to speak to him properly. But before I could do that, I had to look past him because I thought I saw something and before my eyes could deceive me into thinking it was just my imagination.

No, it wasn't.

Rachel was walking inside the lounge, with another man in her arms. Laughing and kissing each other.


Everything went black for a second.

She said she was busy. She couldn't come with me to apologize for she was busy. Was this what she was busy doing? Or whom she was busy doing?

I took a deep breath and raised my eyes to look at her again. And this time we met eye to eye.

Her mouth opened and closed and I saw she tightened the grip on that man's hand.

My eyes drifted to him. He was indeed handsome. More handsome than anything I have ever seen.

More handsome than me

A certain pain went through my body to my heart as I saw her walking towards us. Then- she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Shit- this isn't going to be good" I murmured

Miles looked at me then at where my eyes were looking at. Then he looked back so fast.

The last thing I want is for Miles to be offended.

I stood up so fast and went to stand beside Miles. More like hiding him...from Rachel. In a whim of a moment, my body wants to protect him so badly, even when my heart was breaking seeing her with another man.

But like always, she will divert all my anger back to me. And I would apologize at the end of the day. Like always.

"What are you doing here..and who is this?" She asked.

I was this close to cursing. She knows exactly what I was doing here. I told her for the past two days and even this morning.

Oh. She wasn't listening. Maybe she was busy imagining her date with Mr handsome.

" What are you doing here? You said you were busy. Is this what you were busy with?". I didn't want to sound irritated but I couldn't help it.

"I followed you here, you just sneaked out -"

I laughed. She wasn't serious right now. No, she can't do this right now.

" you sneaked out to follow me, and you found yourself in someone else's arms...just like that" it was more of a statement than a question.

I heard someone snickered beside me. Wait- is that- no he wouldn't be him.

Then I felt relieved, the pain that was stuck in my throat disappeared, knowing he was there.

I found myself doing the same. I looked back at Rachel and shook my head. I didn't know I was smiling until I saw her brow furrowed even more.

"What's so funny huh. You said you were going to apologize to that-that-"

"Watch your mouth" I warned.

"What? Now you are defending him? I mean seriously you would rather choose a beggar, with a disgusting face than your girlfriend? Stop being too caring and open your eyes. Not everyone is good. I know you like to help beggars but he is out of the sentence." She blurted out loud.

The words she said boiled me up with anger. I felt hot all over my body as I tried to resist the urge to smack her. If only she wasn't a woman I would have beaten her ass up.

"Hold on, is that him" she said.

I stepped closer to Miles, my body covering him behind me. He was calm and still, not even flinching.

"Leave," I told her. "Right now" I yelled

I have never raised my voice on her ever since we started dating. But right now I just did.

She flinched and gasped. Her eyes turned red with anger. Why was she angry, I was supposed to be angry and not her.

She looks at me with so much anger and attitude and for the first time, I looked back at her the same way.

" you are such a disappointment," I said as I stepped back to sit on my chair.

I did not reach far as I watched her walk faster and raise her hand to grab the mask on Mr. Miles' face. My blood boiled and I was on my feet in a second. Peeling off her hands as she reached the mask and pulled it off so hard.

Miles was startled and he didn't have a minute to register what was happening.

I looked back at Rachel and I saw her staring at her finger and the mask she was now holding. Blood. There was blood on her fingernails.

God knows how much my heart raced after seeing that. I turn back to see Miles taking off his coat and putting it on his head. I didn't get a minute to see where he was hurt.

I raised my hand to touch the coat to see where he got hurt, but he removed my hand before it reached anywhere. And for the first time in my life, I felt pain so strong I couldn't name it.

My heart ached As I looked at him and he looked away from me. His back turned completely.

Please don't go.

No please. This is not how I wanted it to go. All I wanted was to apologize.

But I guess I can't. I glanced back and watched Rachel smiling. I lost it. I strolled to her and thank God the man pulled her away so fast. And my slap landed on his hand.

I couldn't form words from my mouth. How could she do this? How could she be such a monster? I was in this mess because of her to begin in with.

There was no point in talking to her. I turned to face Miles. He was already on his feet, his back facing us. "I am so sorry" I pleaded but he said nothing.

The quiet he got, the louder my heart exploded. What should I do? I am the reason he got assaulted this time. I pushed him to come.

Please let me expl-- please don't go.

He didn't look back as he walked toward another corner I didn't know existed. And just like that, he disappeared. And I was left standing.


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