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Treacherously Wed

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Killian and Kayleigh Brogan may not have started out as a normal or conventual couple but they have started to find their balance just as the Clans of the Irish Mafia are being thrown off balance. War is on the Horizon for the clans and Killian and Kayleigh are just trying to get used to life as adoptive parents of a 5 year old.. There is also the small clause in the peace treaty that they need to produce an heir for each clan. With a 5 year old in the house that can be a little more tricky. The Clans of the Irish Mafia stand on the brink of war. Will they be able to find peace or will the war begin? What side will Tiernan end on and what will his fate be? Will he see the flaw in his thinking and side with his brother? Will he be able to spill Brogan blood? Will he even get the chance to make his final decision or does his fate already lie in the grave? How will Seamus take the betrayal of his own brother?

Romance / Drama
Beth Burke
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Chapter 1

Killian sat in his office with Kelley, the clan lawyer, Bradley the former steward of the Walsh clan and his brother Rory who acted as the clan’s business manager. The men were pouring over all of the papers, budget and business plans for all of the Walsh clan’s businesses. When Killian had taken over the leadership of the Walsh clan their businesses had all been in financial trouble. In the month since he had taken over they had been able to turn a few of the businesses around and most of the others had made positive progress but were not out of the woods yet. His plan was that within the year to have all of their businesses back in the black and start reopening the ones that had already closed.

Bradley was arguing against Killian’s latest idea to help the businesses. “NO! We will not sell that property!” Bradley roared.

Killian continued to sit calmly at his desk waiting for Bradley to finish his tantrum. “These businesses are in desperate need of cash in order to make the upgrades necessary to get them back on track. That is just the reality.”

“That property is the legacy of our clan! We can’t just sell it!” Bradley explained in a desperate tone.

Killian took a deep breath before he continued the argument that had dominated their session for weeks. He thought the Walsh clan was being too sensitive hanging on to the property of the burned down clan house. The clan had not cleaned up from the fire or made any movements towards rebuilding the clan house. For 18 years the clan had been paying the taxes on the property and no one had touched it. Killian had suggested selling the property and using the money from the sale to invest in their business. What he hadn’t said was that the Brogan Clan was willing to make an offer on the property. He was thinking about buying it and building a house for himself and Kayleigh. Their family had already started to grow with the adoption of Roisin and he hoped that soon it would grow again with a child of their own.

Killian then threw out his ace in the hole. “You do realize I don’t actually need your approval Bradley?”

Bradley stopped his argument and stared at Killian. “What are you talking about? You have to have the owner’s permission to sell a property,” he started once he found his voice again.

“Yes that is true,” replied Killian.

Kelley leaned forward and explained “According to the legal documents Ian and Carah Walsh were the owners of record for the property. As their sole heir Kayleigh is the documented owner of the property. If she signed off on the sale Killian could sell the property.”

“I don’t want to go that route and sell the place like that, but unless you come up with an alternative to get the cash flow these businesses need in order to make the needed improvements, you force my hand.” Killian stated. He needed Bradley to stop thinking with his emotions and start thinking in terms of business.

Bradley sat back in his seat and thought about what Killian was saying. He knew logically that hanging on to the overgrown property was not in the best interest of the clan but at the same time he couldn’t bring himself to sell the place where so many of his family had died. He nodded in defeat and suggested, “What about the original clan house? The one we have been working out of? Could we sell that property? The upkeep on the house is too much for the clan right now. The clan council really wants to eventually rebuild the house on Uncle Ian’s property, they won’t agree to the sale of that property. Would that help Killian? No one is actually living there right now.”

Killian took this option as a sign that he was getting through to Bradley. The Walsh clan needed to make sacrifices in order to dig themselves out of the hole they were in. His brother Collin who was an Accountant had gone through all of the Walsh clan’s assets to see where they could come up with the money to save their businesses. Killian pulled out the paperwork on the suggested property. The value was there since it had a home sitting on it, even though it was a bit run down.

He passed the paperwork to Rory “What do you think? Would that do it?” he asked.

Rory looked over the amounts and started looking through his own papers where he had all of the business plans and amounts from Collin. “It would be a start and it would get a few of them in the black, but it wouldn’t be enough,” he then looked up at Killian and shrugged “This would work with plan B though.”

Killian nodded and Bradley burst out, “Plan B? You already had a plan that you made behind the back of the Walsh clan? I thought you were here to lead the clan and do what is in the best interest of the clan as a whole, not to make back door deals in the best interest of the Brogan clan!” he accused. “I should have known that was the case when all of the ‘help’ you brought in were members of the Brogan clan.”

Killian sat calmly at his desk and waited for him to be done with his latest fit to explain what Plan B was. When Bradley finally stopped talking Killian asked, “Are you finished accusing your clan leader of being disloyal to the clan yet? Would you like to know what this nefarious plan is before you decide to go to the council?”

Bradley had spent 18 years as the steward of the Walsh clan and was not used to having someone to answer to, Killian’s question stopped him in his tracks. “My apologies Killian. I know I need to trust you, but …” he trailed off.

Killian however seemed to know where his mind was going, “but you have spent nearly two decades in charge and are not used to someone pulling the reins out of your hands and telling you that you are wrong.”

With that assessment Bradley nodded. “Yes, I guess that is the truth of the matter.”

Killian gave Bradley a hard look as he continued to speak, “I am trying to be fairly patient with you and this transfer of power, however I will not put up with you undermining my authority in the Walsh clan for much longer. You either fall into line with my leadership or you will not be a part of these meetings any longer. I will deal directly with the Clan Council instead. You are here as a courtesy to the position you held as steward. Do I make myself clear?” His tone was calm but the authority and command was still obvious to a blind man.

Bradley looked at the floor and let out a breath before he replied, “Yes, Sir. You are clear.”

Killian gave a curt nod before he began again. “Our plan was to buy the property if we could convince you to sell it. Our other plan was to sell off a property that you were more comfortable with and have my wife take her rightful ownership of the property. There we could build a new clan headquarters where I can run clan matters and raise our family until a rightful heir is ready to take over or such a time as I need to take full control of the Brogan Clan. With that Kayleigh and I would make an investment in the clan businesses as a way of showing our belief in and loyalty to the Walsh clan.” Killian looked back at the shocked face of Bradley and continued, “Does that sound in the best interest of the Walsh clan?”

Bradley looked as though he was lost for words, but was saved for answering when the door burst open and a small girl with pale skin and dark red hair came bounding into the room. “New Daddy!”

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