Wishful Christmas

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"Mr. Reynold, are you okay? Mr. Reynold"

I closed my eyes and muffled my driver's voice. I need a breath for a minute. I raised my hand to make him stop talking. My thoughts taking me far away as my breath slowed down bit by bit.

Raising my eyes, I faced my secretary. I needed this meeting to be over with right now.

"...the R project is almost finished and within two months, everything will be done sir. Congratulations on this success, Mr. Reynolds. This is real-.."

I couldn't hear the rest of what my project manager was trying to say as I look at my phone. This can't is right. No. Not my best friend.

I look at the picture again. maybe I missed something before. Or maybe in this world of editing it was edited. Maybe. Please god, let it be a maybe.

But it wasn't. There he was. My best friend. Nick. Kissing my girlfriend.

Maybe they were playing a game. A drunk game.

"Mr. Reynolds.."

I raised my gaze to meet the whole board members staring back at me.

"This meeting is over," I said. Standing up and walking off. I didn't want to know what they are saying behind me. No. Not now.

My way home was filled with pain and agony. Not my best friend. We have been friends for more than ten years. How could he do that to me?

I called his number twice but it went straight to voice mail.

Come down Miles. It is probably nothing.

My heartbeats increased when I saw nick's car parked at my house. So he is here. Then let's get it over with. But deep down, the sting feeling keeps crawling to my skin. Why? Why was this happening to me?.

Walking slowly inside the house and closed the door behind me. The first thing Innoticeddewase two plates of unfinished food on the table. Empty glasses and a bottle of wine.

Someone had dined here.

My eyes kept roaming around my house. It felt strange. Gloomy and dark. My heartbeat multiplied when I saw a shoe thrown randomly near the stair. That's nick's shoe. I know it because I bought it.

My shoulders tightened. I kept staring at the shoe, then the blouse on a third step of the stair. Gripping my car keys, I kept going up. Heading to my bedroom. Or following the thrown of clothes exactly.

I know my girlfriend very well. Nicola is spoiled and untidy. But this? This isn't one of those dress-up situations.

Gasps and moans started getting louder and louder. The more steps I take, the more moans get to my ears and I heard coming from my room. I stopped walking and held my breath. Trying to breathe slowly.

Please No. Please.

I prayed without knowing what exactly I was praying about. I mean what was I thinking. The moans were coming from my room. One way or another, people were fucking in my room.

"Fuck..aah. god I love you"

That voice raced through my heart and cut it into pieces. The same words she said to me just that morning before I went to work. And now, she is saying them to my best friend?

I couldn't be so sure haven't seen him. Maybe it's not nick. Maybe it is someone else.

I didn't have to open the door to see anything for the door was wide open. And there it was. The perfect picture. The picture of Nicola in all fours and Nick drilling into her like a monster.

I closed my eyes. Hoping when I open them one more time. This thing would be a freaking nightmare.

"I bet you say that to him too," Nick said between pants and moans. I opened my eyes. None of them were facing the door so none of them knew I was standing there.

"Of course I say them. He pays my bills and everything" she said unashamedly. She screamed louder when nick thrust into her harder. Angry maybe after what she said or she just likes it rough.

"And yet...yet you have been coming to me for the past 4 years. And I still give you everything...fuck..aah"

Everything hurts. Everything. As I stand here watching them fucking and embracing each other. Four years? I thought they said they were friends. Nick introduced me to her for god sake. What The hell is this?

My limbs were shaking. Weakness spreading all over my legs and knees. Not knowing where to touch exactly as my heart explodes in my chest. My stomach tightened. I looked at them again.

What should I do? No answer came to mind.

I touched the wall and leaned on it. Dizziness occupies me. I cant break down. I won't break down. I am Miles Reynolds. I cant

But no matter the pep talk I give to myself. I still felt weak and worthless. Tears rolled on my cheeks as I walk down the stairs with the help of the wall.

That was my best friend. The one I trust with all my heart. And my girlfriend. I can't kill them, I can't punish them. I cant. Can I?

