Wishful Christmas

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"He is mine...leave my monster alone" he shouted at his phone.

Does he know he just shouted at his sister? Oh boy. But his sister didn't get made as I heard her laugh so loudly.

"Oh, so now you forgot all about Mr handsome? Now you have Mr monster huh" his sister teased.

But. My heart sunk when she said that. I don't know what kind of a game my heart was playing with me but it squeezed inside my chest when I heard about that.

"Mr handsome disappeared.." Alec mumbled and threw the phone. I caught it before it reached the ground.

Jeez. I did so much exercise within half an hour with this man than I did in three months.

I took the phone in my ear again. Taking a deep breath. I was uncomfortable in the position we were in.

"He passed out didn't he?" She asked.

"Yes," I answered. My lips wanted to ask about what they said to each other before. But I closed it and pushed the thought aside.

Two days to my surgery and I will be back in Canada. I can't get attached to anyone. Especially after what happened.

"Okay, Mr monster. I trust you with my brother then" she said and hung up before I could reply.

"These people seem to trust strangers so easily". I said to myself. Putting the phone inside my pocket and carrying Alec back to the bedroom.

I watched him for a moment. Taking him in and imprint all of him. I didn't want to forget a person like him. He is different. Special.

And if I want to sound cheesy I would say, he is my Christmas miracle. But I can't. I don't know what he will do when he wakes up tomorrow morning.

"You look so much like him," he whispered and I froze.

My hand stopped caressing his hair. My breathing slowed down as I waited for him to go back to sleep. But I found myself wanting to know.

"Who?" I asked. I had an idea it might be the person his sister talked about.

"The guy I had a crush on. My first love" he said again. In a low voice. He raised his hand to reach my face and I leaned back.

Why am I acting like a jealous boyfriend right now?

"His smile would light up a room. His laugh would touch anyone that hears it. He is kind and generous" he said again.

I wanted him to stop. I closed my eyes and moved from the bed. I didn't know he was holding me until he pulled me back and I landed on his chest. Our lips an inch apart.

His eyes were staring at my lips as I was staring at him. Hoping he doesn't hear my pounding heart.

"If he appears to you right now. What would you say?" I asked him. My voice is low.

I don't know why I did that. His sister's words played in the back of my head. This month is hard on him. I crave to know why. And what with the guy. Did he break his heart or something?

I was in my thoughts when I felt hot lips on mine. Gasping in shock, he deepened the kiss. His hand sneaking into my head and caressing my hair.

All the senses in my body woke up. I didn't want to take advantage of a person who had been nothing but good to me. Especially when he was drunk. So I pulled away and broke the kiss.

What I saw in his eyes filled with the look of rejection and hurt. That isn't what I wanted him to feel. I have been rejected once. I know how it feels, and his girlfriend just cheated on him.

I cupped the side of his face and traced his bottom lip with my thumb. leaning in for another kiss, this time deepening it in a more deeply intimate way.

Alec relaxed and let me in. This is our first kiss and yet I feel like I yearned for it for so long.

His arms snaked around my neck, and I snaked my arms around his waist, bringing us closer together. Our kiss heated and became sultry.

A realization hit me. This. This was everything I wanted ever since I heard his voice. Before even I saw his face. It is as if I had a lot to say to him and I couldn't.

My head felt light and I needed to breath, but if I remove my lips, I would have to stop kissing the man I'd desired for a short time.

Slowly I pulled back, giving gentle kisses to his pouty and swollen lips. raising my hand cupping the back of Alec's head and pressing our foreheads together.

I refused to open my eyes, it all might be an illusion and I want it to be real, so real.

“I would kiss him like this...” he whispered loud enough for me to hear.

"Mmh '' is all I manage to say. Not after that kiss. But what he said next struck me to the bone.

"And ask him to love me even for a day. No no, he probably wouldn't love a thing like me. Whom am I lying to?" He chuckled.

I didn't laugh. For it wasn't funny. It brought more sadness to my heart.

"I would ask him to spend this Christmas, with me and my sister. Just this once. I want to smile on Christmas day." He said and paused.

He looked into my eyes and I looked back at him. "But that's just a Christmas miracle right. It never happens, especially not to me" he whispered.

He smiled widely at me then leaned and kissed me lightly on my lips. "Thank you...monster," he said. His eyes closing.

And before I knew it. He was falling asleep.

Morning came sooner than I wanted it to. The night was fun. Alec had been holding me tighter as if I could have escaped him any minute if he let me breathe.

if I thought he was asleep, I was wrong. Alec is a talker. A crier. A laughing mess. And everything when he is drunk. He talked about everything and I was happily listening to him.

He slept locking his leg over my body. His hand wrapping around my chest. I feel sorry for the girlfriend- no. Not her. She doesn't deserve him.

I was awake before him but I didn't want to move. I didn't want to wake him up. He had been up almost all night. He needed much sleep.

