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One of Hollywood's most beloved couples, Nyla and Damon Benson, have been married for seven wonderful years, they're even expecting twins! But on one astonishing Valentine's Day, Nyla's world comes crashing down around her when she discovers her husband's infidelity. She now must navigate through a tricky situation as her husband's mistress starts to spiral little by little; all while trying to hide from the spotlight glaring down on her. How will she fare with this revelation? How will this affect her and the twins' future with Damon? How does her best friend help pull her out of her fears and trust that love conquers all? Find out in Her.

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Los Angeles, CA || February 14, 2019

8:15 a.m.

He's changed.

He's distant and cold. This is like him, at least it wasn't. Lately I've been racking my brain trying to pinpoint the reason.

"I'll meet you at the sonogram at noon, okay?" He said as he walks out of the bedroom door towards the staircase. "Bye." At this point, he's halfway down the stairs and basically out of the front door. I sigh and rub my bulging baby bump, wanting to cry but I don't. Causing the babies distress isn't something I wanted to do so instead I breathe deeply, getting calmer with each breath.

"Okay Thing One and Thing Two, let's get a move on." I manage to sit up, which isn't getting any easier these days. If anything it's getting harder to sit up, walk, sleep. I love my babies but I can't wait for them to be out of me so I can go back to sleeping on my stomach. I reach over to my nightstand, grabbing my phone. "Let's call Uncle Rylan." I grunt, getting my feet on the ground before stretching. The phone rings for a moment before I hear my brother's voice. "Hey, Ry."

"Morning, Nyla," He said, the smile evident in his voice. I smile, feeling some sort of relief. "What's going on? Where's Damon?" He asked me, clearly knowing something's wrong. I don't normally call him because we see each other everyday and I don't normally need to call. I clear my throat and mumble a quick nothing. "Nyla, don't lie to me."

"Is it so wrong for me to call my brother and best friend?" I scoff. I know I'm in denial. I know that I'm just deflecting my current situation and I'm truly just afraid to accept what's been on my mind for months now.

"Yes, actually. You never call me, only text. Also you knew I would be by later to pick you up for your sonogram. So tell me what's on your mind." Rylan said, sounding quite adamant to get the truth from his sister.

I breathe out deeply before standing up to walk towards my bathroom, "Don't get mad, but I'm 95 percent sure that Damon is ch-cheating on me." I choke on my own words before going silent. I wait for Rylan to say something so I could regain my composure.

The phone is silent until I could hear Rylan's deep breathing, "I'm going to go get Willa from yoga and we'll meet you at your house in thirty. I'll call Emma, Cami, and Spence." He said, "I know that you probably want all the support you could have right now so we'll see you soon." He clears his throat and I can hear some papers being moved around, "Love you, Ny." He whispers before hanging up the phone. I sniffle, the tears welling up in my eyes.

My brother and I were both adopted. I lost my parents in a boating accident when I was five and Rylan lost his father when he was five as well. When I first met him I was six at the time, he had just lost his dad. We both bonded over losing our parents and we've been nearly inseparable ever since. Although I'm older than him, Rylan had the kind of mentality that it was reversed. He's been so protective of me since high school and I tend to lose my mind on anyone who dares to insult or hurt him. We got lucky, something we always tell each other.

Since I already know that I'll have company soon, I decide to hop in the shower quickly. There's something about being in the shower that makes you want to just surrender to your emotions, because the fear of someone hearing you goes away. I back up against the shower wall and slide down. The sob that I've been holding back finally breaks free and I begin to cry.

Everything I've been holding in for what feels like forever finally flows out like a river. Suddenly my mind flashes to my babies, my twins, and I stop. I stand back up and finish my shower. I dry myself off and then stare in the full body mirror next to me. I examine my naked body, finding all my flaws and sigh.

Why did he stray? Is there something wrong with me? Did I do something? I shake the thoughts out of my head and head to my closet. Once I get my panties on, I search for a comfy light pink two piece dress, a bandeau and maxi skirt, that I've been wearing almost exclusively and slip it over my head.

About fifteen minutes later, I hear a knock on my bedroom door, "Nyla, we're here. Please tell me you're decent." Rylan jokes and waits for me to tell him to come in, "Hey."

I turn to him and go to hug him, "H-hey, Ry. Where's everyone else?"