I touched the knife that was left on the table and gripped it. Of course,e you can kill them. They betrayed you. Made a fool of you. Will you let them be?

"Mr. Reynolds, sir" A voice brought me back from my worse nightmare. I was panting so hard. I rolled down the window to get some fresh air. I needed that.

My whole body is hot, my hands clenching around my phone. Alec. His missed calls are filling up my phone and damn he keeps calling.

I am not mad at him. No. Am just furious at how he would stand and watch his girlfriend mistreat him and yet get on his knees and still apologize for her. Who does that?

He was furious at everything she said and I couldn't help but smile when he defended and stayed beside me to hide me from her, but still, he apologized on her behalf.

"Nick, what are you doing with Alec's girlfriend?" I muttered to myself. "Where is Nicola? Does she know you are cheating on her? Did she break up with me for all this?" I can't help but ask myself all this.

It hurts. It fucking hurts. He was my best friend and now, he is hurting someone else by taking his girlfriend. Should I be happy about this? No, am not that kind of a person.

Alec. How is he doing right now? Shit. I can't think of this. He must be devastated.

I looked down at the phone that kept ringing nonstop. If I began counting, it must be the 30th call right now. Sighing, I looked outside the car window.

Why are you calling me? If you need a shoulder to cry on, then am I not the guy for that? I know betrayal and I know how you feel. But am sorry I can't comfort you right now.

I have been sitting inside the car for 45 minutes now. I didn't get out to enter Chris's house. Somehow I feel like I need some time alone.

My phone hasn't vibrated for about five minutes. Wait, why do I feel disappointed? I looked at it and Alec's number has 33 missed calls.

"You stopped," I whispered to myself. Disappointed looking at the phone.

My brow furrowed automatically. I picked up Alec's phone but a new voice spoke.

"Hello", and His voice sounds older

No, this isn't Alec's voice.

"Who are you" my voice got stronger and I didn't realize I could ever speak like that. My blood boiled inside. My brain racing to what might have happened to Alec.

I signaled for the driver to start the car to head back to where I left him. I hope he is still at the hotel.

" the young man is so drunk and I didn't feel good leaving him here. He keeps wanting his monster...god I don't want to imagine what that means'' the person said.

I froze after hearing what the stranger was saying. Monster? What the hell is going on.

I didn't have to think much as the car pulled over at my hotel. I stepped outside as fast as I could... and there he was sitting down. And I mean down completely on the floor.

Few people were looking at him and the one man I guess who called me was trying to make them leave.

He spotted me and sighed. I know the man. He had been our manager ever since I started my business. I trust him with my life.

"So you are the…'' he looked at me and cleared his voice. " the monster" he laughed.

I found myself laughing too. Looking at the poor boy so lost in his thoughts. Mumbling something I couldn't hear.

"You should forgive the poor boy. He had been apologizing over and over again, calling his monster...god I don't know why am laughing when I say that." Mr. Godwin laughed again. " can you imagine. He didn't want anyone touching him. He preferred to sit down than on that bench inside."

I looked at Alec and somehow I smiled. I don't know why but I am happy he didn't want anyone touching him.

" Whatever he did, he is a good guy. You are lucky to have him...Mr. Reynolds."

I stared at him and thought how he knew it was me. But then again. The man raised me so he knows me.

"It's not like that, it's a long story" I answered back.

Alec must have heard my voice because he raised his head. I met his grey eyes and damn was I breathless. He had a way of taking away my breath in a matter of seconds.

"Oh...monster" he called out in his hyper drunk state. He nearly tripped over trying to run to me. Mr. Godwin laughed slowly as he watched him trying his best to stand still.


"Monster.." he said again and now he was a few steps from me. I opened my arms because I knew exactly where he was going with that speed and damn was I right.

He went right into my arms, burying his head on my neck. I shivered, feeling him breathing on my neck. A tingling sensation passed through my body.

"Alec" I called him. But all he did was wrap his arms around my neck and leaned all his body on me.

