The Fall Apart

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"If, after all these years together, we felt like this was something we couldn't get through, then what was it all for anyway?" You've read the story... two people meet and fall in love. They hurdle obstacles and wade through drama, ultimately crossing the finish line hand in hand. So, what happens after the coveted happy ending? Thirty-something hot mess, Alexandra Everett is exhausted. The foul-mouthed and flawed, dedicated mother of four is tired of all the bullshit. Put simply? She's on the verge of a breakdown. Dealing with a separation and teetering on the edge of divorce, Alex narrates her life story. She reflects on nearly two decades of history with her husband Jake, recalling the joyful highs and painful lows of some of their greatest hits. Filled with moments of pure love, devotion, humor, and life-changing events, Alex navigates through the different seasons of her once blissful life, trying to determine between then and now how it all began to fall apart. This isn't your typical love story. Welcome to life after the perfect couple buys the dream house. It's a raw, honest look at marriage's nitty-gritty, ugly truths, along with the trials and tribulations of parenthood-all those things nobody wants to discuss. But maybe it's time we do.

Romance / Drama
L.M. Wolfe
5.0 68 reviews
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This book has been removed for formal editing and publication. Follow me either here, or Instagram: username is thewolfeofwtf

Thanks for so much support and love. I can't wait to fix this baby up and have it in the hands of any of those who love it ❤️

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