"Downstairs getting breakfast ready. The girls figured you hadn't eaten yet so Willa made me stop to get some food for all of us." He chuckled, guiding me out of my room and down the staircase. He held my hand as I waddled down the steps cautiously. We walked into the kitchen and everyone looked at me confused. "Jeez, why is everyone staring?"

"Well, I guess I'm just confused. Rylan just called all of us and said to meet here with no explanation." Emma smiled, her posh British accent making me smile. "I mean not that I need one, but I had a visitor over... if you know what I mean." She winked and Cami shook her head. "What? You act like you've never had a one night stand turn into a morning hook up." She laughs, nudging Cami knowingly.

"Okay! Moving on, there is a reason Rylan called us here. I only know because he pulled me out of yoga." Willa said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Nyla needs us, we wouldn't have come so quickly had she not." Emma, Spencer, and Camille look over to me and my eyes widen.

"Stop looking at me, you know I freak out when there's too much attention on me." I say awkwardly, walking over to the breakfast bar to grab some of the french toast that was filling the air. "Um, well. I have this feeling that I can't shake. I just need to run it by you guys to make sure I'm not crazy." I sit down in one of the bar stools and turn to my friends, "I think, I'm not entirely sure but, I think Damon is cheating on me."

Spencer inhales sharply and walks over to me, pulling me into a side hug. "Why do you think that?" I put my head on his shoulder and release a breath I didn't even realize I was holding, but instead it comes out as a shudder. "Hey, just breathe, baby girl." He holds me reassuringly and I nod my head.

"Um, well a few months ago he started to get really distant. Our relationship gradually changed to distant, cold and loveless. He hasn't said he loved me in weeks now and then I heard him on the phone when he thought I was asleep. He was speaking about a trip to Maui with Mila Logan and only getting one suite."

'Wait, Mila? As in the woman he used to date before he met you?" Emma asked, the anger becoming clear in her voice. "That bastard."

Mila Logan. She's a 33 year old singer that's signed to Damon's record label, that's how they met ten years ago. They dated on and off for about a year and a half before I started working at the label. Damon and I met when we were working on one of Mila's songs. For weeks he was chasing after me until I finally said yes to a date. A year and a half later, we were married. "So when is this trip?" Cami asked, sitting down beside me.

"This weekend. I was going to go but then my doctor said that I shouldn't travel this close to the due date." I groan, Spencer puts his hand on my head, stroking my hair. Spencer has always had a way of calming me down in a way not even Rylan could. I didn't know how to explain it but its one of the many reasons he's one of my best friends. "So, I cancelled my flight and decided to stay here and wonder."

"So your doctor said you shouldn't but never said you can't?" Rylan said with a smirk. We all look at him and I shake my head. "Why not?"

"Her doctor is right. If she gives birth over there she won't be able to come back for about six months. It would be better to stay here for the babies." Cami said, shrugging her shoulders. "So how about I stay with you for the weekend so I can keep you distracted until he comes back?"

I thought about it for a while before I had an idea. A small smirk makes its way onto my face, "Uh oh." Emma says. "Look... she's plotting something. Ooh! Spill, I wanna know." She exclaims, clapping her hands together excitedly. My friends and brother all look to me hoping I'll tell them what I'm thinking.

"It's Valentines Day. So, I'm going to cook him a homemade meal..." I pick my head up from Spencer's shoulder and stand. They all look at me questionably, "So why not just ambush him?" I smile deviously, everyone's face went from confusion to intrigue in a matter of seconds. "What time is it?"

"11:15, why?" Rylan asked, walking over to Willa, pulling her close from behind.

"Well, I have a sonogram to get to. Unfortunately I have to see him before dinner. I have to get the food ready before he gets home at 7. So Rylan and Willa, could you two go grocery shopping for me? Just some steak and potatoes, nothing big." They nodded their heads and then came over to me.

"How do you plan on getting to your sonogram? I usually drive you." Rylan asked.

I look over to Spencer who smiles then nods, "See, I got it covered. Now, Cami and Emma, can you guys get some roses or candles? Whatever you can find. I need to make him believe I'm not onto him so I have to make it look like I'm trying to keep the romance alive." Both girls nodded and saluted jokingly, they came over and hugged me goodbye before heading out. Rylan looked at me with concern, "Ry, I'll be fine with Spence. Please get going, I have to start cooking the second I get home."

He nodded, leaning in to give me a hug, "Love you, Nyla."

