My Secret Admirer

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It's New Year Eve and you finally meet your Secret Admirer. The one you never expected. ~~~~~~~~~ "And if you don't love me, like I do....I totally understand. Who would choose water over whiskey?"

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Chapter 1

" Il y a beaucoup de choses que je veux dire, je ne comprends tout simplement pas par oΓΉ commencer"
(There are many things I want to say you, I just don't understand where to start.)
Written on a paper.
I am here in a cafΓ© for my date. Technically it's been a mission to find the the person who is giving me letters and stuffs. My Secret Admirer? I have been on dates and there happened to be none who is sending me these letters.
Fuck! I am doomed. People may find it creepy that some unknown guy is sending me letters almost everyday, but I am not. It seems like I have met this person somewhere.
I was 18 when all of these started. The first time when I got a letter in my bedroom.
"J'adore la façon dont vous vivez votre vie, j'aurais aimé en faire partie." (I love the way you live your life, wish I was a part of it.)
It was the first time I got a letter from Mr Secret Admirer. I mean this guy is French and I have no friends who is French. Except for one, my best friend Andrew, who is half French. But he don't even speak French. I am now 23 and I don't know who is the one sending me these letters. I have been secretly searching for him.
After the date, I came home changed into something comfortable and sat to watch TV.
I texted in the friends group A.C.R.A.L.I.C
"Guys, come over."
Name of our friends group stand for
Arlo, Caleb, Ronnie, Andrew, LyzΓ‘, Ivan, Cora.
We have been really close friends from middle school.
"Will be there in an hour." Texted Ivan
Today starts the winter Vacation, the oy vacation when all of us stay together until its over.


"Guys, I have made everyone's favorite." Cora said out loud...
Cora is an Amazing cook. And she knows everyone's favorite food. She got them because we both have been planning about it from like,two days?
As she was serving the food, Caleb came to me and asked
"You seem distracted."
"Because I am."
"What's wrong?"
I let out a heavy sign...
"I am a little overwhelmed."
"That's okay, you will be fine now." He winked as he pulled me to thw group.
"LyzΓ‘, here your sushi." She handed me the whole plate.
"Oh my god, girl I love you." I said and hugged her.
Just than Andrew came and hugged me from back.
"Hey, what happened?" I asked
"I missed you." He said and I missed him too, because we unable to meet from a really long time.
"I missed you too. Now-" I said as I turned towards him "stop being a cry baby." I said as I pinched his nose.
"I have got something for you."
"What is it?"
He took out a a box and I was surprised, but it turned to terrified because
"AAHHH!!!" There was a plastic cockroach "You sucker, you scared the shit outta me. Why would you do that?" I yelled at him.
"Because you look funny like this."
"It's not."

After eating our favorite food that Cora brought, we all got ready for Club.
We all got ready.
I was wearing a black mesh crop top with wine red velvety pencil mini skirt.
Cora was wearing a green satin bodycon dress.
The guys were being guys, With their jeans and shirts.
I was in my room all alone when Andrew knocked the door and came in.
"You girls are going all sexy, we need to protect you from those perverts in the club."
"Protective huh?"
"I am your best friend, I will always be protective." He said with a serious tone.
"Okay, I know u are."
After getting my purse we headed to the living room where everyone was waiting.
We took two cars and three bikes
Andrew and I went in one, Cora and Ivan went in another and the other three had their bikes. Although we all are close, Andrew and me are inseparable.
After 15 minutes, we reached the club. Damn! There are lots of humans.
We went inside and as I have already booked ourselves a vip room slipped their.
It's going to be a long night.
I said to myself.
"LyzΓ‘, penses-tu pouvoir me trouver avant le nouvel an? - AndrΓ©" (LyzΓ‘, do you think you can find me before New year?)
A waitress came and delivered me this. Fuck! Is he here??
I ran out of the vip room and Andrew came to me.
"What's wrong?"
"He is here."
"Who?" I looked at him,enough for him to understand "your admirer?" He asked with wide eyes. I nodded.
"I need to find him Andrew. He is driving me crazy." I was super excited with hint of fear. New year, a week more.
"What did he say this time?”
I showed him the letter and translated for him. He chuckled as if he knew something. We both came back to our place.
"What happened?" Asked Ronnie
"LyzΓ‘ happened." Andrew said.
"What do you mean?" Ronnie asked
"Her secret admirer is here."
"What did he say this time?" Arlo asked
"If I can find him before new year." I said,
"It getting INTENSE!!!." Caleb said.
"Can't wait for new year."
After drinking and Dancing till midnight we came back to my apartment and slept. I didn't drink much. Because the migraine gets painful.
My place is a three bedrooms with two bathrooms apartment. Enough for us because we all sleep in one room. We came home and changed to pjs and slept without another word.

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