Okay, this isn't what I thought would happen.

"For a long story, he sure does feel safe to his monster" Mr. Godwin teased again and I glared at him.

"Monster...my handsome monster" Alec whispered in my neck.

"What? What did you say?" I asked him I heard him but i-i.

He removed his head from my neck and looked at me. His drunk grey eyes. His eyes are puffy and sad. I hate that. I hate seeing him sad.

" you, she called you a monster. Then-then you are my monster. My-handsome-monster" he finished and I smile.

He was cute. I have never seen someone that drunk and cute at the same time.

"Am so sorry monster. Please forgive me" he apologized, hardening the hold on my neck.

"You better get a room before the media gets this tomorrow morning," Mr. Godwin said and I breathed.

I look at Alec one more time. I can't take him home with me. Chris would never stop talking.

"How much did he drink?" I asked.

" He kept ordering more and I gave him more. So you have a…"

I glared at him and dared him to just say I have to pay the bill. He seemed to know my thoughts as he started laughing again.

"Fine fine. But seriously, where would you take him. Your room is free, you can always use it." He raised his brow waiting for the answer.

I breathed and touched Alec's back. He was sleeping. I had no choice but to agree with Mr. Godwin on this.

He wasn't heavy, and even if he was, I would still carry him on my back anytime anywhere. My room was on the top floor, the 25th floor of the Reynolds hotel.

It has everything inside my clothes to everything. Whenever I come for business, this is where I would stay if Chriss and his husband aren't in town.

I threw Alec on the bed and sighed. He just groaned and turned the other side.

"Cute," I muttered.

Taking off my coat, walking to my closet, and looking for my sweatpants.

I almost jumped to my feet. I turned around and met face to face with Alec sleeping- drunk figure staring at me. How the hell did he get here? I didn't hear his footsteps come in.

He bit his lower lip and looked at me. Waiting for something.

I raised my brow and waited. But nothing came.

A phone vibrated in my pockets. Grabbing it and realized it wasn't mine but Alec. And the bad part was, I pressed the receiver button.

"Alec.." a woman's voice called out.

I looked at him and he was no help at all. Instead, he raised his hands and widened them. And before I knew it, he was hugging me. More like choking me as he tightened his hold.

"Monster.." he screamed.

"What? Alec, what are you saying?"

Oh god. I looked at the phone and realized it was still on the air. Shit. I cleared my voice and put the phone on my ear.

"Hello,'' I said. Making my voice sound soft not to scare the other person.

"Who are you?" She asked. Her voice got louder. I could hear the fear in her voice. This can not be that girl.

So that means this was another?

Alec moved on my neck and I held him steady. Not to make both of us fall in that closet. With one hand I held his back as he leaned his head on my neck while the other talked to- whoever that was.

"Am just a friend," I said. That was more logical than to say I am just a stranger who he happens to call a monster.

" Oh. You must be the guy Rachel told me about" the woman said.

I flinched. So she knows about me. She knows I am ugly or anything that girl said.

"Look. My brother is a good man and no matter how much I told him to break it off with that girl...he didn't. I apologize for what she said"

My brother. So she is Alec's sister. Suddenly I felt relieved that she was his sister. And without knowing I was smiling.

" my monster.." Alec said again in his drunk state.

I laughed and snapped my mouth shut knowing I was still on the phone.

"Is he drunk?" She asked.

"Yes," I answered her.

There was a long silence between us. I had to look at the screen to know she didn't hang up.

"He must trust you to drink in front of you." She said. I wanted to open my mouth and ask why but she spoke. "This is the hardest time for him, and if drinking with you is what he wants, then please take care of him."

I didn't like the tone of her voice. Sad and empathetic. Why? And why is it a hard time for ALec?

"He is a handful when drunk. Hope you can handle him" she said. Laughing this time.

I couldn't answer her on time as Alec pulled the phone out of my hand. We almost fell to the floor if I didn't hold the wall to support both our weights.

"Fuck" I cursed.

And he?

...he smiled.


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