"Love you too. Drive safe." I smile and then they both left. I turn to Spencer who was eating the french toast I didn't finish. "Okay, let's go. I have to be there like ten minutes early otherwise they'll push my appointment." I smile, hoping he'll leave the french toast for later. Spencer stands up and grabs his keys from the counter.

"Let's go." He smiles, walking overt me. He slings his arm over my shoulder and we both walk towards the front door. "So, if he tells you the truth, what are you going to do?" I look at him while we walk to his car.

We stop at the passenger side and he helps me get in, "The truth is I have no idea.I haven't given it much thought." I shrug, Spencer closes my door and makes his way over to the driver's side, "I've always thought I would just divorce or break up with whoever I was with. I think the only thing stopping me now is the babies." I look over at him and he grabs my hand.

"I think you'll figure this out. You're smart, you'll know what to do." He smiles and then turns the car on. "Now don't play any shitty song, play something good."

"You good with R&B?" I ask, smiling at him. He nods his head and then I look back to my phone, I scroll through my music library and finally select a song. The sound of Dilemma by Kelly Rowland and Nelly starts flowing through the speakers, the bass vibrating throughout my body.

The drive to my OB's office was fun and distracting, I almost forgot that I had a cheating husband. That is until we arrived at the doctor's office and I saw Damon getting out of his car. "Nyla, I got you. I won't leave your side unless you tell me to." He whispered to me, I look to him and nod. He got out of the car and came over to my side, then helped me out. I hopped out and looked at Spencer one last time, he brought his hand up to my cheek and smiled reassuringly one more time before walking me into the office building. "Head up, baby girl." He whispered from behind me, causing me to smile.

I walked up to the front desk and smiled at the familiar face, "Hi, Lola. I'm here for my sonogram." She looked up from her computer and smiled at me.

"Hey there, Mrs. Castillo. Put your palm on the scanner and then we'll just do your co-pay. After that you know the drill." She smiled as I put my hand on the scanner. With my other hand I grab my wallet out of my purse, Spencer grabs it and opens it up so I don't struggle too much. He hands Lola my debit card.

"Uh, hey. Where's your brother?" A voice says from behind me, I turn and see him. "Hi, Spencer."

"Damon." Spencer says, he turns back to Lola and puts my card and wallet away. Lola tells me I can take my hand off the scanner and I use the hand sanitizer they have next to it. "Okay, let's go to the room."

Damon moves in front of Spencer, "You didn't answer me, Ny. Where's Rylan?" His head tilted to the side as he watched Spencer, who was looking at him with daggers shooting from his dark brown eyes.

I sigh in irritation, "He had something to do with Willa so I called Spencer. I know you have to get back to work right after, so you wouldn't have time to drop me off." I say, making sure to watch my attitude.

"Okay, so why is he coming with us into the room?" Damon was clearly agitated but at this point I didn't care. I shrug, grab Spencer's hand and push past Damon to go to the exam room. Damon scoffs but follows us into the exam room.

Once in the room, I head to the exam chair. I struggle to get up but Damon rushes to help me up. Reluctantly, I grab his hand and slide my butt to the back of the chair. I lie back and close my eyes, breathing deeply in an attempt to slow my heart rate. "Hey." Spencer whispers to me, I look over to him and see his smiling face. "Just think about the fact that you're about to see your babies." I nod my head and smile at him. "Don't let him get to you."

"Yeah, you're right. I ju-." I was cut off by my OB/GYN opening the door. "Hello Dr. Bronte, you look lovely as always." I smile at her and the sadness and anxiety leaving my body and instead being replaced with joy.

"Thank you, Nyla, you as well. You've now reached 26 weeks, congrats. Now how about we see those babies?" She asked me happily, I nod and roll my skirt down to expose my belly. She grabs the gel bottle and squeezes it on my bump, then spreads it around. Instantly I can hear the heartbeat of one of my babies and my heart is full. The tears well up in my eyes and begin to fall. Spencer gasped lightly when he heard the heartbeat and smiled. Damon looked up from his phone and walked over to me. He leans down and smiles at the screen. "Would you like to know the sex of the babies?"

"Uh, actually I do but I'm having a gender reveal party. So the envelope will have to go to my friend, Spencer, here." I smile, looking at my best friend, who looked quite emotional. "Spence, you okay over there?"

