To Love a Psychopath

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Chapter Twelve


Kate kept the radio on the local channel while she worked in autopsy room #3. She was waiting to hear something, anything about the woman that had escaped the prison the previous day and what was happening. It was her only link to Joan throughout the day; they hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers yet, and even if they had she didn’t expect Joan would be the type to send a text message, especially in the middle of what would have been a nightmare of a day.

Every half hour a local journalist would announce the news with any fresh updates.

As the day stretched on Kate found herself becoming more and more irritated with everything in her life in that room as the newscaster gave her nothing. The way her blue scrubs moved against her body made her skin itch. The crinkle of the plastic apron every time it moved caused a twitch in her face to start acting up with every crinkle noise that seemed to cut through the air like a knife. Even the commercial grade blue gloves seemed to restrict the blood in her fingers as they sucked to her skin as a layer of protection and she felt like her hands were being strangled.

Desperately she tried to keep her mind on the job in front of her and not let it wander to Joan and the level of stress she must have been dealing with that day, as every half hour the newscaster continued to bring her nothing.

It occurred to Kate that perhaps the media wasn’t even notified yet about the break out. Joan was definitely the sort of person who would want to keep an incident like this under wraps and deal with it herself, if she could. She would use an internal network of officers and possibly the help of some sympathetic police to help her contain and manage the situation. She wouldn’t want media getting a hold of the story and making it look like she wasn’t in control of the situation.

Kate waited all day to hear something, anything. But all throughout the day the news continued to roll around with no updates, no breaking news, no information at all.

It was on her drive home in the late afternoon that she finally heard something.

“Breaking news, an escaped prisoner and an officer have been arrested after gunshots were heard from nearby residents...” Kate didn’t manage to hear the whole bulletin; just that they had both been arrested and a man was found dead.

“Oh no,” she whispered to herself as she battled the inner city traffic. She knew it would be another late night for Joan. Kate had had no idea there was an officer involved, she wondered if Joan had known when she was there the night before or if this was a new development for her too.

Detouring past the market on her way, Kate picked up some fresh produce with a plan in mind.

Joan returned home late, as expected, satisfied with the result of the day, but something deep inside was irking her. A facial tick twitched occasionally without warning, she could feel it.

As she stepped from her car she looked across the road to the lights shining through Kate’s windows. Joan smiled as she thought about how Kate’s little distraction last night had caused her mind to clear, giving her brain room to think logically and develop the plan she had instigated this morning. She liked that. Kate was good for her she decided as though it was a conscious choice.

Collecting her transparent work bag Joan walked to her front door and found a sticky note hanging there right at eye level.

Loopy cursive handwriting, written with a blue pen on the traditional yellow paper. Have a shower then come over for dinner. X.

Joan plucked the note off her door and wandered inside with a surprising lightness inside her. She put her things down haphazardly, not like her at all, the car keys and small work bag hit the hallway table where they stayed without being unpacked or put away properly, but she kept the yellow sticky note between her fingers as she floated up the stairs to her bathroom. She stuck the note on the mirror, off to the side, where it would live from now on.

She stared at Kate’s handwriting, it was neat and careful. Not like a doctor at all.


Usually Joan preferred to prepare her own meals, she had trust issues. Wherever possible she would avoid dining out and would always pack her own lunch for work. Whether she had the opportunity to eat it or not was another matter. But she had allowed Kate to make her dinner for her several times already and she had been satisfied with the experience so far. Kate’s company would be nice tonight. The food would simply be an addition to the experience.

Even when in a rush Joan still undressed neatly, laying her clothes carefully in strictly arranged hampers keeping the colours separate from the whites. She firmly believed that it was her strict routines that kept her at the top of her game. No one had ever had such high results in such a short period of time as Joan had had at some of her previous prisons.

It was just this one that was proving to be difficult.

Standing naked in the mirror she realised her hair was still in a tight bun, she had forgotten to take the pins out while she was downstairs, it was always one of the first things she did when arriving home, along with kicking off her heels and stepping into slippers. She looked at her body as she plucked the pins from her thick hair and watched it cascade down her shoulders in loose curls set by being worn in a bun all day. She wondered what Kate possibly saw in her and how long it would last before Kate left her too, but she pushed that thought from her head quickly as her eyes strayed to the sticky note once more. Loopy handwriting, blue pen, with a little x at the end for a kiss. Her heart lightened again and she cranked the hot water in the shower with a smile that warmed her eyes.

