Wishful Christmas

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The buzzing in my head was killing me. I opened my eyes and closed them as fast as I could. The light was of no help at all.

I opened them again and slowly scanned the room. My heartbeat slowed down as I saw him. Him standing there looking outside.

He must've ordered room service and freshened up. Changed to that. He looks hot. A white t-shirt, black jeans, and a leather coat. He wore his mask firmly as if afraid not to show any part of his face.

"You slept soundly on a stranger's bed. Aren't you scared I would do something bad to you?"

I looked at him then bit my pancake. I couldn't help but land my eyes on those lips. A tingling feeling filling over me.

"I trust you. I don't know why but I do ''I whispered.

The memories are foggy in my head. Shit. Why did I have to drink so much?

I keep trying to retrace my memories from last night but nothing comes to mind. Ever since I woke up this morning on that king-sized bed, in this five-star hotel, I feel like I am in a dream.

God, I hope I am not dreaming.

I have seen this hotel most of the time. And all the branches of the same hotels all over the world. The Reynolds hotels have the best quality in service and everything. And I got to sleep in it.


I know I have to be suspicious of this man, but to my surprise, I am not. No part of me is anxious even a bit. In return, I want to spend more time with him.

From time to time I stare at his lips and lick my own. Why do I feel like I have tasted those lips? Why do I feel like I know how those lips kiss and taste like?

I locked my eyes again to feel it. To try and remember what exactly happened last night but... failing.

"What do you want for Christmas?"

I got to my senses when he asked me that. Why? Why would he care what I want? My heart clenched at the mention of Christmas.

I almost forgot. He made me forget about this month for what? Three hours ever since I woke up? Shit.

I opened my mouth to answer him. Contemplating if I should be honest or not. I chose honesty after I looked into those green eyes of his.

"I don't know, I guess ever since I was a kid that's what I've always wanted. A snowman is taller than me. But now that I am older, I don't think anyone will ever make a snowman this tall." I ended up smiling at my stupid childhood Christmas gifts.

For the first time, I felt free. Like bringing out my inner child and letting him play and have everything in the world.

Miles stayed silent and kept looking at me. Giving me all his attention. I like that.

My face started changing. My smile dimmed and my heart raced. And when I looked at him, I certainly saw the questionable look on his face. How?

I looked at Miles for a moment then smiled. I wanted to be honest with him. The urge to not hiding anything from this man was driving me crazy more than anything.

I told him what I wanted and more. I told him everything. Even the part of my parents. I never discussed my parent's death, not even with Rachel.

But this man. Miles made me open up in less than 24 hours of meeting each other. Shit. Miles, what are you doing to me.

He said something. No, he promised something and my heart couldn't take it. My body acted on its own and before I knew it. I was on top of him, holding him and burying my face on his neck.

To my surprise, he didn't push me away or curse at me. Instead, he held me and rubbed his hand up and down my back.

The embarrassment that was creeping up my face disappeared. It felt right being in his arms. It didn't feel strange or new, it felt like I have been there before. In his arms.

Like it was a haven for me. He. was. my. safe. heaven.

I panicked and unwrapped myself from his body. Panting, I ran back into the room and locked him outside the balcony.

No. I am not gay. And I like only one person. Yes, they might share the same name but he is not him.

"Alec, breathe"

I snapped my neck to where the voice came from. How- what-

"This is an executive room, Alec, it has three doors'' he answered. He must have seen my confused look. "Are you okay?" He asked.

I want to kiss you. Why do I want to kiss you?

"Alec...you are safe. I didn't hurt you. I never will. You said you trust me right?" He asked.

I couldn't answer him as I tried to collect my thoughts together. For a moment, air-filled my brain and I felt dizzy. Strong hands grabbed me and went with me to the floor.

I looked to see him holding me, my body pressed against his. My heart is racing. I could describe what I was feeling or what was going on.

Why do I want to kiss you all the time? "I want to kiss you" I whispered.

His mouth was under the mask but I could see it. Or more like imagine its skin and how soft it is.

He touched my hair. His fingers soft, sending chills on my body.

" you need to rest Alec. You drank so hard last night" he said. His voice is soft and husky.

I closed my eyes to his touch. He was right. Maybe I needed to sleep. And when I wake up, all this madness would be over. And everything would go back to normal.

The caressing on my head continued. I sighed and closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn't stop touching me. And...he didn't.

I woke up to the murmurs of someone talking to the phone. Miles. I scanned the room to where he might be and there he was sitting on the end couch with his laptop and a phone.

He sounds serious. More business-like. Who is this man? And why am I still here? Alec, get back to your senses, please.

I didn't want to eavesdrop but miles seem to be lost in his calls that he didn't notice me getting closer to him.

I looked at him back at myself. Sighing slowly not to alert him. I gathered my stuff, wore my clothes properly. I overstayed my stays and he probably wants to get on to his daily routine.

But why do I want to stay with him a little longer? Why do I feel this way? Like a needy teenager?

My self conscious started playing a game in my head. Playing the memories of since I met Miles. Since the plane. I want to stay with him longer.

"You are awake," he said and I looked at him. When did he get so close to me?

"Mmm," that's all I gotta answer.

Oh god. Say something else. Not just mmh. Mmh isn't a word.

"Can I take you out? To lunch...or dinner" I said looking at him. He looked at me but said nothing. "Not in this hotel. Am afraid I can't afford it" I smiled touching the back of my head.

I want to repay the favor of sleeping over and him taking care of me all night long. But where can I take him? If he can sleep in this hotel, then that means I can't afford any other good place.

I can't afford him.