"Yeah, just haven't heard the babies heartbeats. Kind crazy." He chuckled, "So the envelope goes to me?" He asked, standing from his seat and walked over to Dr. Bronte. She printed out the genders and folded them. After she put it in an envelope and handed it to Spencer. "Okay, now don't even try to take a peek." He squinted his eyes jokingly and laughed.

"Shut up, Spence." I laugh along with him, he grabs my hand and squeezes it. "Thank you."

"Anytime, Nana." He whispers. I slap his hand and he yanks it away. He knew I hated when he called me that, he's the only person who's ever called me that.

"As lovely as this moment is, I want to know what my babies are going to be. So is there anyway I can find out?" Damon walks between my and Spencer's hands and I glare at him. "What? I would like to know what I'm having."

"What we're having, Damon. You're not carrying any extra weight here." I roll my eyes and sit up, grabbing a towel to wipe off the gel from my stomach. "You're going to wait for the gender reveal like the rest of us, okay?" I roll my skirt back up and stand from the chair.

"Fine." He groans. Damon then turns to me and leans down to whisper in my ear, "I forgot to say happy Valentines Day to you this morning. I'm sorry, I hope you'll let me make it up to you tonight."

"I already have something planned, D." I say softly. In the back of my mind I'm thinking about what his face is going to look like when I ambush him.

"Oh really?"

"I have everything at home. Just waiting for you at 7." I walk out of the room into the hallway where Spencer was waiting. "See you later, D." I say then walk out with Spencer following me.

6:05 p.m.

Dinner was almost ready, Damon had even called to say he would be home soon. He didn't realize that I could hear Mila talking in the background. I didn't fully believe he'd been cheating until I heard her. I didn't know what to make of it but it was then that I called a lawyer. An hour later, Damon still hadn't come home and it wasn't a complete surprise but now hours had passed and he still hadn't arrived. The candles lost their light, the food was cold and now I'm wearing pajamas in front of the fireplace.

Criminal Minds was playing softly through my laptop speakers and I finally accepted that he wouldn't be home until the wee hours of the morning. I was eating ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, to be specific. Damon hasn't been this late ever, which only confirmed my suspicions. Suddenly the front door opened and I heard a sigh. His footsteps echoed through the hallway and then he came into the living room. "Baby, I'm sorry. I got called back to the studio an—." I cut him off by raising my hand. I shake my head in irritation and disbelief. I stand from the sofa and cross my arms.

"How is she?" I ask him. He furrows his eyebrows and cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Who are you talking about?" He asked, setting his jacket on the loveseat.

As he's about to start lying to me again, I say, "Don't. I know. I know everything." I said. His eyes widened and he cleared his throat. "So do you wanna be straight up or did you just wanna dance around the subject and gradually make it to the truth?"

"What are you talking about?" He asked, his voice wavering and forehead looking shiny. I narrowed my eyes and raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Don't play dumb. I know you've been screwing her on the side. So no more lying. W-why? When? How long? " My voice wavered as I spoke. He stepped towards me and I shook my head as if to say don't you dare come near me. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were going from me to the ground. "You stood me up. For her? Her? Of all people you chose to cheat on me with her."

"Hon, listen to me. I'm not cheating on you." He lied straight through his teeth again.

"Don't lie to me, Damon!" I shouted. "There's lipstick on your fucking shirt, so don't even try to bullshit me. You got a new haircut and you bought new cologne; stuff you've never done for me. Tell me the fucking truth. I don't know if I can deal with anymore lies." I pleaded, the tears flowing from my eyes like a river. I knew the answer but I needed him to say it otherwise I don't know if I'll be able to really get past it. I needed the words to come from his mouth to make it reality. He sighed and looked at his feet before finally looking up at me. He took a seat on the chair opposite me. He nodded in defeat, "Yes what? I need to hear you say it."

"Don't do this, Nyla." He whispered.

"You already did." I shouted at him, making him jump. He looked up at me and I could see his eyes getting slightly watery. "You don't get to cry or feel bad or anything. You did this! Caused this. This pain is what you are inflicting on me, Damon. So don't tell me anything but the fucking truth. Did you cheat on me with Mila Logan? And so help me God, if you don't just tell me and keep stalling—." I stopped myself from saying anymore I closed my eyes and took a deep breath then counting to ten, then twenty, then thirty, all the way to sixty. Then he cleared his throat and sighed deeply causing me to open my eyes and look at him.

Finally, after all that pleading he said the words that would change everything, "Yes. I am cheating on you with Mila."
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