Trials of Love and War

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Violet was nor your average teenager. Always keeping her grades up so she can get to the best college and never interested in any of the boys at her school, until she meets Luckas. In Violets dangerous adventures she will unravel family secrets, hidden deceptions and the dangers she has been surrounded by. Will Violet fight until everything is right? Or will she run off the deep end?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1


I groaned and flipped over to dismiss the alarm. Eyes half closed, I somehow smacked my alarm, a.k.a my phone, onto the floor, while it was still beeping obnoxiously. It was the most annoying alarm ever, hence, why I’ve picked it out. I wish the day wouldn’t start out like this, but I had to stay up until three in the morning. That was just my fault there.

“Violet! Wake up, breakfast is ready!” I heard my mom faintly over the beeping siren. Her voice sounds so angelic when she’s trying to yell.

I laid there, face flat on my pillow with my hand dangling down off the bed, trying to use my ears as eyes to grab the phone. The day is starting out so nice and distracting.

After a few minutes of rubbing my hand on the floor, I sighed and I finally sat up and grabbed the damn thing to dismiss the alarm. Then I persisted to lay there just a little longer to contemplate my existence.

“Violet! Breakfast is getting cold and you’ll be late!”

“I’m getting up, mom! Be down there in ten more minutes!”

Today was the first day of my last highschool year. Being a senior doesn’t feel any different than being a freshman. Besides, I plan on going to college anyways and i’ve been doing great at keeping my head on my shoulders very well. Keeping boys out and keeping knowledge in. That’s my motto in this first half of life.

I moaned and groaned some more and finally sat up in bed. Knowing it would take me this long to get up, I prepared my outfit for school so I wouldn’t have to dig in the drawers. I was glad to be smart enough to do so last night.

Not going to lie, summer was nice when I could wake up later than 6 a.m and had to be at work at 5 p.m than this shit. It made all the difference in the world to a nightowl.

Shortly after my ranting thoughts, I got up and reached for my clothes that sat on my vanity dresser. I shoved my feet into some ankle socks, then my legs into some ripped up black skinny jeans and thrust my toes into some boots, lastly but not least, I put on a grey sweatshirt that I cut up that hugged all the right curves on me. It laid loosely around one shoulder and completely drooping the other. The sleeves were long enough on both sides to cover my arms. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t’ like to reveal my body, but I like showing, yet hiding, the good parts of me.

Grabbing my makeup bag from my drawer, I only put on some mascara and winged eyeliner. Today was a day I’m not putting too much effort into my look. My favorite part was styling my hair. I never knew what I wanted until I was gussied up or down with makeup. Since I wasn’t going to do a whole lot, I decided to curl my shoulder length brunette hair.

Boy did I regret it.


“I’m here mom,” I said, walking downstairs and into the kitchen, “See? Ten minutes.” I held my hands up to my shoulders and then shimmied to the table. I knew full well that it was at least 15 minutes, maybe even 20 before I came down.

Mom looked at me and grinned. She had such a wonderful motherly smile. At this moment, mom had the type of smile that said, ’My little girl is all grown up!’. I could tell she wasn’t going to shove it in my face that I took twice as long as I said. She was just enjoying my presence here for breakfast.

Sheryl was my mothers name. She was 40 but somehow looked 20. Mom loved it when people would mistake us for sisters. I got my hair and bright green eyes from her. My height, 5′1, also definitely came from her. Though, my attitude, determination and demeanor came from my father. I’m hoping i’ll age gracefully like mom does though.

My mom and I moved here a couple years back after an accident that tore this family apart. Mom and I really don’t talk about it and try not to think about the incident anymore. When we do, all it does is tear her and I apart. We would get distant and withdrawn from each other. The last time that happened, Evelyn, our housemaid, was so worried that she stayed and slept on the couch, even though we had a spare guest bedroom, for a whole week just to make sure we were ok.

“Mom”, I started, looking down at my plate of eggs, bacon and two pancakes that smelled oh so heavenly, “Please don’t do this. I’m going to college too you know.”

She smiled even bigger and came around to hug me tightly. “Oh, but I can’t help it! My baby is almost all grown up! She’s in her last year of highschool, then going to college, and you’ve been working to try and help me with your college tuition!”

Yeah, I’m hoping I can get a scholarship this year to help that too. What she doesn’t know is i’ve tried doing a little side hustle to keep some money aside that she doesn’t know about. Hopefully she’ll never find out either.

“Alright ma,” I started, returning her hug, but also trying to back away from her so I wouldn’t be late. Can’t get a scholarship with tardies and such can you?

“Want me to drive you to school?”

“For what?” I laughed, “So I can’t get a ride home when you’re stuck at work again? No thanks.”

“Well, can’t Lily bring you home afterwards?”

I looked at my mom, which was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made. I saw that this meant so much to her that she takes me a few times to school. This, after all, will be the last year she can drive me to highschool.

I shrugged at her, letting her win this.

“Yeah, you’re right. Lily hasn’t let me down before when I’ve needed her. I’m sure she can bring me home and we can hang out.”

My mom’s face lit up and she smiled from ear to ear. Sometimes it’s her smile that puts me in a better mood. She’s a reason that life is worth living.

“Alright, are you ready for your first, last big day?”

I mustered up a half smile, “Yea, let’s go mama’s, I gotta go grab my bag real quick so i’ll meet you at the car?”

“Already on it sugar plums!”

When my mom calls me sugar plums, that’s how I know she was ecstatic. So I was glad that I had made her day.

I winked at her, I know, it’s odd, and ran back up the steps to grab the little things I needed and headed back downstairs out to the car. I brought a small bag of assorted flavors with me. Now is the time to do some real side hustling. I hope and pray this day stays this way

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