The dead beat silence between us was killing me. He didn't leave my eyes as he kept looking at me. I wanted to know what he was thinking so hard about. It's just lunch. I can afford a single lunch.

"I can't. I have to get home". He said and my heart sank.

I opened my eyes to say something and closed them again. Shit. For a heartbreak, this one was silly. I don't know the man and yet my heart broke as he denied the offer.

I looked aside for a minute. To gather meI won't sound pushing or anything. He might be busy Alec. He stayed with you. Babysitting you all night long.

I cleared my throat. "Okay, you are right. But I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. That's why I asked you out. No other reason Mr. Miles." I said. Sounding serious

"I know. But I have something very important to take care of at home."


My heart is heavy as I keep thinking of Miles. What he is doing right now or whom? God, why am I even thinking like this? He's Not that kind of a person or I wouldn't be standing with my two feet right now.

I can't listen to anything my friends are saying right now. I keep looking at my phone after every one minute to see if I should text him.

Should I? But it will seem awkward. I just let him go a few hours ago. What's wrong with me?.

"Dude, you will break that phone of yours," my friend said and I looked at my hands. Of course, I was clenching the phone so hard. "Just call the guy. He might be waiting for your call too".

I looked at Dev and raised my brow. I never said the person was a guy or anything. Oh, Rachel must have said something to them. Great.

"Am your best friend Alec. I know when it is she or he"

I laughed and he did the same. He was right. I have never been like this. Ever. It was once when I had a crush on my senior. But that was ages ago and he disappeared a few months ago.

I looked at my phone again and almost threw it away. Oh god. I just called Christopher. His lawyer. Why? How? What was I thinking?

There was no time to think for the other side already picked up.

"Hello," I said and stood up to go aside. "Am sorry, I-" what can I say? I want to see Miles that I called you accidentally Hell, that sounds stalkery much.

"Mr. Alec" Christopher called and I held the phone closer. "Am sending you the message. Be there in five minutes. He will be waiting for you" he paused for a minute and I held my breath. "Don't forget our deal" with that he cut off the phone.

I was left there hanging. Not knowing what to do or say. I wanted to see him, right?. Two seconds and the message entered my phone. He did send the location.

Why is Miles staying with his lawyer? By the way, what does he even do? This is how much I don't know him and yet I long for him. I dream of him even in the bright daylight.

I want to hold him. To touch him. And make him anyone else but mine. To kiss him longer and be with him. I just want all my day to spend with him, next to him-

Great. Just great. Now he got my head too. I don't even know what he looks like. Why? What is he doing to me?

I ran to my car and drove off. I didn't even say goodbye to my friends. My mind raced to only one person right now. Miles

I reached the address. I stared at the big modern house. Wow. I parked my car where I saw the other car had parked.

Immediately I spotted Christopher. He was standing at the gate waving at me. I waved back. Trying to hide my beating heart. God, I hope he won't hear it.

He is smiling. Why is he smiling at me? I couldn't help but smile back. God, can he see how nervous I am right now? What would I tell Miles? That I came to say hello? That I missed him and can't stop thinking about him?.

"Go in, turn left then right. He is at the swimming pool" he said. Still smiling.

"Wait- swimming?"

"Yes, he loves it." He answered and opened the door for me. Signaling with his eyes that I should enter.

I followed the direction while staring at the house. It was indeed beautiful. My assistance lecturer salary can never afford something like this. Not in this life anyway.

I spotted Miles at the swimming pool. He was underwater but still looked beautiful. His toned skin shining at the sunset. The water brings out the best in his skin.

I was compelled to keep looking at him and without realizing it. I took off my shoes and sat at the edge of the pool. My legs were buried in the water to my knees.

He might have seen my legs because he was swimming in my direction this time. I held my breath as he got near. His body raised and came out of the water. His hands touched the space beside me. Trapping in between his hands. My legs almost touch his skin.

I looked at him. His mask is magnificent. This might be his swimming mask. Why does he keep this on? Even at home? But it was easier to see his facial features.

My hands found their way to his face as I traced the mask. His lips showed perfectly this time.

I want to kiss you.

Like he heard my thoughts. He lifted himself more. His lips touched mine. My heart couldn't take it but that didn't stop me from kissing him back.

He wasn't rough but smooth and gentle. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands around his neck. Deepening the kiss and happy that he didn't deny me.

He kissed me more and pulled back. Thank God, I needed air too as much as I needed him. I touched his face again, more like his mask.

"I want to see" my voice coming out as a whisper.

He looked at me then kissed my hand. Slowly coming to my lips again. I held my breath as he started leaving kisses on my neck going to my chest.

If this is his way of saying no then I love it.

"Soon" he whispered.

I don't know if I answered him. But I tightened my hold on his neck and he held me on my waist. He lifted both our weights and threw us in the water.

Thank God he didn't let me go and I didn't either. He held my face and kissed me more. I always wondered how people could kiss underwater. But I guess they could.

I could kiss him anywhere anytime. I want him to keep kissing me.

I was getting turned on as his lips touched my neck. His hands devoured my body. Gasping for air, I found myself moaning to his touch. Damn, it felt so good. So good that I don't want it to end.

My legs still wrapped on his waist as I held onto him so tightly. My legs were getting weaker as he kissed me. My back hit the wall and I realized we were at the end of the pool.

Even though I could only see his lips and eyes. It was enough for me to see he was high for me too. That brought a happy sensation all over my body.

The position we were in right now was more passionate. God yes. I moaned again when his teeth touched my neck. Am sure I left marks on his back.

"Why are you here Alec," he asked. His voice is husky and low.

Shit. Why was I here again?


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