He was laying on my chest and I wrapped my hand around his neck. We just happen to end up in that position.

After ordering breakfast. I let him sleep more while I get some work done. And from time to time, stealing glances at his sleeping form.

I keep replaying how he cried and asked me not to go. "Don't go. Please don't go" he would repeat that over and over through the night.

"You sleep peacefully on a stranger's bed. Aren't you afraid?" I asked after seeing him awake.

"I trust you" he answered and yawned. His eyes scanning the room as he dimed his eyes.

I swallowed the saliva that got stuck on my throat. Does he trust me? Enough to sleep with me? Well, he was drunk most of the night.

Putting the thought back in my head, I walked out and let him get settled. Without me being on his way.

"What do you want for Christmas?" I asked.

Sitting on the balcony eating breakfast. He was surprisingly silent. Not the same Alec of last night.

I already knew what he wanted. He said most of his stuff to me last night.

But. I want him to say them when he is sober. And now that he just confessed he trusts me.

"I don't know, I guess ever since I was a kid that's what I ever wanted. A snowman is taller than me. But now that I am older, I don't think anyone will ever make a snowman this tall." Alec said as he smiles.

It's strange how he doesn't remember anything. And right now, he is a very different man. Reserved and very gentleman-like.

Maybe it's the best thing that he doesn't remember anything. He doesn't remember seeing and touching my scar

"Oh and cake, I love cake, especially chocolate ones. I wonder why my teeth are so perfect with how much I eat sweets" he added.

I love seeing him bring out the inner child in him. It's fun and kinda cute.

I stayed silent and kept looking at him. Giving him all my attention. But his face started changing. His smile dimmed and my heart raced as I wanted to know what was bringing my boy discomfort.

"I never really celebrate Christmas.." he said biting his lips

"and why is that," I ask.

Alec looked at me for a moment then smiled. I wanted him to be honest with me. Maybe I can help. Maybe I can change things and give him the best Christmas.

"I was born on Christmas day," he said smiling. "you see it was the best month of my life. Whenever December reaches, my heart was full of joy and high spirit."

He stayed silent again and I looked at him. His eyes changed from happy to sad. Like he was collecting a certain unhappy image.

I wanted to ask him to stop and think about something else, but deep down I wanted to know everything about him. About this boy who captured my heart in less than a week.

And the Miles in me wants to do everything for him. With everything, I have got.

"They died on Christmas day, my parents." He said looking aside.

My heart exploded, not because of the news of his parent's death. No. I do feel sorry for him but more because of the deeper sadness that is in his eyes right now.

He is blinking as his throat goes up and down.

No. I don't want to be the reason this boy cries. Hell no. I don't want to see a single tear from him. Not even a happy one. I want to see him smiling so widely and light the whole room. Just like he always does.

"Ever since that day, I never truly celebrate Christmas. I just let it pass and think about my parents." He said.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and no matter what, I always celebrate it with my brother and friends. We come together and have fun, thank God for the year he gave us. And this man with grey eyes in front of me had been sad at this time of the year.

My heart ached for him. And I found myself making promises I knew I would never keep. For the first time in my life. And my heart ached even more.

" let's change that", I said looking at him as he turns to meet my eyes. My heart softened at the confused look on his face. " let's return Christmas to be the best day of your life. Let's start by this, me spending this Christmas with you."

Oh god, what have I done? I won't be here this Christmas and even if I will. I will probably spend it with Chriss while healing after my surgery.

The shocked look on his face changed from confusion to utterly surprised. Then his eyes sparkled with something uncertain. Then his lips started curving into a smile.

His smile started widening every second passing and my heart couldn't take it. Yes. That is what I wanted to see. Him smiling at me like this.

The next thing I know is him all over my body laughing and jumping with joy and I, holding onto him so that he doesn't fall. Or we both don't end up falling.

I was carrying him and his hands and legs wrapped around my waist and neck as he buried his face on my neck. Saying 'really' and 'thank' you over and over.

If this was the response then I will be doing everything in my power to get this all the time.

Hell Miles. You will be spoiling him just so he can jump on you.

"What else do you want for Christmas?" I asked him as I put him properly on my chest.

He removed his head from my neck and face me. Our faces inches away from each other. If it wasn't for this mask, he would have seen how my lips salivated for his.

"Will you make me a snowman? This tall and this big?" He asked cheerfully and I burst into laughter.

He can't be serious. He is asking for a snowman?

I looked at him and he was staring back at me. "Okay okay, snowman it is" I answered between laughs.

He tightened the hold on my neck and smiled. Damn, he would kill anyone with that smile.

"Will- amm will you come over for dinner. She asked me to come with someone this year and.." he trailed off and I found it to be attractive.

I know who he meant. His sister, the one I spoke with last night.

"I will be honored" I answered and immediately he buried his face on my neck again.


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