The hot water ran over her body as she stepped into the shower, washing away with it the stress and anger from the last few days.

She had won. For today at least.

There may have been a death during the time of the escapee being out in the community but he had deserved it, she told herself. Joan also knew what it was like to hurt people who deserved it. People who needed it. To be taught what justice really is. With her black leather gloves on she was Judge, jury and executioner all in one and she never lost a minute of sleep over the things she had done. It was always for the greater good, whether others understood it or not. The ends always justified the means for Joan.

Rinsing out her hair she thought about Kate, the smell of her hair, the touch of her skin, the taste of her lips. Joan felt a tingle of anticipation knowing that she would be with her again tonight. She thought about Kate and how far she liked to take things in the bedroom. Was she a wild woman? Or a docile kitty who would purr when petted? In the steam of the hot shower Joan ran her hands over her own body as she traced the memory of Kate’s fingertips the night before. She had enjoyed being touched by Kate, which was odd for Joan, even though she had remained clothed for the entirety of their lovemaking the feel of Kate’s hands grabbing at her and scratching through her shirt had made her tingle.

Joan remembered how Kate had tugged at her white shirt to untuck it from her slacks and her nails had travelled softly up Joan’s back, tickling her gently for a moment before scratching harder on the downward stroke and making her moan. Joan detested human contact most of the time, but she could feel Kate’s fingers and lips on her skin again as she relived the experience and found herself tingling with anticipation as she touched herself.

Her dark eyes snapped open as she realised she was wasting time, time she could be spending with Kate. The shower was flicked off and she wrapped a towel around her dripping body as she stepped onto the fluffy grey bath mat.

The hair dryer worked its magic in a few minutes.

The towel was deposited in its hamper.

Black underwear. Navy slacks and a black camisole, tucked in, cream blouse over the top. Low heels with an enclosed toe, same as always.

Leaving her things from the day scattered at the hallway table Joan only grabbed her house keys and phone before heading straight over the road. She was keen to be in Kate’s arms once more and see how things would pan out afterwards. Joan found that there were many different things about this strange relationship that she was enjoying.

“I hope it’s not too late,” Joan greeted Kate with a smile and her usually low voice betrayed only the slightest hint of excitement as the door was opened for her.

“I knew you would be late tonight, I’ve been keeping up with the news.” Kate was wearing a faded pair of jeans and a baggy tee shirt that was ripped around the neck and hung low on her chest. “So you got her back, is everything okay?”

Joan locked the screen door behind her as she walked through into the hallway and stepped close to Kate, their bodies only inches apart. “Yes, it seems everything will be fine now.”

Kate’s heart raced as instantly Joan was within inches of her, the black eyes searching her face and resting on Kate’s full lips.

Joan’s breathing hitched for the slightest second before she placed a hand on the beautiful woman’s cheek and pulled her in for a kiss without hesitation.

Kate responded with passion as the door was kicked closed and her arms wrapped around her neighbours waist. Before she could do anything more Joan had pushed her up against the hallway wall and had her pinned in their passionate embrace. Kate moaned with pleasure. Joan retaliated with rough and needy kisses to Kate’s cheek, neck and collarbone.

Her breaths came in ragged pants as she felt the rush of heat wash over her body. Her fingers grasped at Joan’s hips, pulling her body closer so they were grinding against each other. “You must be starving Joan,” was the heavy whisper that managed to escape Kate’s lips as her neck was ravaged; she couldn’t help herself as her worry for the woman shone through. “Do you want dinner?”

Joan’s lips found Kate’s ear and she licked it playfully. “Later,” she whispered back, her voice dripping with desire. “I need you first.”

Kate felt herself melt against the wall and Joan was free to drag her into the bedroom beside them and do everything she needed to do to satisfy her own deeper needs. Joan barely held herself back from all the things she needed to do to sedate her hunger and Kate succumbed to the pleasure.

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